This was amazingly smooth and unbitter for an IPA.
Bottle at Home
Not too peachy not too sour. The way I like it.
Bottle at Addo, Seattle
Draft at Mcmenamins Pub & Tavern, Mill Creek
Starts with a hit of fragrant hops but transitions weirdly into like a cherry dessert bar. Oats and sweet cherry and a hint of cinnamon. It's a nice flavor but it really feels like two separate drinks smashed together.
I don't have the non-fresh hop version to compare this with, but this seems more bitter and less fruity than I remember. Touch of dry resin. After some food this did taste smoother though.
It's yum+. Because it's better than the Fourth Wave. But not awesome level. It's like butter pecan ice cream in a beer. With coffee. And alcohol. How can you go wrong.
I dunno. Tasted like an IPA...
Just not really into the raspberries...
Meh. Could be penalizing for being late in the tasting but not impressed.
Good flavor, dry, fragrant. Doesn't necessarily taste like the strong fruit of a typical hazy ale, and definitely a little more bitter than I like.
Surprisingly palatable IPA. Apparently I don't hate "hazy" IPAs... as much. Or something.
My favorite beer from today.
Standard annoying too bitter too hoppy IPA...
Just enough of the grapefruit and orange to keep it interesting.
Goes well with the blue cheese and bacon waffle fries...
Really long malty finish. If you're into that this is awesome. I'm not sure I am though....
Sweet coffee, light and caramel. Fairly bourbon-y.
Yeasty a bit.... But clean and crisp as you'd expect a pilsner to be.
Starts tame and then kicks in a bit before finishing nice and easy. Just a hint of malt? Grassy too but in a good way.
Round bright raspberry flavor followed by a very mellow almost candy finish. Just a touch of wood. Clean and delicious.
Nice sour but with caramel darkness making it a bit unusual. Almost gritty?
This would have been a lot better if the Bears had won.
Can at Home
Extremely bitter and a lot more resin than I expect in a fresh hop IPA. I guess there's more than one way of doing this and this is the way I don't like.

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