I noted the almost-burnt roastiness of the Media Blackout previously and this certainly seems related. Thin, slightly tart, high, rounded bitterness. Caramel, notes of pecan.
Hey look, the advent box is back. This was horribly foamy, overflowed badly. I'm not sure I'm liking this. I'm getting some perfume flavor, bit I'm also wondering if that's left over from the nasty gingerbread I poured down the sink.
Can at Home
It is gingerbread, but it's somehow floral. And I hate floral. It's like perfume. I really don't know that I'm going to finish this.
Can at Home
Definitely didn’t taste like a Mexican lager. Very hoppy, vegetal, a little soapy.
Thick, malty, somewhat sweet. A big change of pace in this flight that maybe would benefit from a little space.
An extrapolation of the Tony. Very solid, clean flavors. Tiny touch of bubblegum at the front.
Light, bready/biscuity flavors, but not especially malty. Nice, dry, fizzy finish obscures a bit of funk.
Lightly sweet underneath. Grassy. Bitter on top. I liked this a lot.
Okay, I can actually taste the sweet peppermint in the porter. I like it!
Can at Home
That's tasty. I presume this is a combination of IPA and kolch or some such.
Can at Home
Very similar to the coffee, slightly sweeter, light but not overdone coconut. I keep going back and forth about what I like better.
Medium-thick, vanilla, wood. Nutty with slightly sweet coffee that turns a bit uric at the end. Nice.
The peanut butter isn't off-putting in the stout. More like peanuts than peanut butter (which is a good thing). Otherwise it's a thick and heavy stout.
Very very sour, and very peachy. It's a bit too much . . .
Everything’s better with old friends.
Classic, if young-tasting, barrel aged stout. Still quite sweet but less so than the mocha. Definitely thicker.
Thinnish, sugared coffee, strong alcohol. Nice aftertaste, but the uncomplicated flavor makes this less great.
Quite tart, it's dominated, almost to a pungent degree, by the flavor of lemon juice. Just a hint of lactose sugar on the finish, but it doesn't do too much to diversify the flavor. Tingles long after the sip. Would definitely have liked more "cake" here.
The same cloudy funk as the Muir Woods, but the hop presence is stronger and slightly more acrid. Malty - graham cracker/toffee sweetness on the finish.
Pine, lemon, a cloudy cereal funk. Barely bitter and very clean - liked this a lot!
I didn't take notes on this one, unfortunately. I have a vague recollection that I didn't taste any mint at all, which would have been a disappointment for something staking its claim on the Frango name.
Just lightly roasted, not sweet, not thick. The right amount of peanut. I thought this was delicious.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Maybe it was in opposition to the Hanami but this was very much on the edge of syrupy.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Dry, champagne-like. Dries out on the tongue which is probably from the tea. Delicious.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Dry and super bitter. And it does remind me of the old Morton Arboretum juniper beer. That said, it's not the sort of IPA I like. But it does seem well done?
Can at Home
Bracingly bitter, on the metallic side but compellingly enjoyable. Slightly grapey.
Can at Home
It's certainly dark, cocoa, and coffee.
Can at Home
Just a taster but this was nice. Chocolate, thinnish, roast. Touch of spice. Will have to try more later.
Not sure why I didn’t like this last time, but on draft this is delicious. Light, just sweet enough, tasted a ton like a bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch with milk. It would be easy to drink too much of this.
White pepper, yeasty bitterness. Bracing, I’d call it. Tasty.
Bittersweet chocolate, hint of sweetness, light, hoppy finish. Pretty good.
Absolutely tasted nothing like gochugaru, absolutely tasted nothing like any kimchi I’ve ever had. It’s probably not bad but it literally failed at its one job.
Decent, light-tasting lager. Sweet barley flavor but not as watery-syrupy as, say, a Terra. Still, pretty soda-like.
Fruity, citrus, dank, perhaps a little too herbaceous. They play up the weed in the name and it certainly does bring it to mind.
Dry, quite tart, light Brett funk is primary in the flavor, followed by raisin and wood. Finishes remarkably clean.
Exactly what it professes to be, smooth coffee opening, cereal sweetness but not anything on top of that, and an assertive bitterness on the end that meshes well with the coffee.
Going back to the base flavor just reinforced the lactic tackiness in the finish. I wonder if it's fair to call it verging on spoiled milk?
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