Very rich, butter and cornflakes, yeast Tang and grass. Takes a little away from crispness, but it is tasty.
Superb pale, piney, touch of Mandarin orange and buttery diacetyls. Super mellow finish.
Loving this new style. Sharper than the Bellevue version but just as good, if not better. Vinous and bracingly bitter.
Sometimes you get a second pint.
Slightly clearer than a hazy IPA but with similar characteristics. Slightly dry opening, a clear resin character throughout. Sweet cereal finish mellows it out. Very well-balanced.
A very interesting blonde, kind of a murky, rooty opening but with very nice honey / buttery notes featuring prominently. Reminds me of my mom's ginseng tea. Clean, thin body with a light cereal finish. Would be interesting to compare to Double D but that wasn't an option. Yum!
See notes on Slackwater, because this beer was very similar. This one had a bit more alpha, somewhat less resin, making this a little more one-note in flavor (bitter, sweet). Very similar finish. Good, but I did like Slackwater better.
I liked this -- a lot -- last time but it didn't work so well today. Maybe because it was last in the flight after stronger beers, which is unlucky. Light, almost watery, nice coffee notes, slightly musty.
This is kind of catching me in the back of the throat with some barrel aged caramel flavor. I'm not liking it.
Not bad, a little more malt than a true Czech pils. But clear tasting, somewhat bitter (though apparently I can't taste such things anymore)
Can at Work
This is very Very very very lime. I mean, man!
Bottle at Work
I dunno, sort of fruity tart, I dunno. Not like a real sour.
Can at Work
You know, this beer isn't particularly good but it was interesting for one reason: I've never tasted a wheat beer that simply _tasted_ this much like wheat. Fun, for a taster at least.
Tart and fruity, almost a little watery as I recall. Wasn't complex and definitely not great, but I didn't tire of it by the end so hey. Of course, it was just a 5oz taster, heh.
I didn't finish it. It has an interesting tart ish taste as a component, but there is nothing else good about this beer. Not nearly enough to enjoy drinking it.
Coffee is nicely integrated, and not harsh or overpowering. Some comments from drinkers here that it's not a lot of flavor for a stout, and that's true, but still a nice, easy drink.
Bottle at Home
Good Belgian style. Light and easy to drink, even at its fairly robust 9%
Bottle at Home
Amber in color, Amber . . . In . . . Flavor? I never know how to describe country lagers/ales. There's a certain commonality with two brother's Domaine Du Page. But this is lighter, and probably a bit less flavorful. Honestly, I like it best in a mix with Totally Naked.
Bottle at Home
Drinking a beer, Totally Naked, what's not to like! More seriously, light, refreshing, not a lot more to it. It's like a really really light (in bitterness) Czech pilsner. Honestly, better if you pour it between Two Women.
Bottle at Home
This actually tastes somewhat like an American pilsner, clean, not too bitter, with a beery efforvescence. After a while, I start to notice the yeasty flavors of a Belgian, +which I don't remember from previously) which them comes to completely dominate the flavor profile.
Bottle at Home
The server assured me this wouldn't be sour like the other P-51s. The server was wrong. I mean, it wasn't as bad as I remember, slightly sour, slightly burnt. Otherwise decent smores flavors on top, but still not great.
Smells like a fruity red, tastes like a fruity red. Well, with stout caramel on top, which makes it taste a lot like prunes. Tacky sourness lingers in the throat. Maybe this'll get better with age, but ... meh for now.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Sweetish drip coffee but with an unpleasant vegetal flavor right up front. Not so convenient.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Hoppy taste was okay ish, but still starts off bitter and astringent like most IPAs. Not the worst, but also not much reason to seek it out either...
I mean, it was okay. Probably drinkable at least on a normal day, but I didn't finish the taster. Didn't enjoy it much.
The Mandarin didn't feel particularly pronounced. The rest of the beer didn't feel solid enough for me to really enjoy this when the Mandarin doesn't feel truly featured.
Round hops, lots of caramel and a fair bit of toasted malt. Constant background of bitterness, but a nice, wintery kind of amber.
This is drinkable, light, but not very notable. Crisp. The description is right in that it is mellow and without bitterness, but it is also without much character. Would be easy to chug a 6 pack, if that's what you were going for.
Can at Matt's place
Easy, refreshing, but with a grapefruit rind bitterness.
I’m not into fruity beer but this seems drinkable.
Dry, grapefruit, smacking me in the face! Also, only with Jet would I walk into a tap room in 2018 and find "Kiss The Girl" and "Part of Your World" playing.
Strong gose character, undisclosed fruit. :-)
A hint of celery or cucumber kinda in a bad way.

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