Very light and surprising hints of Belgian yeast right at the front of this beer, although it's followed by a kind of murky, watery sweetness. Strictly mediocre, and not that far off of a Bud Light kind of flavor.
Smells of fizzy, bright peaches although the fruit is not really prominent in the flavor. I wouldn't say this tasted like an IPA at all - maybe at most kind of a Kolsch with peach. I've got a vague feeling that it's possible this beer was misidentified as well.
Light, malty, honestly it's tasty if uninspiring.
Bottle at Family
Really quite a good stout, light, creamy coffee-noted, with just a hint of effervescent cola-like flavors right as the beer starts going down the throat. One of the better beers I've ever had here.
Opened with a spew of slow foam that kept going for minutes. Definitely the most sour-sour of the lot with a very funky, caramel, oud-bruin-like base and some bitter bite on top from the hops. Complex and intriguing, but more importantly just tastes good.
Bottle at Work
Next to all the sour flavors, this came out almost bracingly acrid. Settled down over time but I definitely didn't enjoy this near as much as usual.
Can at Work
Noticeably more sour than the Star Party, with just a touch of funk and a lot of dry lime. A bit of buttery sweetness evens it out. Salty on the lips afterwards. Good flavors.
Bottle at Work
Lemon and lavender are the "stars" here; it tastes a bit like someone made a squash with lavender lemonade, noticeably tart, floral, but then finishes like a beer though not especially brut). You could be fooled into thinking this was a Berliner Weisse.
Bottle at Work
Fast cereal middle and lingering spicy hops.
Light (on the edge of watery but not quite there), citrus-pine session IPA, fizzy, with a sweet cereal finish.
Funky-yeasted caramel lager with the cloudy opacity to match. Pretty much what I expect from the style when it's not a Sam Adams.
Normal red. Little malty, a little almost fruity
Let clear than I would expect. Honestly tastes like a mixture of a red and a brown.
Mellow sweet wheat, grapefruit-apricot finish that rings clear and dry as a bell. Not bitter at all. A huge improvement from the 2.0 release.
Fruity and estery like an Belgian amber with a brown sugary backbone. It was okay, but I didn't love it.
Another really impressive Strange Fellows beer. Dry sour pine-hop flavor, slightly grapey. The middle transition is just a tiny bit watery, but transitions nicely to a similar sweet what finish to the Jongleur. Yum!
Creamy dry roasty stout. The light carbonation on the drafts here really smooths out the flavor. Not too sweet, mellow dark chocolate notes.
Slightly flat, sweet but rooty and herbal. Less cereal than a typical marzen, more like a yeast-forward amber ale. Fairly flat, to boot.
This was a remarkably good beer, despite having a lot of characteristics I normally don't super-enjoy. Coriander, just a hint of ginger, a citrusy-yeasty dryness and finishing with sweet wheat. Everything in just the right balance to make this feel great.
Gave off a skunky smell while pouring, but it wasn't evident in the taste. Belgian pale with light spice notes, white pepper, but with a dry, grapey, vinous tartness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Pure hop resin, extremely front-loaded bitterness. A bit like burnt rubber. Did not finish this beer, probably not making a good personal elegy for the brewery.
Tart, lime, shortbread cookies, very buttery.
Not sure this tasted at all Kolschey to me. Instead, it just seemed like a sweet IPA which added a weird, additional sweetness (lactic?) onto the finish instead of the typical balancing things a normal IPA does.
Sweetish, wheat-funky. I didn't taste the coconut at first but it became more and more obvious over time, especially after trying other beers. Never quite melded into a harmonic whole, but still pretty decent.
This beer seems almost too light at first, which in a more boring beer would feel watery. However, the remaining flavors are grassy, fresh, and slightly fruity, making more of an impression than expected.
This beer did not at all taste like a stout, and it never quite stopped being weird. I don't remember the details too well, but I do remember liking it in spite of all that.
Halfway between a pale and a Vienna lager. Fruity, malty and cereal.
A potato IPA! You know I had to try this. Not sure I tasted anything that said potato, but the resultant beer was insanely clean, with just the right amount of piney-fruity hops. Best IPA I've had at this brewery in a long time.
It's fine to drink.
Bottle at Work
A dry, tart saison with a very clean finish, understated but present funk, and a moderate, vinous fruitiness. Very, very nice.
Starts with a guava-passion fruit opening, some wheat funk, and then a kind of acrid bitter finish that was off-putting at first. After a few sips I think that part of my tongue got burned out and then the rest of the glass was actually quite pleasant. Wish that first part hadn't happened, though.
First-class representation of the Brut style - dry, white wine grape opening, crisp hoppiness. Finishes quite clean. Excellent all around.
This is actually really good, and I don't like IPAs. Of course, it's not super bitter, and trends towards what I think of "juicy IPA". I'm sure it's just mild and mass market, so a true IPA aficionado wouldn't like it.

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