Site Updates


Fix deletion of log entries, which had been broken.
Drafts are now supported. Save as a draft from the logging screen, or switch back and forth between published and draft using the edit buttons.


Patched OpenSSL because of Heartbleed. You may have noticed downtime of about 9 hours... Let's just say I did it the "hard way."


You can now log in using either your username or your email address.


Search results now have images.


Search results of same quality are now sorted alphabetically. Retired beers are handled differently. Differentiated Single Limited releases better from unique casks or infusions, and also from retired beers.


A bunch of stuff since last time. Visual refresh for both desktop and mobile. Support for images on individual log entries. After logging, we now take you to the individual log page. All beer images now default to the brewery image if there is no beer image.


Upgraded to the latest version of Chosen, which fixes the word wheel dropdown on several mobile platforms. It should also improve the look and feel and perfrmance of said controls.


Some visual refreshment.


We're live on Azure! Site performance issues should be a thing of the past, thank goodness! Let me know if you see any weirdness.


Jordan fixed the recommendations engine! Yay! Give them a spin. Beer pages should now have a predicted rating for you as well, provided there is enough data.


We now list aliases in listings.


Visual refresh for log entries.


Added brewery logos to the breweries listing.
Show more information in beer, brewery and recommendations listings.


Added support for aliases for beers, to support former or alternate names.
Improved the logging flow; Adding a beer now redirects you to the right place on success.


When adding a beer, you can now specifiy the style of beer, actually add a new brewery by name, and indicate whether the beer is usually vintaged.
Made the add a new beer button much more prominent.


You can now enter a beer's vintage when you log (for beers marked as being vintaged).


Added more information to the search results listings.
We realize the recommendations aren't working right. We're looking into it.
Redid the beer logging flow. It should hopefully be less painful now on phones and make better use of the site's search functionality.
Searches on partial matches now work.


… aaaand we have recommendations and homework! Click the link on the right of the front page!
Stage one of integrating Jordan A.'s collaborative filtering code is in -- if you go to a beer and both you and the beer have enough logs to create a prediction you'll get a prediction for how we think you'll like the beer. This is only as good as the data, so please log and log often!


Log entries where the beer is significant now show a thumbnail of the beer label, if available.
Added a password reset request link on the login page. You must have your email address set in order to use this feature!


You can now delete beer, venue or brewery images that you uploaded.


Support for beer vintages in the database.
You can filter beer rankings by user now. Each user page has a link to that user's ranked beers. You'll have to deduce the query string for more complex rankings.
Beer pages now show big boxes with average ratings by you and by everyone. When we have predicted ratings, they will go here.


Split out aging keywords (barrel-aged, bourbon, whisky, aged on wood chips, etc) into their own field on the beer detail pages, and they are individually searchable now.


More information about how many beers you've logged on your user page, so you know exactly how much of a lush you've been.
There's a 2.5 rating now for you indecisive bastards.
Greatly improved the efficency of the logging form when editing existing entries or when logging directly from a beer page.


An experimental "Invite a friend" system is now in place. If you have invites remaining, it will show up on the front page. Let me know if you want invites!


Added an "All beers" link on the front page.
Most links to keyword / beer_type lists are now complete lists with ratings, which you can then go to a sorted rankings results, rather than only showing beers that have been rated.


Search results now show beer average ratings.


You can set your location in your profile as well, which will be displayed on your profile.
You can now edit your first and last realname fields. Go to your profile page and click "Edit your profile." First name is required. I reserve the right to police this!


Added a global header search box and a search results page. I'll be refining this over time, but for now you should at least get all matching breweries and beers.


You can now filter the beer rankings by keyword. These are linked from the keyword listings on the beer pages.
Beer pages now list style keywords ("Imperial / Double", "Barrel-Aged", etc). Population of the database is underway.


Brewery pages now list un-retired beers, and then retired beers.
Added support for release schedules and retired beers in the database.


Back from vacation! You can now add images to venue or brewery pages.


Venue page now lists affiliated brewery (if any), and brewery page lists all affiliated venues.


New look for log listings on various pages.


