Really, really good. Clean, dry mouthfeel with bright strawberry-like flavors, hints of florality, and a tart-to-clean finish. Had to but a bottle of the Hanami afterwards, which looks related (but sencha based).
I don’t love the style but this is pretty good in that context. Cacao, light roast, hops poking out in the right balance. Similar bitterness buildup as the Aloha. Finishes clean.
A really nice combination! Light tropical/grapefruit hazy flavors with a bit of complex dryness from the hibiscus. Very clean finish.
Rogue Dead ‘n’ Dead (unknown release)
Good, but smooth it is not. Imagine an Oktoberfest märzen mixed with straight whiskey.
Similar to the Cult Classic on the surface, a little more simplistic, almost watery compared to expectations against the “lighter” style.
Sweetish lemon pine pale, light with a clean, drying finish that recalls a Pilsner. No cloying flavors. I really liked this.
Ultra brackish, almost metallic, but otherwise the flavor is very clean, lightly grassy, not as sweet as a Helles.
A really high quality IPA - lemon-pine, lingering bitterness and fragrance without being over the top. Strong without feeling unbalanced, although there is just a hint of perfume-like artificiality around the lemon flavor.
Perfect temperature, just cooler than lukewarm, just slightly fizzy, herbaceous hops and strong bitterness but in great balance.
Somewhat bitter, very refreshing. A good pale.
Can at Home
Honestly, it just tastes like an anonymous pale ale. It's fine, I suppose . . . but not the cat's meow. ;^)
Can at Some hotel room in Buffalo
Fairly dry ipa with citrus
Can at Some hotel room in Buffalo
Can at Poulsbo Beach House
Clear, bubbly, banana-forward Belgian ale. Has a lager-like brackish bitterness that offsets the initial brightness and makes the overall experience feel more complex and balanced.
Can at Poulsbo Beach House
Watery, diluted corn syrup impression from this beer. Definitely a big step down from the Oktoberfest.
I don’t know what was up with the last time, but this is very good again. Still hits every flavor I want from an Oktoberfest-Marzen.
Anything’s gonna taste good on Ichiro Mariners Hall of Fame night tbh
As brackish a beer as I've ever had. Flavorful, but not light, and not crisp!
Like a light version of the Empress... but either my palate was blown out or this just ended up being insipid and watery in direct comparison.
Cinnamon, bread, light hints of caramel apple (perhaps this is the only hint of bourbon I got? But it was faint). Pleasant if not mind-blowing.
Bready and light, with a toasty finish. I think this was the favorite of the flight.
Lightly tart, fruity, maybe fig? Closes into a bit of a cloudy cereal/chocolate funk. Word of note: none of the barrel aged beers I had today really tasted especially barrelly.
I found any crispness here to be absolutely overwhelmed by the oiliness of the hop juice. Borderline skunky on the nose, although that can happen quickly on a day as sunny as today. I could see how this could be somebody’s thing, but it isn’t my thing.
Just the platonic ideal of what I want in a Kolsch.
A densely flavorful Hazy IPA that sits right on the edge of being too dank but doesn’t quite cross over. Citrus-pineapple, and something that reminds me a bit of some coconut IPAs I vaguely remember.
Decent enough is the best description I can give here. The amount of coconut is right and it’s on top of a medium-bodied porter that is not too dark and not too sweet. There’s a little bit of sourness over time that isn’t ideal.
Caramel, whiskey, notably chocolate. Smooth on its face but the finish is really dominated by a strong, clear, whiskey flavor. Compared directly against the Splinters it fares poorly but it's pretty good.
Musty watermelon candy, quite sour. Do not taste one iota of mint here, which is a shame, because it might have brightened the flavor.
More straight caramel sweetness than the Mort. Strong notes of the barrel but less straight whiskey.
Clean, lemon-pine IPA with a buttery sweet overtone. The flavor is a bit oily and builds up a bit over time. Has an edge.
So it says key lime, but don't think pie. This is more like a lime creamsicle with an overtone of... nutmeg? Maybe? Still, it was unusual, and therefore nice.
Tastes like the filing of an unidentifiable berry pie, a little bit of brown sugar, maybe, light and not too sour. Definitely falls into the "almost not a beer" category.
Pretty smooth for a barleywine. Somewhat of a wheat ale character, faintly tart, not notably hoppy except maybe in the aftertaste. Nice!
Nice, creamy, cereal sweet, but with a funky, fruity wildness that just peeks through.
Quite good. It was a wedding, I honestly don't remember more.
Thick, sweet, caramel; honestly, if I weren't in the right mood this might have crossed the edge into syrupy but I think it is on the right side of the law here. Smooth, burnt sugar finish. I really liked it.
So maybe because it was super-chilled, but this was a lot more mellow than it seems my first try was. Still intensely green, the matcha gives a sweet grass kind of smoothness to the opening, and the rest is basically a somewhat bitter bit light IPA.
I wish I'd taken more notes here, but I didn't. I think it was my second favorite of the flight though, after the Rule #5.
Light coffee and cream. On nitro but feels exceptionally flat even in that context. A faint bit tart, but otherwise the flavor's okay.

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