80% for the corned beef, 20% for me.
This was for the corned beef, but I "accidentally" drank it first.
Nitro Bottle
Very sour, puckeringly so. Tons of peach, with a kind of coconut aftertaste, which may have been an interaction with the floral flavors, but nothing tasted floral outright. A little too sour for me to love.
Sour enough that I think this bottle has turned. If it hasn't, it's unpleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Solid but I expect better from Stone IPAs, so this is only decent.
Unexpectedly delicious. I was afraid the peppercorn would mean this was a lots-of-spice saison, but it was mellow, lightly estery, with nice toasted barley flavors. Peppercorn is distinct, perfectly balanced. Light, exotic and warming at the same time. Yum!
Quite tart, very fruity. Slight salt in the aftertaste. Pretty good but also like a lot of other beers out there.
Dry berry flavor counters the hoppy, base IPA. It's a good balance. But nothing will overcome my natural distaste for boysenberries.
Holy cat this was against expectations. There's quite a lot of hoppy character built into this, like a strong CDA with a little more roast and thickness. Somehow still good (I don't usually enjoy this style) but definitely a surprise.
A smooth, thick stout with the most disturbingly accurate strawberry ice cream flavor I've ever encountered in a beer. All three of the Neapolitan components are definitely here, but this is somehow coherently a beer too. I'm glad it's not colored accurately, though!
Draft at Mcmenamins Anderson School, Tavern on the Square, Bothell
Draft at Mcmenamins Anderson School, Tavern on the Square, Bothell

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