Estery Belgian pale with a dry Brett finish. Light banana, grape, hint of white pepper and clove. Avoids overt hoppy or bitter flavors for the most part, just a kiss at the end. Finishes clean.
A sweetish lager collides with lime candy flavor and is completely overwhelmed by it. Distractingly weird and not enjoyable.
Hoppy pumpkin spice smell and taste. Slight misalignment on hop profile to the category, but otherwise an enjoyable take on this seasonal.
Taxman Evasion (unknown release)
Much better than expected, though it is quite sweet, but it's balanced by a strong burnt sugar finish that suddenly drops in sweetness. Very maple; the underlying flavor is dark and fruity. Liked this a lot.
Very good; slightly sweet, smooth coconut; creamy Merlin flavor.
Weird, but somehow less offensive than the Belching Beaver from earlier today. Smells very much like Pledge, but drinks more subdued; slightly sweet, cloudy. The only real problem is the aftertaste, which has an herbal bitterness that isn't super pleasant.
Smells strongly of canned peaches, very curly. But flavor is good; sharply tart but moderated by vanilla and cinnamon. It does a good job of evoking peach pie.
Medium-strong tart, clean nectarine-grape flavor. Very little funk, compare to yesterday's Mandarine.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Draft at Crave Fishbar, New York
Quite tart, fizzy, like a S. Pellegrino Arianciata Rossa with a funky finish, dry Brett bitterness, some horse blanket, but rather clean.
Super perfumey, not bitter but high and dry and sweet. The piney hop oil costs the tongue and lingers.
Cinnamon and apple smell, very fall. Light, fizzy, clean body and not too sweet.
So, this tasted like a very normal marzen that had been skunked. However the server (who notably was terrible at his job) made a sotto voce comment about it being tapped yesterday. So, it's possible it's just a very bad beer.
Draft at Arrowhead Golf Club
This was very tasty, the sour flavor was forward but had a nice base in the IPA bitterness.
Draft at Arrowhead Golf Club
Breakside Sunripened (unknown release)
Bottle at Odin Lounge
It's a rather harsh sour, that the sweet undertone does little to mitigate.
Can at Home
A slightly watery but OK beer. Coffee flavor is light but believable, and the amber is more of an Irish type red, but the nitro really makes the flavor a little insipid.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
Thick and extraordinarily burnt/bitter for a stout. The barkeep said he thought it was mellow but it was basically the polar opposite of that. The photo doesn't really do the color of the head justice - it was a deep chocolate brown.
Smooth Irish whiskey notes but with a bit of a funky, tart "infected barrel" kind of overtone, mixing with some hop dankness to kind of muddy the flavor a bit. Probably intentional, and it wasn't bad by any means, but it gave me some Big Block flashbacks and I didn't love it.
Couldn’t take it. Too sweet, too syrupy, a bit of that burnt toffee over it all. Might just be the contrast with the other beers but I just didn’t enjoy it today.
Super resinous and pithy for a pale, with a sweet syrupy hop sheen. Quite bitter on top. The finish is nice, though, sweet cereal and a bit of cloudy funk.
Appley tart beer with medium funk but bright flavors. Clean finish.
Buttery, slightly estery, moving into a grassy, cucumbery finish. Very clean and refreshing.

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