A bit plain but fine.
Can at Friend’s house, Seattle
Have you ever had a sour watermelon?
Can at Home
Yeasty, somewhat tart. I mean, I was in Galaxy's Edge so nothing was going to be too disappointing.
So, they literally take six minutes to pour this. It's frankly just a decent drink. You don't drink it to savor notes of this or that. You just drink it.
Citrus and Banana, with a backbone of bitter.
Strong caramel backbone, More than a bit like the European Darks that are soda-like. However it does have notes of nutty.
Refreshing and cool on a hot day. Surprisingly complex.
A roasty, lightly smoky porter, perhaps a bit more bitter than I would normally like but in the context of a fun day was pretty enjoyable. Definitely felt the ABV in this one.
Very Smokey. Almost peaty. Like drinking an Islay but in Beer form. That’s probably sacrilegious to say. Oh well.
Bottle at Smaller
It's pretty mediocre. But then, what does "limeade" make one think when it comes to beer.
Can at Home
Maybe it was because it was on draft, maybe because it was fresher, maybe because it didn’t cross an ocean before being drunk, maybe it was just refreshing after walking three miles in 85 degree heat… maybe it was sipping a beer on the banks of the Tiber…
My description from last time holds. Clove a bit stronger in the smell than flavor, very nice aftertaste. No lemon slices here!
It’s been a good while since I’ve had this beer and the fact I’ve already had a grandfather raven means it’s hard to judge this impartially, but this is still very nice. Caramel, lightly plummy, thin but assertive. I think this lives up to my memory.
Strong but mellow, roasty and lightly fruity. I think in the past I have been rating this with the great grandfather raven in mind which is not fair. Strong for sure.
Orange, coriander, starts out with a positive impression but over time a musty wheat funk starts asserting itself. Clean finish.
Opens with a tart but very believable mango flavor, like you might get from a shrub. Stays clean and lightly fizzy all the way through, maybe just a hint of salt on the lips but not very funky at all. Nice brewery space. Wasn't hungry at all but the food smelled good.
Really tasty... Clean guava, strawberry, maybe apple? The impression here is of a slightly puckery fruit punch. Very summery and nice, and unusual for guava notes to come out so fruity in a beer, but MAYBE THIS IS NOT EXACTLY BEER-LIKE?
Pepper, clove, coriander, banana, yes, this is a Belgian pale. Slightly sulfuric turn before it finishes.
Mango, lemon-pine. Lightly dry and clean, very drinkable.
Brackish and hoppy, mildly sweet. Good enough. A bit put out that this taproom told me I could bring a cat in a carrier to the patio (over the phone) and then reneged when I showed up. I had to correct for this negativity after the fact.
A nice Belgian pale, effervescent. This says spices added but honestly nothing sticks out too much beyond what you might get naturally from Belgian yeast, so maybe they had trouble replicating that flavor profile?
Bottle at San Jose, CA
It’s so hot one can only drink lager. But this one is fine. You can taste the multi cultural history of Sicily in every drop. Or maybe that’s the sweat from my forehead. It’s hot.
At this point I can't judge things impartiality, but while this wasn't as hoppy as the brown, it was definitely much hoppier than I'd expect a "dark lager" to be.

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