Pours golden. Very nice, sour and dry, a bit salty on the lips but with a nice authentic guava flavor.
I like this beer
Bottle at Home
I think yuzu aroma is overstating the case. Maybe more tangerine as it lacks some of the floral notes of yuzu on the nose. Taste is a bit creamy at the start that gives way to a hard bitterness without much depth
Bottle at Home
Wow. That's dark and fruity. It's dark fruit, with an undertone of dryness.
Bottle at Home
Dark, apricot-y, alcoholic. What's not to like?
Bottle at Home
Round, malty, redolent of unspecified spice. Bitter finish. Tastes like a fruit beer without the fruit.
Pretty strongly bitter, and I hate to say “in a rubbery way” because it’s actually really quite good. Light lemon, some cloudy cereal funk, but all very dry in a way that leads really naturally into the bitterness.
Actively sour. Not fruity. I guess I appreciate that, but it's slightly much.
Draft at Old Town Pour House, Freedom Drive
Not very IPA, but nice
Draft at Old Town Pour House, Freedom Drive
It's good. Dry but flavorful (you know, and bitter)
Can at Home
Robust but creamy, mocha notes, high roast, malty as all get out. I enjoyed it!
Blandly sweet nitro red.
Nitro Draft
I think this is good. But it is very malty.
Bottle at Home
It's like bitter pumpkin with an aftertaste of pie spices that have give bad. I can drink it. I kind of wish I hadn't pass for it. (As I drink more, it's a bit like driving bad perfume)
Draft at Two Brothers Tap House
It is very sour. The flavor owes more to raspberries than peach I feel.
Draft at Two Brothers Tap House
Middling with light hops and a strong generic orange citrusy taste.
Draft at Sly McFly’s Pub, Monterey, CA
It is sweet and tart. Quite tasty.
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Holds up in character through the nitro, chocolatey, roasty, mellow.
Each new release of this beer seems a little less whiskey and a little more Scotch ale. Fairly thin, but mellow. Barrel is mostly wood and background. A fine beer for my birthday.
Looks like they changed the name. First taste seems great - a deeply hoppy, woody flavor that is offset by some cereal funk. It's nice, but on the fruit front there's a lingering citrus oiliness that outlasts the flavor and leaves the mouth dry, just a tad off-putting.
It's a good Dunkel. Dark, Woody,
Draft at Z Bar & Grill St. Robert MO
Seemed extremely overhopped for a blonde. I see previous notes like this, maybe it's always been this way?
Almost nitro-flat but contributes to a very smooth opening. Finishes with a somewhat rounded hop (or rye?) bite at the end that reduced my enjoyment a smidge.
Whereas I thought the Aloha Death was thin and fake-tasting, this was just the right amount of the right flavors. Otherwise, it's a light-ish stout-ish beer like the other Irish Death variants, and just as enjoyable.
Very tasty, fresh, Deschutes-like IPA. Not too piney.
Sweet, bitter, definitely a bock, but almost maibock-like in strength and sweetness. Almost skirts the edge of syrupy-sweet but doesn't get there, thankfully. Pretty enjoyable.
Lightly tart, champagne-grape notes with sweet cereal. Dry and clean, refreshing, very tasty.
Sweet and dry caramel. It almost worries me, but it's decent.
It's a fine, mild, red ale. Nothing to write home about.
It's an AMERICAN pilsner, maltlog just doesn't have that option. It's a sweet pilsner like what would come out of Milwaukee. It's decent for all that. Cold, sweet, metallic.
It's kind of sweet and hop juicy. I guess it's a combination of IPA and kolch, so perhaps that is too be expected.
Pretty far away from what I expected in a wit. Musty and vegetal, thin and a bit tart. Reminds me more than a little bit of a ginger or ginseng tea. Did not clock cranberry in this.
Forward-sweet, fragrant and hoppy. Slightly herbaceous. Dries pretty fast into a typically brackish Italian Pilsner finish but manages to stay sweet all the way through to the finish. Quite refreshing.
Nutty, hints of cocoa, thematically not that different from the afraid of the dark but honestly I can’t get behind the nitro (even though it’s better than usual)
Dry and light dark lager, more amber though less sweet than a Vienna, barely fruity, bready.
Lemon cereal IPA, dry and bitter finish, but lager-like and really refreshing.
Super clean, fruity, mango. A bit spicy.
Bracingly bitter, dry, brackish, and yet impressively clean. Hops are peppery, not fruity.
Very light, like a cream porter. Pleasant coffee overtones, and smooth.
White pepper, light, reminds me of a wit more than a Bavarian hefe.
Clean but with slightly more pithy bitterness than the hazy. The rest of the flavor seems just a bit on the watery side.
Light, pleasant pine/lemon hazy IPA. It's spritzer-like, clean and not bitter at all.
Mellow, sweet cereal, hint of fruit.

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