Actually, I'm really liking that. And that's despite it tasting a little skunked (this is not a great restaurant) It's a nice marzen flavor cut through with a sharp bitterness.
Draft at Miller's Ale House
Musty, funky, with a yeasty soreness and medium high bitterness.
Very hoppy, dry red with some caramel. Unpleasant.
Nice balance between the sweet and the not sweet
Draft at MacKenzie River Pizza, Bozeman
Yes, a macro lager. But weirdly sour. Was it this sour before?
CINNAMON, CHILI, Drawing of a skull and crossbones - that's all I have in my notes for this one.
Simplistically sweet, a standard barrel-aged stout. Milk chocolate / toffee are the primary flavors.
Coriander and nectarine; blackcurrent. Very, very, very nice flavor.
Super alcoholic. Too sweet. Fruitcake? Ew.
Dirty Couch BBCM (unknown release)
Unlike last time, I really tasted the pineapple this time. I almost wonder if the last beer was mislabeled. Hints of canned pineapple, maraschino cherries. If anything this evokes a Christmas ham.
Nothing exceptional, at least in this company. But tasty. Light, balanced.
Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic (unknown release)
Slightly funky. Juicy. More candy-like than expected, especially given other lambics I've had from this brewery.
Fort George Clatsop Mule (unknown release)
Extremely strong lime smell. Sweet, simplistic flavor.
Super smooth, sweet coffee. Highly alcoholic. There's a vegetal, rooty smell and flavor that is a little bit harsh. Ginseng? Tequila? Alex said chicory and I believe it. Once you get past that it's pretty darn tasty.
Smoky! Wood smoke. Too sweet and smoky for me. What's bizarre is that it has no resemblance at all to the beer described in the 2015 log.
Appreciate greatly that it's not sweet. Lightly roasty, on the verge of being sour but not quite (hinting at a classic English porter).
Very cognac, alcohol strength and roast is subdued, making this better than the regular '19 BBIS.
Coriander, sharply but not lingeringly tart, almost like pickle juice.
Medium tart, floral, light berry, cereal.
Sweet, smooth, dessert-like, like a chocolate coffee cordial.
A very Belgian spice saison, only slightly funky and the guava is even less apparent, just like a faint kiss of fruitiness. It's okay but it's very hard to tell what sets this apart.
You know when you go to Panera and get that hazelnut drip coffee? This is like the beer version of that. A little thicker, maybe, but the basic flavor matches and seems to work much better as a beer than as a coffee.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The bottle says "white stout" but there's nothing stout like about this. It tastes like an intensely raspberry wine cooler, juicy rather than tart, and since I dislike raspberry, oh well.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I had just a sip or two of this but it was nice.
Last year, we blended the Midnight Orange and Vanilla together to produce something that was more balanced than either base beer. This year, Goose Island did it for us! The orange is subtle, and the main sensation is chocolate, sweet coffee, and just a hint of fruit. As with most new releases in this line, the beer tastes very young and hard to finish.
A red, malty with some spice cake notes, but the flavor is pretty overwhelmingly alcoholic, I thought. Hard to enjoy.
Bottle at COMO, Kirkland
Gross. Very sweet barleywine with a ton of wood smoke. The amount of sweetness makes it sickly, like apple juice that's turned and then been set on fire. And this is coming from someone who loves Lagavulin. I couldn't finish this.
Bottle at Home
Sweet and light, with just a hint of estery fruit. Actually enjoyed this quite a bit today, and for once they didn't chill it to the point where it formed ice crystals.
Quite good. The ingredients on this beer were interesting and usually strong flavors, but none of them came through especially clearly. Not in a bad way, though! I'll chalk it up to good balance.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Light, sweet, buttery coconut and chocolatey stout. Feels a little insubstantial, but it was certainly tasty at face value.
Very not-tart for a Gose; sweet and pie-like with a light lime flavor. I'd say that here the strong emphasis is on the sense of "pie" rather than the other components.
Opens chocolate and roast, but very quickly ends up with creeping hop florality and a strong sense of licorice. The combination makes for a rising acrid bitterness that gets worse over time, by the end I just gave up.
Light, creamy porter with strong smooth caramel, the body itself is not sweet but rather sits at the edge of sourness. There's a slight hint of rubbing alcohol / sake in the booze flavor and that's not exactly delicious. It's way better than the Bale Breaker though.
Piney and fresh but with an abundance of pithy bitterness thqt borders on the acrid.
Smooth, sweet, thick. Primary flavor is molasses, brown sugar. Hints of spice though I would not say licorice is overt.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Mellow then sharply sour then mellow again. Stone fruit, hints of cinnamon, floral tea.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I've had this one *many* times, one of my favorites. First tried it in 2005 at the Light Horse Inn in Jersey City, NJ. Especially tasty when gardening on a warm summer day.
Bottle at At Mike Lee's commune
Fairly typical ale. Drinkable.
Draft at Magnolia Brewery, San Francisco (Dogpatch)
Strong (9.9% abv) and strong flavor. Not bad but not exceptional.
Draft at Magnolia Brewery, San Francisco (Dogpatch)
spicy but otherwise uninteresting
Draft at Magnolia Brewery, San Francisco (Dogpatch)
tasty and refreshing
Draft at Magnolia Brewery, San Francisco (Dogpatch)

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