Subdued cereal and wet grass and very, very brackish. The overall effect is pretty balanced, if not totally refreshing.
Slightly sour, not sweet, but very mellow and smooth. Cola-like but not at all fruity. I think this is pretty great, actually.
Very interesting in this actually gives more of an impression as a coconut sour than a pineapple sour, although it certainly communicates the idea of a piña colada very deftly. Decently tart, enough that it’s a sipper.
Impressions from my last log of this beer stand.
Thinner-mouthfeel stout, tasty if actually pretty spicy for the style. Also I can’t help but admit I was expecting coconut based on the name, but if there was any it was not evident.
Resolves with sweet cereal, although there are more up-front flavors than I expected: a little fruity, hops, yeasty funk. Altogether I felt this could have been cleaner.
Easy drinking and not at all the bitter-fest that my previous log seems to indicate. Dominant flavors seem to be black coffee and burnt sugar.
Delicious, lightly sweet, cereal, crisp.
About as close as you can get to drinking a Cadbury caramel chocolate bar. It is thick, yes. It is sweet, yes. It is boozy, yes. It still hit me in a good place.
Chocolate, mellow, sweet notes of rum. Slightest hint of coconut. Smooth caramel finish.
The spicier one of the two, with a slightly more cola-like character to the flavor, but still really good.
A smooth dark lager with lots of caramel. Lightly sweet. Just enough roast to balance.
Lots of citrus, lots of banana. It's really easy to see where the hybrid bits meet here, plus it's tasty!
Lemon-pine, cereal-sweet. This has a dessert bar appeal without being over the top.
Coffee, light caramel. This was really good (and seemingly better than last time). This is an exemplary flight overall.
I don't know if this is the same as the old Nut Brown so I'm logging it separately for now. This is a very solid brown, with a toasty, dry cracker character.
Less toasty than the brown, slightly fruity on the nose. Finishes bitter. This is hoppy for a Scotch ale.
Briefly tastes like a pilsner but gets very hoppy very quickly. I'd say this ventures clearly into IPA territory. It's especially bitter on the back end, but I guess I do taste honey?
Prickly and acrid. I guess you have to go somewhere if the Boss was already where an IPA usually is.
Once again, this was quite sour, Flanders-like, but with a brightness that is IMO off-putting. Bears no resemblance at all to the Brown Ale in this flight, which is what I'd hoped for. I don't know why I keep taking chances with the barrel aged beers here; they've all been like this.
A really nice counterpoint to the House of Pancakes. Smells strongly of peanut butter; the beer itself is thinnish and only mildly sweet, which is nice and kind of lets a base flavor of beer poke through. More peanut butter cereal milk than it is a brownie, but I liked it.
Undoubtedly weird. More campfire than bacon but you can squint and taste it, but the weird thing about this is that it's quite sour. Tart citrus, like someone took lemon juice to the cast-iron after finishing the bacon? It's an interesting smoky sour, but what I don't get at all between all of it is maple or pancakes.
I think if there was an ideal West Coast IPA this would be pretty close to it. Lager-like in opening, with clean cereal notes, which transitions to measured piney hops. Finishes with a strong but not pithy bitterness.
Delicious and sweet; light. If uncomplicated.
Jammy, oversweet blueberry is a lot to take. Not much soy backbone to balance this. That said, it is exactly what you might expect.
Pineapple soda.
Bottle at Home
Sweet cereal backbone but really over the top on bitterness. Light florality.
Bottle at Tiki Beach Moorea
Sweet and mellow blonde, like drinking liquid cornbread, maybe. I’m a sucker for this kind of beer.
Chocolatey, medium thick, but just enough roast to give this a savory complexity. I wouldn’t say it went overly smoky but you can squint and see it.
It’s strong and hoppy, a little woody. Finishes bitter. It would be a lot but has a purity after the other beers of the day.
This certainly tastes like carrot cake. Sweet, hints of spice (Belgian?), a kind of a pineapple nectar juice quality running through it.
Wow, it’s a typical Northwest IPA flavor profile with a strong hit of evergreen scratch ‘n sniff thrown on top. Highly bitter on the finish. Give it points for effect.
Cereal; fruity; feels a little flat. Flavor is good though.
Highly bitter and brackish, typical of the style, but with a caramel fruitiness on top of it. Probably would have been better as a first beer rather than a third.
Holy Mountain Kiln & Cone (unknown release)
Spicier and slightly more bitter than the Happy Hops. This is probably better balanced but suffers from being after.
Exceedingly pleasant, lemon-pine IPA. On the sweet and resinous side but avoids being unpleasant. Just enough cereal to balance. Clean finish.
Sharp citrus on the nose compared to the Pizza Pals, more lime. On top of a cereal IPA base with some lager-like dryness. I found this very enjoyable.
Sweet, citrus, recalls childhood memories of Five Alive.Slight bitterness, but very drinkable and accessible.
Sweet, cinnamon, thin texture but candy-like. Gets a little sticky in the throat. Pleasant but not more than ok.
Dry up front, fizzy. Tinge of bubblegum sweetness in the background, a bit rubbery on the finish.
So much cereal in this, right up my alley—not yeasty as some Kolsches get. Love it.
Draft at Heritage
Light and non sweet with an overtone of molasses and spice. Perfect for what I needed. Cookie-like.
This one fizzed out the bottle and kept going for a long time, which made me fear something a little over-yeasted, but it was fine. Hints of pepper and spice on top of a roasty, medium thick stout. Not sure I tasted much bourbon, but the Tweak may have changed my palate.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Avery Tweak (unknown release)
Couldn't find a batch number on the bottle. Delicious, roast coffee and smooth booze, certainly not oversweet and not raw either.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely not drunk fresh, but this was still really good - fizzy and drying up front with a caramel sweetness, kind of like a Vienna lager crossed with a pale.
Bottle at Odin Lounge

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