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At once sweet wheat and citrus, there's a little more tartness and bitterness to this beer than makes me love it, feels a bit like a gimmick.
Grassy and bitter, which is nice, but not as clean as I’d like. What threw me off was a pretty oily, hoppy finish, along the lines of what I'd expect more in an IPL (although this wasn't as strong).
Grassy, bitter, slightly brackish, a touch sweet; would have made a great drinking Helles by itself. The smoke is woody, somewhat bittering, maybe not 100% integrated into the flavor. I liked it but it was a thinker.
Very sweet, accurate to the name. Punches you in the face with vanilla, big buttery flavor, and a cloudy, yeasty golden ale underneath, but it's all out of balance. Not to mention it's very strong, ~9% ABV, and that sneaks up on you.
Bottle at Home
Nice caramel opening, clean, but overly hoppy - starts a touch dank and process to acrid bitterness, before fading back out to caramel.
Solid if unremarkable Bavarian hefe.
Pretty much exactly what you'd expect from this flavor. A treat more than an experience.
Can at Home
A decent if puckery-tart mango opening, a fruity orange juice ending, and in between a flavor that is not unlike what I imagine drinking Scrubbing Bubbles brand toilet cleaner would taste like.
Can at Home
Lots of pith, orange citrus and high alpha bitterness that remains strong through the finish. Sticks in the throat.
Intense, sweet, definitely cherries. Could deifnitely stand to mellow out with some aging.
Quite sweet, mellow, very pleasant. Very close to a juice.
Can at Home
At first I was horrified by this, but it mellowed out over time. Definitely mushroomy, buttery-then-earthy, some burnt caramel sweetness. Otherwise intense in roast and over-syrupy in a way I kind of expect from this Stillwater/Mikkeller/Evil Twin bunch. It's a strange mix of flavors and never settled into a comfortable place for me.
Can at Home
Pretty good, actually. A notable but appealing bitterness counters, lager-like, a piney hazy hop opening that is definitely not sweet and, in fact, almost on the savory side.
Can at Home
A little intense but also maybe as enjoyable as this style will get for me. Fruit-forward, pineapple? Drying pine and a clean, slightly bitter finish.
Somehow this isn't as satisfying today. Tastes a little insipid, though the aftertaste is kind of a nice cereal flavor. I think this is better than the Smithwick's though.
Lightly sweet, cola like. Could be fizzier, maybe? Aftertaste is a bit cloying.
A pretty in-your-face resin bomb. I think some would like it but it's the least likely style to ever convert me.
I thought this was tasty but there was something odd about the flavor that I never quite came to terms with. Wish I could remember more.
Comparing this to the Zephyros from the day before, this was somewhat less appealing though it is, I think, meant to have a similar flavor profile. The sourness is sharper, more unrelenting, and I don't think I got any interesting hop flavors. Maybe the elderflower in the Zephyros is what made the difference? Or maybe this was just not as well-conceived.
Bottle at Home
Seems to be right at the perfect stage of aging. Fruitier, a little fizzier, just a touch more bitterness than the XXI. More toffee, more bourbon. Can definitely tell there is booze here, still.
Bottle at Home
Almost to the edge of too smoothed out, but still delicious. Light date flavors, caramel, just a hint of bitterness before dissipating to nothingness. Whatever edges were there are gone. This isn't the oldest anniversary ale I have, makes me wonder how the XIX is.
Bottle at Home
Smells strongly of strawberry puree, just deliciously fruity. The flavor is just a bit more tart than I was expecting, but still bright. This was delicious, and definitely lives up to Barrelworks' name.
Bottle at Home
"Musty," "sour," not sure those words from earlier logs are applicable here, but this was kind of watery and unremarkable.
Definitely a strong one. Strong notes of cherry and wood, and the big bitter roasty backbone you'd expect from a Yeti. Liked it a lot.