Brewery page: Now displays an overall rating across all beers brewed by that brewery.
Brewery page: Now displays logs of beers brewed by that brewery.
Brewery page: The beer list now shows average ratings for beers that have been logged.
When you're logged in, added a list of your favorite venues on the front page.


You can now log a beer with an "I don't remember" rating. The rating will not be taken into account when calculating scores.
Changed the beer ranking algorithm to do secondary sort on # of logs per beer and a tertiary sort on latest time logged.


Added a slew of new beer label images from TTB public records search.
Added some dynamic data to the front page. More to come!


Added "growler" as a delivery type. For scoring purposes, this is treated as the same as "draft."
Trying out a new enhanced dropdown control that should work better on Windows Phones.


Visual updates.
New page templates for user images and user icons.
Updated the login cookie expiry from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.


We now natively support user icons -- no going through gravatar anymore. Click the "Change user icon" link on your profile page.


You can now submit images for a beer, on the beer's page.


New pages for venues, listing addresses and logs for that venue.
New pages for club tastings, linked from both the club pages and the logs (click either "(n tasters}" or "tasting").


The beer page now displays Color in SRMs.
We now list home brewers separately from commercial brewers on the breweries page. We also indicate the brewery type on each individual brewery page, as well as the beer pages for homebrew beers.
We now force HTTPS connections. Yay, security.


Editing a log entry no longer blows away existing time-of-day information.
Editing a log entry no longer blows away existing venue or seller information.
You can now enter venue information text at the log entry and log edit stage. This won't automatically reconcile with the venue table for now, but it'll make it easier in the long run.


Created graphical buttons for edit and delete log entry.
We now attempt to guess what a user's favorite type of beer is on profile pages. Hover over the style link to get more details.
You can now delete your own log entries. Click the "X" after the log entry.
We now use chosen.js for the dropdowns in form fields. You should be able to filter the list by typing, which should make searching for existing beers much easier.


Where you drank the beer is now exposed in log listings (there's no way to add this yet when logging, sorry)
Original gravity is now alternate displayed in degrees Plato.


We no longer attempt to display a most-logged beer if no beer has been logged more than once.
You can now edit your email address and website URL from your profile page. Editing realname is currently disabled.
You can now change your password directly from your profile page.
You can now edit your own previous log entries. Look for the "[edit]" link next to your log entries.


Experiments are now bound to tastings, and tastings to clubs. I now show tastings that have had no tasters logged, on the club page.
Add support for displaying a gravatar in the top bar. See The icon is keyed off your email address. If you need your email address set to something, let me know for now.


The user profile page now displays a first-stab guess at a user's favorite (highest rated) and most-often logged beers. It doesn't do well with ties right now.
There is now a bookmarks link from every user profile page to view that user's bookmarks. As a result of this, the bookmark link has been removed from the front page.
Users who never initially set a password can no longer log in by entering a blank password.
Club members can now set up tastings. Any club members trying a beer on the day of the tasting will have that log entry aggregated into the club tasting list.


Implemented bookmarks. You can now add any beer to your bookmark list, and view a list of all your bookmarks from the front page. Click the bookmark icon to toggle the bookmark state, when you see it.


Added club pages, which list club tastings and separately, other logs by members.


Added a beer types listing to the front page, and beer type fields from individual beer pages now link to a filtered list of those beers.
User pages are now referenced by username rather than ID.


Logging a beer now correctly records the time, instead of ten hours earlier.


Changing your password now invalidates login cookies for all clients.
Added a page to record updates to the site.
After you log a beer, you can go directly to that beer's page or your profile page.
You can now enter a custom date when logging a beer.


Added a collab_brewery_id field to the beers table to enable tracking of collaboration brews.
Exposed original gravity as a beer vital stat field.
Beer pages now list the logged in user's ratings separately from everyone else's.
Obscured php queries behind the appearance of static URLs. /xxxx/1234 maps to /xxxx.php?1234. /xxxx/ maps to /xxxx.php.
Added a top-level breweries listing.


Only attempt to parse the login cookie once per session.
Improved query performance for the beer listings and log pages.