Has an unfortunate dishwater smell but once you get past that this is a nice, bright fruity sour, not salty or puckery. Tastes like lychees and wheat and maybe some kind of berry.
Disturbingly pale in color but tastes believably brown, if on the fruitier/hopper side. A little bit of funk and roast.
Bottle at Home
Dry, piney, a little bit dank, a little cereal funk, makes me think of a west coast pale crossed with an English pale. Pretty tasty.
Up front a little watery, a little sour. High, grassy bitterness, with a strong alcohol presence. A challenging beer, but not sure I want a challenge in a rice lager?
Very roasty, sweet, medium mouthfeel. The bitterness builds up pretty fast but there’s a lot to like here. It is in no way smooth though.
Kind of the platonic ideal of what I would like a double IPA to be. Forward hops, stonefruit, alpha bitterness, but it dissipates very fast and leaves you with a clean finish.
Buttery, light, and I’m assured that it tastes like lime even without the lime slice that was on my glass.
Very hoppy, lots of alpha bitterness, grassy, buttery diacetyls. Leaves the mouth feeling very dry. It's a whole lot.
Thin, with a fruitier/caramel flavor but a bit watery.
Clean, pine-resin IPA although it is quite oily and bitter on the finish.
Pine citrus, clear but bitter, maybe a little sweet in its oily intensity.
Can at Matia, Eastsound, WA
Can at Matia, Eastsound, WA
Draft at Madrona Bar & Grill, Eastsound
Somebody else is the Pooh Pooh’er now!
Can at The Madrona Bar and Grill, Eastsound
Draft at Kingfish at West Sound
A little more on the clove-end of the spice scale than I prefer, but pretty good.
Combo breaker. Murky, a little rooty. Otherwise, it's another piney citrus beer, but definitely not anything like your average hazy.
A streak of solid ratings. Never going to say no to a new Fremont stout that I've never seen before. Light textured stout with a lot of roast. Coffee. Creamy finish. Now that I read the description, though, can't say I really tasted any of that.
Light piney pale ale with a dry, bitter backbone. Faint resin aftertaste but largely clean.
The nitro soapiness actually works in this beer's favor, which has a flavor closer to a dry American pilsner than most Kolsches. Grassy. Bitter.
Classic citrus-hazy profile, very mellow follow-through. Not at all oily or unpleasant.
A little of the peach from the Julio Haze, grapefruit, a little oilier and bitter on the finish. The overall sensation of these two beers is sweet and fruity. Still pretty good.
Juicy, lightly sweet, fizzy, and… peachy? Peach leading into hops. Unusual and tasty.
Very hoppy for the style, tastes more like a west coast pale. Not what I wanted. Then again, what was I expecting from a Costco beer?
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely tart but not puckeringly so; clean, tannic, passion and pineapple, fruity.
Manages to be bright and earthy at the same time, has that blackberry murk up front cut by fizzy lemon notes.
Mellow caramel, lightly fruity, tannic dryness. Reminds me of a caramel apple, without being syrupy.
Robust, mildly sweet and smooth. Hints of coffee and cacao. Beertender said this was the first time in a while this wasn’t whiskey-barreled, and I’m liking it.
Delicious orange citrus notes without the overhopping that kills so many IPAs
Bottle at Uchiwa Ramen, Emeryville CA
Brackish texture, clean, crisp flavor, a finish that has both surprising body and even a slightly toasted flavor.
Piney hazy IPA with a surprisingly light flavor. Best beer of the bunch.
Big, juicy IPA. Less alpha but higher on the hop oiliness than the Hop Lei.
Non-funky saison, somewhere between a Belgian single and a wit.
Seems like a very classic wit flavor, maybe a little watery. Sweet, cereal.
Fairly ideal black lager, a bit on the roastier side, but also with a strong cream-coffee sweetness.
Pretty sweet, light, but not watery in the way that beers like this can get. Would maybe have wished for a little character to poke out past the sweetness. First Lukr pour I've consciously had, can't say I noticed anything different about it.
Tropical/pine hazy. The bitterness is a little more on the dank, herbal side but fades away quickly.
Opening flavor is pure strawberry, followed by blackberry and cherry. Juicy but only medium tart. Definitely fits the description of a "smoothie sour."
Despite being award winning I thought it was mid. Just a blonde ale without significant distinct character.
Was excited to try this on nitro. I remember thinking the Hiwa was quite roasty but this was nice, light dark chocolate notes. But my first sip had a big blob of mucousy slime that was wildly unpleasant?? Out of fairness not rating it.

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