Can at Home
Opens with some sweet florality but transitions to a moderate sourness pretty quickly. Not identifiably fruity, but you can definitely taste the hoppy overtones. Really tasty.
Bottle at Home
This was the most disgusting beer I've had in a while. It smells nice, lightly ginger, lemony, kind of like a Long Island iced tea. The flavor is acerbic and woody with a lot of oily ginger but no fruit or acid at all. Rooty-not-fruity. If I wanted a beer to taste like Chinese herbal medicine, I wouldn't have grown up Asian.
Can at Home
It's a Stella, it hit the spot. That's what it's designed to do.
I don't know if this went bad but this was actually quite sour, and not in an "oh, that's brett" kind of way. I'm not especially against sour IPAs but that nagging feeling that this wasn't the intended flavor profile was something I couldn't quite let go to enjoy the beer for what it was.
Can at Home
Smells and opens with a super-realistic Hawaiian Punch character but then kind of overdoes the sweetness; combined with the strong hops it ends up tasting rooty and artificial. Honestly, made me feel a little ill.
Can at Home
Juicy, and quite definitely primarily pineapple juice. IPA is kind of like the secondary personality here, though it shows up by providing a bit of dry bitterness at the end.
Very light, cola-like, maybe my palate was off balance but I could detect no roast whatsoever. Lightly fruity but not sweet. Felt like this needed a bit more "milkiness" to feel like a schwarzbier.
Slightly watery, wet prune/hay flavor. Sweet but ends clean, probably because it’s so dilute.
Light, lightly fruity with caramel, somewhat strong bitterness. Barrel is kind of a light overtone rather than a heavy weight.
Bold and thick, the first thing you notice about this beer is that the cardamom is front and center. Lightly sweet, molassessy date flavors and coffee round it out, pretty much exactly as advertised. It's not quite as well-integrated as a top-class beer but you have to give it points for going bold with the flavors and succeeding.
Bottle at Home
Doesn't taste much like an IPA, much less a hazy one; this is lightly fruity but mostly bready, starts light and sweet but has a little bit of a yeasty, bitter backbone. Finishes clean but there's a little bit of funk to it. It doesn't smell great though, a bit pungent in a way the flavor doesn't back up.
Can at Home
Is it a blonde ale? No. Is it a refreshingly light raspberry beer? Yes.
Really can’t taste peaches*. Hazy, slightly acrid up front but ends up lightly sweet, understated and mellow. *Maybe a bit "fuzzy" at the end, maybe those are the peaches poking through?
Definitely based on the Bavarian mold, the main flavors are banana and then kind of a musty plum-like sourness but overall the flavor is more watery than I would like. Maybe a faint hint of clove. Less sour, less watery, we'd probably have a good middle of the road example of the style.
Bottle at Home
Somewhat sweeter than expected, smooth-drinking cereal red. Neither hoppy nor strongly toasted, this doesn't run in the typical locally-brewed "Irish Red" direction. I really enjoyed it though.
This is not a juicy beer, but there is definitely a noticeable amount of yuzu flavor in the balance here. Bright without feeling perfumey, I think it hits a good balance. Then again, I really like yuzu. I was a bit late recording this so there's less detail than I'd like, but I'll definitely try this again (and I think they're making a yuzu IPA now?).
Can at Home
A light-tasting, barely-toasty amber. Fragrant but not dank.
The bottle keeps insisting this is a Czech pilsner, but it really doesn't drink like one. Grassy, yes, but has that sweet wet-hay flavor typical of English lagers. Not a fan.
This was extremely delicious, looks like a hazy IPA but drinks refreshing, fruity, mild and smooth. Strawberry, jammy, not tart. Not gonna lie, this made me rethink how a fruit beer should taste, which is a high compliment.
Caramel, piney hops, on the edge of dank. Somewhat peppery before caramel comes back to the front. A pretty typical hoppy barleywine, but not sure it stands out in a way that screams "commemoration."
Light, caramel, nutty, just a hint of fruit (ghost of buttery nectarine) right at the end.
