Clearly a dark lager, not pale. Tastes like a European dark. Efforvescent, not quite sweet. I often don't like these, but I rather do like this.
Draft at Zolo Grill, Boulder
Easy-drinking dark ale; a good roastiness giving way to notes of dark chocolate. Thin body.
Strong example of a German pilsner, clean hop bitterness, cereal, some uric tang on the finish.
A very dry saison with lots of Belgian spice, particularly clove. Not the most harmonious blend.
I had wanted Reuben's Hazy IPA, but they were out. This was advertised as juicy, but it was more of a standard Northwest IPA flavor. Excellent IPA, though, clear and fragrant, fruit and pine. Clean cereal finish, no oily bitterness. Unsurprisingly good, given the brewery.
Mild, not overly flavorful. But not offensive in any way.
Clear, really dark fruit with a Dunkel dryish bitterness
Bitter for a lager. They bill it as a red lager with grapefruit and pine aromas. So the fact that it's a bit bitter and brackish is perhaps unsurprising. But overall, not too bad.
Bottle at Home
Robust. Medium thick. Profound bittersweet chocolate flavor.
This would be really good if I could get over the slight medicinal taste... unfortunately it gets more noticeable as you go not less.
This had turned, I think. Smelled like a scotch ale, but tasted like sour celery.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Delicious - light wood-smoke, caramel, dissipating into an incredibly clean finish.
Much less wine than I remember; this tasted more like a straight up dubbel or quad. Lots of caramel, some boozy notes. I did like it better the old way.
Hoppy and juicy; I'd call this more of a wheat IPA than the name implies.
VERY boozy and very grain forward. Not my favorite but if you're looking for bourbon-barrelly stuff, this is one of the most bourbon-barrelly thing's I've ever had.
Bottle at Redwood City, CA
Raising a glass of my favorite to the return of Maltlog.
Bottle at Home
I think they do these every once in a while but still felt special because we got the insider connection. I've never seen it anywhere else, anyway.
Nice summer beer
Can at Home
Fairly tart, yeasty saison. Unidentifiably fruity with some phantom spice notes. Dry, clean finish. I didn't love it, but Firestone Walker set the bar really high for this weekend.
Firestone Walker Feral One (unknown release)
Just as good as I remember, light,tart, vinous, clean. Doesn't stick around in the throat, and I appreciate that it wasn't an ABV bomb too. Cause on a day like this... Anyway, see my previous entry for this.
Such tart. Many raspberry. Seriously, though, this was so sour that I think it gave me a headache. I'm reading my previous description of this beer and it doesn't even sound like it's from the same universe.
This is the first time I've had this beer on draft, and it seems... different. In the bottle it's got very honey-like, mellow buttery notes. This was a little more like straighter butterscotch flavors on top of a strong, good barleywine. It was still very good but it wasn't sublime. Out of the bottle it was sublime.
I mean, this is a very good beer but after two Parabolas it's going to lose. Sorry not sorry. Lighter, a little sharper. Definitely less intense in every direction.
Yeah, this was delicious. Still thick and intense, but with the wonderful complexity of Parabola smoothed out by coffee. Absolutely delicious, and you could almost say this goes down easy after the Scotch!
I mean, this is just a whole heck of a lot. This is smoky, peaty, and also a lot less sweet than what gets transmitted to the regular Parabola from its barrels. It tastes like Scotch, basically, and that character is dominant. Parabola is here, thick and rich, but smoke is king. Something to chew on more than adore, this needs to be sipped in small increments.
Thick, sweet, fake cherry. Cloying finish, like cough syrup. I mean, yuck.
Dessert-like, not syrupy but still a little too sweet for me to love. This is a hard balance to hit, I think. It's the cinnamon trap! At least it didn't taste like potpourri, and it was way better than the Dragon's Milk.
Belgian pale with a very light yeast flavor, very refreshing. Medium-dry. Good cereal finish. Another great beer from Holy Mountain.
A middling quad with a little more clove than I loved. But not bad.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The utter flatness of the beer is strange at first, but it passes by quickly. Very solid stout, and omg, this tastes like a Manhattan. Sweet and lightly woody, fruit and caramel. This'll knock you out quick, but you'll have a great time while it happens.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This was a lot better than it sounded, but it wasn't great. A lot of resin in this IPA, smoothed out quite a bit with what does seem very much like marshmallow. The sweetness is both weird and appealing, and I can't tell which side wins.

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