Extraordinarily sweet, cutting any sense of hoppiness or dankness from this beer. After that fades you're left with a strong alcohol finish. Only took a couple sips to develop a buzz with this. Didn't much get a strong sense of bourbon. Closest beer to this I've had is the Dogfish 120 Minute IPA, but this one seems to lack the IPA-ness of that one.
A roasty-burnt cream stout type of beer. I liked it just fine, but it really hearkened back to my early beer days and I think my enjoyment may have been more nostalgia than love.
A citrus-grapefruit hazy beer, with a very mild, nice opening flavor. Almost watery in its follow-through - no tart or hoppy bite. Finishes with buttery diacetyl notes that ... are kind of weird in this style. A little off in multiple ways.
Started off nice as usual but seemed to go skunky fast in the sunlight of the patio.
Very nice at first, plummy/pruney with a sharp but brief sourness and fading into quite a funky finish. The funk built up in bitterness through the glass, though; I'd say two-thirds of the goblet was great and the last bit ... took a while.
God, this party is awkward. Decent enough Sam Adams-type caramel lager. More hop presence and a bit of a metallic presence make it more interesting than a supermarket macro, but I don't love it.
Pours very dark brown; porter-like. Very roasty but also with a round, prickly hop presence. I know I said "smooth" last time but that doesn't seem accurate anymore.
Significantly worse from a can. A lot more of a tacky feeling in the throat afterwards that I don't remember from Thirsty Hop.
This was stunningly good. Fine stout with some sweetness and barrel-aged notes. And I'll note, I tend to hate barrel-aged beers. But this was really good.
Light and malty for an Irish red. It's okay, if that's what you want.
This is weird. It looks dark with a stout head. But the flavor is like a solid red ale. It is very confusing to me. But I did like it.
This is really just a very normal stout. Good, nowhere near great. Just the sort of thing you drink but don't rate.
Smokey in smell and taste, backed with a sour/bitter flavor. Not really appealing to me.
Clear, near-sour rather than a full sour.
Sour with mango, like it says on the can.
Light, carbonated, soda-like. Little bitter, little tart.
Unnaturally clear, like water with yellow food coloring. Tastes like corn syrup soda.
Way better than I thought it would be. Goes perfectly with pork!
Very sweet, boozy, young tasting. But in a charming way, if that makes any sense? It's not thick, it's got a bit of rye bite. A little too raw to truly love, but it was fun. Maybe in a couple years it could even be great (but it seems like it would still be a little too sweet).
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Cider-like, with a bright, gingery opening. Gets dry pretty quickly, but not very sour, in a way that is pretty pomegranatey. I liked the ginger, not so much the finish.
Smells of sweet coconut, but the actual beer is not sweet at all. If anything, it's a touch smoky, with some roast. Definite coconut which barely balances the roast rather than sweetening it. Decent, but not among my favorite coconut beers. (At least it's not hoppy!)
Another barrel-aged beer from Bellevue that doesn't fit the usual mold. This had the extreme smoothness you'd expect from an oatmeal stout, continuing into a sweetness. Finishes with an almost wine-like tannic barrel character. Cabernet comes to mind. Strongly alcoholic.
A medium-bodied, smoky porter with a bit of sourness. Lots of roast and coffee, and a buildingly bitter finish.
Bottle at Odin Lounge

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