Clearly jalapeno, all of that bitter, acerbic character, but not spicy at all. Probably the mildest chili beer I've ever had, but doesn't skimp on the flavor. Really liked this.
So, light is the general trend here, but in a pleasing way. Caramel, slightly toasted flavor, a drying finish. Very smooth.
Coffee, cola, slightly tart on the finish. Very nice.
Kolsch-like, lightly fruity, very clean. Between this and Bellevue's similar-tasting malt liquor, I feel like this style has impressed me more than its reputation would suggest.
I was really looking forward to this but it was over the top. Strong bourbon, stone fruit, prune. Harsh.
A tasty coffee stout, smooth on nitro, lightly sweet and missing the typical negative aspects of the nitro delivery.
Hazy and very much tastes like a hazy IPA; forward grapefruit flavors. Mellow finish, maybe the wheat's contribution?
Just a hint of lime on top of a nice lager. Just a touch uric, but not nearly as assertive as the Bikini Blonde. Pretty drinkable.
Pretty restrained for Skookum, which still means it's hella robust. It does manage not to be completely over the top. Medium-thick, roasty, decently sweet without being syrupy, caramel bourbon notes.
Can at Home
I don't remember it very well, other than I thought it was tasty.
Might be my last time here, so I started with a nostalgia play. Light, sweet, creamy, chocolately. Wasn't even ruined by the nitro. Good memories.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
Slightly tangy opening gave me flashbacks to the bad crowler from Public Coast, but this ended up being really light and refreshing.
Breakside Sunripened (unknown release)
Not sure if the flavor changed with age but this was light, lightly fruity, definitely strong nectarine flavors but for me the chamomile was almost overwhelming. Doesn't match at all with previous logs so this was either the beer changing in the bottle or my taste buds were killed by the gone-bad crowler I previously had.
Bottle at Home
Almost a year old crowler, my fault. I just didn't feel good openeing 32 ounces of beer without anyone to share with. This had almost certainly gone bad, it was sour and thin.
Can at Home
This was really delicious; a strong, forward, almost metallic bitterness that creates a stiff backbone against which the rest of the flavors (caramel, hop) sparkle. A lot of the flavors I recognize from cask bitters in the UK but more focused; less pungent; worked in its favor.
Bottle at Home
Not sure which release this is; the website only goes up to fifth edition right now (but those are bottles). Definitely on the dry, funky, horsey side, but in a pleasant, understated way. Definitely some estery Belgian flavors involed. Worked really well with what I can only call a sophisticated meal.
Smells smoothly sweet but highly alcoholic. Pours with a thick, dark brown head. A profoundly roasty stout, true to the Yeti name, but smoothed out with buttery coconut and lactose. Slightly smoky. Gives you a bit of that burnt sugar headache but never quite crosses the line into too sweet.
Can at Home
I've liked this beer before but I wasn't feeling this at all today. Tasted a bit bubblegummy and overly hoppy, more like an IPL.
Nice flavors but just a bit over the top sour to be truly enjoyable. Clean and fizzy, bit salty on the lips, maybe a hint of apricot but otherwise ambiguous. Finish is slightly buttery but quite outbalanced by the lingering tartness.
Pleasant, sweetish helles, notably brackish finish.
I had my doubts but I actually quite enjoyed this. The lemon is just bitter enough, just tart enough, to offset a clearly sweet vanilla/lactose finish. Out of balance this could have been horrible but instead is about as good a gimmick beer (in this case, highly accurate to the name) tends to get.
Keg blew on this one. Seemed a little overly thick and still a bit over the top but I'm never going to complain about getting one of these for a dollar.
Bit of an oily beginning, a sweet bubblegum sheen that wasn't my favorite. Brackish finish but otherwise fairly clean - the end was the best, with a grassy, mellow grain flavor.
Can at Home
Grape-like. Medium thick, but not resinous at all. Doesn't hit you in the face like an "imperial," this is very drinkable.
