A little bitter for my taste but serviceable.
Draft at Aslan Brewery, Bellingham
Draft at Hilton Amsterdam Hotel Schiphol, Schiphol
Bottle at Pasta Chef Monti, Roma
Draft at Doppio Malto, Roma
Not gonna lie, the beer was good but this pizza was the real star. This was the house beer, a sweetish blonde with a touch of fruitiness on top, very easy to drink.
Bottle at Trieste, Roma
Lots of head but still a touch flat. Good Märzen flavor, slightly sweet on the back end, but solid. This bar has really good burgers, by the way.
Draft at Open Baladin, Roma
They called this an "Egyptian style" - not very beer like, more like a plummy ginger tonic. Cask-like flatness and a lightly maltt finish. Pleasant but bland.
Draft at Open Baladin, Roma
Like a less yeasty version of the Moretti Grand Cru. A maibock to that here's weizenbock, is the best comparative way to put it.
Draft at L'antica Birreria Peroni, Roma
Not too bold, easy drinking summer brew.
Bottle at Cafe Flora, Seattle
Very light cereal lager beer, goes down very easily. An Italian Miller Lite.
Bottle at Boutique Hotel Nerva, Roma
Slight fragrance of candied citrus peel. Mellow, sweet cereal lager. Way more interesting than a regular Moretti.
Bottle at Ristorante Il Biondo, Siena
Bottle at Terazza Cafeteria Bartolini Galleria Degli Uffizi, Firenze
This imposing 750mL bottle was less than €4. Estery like a weizenbock, slight raisin, very slightly spiced. I enjoyed this a lot.
Bottle at Canto degli Scali, Firenze
Bottle at Ristorante Buca Mario, Firenze
Decently drinkable. For something "non filtrada" this was remarkably clear. Tasted somewhere between an American wheat and a lager.
Bottle at Giardino, JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Venezia
In America we'd call this an IPL. Fairly hoppy. Surprise -- didn't love it.
Bottle at Sagra, JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Venezia
Bottle at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Draft at Mcmenamins Pub & Tavern, Mill Creek
Boulevard Saison Brett (unknown release)

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