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Thomas is a member of Odin DBRD.
Thomas has logged 270 beers a total of 333 times.
Thomas's favorite beer so far seems to be Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout: 92 (logged 1 time)
Thomas's most often logged beer so far is Young's Double Chocolate Stout: 73 (logged 7 times)
Thomas's favorite type of beer seems to be Stout.

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Chocolate milkshake
Bottle at Home
Marshmallows and maple.
Bottle at Home
Great Lakes Christmas Ale (unknown release)
Bottle at Home
Initially concerned that the Candy Cane flavoring would be a gimmick, and have an overwhelming amount of artificial flavoring. However, they seemed to have been able to achieve a subtle hint of peppermint but remain predominately a traditional milk stout.
Can at Home
Draft at Brother's Provisions, San Diego CA
Draft at Karl Strauss, San Diego
Bottle at Home
It has been far too long since I've had a beer this good.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
Bottle at Home
Oh Gawd, how long has this bottle been in the Odin fridge? I can't tell if it is suppose taste like this...
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Far too hoppy for an American pale ale.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Chemistry defying ability to generate head from small pours.
Sweet stout which leads with a note of chocolate, but mellows towards the tail end with a more traditional stout flavor.
Bottle at Microsoft Studio A Atrium
Actually pretty good, and I usually dislike barley wines.
The bartender claimed adding a slice of lime is called “Northwest Vacation.” I have now learned that I much prefer Rainier directly from a can, rather than on draft.
I was too lazy to go where they had beer I really wanted...
Bottle at Home
Hoppy and woody are not compatible flavors.
This proves once again that the canned version of this beer is far better than the nitro.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
I think I just hate everything again.
Can at Albuquerque, NM
Not every imperial stout is a good imperial stout.
Bottle at Home
Bad Santa? More like bad beer. Ho ho horrible!
Bottle at Home
Far too hoppy for a winter ale. I expected a dark porter and received an IPA.
It does not taste like what I have come to expect from a Guinness.
Chocolate and cola flavors. Good carbonation.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Hops without beating over the head with hoppy bitterness.
How do you screw up a pumpkin ale?!?!!
Bottle at Home
The goblet was definitely the wrong style of glass to enjoy this beer. I need to try it again with a pub glass. Also one should try to avoid pouring this from a bottle and find it on nitro draft at your local drinking establishment.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
It was free, so it had that going for it.
Bottle at Peninsula, Ohio
The lack of any carbonation prevented any sort of head. Aside from that it was a sweat stout with a strong chocolate flavor.
Bottle at Willowick, Ohio
Disappointing if you're a barrel aged stout devotee.
Bottle at Willowick, Ohio
Truly awful.
Bottle at Peninsula, Ohio
Southern Tier Pumking (unknown release)
Much better on draft than in a bottle.
It was free, therefore I drank it.
Not what I was expecting...
CentruryLink definitely needs to offer a better selection at Sounder games. We're clearly a higher order sports fan, and deserve a quality beer selection.
I knew it was bad, but it was the only thing available.
Possibly the most disappointing entry that I have had to make. A stout that lacked any pleasurable characteristics.
It was the lesser of multiple evils.
The only stout in the entire stadium...
Bottle at Home

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