Draft at Old Town Pour House, Naperville
HBC-586, Luminosa, NZH-106, Riwaka, Zumo. Pine, lemon, cereal, bitterness. High and dry aftertaste.
A well balanced sour with pomegranate taking a bit of a backseat to the orange. Not too much complexity but decent finish.
Can at Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
Light citrus with medium finish. Nothing spectacular but well executed
Bottle at Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
Light citrus with medium finish. Nothing spectacular but well executed
Bottle at Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nice balance of hops and malt at the beginning with a slightly viscous mouthfeel. Gives way to a slight bit of bitter cherry and apple flavors right away and then fades out. Finish is a bit short.
Draft at Copenhagen, Denmark
Proximity matters. Being close to England seems to improve those styles. Nice English style brown with strong coffee overnotes and yeast on the nose. Maybe slightly aimed at beerista’s vs regular drinker in going a bit too strong…
Bottle at Oslo, Norway
I don’t know if this is accurate because the picture doesn’t match my previous log. This tastes sour and hoppy more than fruity.
Good blond ale flavor with plenty of cereal but tinged a bit sour
Clear IPA with an intensely flavored, oily, sweet sheen. The flavor itself isn’t bad, but it’s a lot. Don’t very much love beers with this character, which seem increasingly common.
Neutral, nutty, medium thick. Roast and bitter chocolate and a lightly smoky/briny aftertaste. Completely unsweet. Don't often see this style anymore and I'm getting a lot of nostalgia.
A lightly tangy gose, with a big hit of watermelon candy flavor. Not a huge fan when a watermelon beer basically turns into a Jolly Rancher over say, something more like fresh juice.
Fair Isle Rankin (Batch No. 3)
Wasn't a huge fan - hits you with a ton of whisky up front and the aging is on the sour side. It's not quite as "turned" tasting as I've encountered at places like Big Block, but this isn't really my favorite kind of stout.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A consdierable increase in funk from the Alexandra and has none of the lightness or mellowness that tempered the tartness. This is much more one-note and I can't exactly claim to have detected hints of the sea.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Fair Isle Alexandra (Batch No. 1)
A light, slightly tangy saison with a scent of grape and a mellow, lightly bitter grassy fragrance that is tea-like and subtle. Very nice and light.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The bar didn't say "coffee" but this is the only cream ale I can find mention of from Gig Harbor. The flavor doesn't really make you think coffee in except the most abstract way, mostly it's a little insipid in flavor with a bit of dry tang.
Enjoyable, might have gotten a higher rating if my palate hadn't been blown out. A sweetish, buttery lager wtih bright citrus.
Not quite as rooty as the Star Wars version of this. A pleasant sour.
An excellent American lager, crisp but with a light cereal sweetness.
Really did not get any oatmeal cookie out of this, but it's a pretty solid brown ale. Malty with some roast.
There's a tinge of the sourness that usually afflicts these beers but for once it's just background noise and easily balanced by the chocolate and roast of the stout. It's still not something I'd go out of my way for, but maybe there's hope.
Really nice, cinnamon forward and slow build of heat from the chilies. It was nice and straightforward after the Foggy Noggins.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This one is not nearly as funky, but also maybe the most straightforwardly hoppy of the bunch. There's hints of sourness but the primary sense I got from this was hops and malt.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Been a long time, and remarkably delicious. It has the basic Belgian flavors you'd expect but at least today there was a really bright and appropriately balanced fruit flavor in there too - apple maybe? I wish I'd taken notes but I do remember liking it.
Despite the description, this is not at all fruit-forward. It feels like a somewhat hoppy Belgian pale; spicy and dry, and if there is fruit it’s more perfumey and bitter.
Candied lemon, bright, sweet, buttery. Not unlike certain types of herbal lemon drops. Triumph, cryo hops, 6% 66 IBU
Dry and clean with a non-specific fruit tang, almost as sharp as a ginger beer. The habanero is quite forward and the heat lingers. I like this quite a bit.
Not bad at all, somewhere between an American Hefe and a Kolsch, estery and buttery, with a big, bright hit of juicy pineapple. It’s on the edge of syrupy but not bad at all.
The most wildly complex of the three, and definitely the one that foamed the most. There's similarities to the 2018 but also a lot more funk: mushroomy, maybe? Or bleu cheese-like. Hard to say I loved it but it was interesting.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The most like a wild saison, and the driest of the three. No idea whether these have turned because my notes on 2020 last time did not give a hint of how wild and sour these were.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very similar to the bock without the funky finish. Plummy.
Bready, lightly estery. A little weaker in flavor up front than I expected but does finish with the right assertiveness.
Thick, extremely sweet and rum-like, with a candy-like coconut character. It was way over the top, I thought.
This was really good. I wish I could remember more details, but I do recall it was very red wine-like with some tannic dryness, but delicious.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
It's a Guinness!
Nitro Can at Odin Lounge
Mellow and light dark lager, lightly caramel, not too sweet. Pleasant.
Malty, roast amber or porter with quite a strong wood smoke permeating the flavor. Does remind me of Aecht Schlenkerla but it's a bit over the top.
Coffee, cereal, sweet, very clean. Nice to have this kind of beer without added vanilla or lactose to muddy the flavor.
Delicious! Bright, citron, cereal sweetness & funk. So clean.
Lime and pith, hoppier than I expected. Some brackishness on the finish that I can only assume is coming from the sodium.

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