Least favorite of the bunch. Mildly tart with hints of cocoa, but mostly just kind of blandly "creamy." Like most golden stouts, sits in kind of an uncanny valley.
Really have to squint to tell its strong, faintly fruity, but more like a fizzy liqueur but ends with a sweet corn syrup type of smoothness.
Not tart, vanilla sheen like a creamsicle. Lightly tart at the end. Maybe a little too sweet.
Dry throughout, cereal finish, doesn't taste like an IPA at all. Is there a hint of coffee here?
Brett like? A little spicy. Dry like a saison.
Lightly sweet, lightly funky cream ale, exactly what it says it is. Nice cereal finish, drying in the throat. At first I thought it was watery but I think I had to adjust.
Straightforward caramel whisky amber - nothing wrong with that.
Dry, slightly peppery saison, grape funk, brett dryness.
Juicy, fruity IPA with a creamy, sweet finish. Touch of cherry? Something fruity in there.
Tastes like a citrus IPA but opens a bit dry. Very bright. Ends bitter. Clean and drinkable.
Grape right up front on the lips. Brett-like funk, definite on the horse blanket side. Buttery notes all the way through.
Harsher than the previous two beers, bare alcohol notes followed by a lightly fruity tanginess from the brandy.
Very much cocoa all the way through. Lightly creamy, ends with cereal and just a very light amount of tartness. Slightly vegetal.
Whiskey opening leads smoothly into a light, unsweet scotch ale, malty and caramel. Finishes lightly buttery. Best of the entire evening came first.
It’s hot here (ok, not Seattle hot) and a sweet but not syrupy light stout hits the spot nicely. Finishes creamy but clean. Uncomplicated but pleasing.
Somehow this seems more cider-like though there are apparently no apples involved. Much more tart than the D'Vine, with a sourness that lingers on the lips.
Tart, clean apple, lightly sparkling. Finishes straight through sour with some bracing bitterness.
Harsh, almost tequila like, coconut is obscured. Fiery. A little vegetal.
Still tasted young but super interesting, cinnamon notes (from the wood if the descriptions are to be believed!), smoothly sweet and caramel.
Top notch Helles. Starts just a touch watery but finishes fizzy, lightly sweet, grassy, cereal. Super drinkable, classic without being boring.
Bottle at San Jose, CA
I know the description is golden ale, but this tastes like an oily IPA, with a ton of intense hop flavors all at once: pine, pineapple, citrus, resin. It’s fine but all resolves into acrid bitterness, which doesn’t add up to a refreshing bottle.
Bottle at San Jose, CA
Citrus/apricot IPA, lots of pith and hop bitterness. Should please hop heads but it wasn’t really for me. Gets more acrid with each sip.
Smells dank. Buttery, mild, kind of straddles the line between a lightly hoppy amber ale and a Vienna lager. Sits a little soapy in the back of the throat.
A tart, puckering lime flavor with a hint of vanilla and wood on top. I ended up buying a crowler of this to go so watch for a better review later.
Fruity, round plum flavor is dominant, rounded out with caramel bourbon. Definitely sweet, and I think you'd want to be in a sherry/port mood if you were going to drink this. Great fit if you were, though.
Starts roasty but develops into a weirdly fruity sweetness. It's almost pineapple, in that I do get pina colada flavors. I normally like that! But it doesn't meld very well with the porter. Did not enjoy.
Not a liquor barrel, but seems more like an amber that's been mellowed out in wood for a while. Smooth, caramel oak notes with a bit of a metallic, dry backbone.
Sweet bourbon with a bit of caramel; otherwise, this is a classic SoCal hoppy IPA with a bit of sap-like resin sourness on the finish.
Really nice, buttery, lightly toasted cereal. This was a much more enjoyable all-around experience than I remember the regular pale ale from bottles.
A massively pithy IPA. I know this isn't the double, but it made me think double IPA. Bitter, resin, not so juicy. So I'm not sure if "haze" was meant to evoke hazy IPA, but this wasn't it.
