Weakly sour, with a raspberry-Tang flavor that sits between artificial and real fruit flavors. Not bad but feels more like a juice box than a beer. No hint of salt at all.
Light dark lager, bit of coffee but dwarfed by the Black House. Light finish, not roasty or acidic at all.
Sweet grassy lager, helles-like but cloudier in both appearance and flavor. Refreshing and tasty!
Very light opening, funky yeast bitterness, horse blanket flavors, bit of clove leading to cereal finish. Aftertaste is a little uric, with hints of smoke.
Bottle at White Beach, Tanna
Can at New Caledonia
A little orangey.
Draft at Boston Logan International Airport
Another collaboration with Other Half and another winner
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
This was the best beer on the trip. A collaboration with Other Half, and the balance is excellent. Nice complex taste and lingering finish.
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
So this was presented as a dessert Stout and it's a bit wacky
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
The best of the porters here other than the collaboration. And it has the added sex appeal of üüümmmmlääüüts
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
This is their flagship porter,and it's solid.
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
Finally getting to some dark (real) beers... Alas this one was a little watery
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
The real birch leaves are awesome!
Draft at Pudel Baar, Tallinn
Bitter, boozy, and more generically “tropical” than specifically pineapple.
Very coffee; chocolates, roasty, not very sweet. Tastes strongly alcoholic, which is a negative.
Does not taste like a double IPA. Green apple flavors, lightly sweet. Finishes with a weightless candy-like lightness. Strikingly different.
Mellow hazy IPA with a lightly pithy finish. Little bit grapefruit, little bit apple.
Draft at Redmond Hop House
Orange cream soda fragrance and initial flavor, ends like a mellow pale, little hoppy. Dry finish. Very pleasant.
Doesn't seem very Kolshy but what do I know, I'm some sort of... buckaroo...
Draft at Žuvinė, Vilnius
Most lagers down here don't react too well to bullets...
Draft at Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square, Vilnius
Nice lager, reminds me a bit of a fuller Czech pilsner.
Draft at Muusu, Riga
This beer has been sitting around for quite a while but ended up still tasting fairly good. One of those concentrated hop juice flavor IPAs but somewhat milder, maybe due to aging. I wouldn't drink a lot of it but it was fine.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The flavor was nice at first, creamy with vanilla and an actual... grainy cloudiness that actually evoked graham crackers for once. But the overall texture was thinner than expected and there was a dry bad-porter sourness that cut the flavor short. A beer that screamed for a little more oomph.
Surprisingly agreeable given the hoppy description. It works though, the hops don't overwhelm. Nicely balanced and refreshing on a summer Baltic night.
Draft at Pudel Baar, Tallinn
Really unhoppy. Which, surprisingly, makes it taste kinda wrong.
Bottle at Lendav Taldrik, Tallinn
This is the best beer I've ever had... In Finland.
Draft at Stones, Helsinki
In larger quantity this was definitely more pithy, more resinous. The coconut and vanilla start off very obvious and then kind of fade into the background as the hops build up. Slightly buttery notes. I liked sipping this one more than I liked drinking it.
Refreshingly tart lime sour with some caramel sweetness. The unusually strong herbal fresh mint flavor in this stood out and made this memorable IMO. It was a bit separate from the rest of the flavor but I loved it. Others maybe didn't so much.
I've never had a beer that had a more orange juice-like flavor than this one. Exactly as fruity and tart as juice right up front. This transitions into more of a yeasty, estery finish, and the vanilla comes in here as well. Pulls off the creamsicle flavor pretty well, although in a more "naturally flavored" way than I'm used to.
Bought this beer because it had the fewest number of words I could decipher. Turns out this is not a terrible way to choose beer after all!
Can at Lapland Hotel Bulevardi, Helsinki
Bottle at Home
Slightly hoppy, very roasty. As dark as a porter; I wouldn't really recognize this as an alt. "Burnt chocolate pretzel porter."
This was a weirdly off gose - not really salty at all and the funk and bright, straight lime juice fruit don't really combine well.
Slightly sweet, cereal lager with some vaguely fruity notes - enough so that I could almost imagine a little berry in there since they'd switched this glass with the Rose. I liked this very much.
Did not love. Quite flat from the cask, some cloudy hop dankness, and ... well, I normally hate raspberries and this did nothing to change my mind. So.
Interesting, and I think in an intriguing way rather than bad. Starts bright and lager-like before turning suddenly vinous and dry. Like a brut lager, if you can imagine that? But there is definitely a weird seam when the flavor transitions, and that could use some work.
Okay, this was the first milkshake IPA I've had that made me think of a milkshake. Sweet lactose, like almost Orange Julius levels to my mind, and a less sweet peach juice flavor finish into a dry, super hazy IPA. Each flavor stage was less sweet than the previous one. Weird, but interesting.

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