So good. 10.7abv.
Draft at Black Raven
So having spicy Thai is generally not good for beer tasting...
Bottle at Sweet Chili, Bozeman
Nitro Draft at Indigo Kitchen and Alehouse, Lynnwood
I dunno. Maybe it’s me, but anything heavier than a lager doesn’t seem to go with Chinese food for me... which is a shame because this beer was pretty good. Just didn’t go well with dinner.
Nitro Draft at DTF, Seattle
Just enough maltiness to make it interesting
Draft at BBC
Described as a stout with banana, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, and it basically meets all of the above. Sweet and desserty, syrupy but not cloying, it tastes exactly like a fudge banana split. I don't love super sweet beers, but this was surprisingly enjoyable.
Belgiany vinegar to sour. Scotch ale? Acrid finish.
Unexpectedly dominant guava juice flavor in this hazy IPA. Could be that my palate was a bit burnt by the KBS, but this worked really well.
Roast coffee, not too sweet, light but present bourbon. Did not seem nearly as punchy as 12% ABV would predict. Pleasantly surprised by how understated this felt after the strong sweetness of CBS.
Lightly roasty porter with some faint coffee notes and a round lactic smoothness. Pretty tasty, although the finish is a little sour/tacky on the back of the throat.
Resinous hop opening, pretty dry, although some sweet cereal comes in near the end to mellow things out. Fizzy enough that it stands out.
Fairly bitter, somewhat rooty. Served at typically warmer cask temperature with also-typical flatness; lots of hop oil collecting on top. Yeah, nah, not so much.
Medium roast, coffee-centric. Smooth from the nitro but characterful enough. Again, the barrel character was almost nonexistent. This wasn't going to win any contest against the Splinters, but it was a nice, lighter followup.
Smooth, buttery caramel and strong bourbon. Goes down disturbingly easily. This seems like two years in a row where the Splinters take has been very good.

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