The pineapple sweetness completely cancels out any APA bitterness. It's actually a little weird drinking it on its own. With food, the sweetness comes out a bit more making it easier to drink.
Draft at Allegory
The sort of red which is dark bitter and brackish.
Draft at Allegory
Smoothed out a bit with age. Almost gritty on first sip after the sours, but it got better. Thick and sweet, with a long, mild vanilla following the initial alcohol hit all the way to the finish. Sticks around a little in the throat afterwards.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Much, much better than the Museum Dose. Tamarind is clear on the start and in the aftertaste, dry and tart. The late middle is tea-like and mellow, probably from a combination of the lapsang and the cocoa (but the latter is not really distinguishable). Still weird, but actually enjoyable.
Smells woody/birchy, with maybe a hint of smokiness. The flavor is... really weird. Fruity sourness and the sarsaparilla and birch clash in a way that creates odd illusions of mint and herbal medicine on the tongue. If you squint this is interesting. If you don't it's just almost nasty.
Like all of Bellevue's other barrel-aged beers, this is almost winey. More than a little tart and dry, leading into a medium-thick but smooth porter. Finish is slightly sweet but mellow, and the barrel comes in with some caramel on the finish. Tastes stronger than listed.
Fresh hop smell, fragrant and pleasant. Unboring evergreen hops flavor with something like banana going on there.
This was again really good. There was a bit of appley fruit on top that that mixed well with the cloudy cereal to hint at pie. I don't remember that from last time. Much better after the brown.
Very hoppy. A bit rooty in flavor, which translates to a kind of astringent, burnt sugar overtone, followed by flowery hops. This was Lagunitas-like in its unpleasantness. Would not get again.
A light, sweet lager-like beer with more than a little fruit on top, slightly tangy and ... I think pretty clearly a peach flavor? It was definitely the better beer of the two.
I was looking forward to this, remembering how good Fuzz was! This was very light-looking for a porter. Murky coffee flavor and a weak, not very defined beer character. Unimpressed.
A bit like apple cider that's turning a bit into vinegar.
Next to the E9... this was very similar. A little less cloudy coriander flavor, a little rounder, possibly a touch of orange? But this is just details, overall it was very, very like the other beer.
Cloudy, pale, touch of white pepper, savory coriander notes. Not too heavy on the spice, this is a light, refreshing wit.
Decent hazy Pale. Little bit on the drier side - the fruit is "dark."
Banana and sweet, but with an odd aftertaste.
Opens like a helles but immediately moves into a champagne-like funk, yeasty and tangy. Bubbliness lingers for quite a while. Finishes very light and with cereal, almost a bit weak compared to the journey, but overall - unusual and tasty!
Sweet, very much like a rosé, but with a citrus-ness that makes the flavor unusual. Still, not very interesting overall.
Medium tart, clean dark berry flavors. Tasty but very simple after the heavy stouts.
Probably only in a flight like this would this beer seem light and uncomplicated, but it did that and nicely. Caramel with sweet, light helles notes. I think I could tell it was slightly on the stronger side but after a series of 9+ ABV beers who can even tell?
Definitely the strongest of the bunch. Strong booze, thick, complex stouty flavors and a general overtone of cherry and wood. That said, this didn't punch me in the face, it was overall still very nice and managed to be the least sweet of the bunch.
Compared to the Parabola, this is lighter, cleaner, more clearly and brightly bourbon. Clean finish. Maple is very subtle and blends into the caramel of the bourbon, which may be why... I think this is finally a maple stout that I really can say I unequivocally loved.
So, I realized recently I haven't liked any maple stouts, and this one edges toward the same faults, but - it's just barely not too sweet, and underneath it's still Parabola, dark and complex and a bit dry, balancing it out. That said, the maple still floats a little separately, and while it's still great, it's maybe my least favorite Parabola so far.
Having this midday was probably a mistake. It’s thick. Like molasses. That said, it was still a tasty meal.
Bottle at Home
Lightly fruity, cloudy, yeasty flavor. I don't really know what starfruit tastes like, but this was tropical, subtle, and very pleasant. Nice finish on the night.
Folden yellow. Hoppy sheen on top of a mild coffee base. Slightly sweet, hint of vanilla. Weirdly strong bitter finish that you wouldn't expect from a nitro stout.
Tastes like the imperial coconut base, thick and coconut, maybe a tinge sweeter with a milky but only slightly coffee flavor. Not sure how they nitro'd this but it doesn't have that weird dishwatery character, instead it's just smooth, creamy and still a little bubbly.
Very sour, to the point where the basic fruit is unidentifiable other than being vaguely tropical. Possibly guava, possibly passion, a dry, clean finish.

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