I got it again because I knew I didn't write anything down the first time! And then I forgot! I do remember thinking this was good.
Quite tart, very passion fruit. Finishes clean although with a bit of cereal funk to make it more interesting than one-note.
Fool me twice. Sour, vinegar-like, burnt sugar/caramel. Buffalo Trace barrels used, we preteneded the first time that it was a wine barrel and we could excuse the taste, or something went wrong, but now I have to assume this flavor is by design.
Just a good solid kolsch, even if it is a bit on the sweet, uncomplicated side. At this point I'll take uncomplicated.
Opens with a really rounded ruby red grapefruit flavor but very quickly gets super dank, to the point where I started thinking of armpits. That's not a good place to be when you're drinking a beer.
Opens with a lemony pine but gets unusually dry really fast, almost salty. Weirdly, after the grapefruit IPA this one tastes more like grapefruit.
Kind of a watery cola opening, pretty thin mouthfeel. Finishes pretty strong in both bitterness and an almost smoky roast.
A little simplistic, sweet. Water fruit. Detergent finish? A bit of that rubbery, acrid bitterness.
Sweet, smooth, a little uric. Leaves the tongue a little tingly. Bitter finish. Pretty standard, decent lager.
There's a bit of forward tartness but it doesn't carry through, maybe because it runs up against the same drying bitterness of the other beers here. That works in its favor, as the opening flavors gave me flashbacks to some recent definitely-gone-bad barrel aged beers, and this isn't that - it's pure barleywine, caramel, fairly pungent.
I think this was the most complex beer in the flight and it could have been a winner if I hadn't reached the limit of what I could reasonably enjoy today. Dry like the other beers, but a little smoky, a little grassy, slightly herbaceous. Not a ton of body but it's the one I keep thinking about afterward.
Much, much too sweet. It's not exactly a creamy beer but despite that there's a bit of cocoa quality to the sweetness, on top of an otherwise strong Baltic porter base.
Another lemon pine pale, although this goes curiously dry very quickly. Almost seems Brett, and there is definitely a very faint but hard to refute, funky, blue-cheese-like quality to the smell and aftertaste.
Like a simplistic accentuation of the previous lemon pine hops but kicked up a notch. Significantly more resin, although it does still culminate in a clean finish.
Extremely hazy, and really weird-tasting after the first two beers. Peppery, spicy, acrid. Butter and pine in the aftertaste, but more like an '80s scratch-n-sniff pine. Didn't work at all for me.
My favorite of the set, has the sweet mellow cereal of a German pils with a bit of the same lemon pine that characterized the Fancy Pants. A cleaner finish, marvelously balanced.
Bright, lemon pine, a touch of wine grape? Doesn't succumb to a perfume quality and a brackish finish brings the lager in and grounds the flavor.
Only had about an ounce of this, but it seemed really good. Light, more nutbrown than what I would think of for porter, lightly sweet but with enough roast to balance it in the finish. Seems like decent beer to take the weight off of one of these fluffy biscuits.
Tart, somewhat puckery. Somewhat herbaceous, makes me think of tea, decent amount of malt. The kind of sour that reminds you that there's still a beer in here. Leaves a salty sensation on the lips... Gose-like?
Very sweet, thick, definitely strong on both peanut butter and chocolate. Pretty sure this is a decent approximation of a Butterfinger bar as a beer.
Starts like a pilsner but there's an interesting musty fruit aspect to this - apple? Ends with a bit of bitterness. Really quite interesting, and good.
Pretty solid German pilsner; maybe a bit pungent, but lightly sweet and grassy.
Initial impression very good: roasty, thin mouthfeel, pleasant. Over time there's an acrid aspect to the bitterness that builds up and makes this less enjoyable.
I hate raspberry and this beer exhibits all the reasons I hate raspberry. That said, it’s far from the worst raspberry beer I’ve ever had.
Mixed citrus, juicy, is it Five Alive?? Finishes bitter.
This was my least likely choice but it is about as good as you can expect for a red IPA. Very clean, lightly pungent with resin but no overt maltiness to drag out the flavor. It’s still a red IPA in the end.
Smell is Belgian yeast, white pepper, clove, coriander. Just enough lemon to balance it out, this was a pleasant surprise being that it read the most dangerous pick.
Lemony, bitter, not much body but a bright beer that never veers into perfumey territory.
Not what I expected. Roasty, caramel, thin mouthfeel, lightly smoky? Actually tastes like a scotch ale. Very nice.
Very nice, lightly fruity (banana) mellow wheat. American style it seems.
Bitter, clean, lightly buttery, like a Czech Pilsner with added caramel.
Sweet without being syrupy, graham cracker and biscuity. Fruity?

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