A citrus-pine IPA, mild pithiness, a big bitter finish.
A caramel amber, notes of apple again, a more roasted aftertaste.
Similar base to the moondust, with a tanger, more robust grain flavor. Apple-like fruit notes.
Light, smooth, corn flavor? Don't know if this is an adjunct, but it has that quality. Clean finish with a slightly uric quality that tempers the sweetness.
Interesting... more of a pure hop flavor, maybe a hint of orange essential oil but otherwise not fruity at all. I appreciated that there was a turn away from the fruity trend and that this was different.
Similar to the Oregon I Am but drier, with more of a bitter grapefruit pith quality.
Fruity but not juicy. Citrus, mildly sweet, bright finish.
I'll be honest, I don't really love raspberry, and this is very, very raspberry. However, the other flavors in this give the beer a nice raspberry bar kind of pastry flavor, so I can live with that. The tartness is sharp but fades to a clean finish quickly. So not bad, not bad at all.
Can at Home
Kind of a nothingburger after the POG. Generically dry bubbly saison with no real offensive, but also no interesting flavors.
Dry rather than juicy, this is kind of like sucking on a grapefruit for too long. In particular I think the passionfruit overwhelms here. Nice bit of cereal finish for the first few sips before it gets drowned out.
The house beer here, so I had to get it. An herbal, medicinal pale. Bitter and not super enjoyable. I should have gotten the Bosk Helles instead!
Very nice, berry lemonade overtone but rooted in a dry, uric, bitter quality that doesn't sound great but really makes this beer stand out as a much more interesting than your average fruit beer. Finishes super-clean.
Can at Home
Slightly resinous hop smell, bitterness up front. Really nice blueberry fruitiness leads into a kind of caramel amber / hop perfume finish. Finishes clean. Just a tiny bit disappointed the beer is not blue.
Looks more muddy than black. A hoppy, medicinal stout. Finishes with nice roast but bitter, all the murky flavors lingering in the mouth.
About as good a Hazy IPA as I’ve had. Dry grapefruit, juicy followthrough, clean, cereal finish.
Grassy, vegetal opening. Tart on the back end but finishes clean with a bit of bitterness and hints of butter caramel.
Too sweet
Bottle at Home
Very good, robust stout. Toasty.
Sweet, thick, a bit of caramel throughout. Somewhat flat pour.
Yeasty and acrid, but with a really strong bubblegum flavor which was gross.
Coffee, light, roast, creamy, cola-like.
Lighter, sweet, I think absolutely too sweet? Bit of fruit, and tingly.
Musty, cereal/corn sweet, finish turns dry and maybe a bit savory.
Dry, mildly tart, orange saison. More understated than I usually remember getting from Black Raven, but it’s been a while. Pretty good for a sunny day.
I guess they changed the name? Kind of a subdued flavor, mildly sweet, like a cream ale with a little more of an amber's malt backbone. Definitely overshadowed by the other two beers today.
Bottle at Home
A little too fruity, tiny bit too tangy. Sticks in the throat. There's a bit of drying ginger herbality to finish but it's not enough to cut through the sheer body of this cider.
Can at Home
The herbality of the orange bitters was a bad fit here, I think. I found it off-putting.
Bottle at Home
It's been a long time since I had one of these.
Can at Home
Quite sweet, lightly bubbly, finishes cleanly, drying out over the sip.
Smoothish dark but really nakedly bourbon-forward. Punches you in the face.
A big, thick, roasty and malt-sweet stout. It’s been awhile but reminiscent of Dragonstooth maybe? I like it but it’s a little too out of balance to be great.
Not bad but disappointing after the wheat. More sweet, more resin, more cloying, more dank.
Lightly sweet, fragrant with a fresh, lemon-pine hop flavor, a bit dank on the nose. Tingly finish.
