Okay, this is legitimately weird. I thought this was going to be a stout at first and when it poured bright violet I was surprised. Thick, almost sludgy, the smell is intense peanut butter. First sip is very berry jam, which is a weird transition, and then it goes peanut butter again. I've never really had a beer like this before, but it actually did satisfy my desire for a stout.
It certainly tastes like black currant, which is nice and unusual, but like most of these New Glarus fruit beers, is way more juice than beer. I usually have a hard time drinking intensely fruity berry juices, and this had more or less the same effect on me.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Really a tasty lager. Starts very Bohemian but finishes with a bit of hay and cereal, brackish finish. Nicely balanced. Not sweet like a Helles, but has a good body.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I feel like I'm the wrong person to be here drinking this. It's sweet and bourbon-y on a stout. On second and subsequent sips, I start to get the cherry cough syrup taste. I expect the usual suspects would like it but not think it's the best of it's kind or anything.
Can at Home
This is a bit much. Puckeringly sour, like they extracted it from actual cranberries. It's more like an awesome cranberry drink than a beer.
Can at Home
“Pineapple” and “beer” do not mix. Or so I thought, prior to having this beer. I was utterly surprised at how well this worked. Just enough of the sweetness and tartness of the pineapple but not overwhelming. A true balance act.
Can at Home
Really nice, mild on the pumpkin spice, but most of the flavor is a rounded one from pumpkin flesh.
Clean, white pepper. More Belgian-tasting than expected.
I did not like the flavor of this one.
Hanssens Oude Gueuze (unknown release)
Clean, medium tart. Liked it.
Same vintage as last time but there was a sour tinge to this that built up over time, kid of like that infected-barrel quality that Big Block beers tend to have. By the end of the glass I was not enjoying it anymore.
Not thick, but still way too sweet. Boozy.
Bottle at Home
Draft at St. Louis Lambert Airport
Draft at St. Louis Lambert Airport
Fruit candy-forward flavor, reminds me of a honey cough drop. Medium tart, wheat funk, soda-like. Pretty good.
I dunno… seems kinda normal and standard. Not in a bad way, just not in a creative and inspiring way either…
Bottle at Home
A pale festbier. Malty, crisp apple, a little bitter, grassy. Maybe a little sweeter than I love her but pretty good.
Looks like I had this on nitro last time. This was CO2 this time and I think maybe I’m missing the touch of sweetness nitro might have added (though I’m not getting the soapy bit). The tartness takes over somewhat, even though it’s not that pronounced. Still interesting though.
Hoppy saison with a hint of pepper, finishes with a mellow cereal flavor that is probably from the grains of paradise. Lightly bitter aftertaste.
Quite sweet, but tempered by the coffee in a way that winds up being pretty appealing. Some of the hop pungency pokes through at the end.
Dark, tart, reminds me of Quad until the barrel aging kicks in and stabs me at the back of the throat. Where is the option "I'd drink this beer if it were given to me and I didn't want to offend the giver"?
Can at Home
This was good. A nice, light, IPA.
Can at Mom's
Single Hill Overstory (unknown release)
Reading my previous reviews, this time seems to match up most with the first time I had this.
A nostalgically hoppy amber. In the old days I would have hated this, and it's still a bit over the top but I enjoyed it.
Not sweet at all, this is a cloudy wheat beer with dry berry notes. Pretty good.
Medium-tart, dry guava flavor. If it’s not super-complex, at least it’s not super-simple. Very solid fruit sour. Wasn’t sure whether to expect coffee based on the name, but it’s not.
A tasty if young-tasting barrel stout, toffee-caramel, sweet. Nice to have as an option for a nice dinner.
This is a good Lager. Bit expensive.
Really nice without being light. Grassy, caramel, apple,some vegetal bitterness on top. They say this is lagered for 90 days, and I’m not sure what that does, but this is tasty.
Hoppy, funky, sour. Quite dry. Finishes clean. I liked it but didn't have too much of it.
Very solid English porter, slightly tangy, chocolate, roast.
Unusual flavor, high toffee sweetness leading into floral hop flavors and a toasty biscuit finish. It maintains a light mouthfeel throughout and finished clean, although there’s a strong, bitter aftertaste. I think I do like it.
I noted the almost-burnt roastiness of the Media Blackout previously and this certainly seems related. Thin, slightly tart, high, rounded bitterness. Caramel, notes of pecan.
First impression is that the tangerine is dry and essence-y. This isn’t a juicy radler, and makes it a less-refreshing experience. That said, the flavors are pretty good here.

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