Lots of bourbon sweetness up front, with a bit of prickle from cinnamon but not overt flavor. Not too much to say that I didn't say last time.
Very similar to the Old Schoolhouse, actually. I wouldn't say there's anything especially tropical about this. Finishes less metallic and a bit more... cocoa-like, I guess? Malty, not sweet.
Quite dark for a brown ale; I'd call this a porter. Fairly thick, creamy with a lot of roasted coffee notes in the flavor. Finishes a bit metallic, but enjoyably so.
A light, pleasant dark lager with a bit of chocolate, a bit of roast, and a bit of coffee. Creamy and clean.
At first glance this is really good; a piney, hoppy IPA with a funky/cereal finish. After a while the resin builds up in pungency and it gets a little less great, but it's still a strong offering from Fremont.
Draft at Mcmenamins Anderson School, Bothell
Whiskey, sweet, a little but of nutty coffee, but avoids being too heavy or syrupy. Not at the very pinnacle of this style, but maybe close to it. Yes I realize this picture makes the burger look enormous, it wasn't really that big.
Missed logging this at the time and it's way in the past. I do remember liking this very much and that the fig was quite striking.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A little too sweet, I think.
I have my rating but no notes on this one.
Hilariously, when I ordered a Festivus they brought out another Splinters, and honestly I was too far gone to realize it, other than thinking they'd really improved the Festivus. When they corrected their mistake, yeah. Pretty perfumey.
Very good cherry kriek. Definitely super-funky, but good.
Least sour Berliner Weisse I've ever had. All wheat funk, no sour, light grape. It's actually really quite good.
Somewhere between a CDA and a Belgian dubbel. Hoppy and fruity with plenty of caramel.
Cleaner, more straightforward porter. Light, hoppy finish.
Brut but with a funky curl. Maybe a little too juicy? Grapey, bitter, bubbly, resin.
Slightly fruity in front. Malty/uric finish, medium smooth.
Dark, roasty but creamy. Would have pegged as a porter but it has a bit of lactic finish. Slightly reminiscent of sesame candy.
Only had a sip of this, but my impression is that the oaky-sweet caramel works well to cut what would have otherwise been a bit of a musty, dry cider.
Can at Work
Nicely round oak and caramel to open. More than a little piney hop but clean and balanced pretty well. Tastes less boozy than you'd expect at 11%+ ABV.
Bottle at Odin Lounge

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