I can't remember much about this other than I really liked it. And at least I remember it more than the other beer I had in this flight, which I can't even begin to identify.
Smells dank. Up front oily bitterness, sweet, herbaceous. Quickly translates to a mild, slightly buttery follow-through. Bitterness collects in the back of the throat but otherwise clean.
Bracingly tart, yellow, apricot. Drying finish that is remarkably clean compared to the opening. Seems like a completely different formulation from the 2018 in looks and flavor profile.
Hints of dark chocolate cookie, very smooth on nitro with a finish that is both biscuity and a little bitter. No off flavors from the nitro though it does make it seem sweeter than it is. Pleasant aftertaste goes back to the cookie.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
Structures Junior (Batch 6 - Blue Label)
Ultra dry grapefruit / hop resin hazy IPA. Light flavor with a hint of cereal but the main finish is an increasing, drying bitterness. Good, but just a bit too much of that to be refreshing
A little insipid at first with a flavor that kicks almost all the way to "banana water," but this beer does have a very nice, mildly sweet, cereal aftertaste, I'll give it that. Nice for sunny weather but probably won't hold up in my memory.
Not sure what was different between this and the last one I logged - it or me. I really enjoyed this glass, and the previous description I don't recognize at all. Opens light, cereal-sweet, just a hint of coriander and citrus. Refreshing and clean. "Smoke?" Wtf.
This was... mediocre for the series, but okay overall. There've been a lot of peanut butter stouts lately, and this one was more sweet, less balanced, and a little bit sour too. Definitely strong, though, which is quite typical of this line. I think this was maybe my least favorite of the Reserves so far.
Bottle at Home
Extremely mild, opens like a watery bitter with vaguely peachy and slight buttery/caramel flavors. Finishes with a bit of yeasty funk, slightly tacky in the throat.
Bottle at Home
Opens with the faintly syrupy sweetness of a typical Mexican lager but there’s an unexpected amount of yeasty funk in the follow-through. Reminds me a bit of that Hi-Fi Vienna lager, though not so extreme. It does finish clean but I wonder where it left my taste buds…
Lightly sweet, toasty amber. Mild follow through, but there’sa not of prickly hops on the end. Sweet aftertaste, like a Helles.
Hazy only in the most technical sense, this beer was almost entirely clear. Strong fruit, primarily mango, almost to the point of distraction. Decent enough. Paired well with an excellent barbeque rib sandwich.
Bready, somewhat dry, but still with a fairly significant hop forward character. A nice beer to mark my post-quarantine return to the brewery, and I got to see Ryan too, which was lovely! I don't know if it improved the flavor, but it might have. It's been far too long.
This beer uses Yakima Valley hops but the flavor profile is clearly closer to Belgium. Don't know if it's the yeast (likely) or something added in the ferment, but the end result is similar to some Belgian IPAs I've had in the past where there's a kind of acrid, smoky, burnt rubber quality to the flavor. Decidedly unpleasant.
Bottle at Home
Smooth-drinking, slightly sweet golden ale. Lots of cereal, fizzy, delicious.
This bottle fizzed out on opening so that I think I only got six real ounces and had to get a new change of clothes to boot. That said, this is pretty decent, if not exactly what I expected. Really hoppy up front, CDA-like, but settles into a pleasant coffee flavor with a buttery undertone. Somewhat tart character to the finish but it doesn't linger.
Bottle at Home
Really delicious, actually. A sharp hop bitterness tingles up front, followed by a dry toasty grain flavor that drives straight to a super-clean finish. Not sweet, and despite the description, not fruity - grass and resin in a very English-hop way. This beer is biscuity, but in the American sense, a just-on-the-edge-of burnt buttermilk biscuit quality.
Bottle at Home
Prickly/spicy, faintly Belgian but with a dry yeasty tartness that I associate more with American wheat ales. I think I tasted hints of anise in there too?
