Buttery honey golden ale, light and fizzy. Slight astringency and a touch of a ginsengy medicinal herbaceous flavor make this slightly unusual but I thought it was appealing.
One of the "juiciest" juicy IPAs I think I've ever had. Believably orange, more Sunny D or Orangina than regular OJ. Hops lend some dryness and touch of resin but the finish is mellow and not bitter in the least. Slightly fizzy. Good gravy the sun was hot though.
This one is legitimately good. Creamy burnt sugar notes. Nicely oaked. Smooth on nitro. Hint of coffee and chocolate.
Yup finally a good one. Either that or in finally drunk enough to loosen up the higher ratings
I dunno. Just nothing standing out here. Kinda bland.
A bit too middle of the road... Not creamy enough
Too fruity for me but I do like the lemon on a hot summer night
The aftertaste kills this... A bit like fake pound cake. To be fair I had significantly better stouts today - eight of them.
Main flavor is chocolate and molasses and vanilla is subtle but gives a candy like overtone. Chili is very subtle but adds some back end heat
Sweetest of the four but very balanced and smooth. A lot of the goodness of the coconut b-bomb but less boozy.
Intense compared to the others but still smooth. More malt more toffee rummy liquor brown sugar
Sooo smooth. Toasty, light coffee, caramel.? Clean not to sweet finish
Boulevard Rye On Rye (unknown release)
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Orange flavors with a very nice bitterness. I like it.
Lots of cereal and citrus. A bit of an odd IPA but not unpleasant even though I like more bitter varieties.
Bottle at Home
Like a Mounds. Quite sweet, bordering on fake, but sits very well on the light, cola-like porter base. Actually works because of its lack of heaviness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Berry is more of a hint, up front. Dry, clean sour, mild florality of pine and not a whole lot of gin that I could detect. Very, very nice!
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Starts out like a hoppy+malty amber, backbone is strongly caramel and mellow. There's definitely a florality here, but it kind of fades into the hops. More present is the toasty smoothness of tea on top.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Smooth start, smooth clean acidic finish. Not heavy. Roasted coffee flavor comes out after drinking along with oak flavor. The label and name had me concerned it was going to be gimmicky so unless this beer is using some food science trickery it's pretty legit. Also being from a can it lacks the metal twang of my last canned beer which is a nice bonus.
I remember really liking the Fall Apple Ale that is this beer's base, but I've gotta say, this beer is a punch of brandy in the face. Underneath that there's a dry floral hoppiness and beyond that it's very hard to get anything else clearly. A lot to take.

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