Bottle at Home
A woody, sour saison with a hint of coriander and overt hop fragrance up-front. Finishes dry, tannic, with sweet cereal underneath. Complex and tasty, and I always enjoy a sour that just revels in the character of yeast rather than fruit.
Bottle at Home
Thick, sweet, and nutty, with an intense, jammy strawberry followthrough. This is the closest thing I've had to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a beer, and honestly, usually I'm turned off by beers this over the top, but I actually found myself enjoying this. I do find that even in the thickest of beers that peanut can cut through that a bit, while still being extremely decadent.
Can at Home
A sweetish, fragrant pilsner, very flavorful as you'd expect from Structures. Fragrant of ferment and apple juice. The finish is almost a bit cloying, but this was still very easy to drink.
Can at Home
Decently tart, with a bit of funk. Clear stone fruit and orange fruit flavors, with hints of ginger and anise. Not hard to imagine a Long Island iced tea here. And it's definitely quite strong, this little can just about did me in.
Can at Home
Dry and spicy, smooth without being thick. The bourbon is there as a hint, caramel and vanilla and toffee and wood, but the overall aspect of the beer is balanced and not too sweet. Love it!
Weird, but it'll do. Starts smooth, with candy-bar like coconut smoothness. The cinnamon is just barely in the background as a hint, but over time there's a harsh bitterness that builds up that seems like it might be coming from the spice. Overall, I'm not convinced there's any reason to mess with the old coconut variant.
A weird beast. The peach up front is pleasant, and the mint is actually not so weird - its brightness cuts cleanly through what is otherwise a pretty dank IPA. However, the herbs lend a lot of bitterness to the beer and the mint builds up to a point that is almost unnatural.
Can at Home
A hazy pale, grapefruit and wood smoke beer. And that's pretty much all you need to know. Yuck.
Can at Home
Smells bright and spiced, like a Coca-Cola. The taste is very rooty, like wet ginger or Chinese medicine, and pretty not-sweet for a "dessert porter." Really, this was just weird.
Can at Home
Had to have one last taste to get notes down. Beer is obviously very flat right now... An IPL of the type that seems lager in name only, this has a sweet-dry hop flavor that is fairly dank and herbal up front but fades into flavors of pine and grape pretty quickly.
Growler at Home
Piney, fruity IPA, clean with just a hint of sweetness up front and then a fizzy, dry, but Bale Breaker-typical bright followthrough. Just a hint of cereal, which was the right amount. Really tasty.
Can at Home
Steam Donkey is 3/3 so far. A bright tripel with a Helles-like brightness, clear cereal and bright banana esters. No overt spices. Pretty luxurious mouthfeel, really fits the idea of liquid sunshine. It packs a kick though, the strength of the alcohol sneaks up on you.
Can at Home
Unexpectedly dry, this is maybe the least dessert-like coconut dark beer I've ever had. Thin character, very roasty transitions from toasted coconut to roast bitterness very quickly, with only a bit of alcohol vapor in between. Reminds me a bit of the old Dick's Cream Stout. The aftertaste manages to be sweet. It tastes adult, but maybe not purely enjoyable.
Can at Home
Medium-thick, sweet, a bit raw in its barrel sweetness but not at all syrupy. I think with age this would be truly great; for now, it kicks you in the head a bit but manages to stay fairly smooth. Very strong; I could only drink about 3/4 of this 10 oz pour before I started worrying about needing a nap.
The keg blew halfway into filling this growler so it's already fairly flat.
Growler at Home
Medium bodied, creamy and roasty with a bit of sesame umami character. Bitterness sticks but the beer is very nice.
More fascinating than truly delicious, this is still pretty tasty. Floral lavender meets up early with strong bitterness that is half perfume, half white pepper. Notes of orange/grape. High levels of fizz on the tongue, finishes with an undertone of cereal sweetness
Grassy, high-bitter pils but with an underlying helles-like sweetness. I guess that's the German style? It seems more bitter than my memory but Czech-appropriate. Been a while. Brackish finish on the tongue.

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