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HBC-586, Luminosa, NZH-106, Riwaka, Zumo. Pine, lemon, cereal, bitterness. High and dry aftertaste.
I don’t know if this is accurate because the picture doesn’t match my previous log. This tastes sour and hoppy more than fruity.
Good blond ale flavor with plenty of cereal but tinged a bit sour
Clear IPA with an intensely flavored, oily, sweet sheen. The flavor itself isn’t bad, but it’s a lot. Don’t very much love beers with this character, which seem increasingly common.
Neutral, nutty, medium thick. Roast and bitter chocolate and a lightly smoky/briny aftertaste. Completely unsweet. Don't often see this style anymore and I'm getting a lot of nostalgia.
Fair Isle Rankin (Batch No. 3)
Wasn't a huge fan - hits you with a ton of whisky up front and the aging is on the sour side. It's not quite as "turned" tasting as I've encountered at places like Big Block, but this isn't really my favorite kind of stout.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A consdierable increase in funk from the Alexandra and has none of the lightness or mellowness that tempered the tartness. This is much more one-note and I can't exactly claim to have detected hints of the sea.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Fair Isle Alexandra (Batch No. 1)
A light, slightly tangy saison with a scent of grape and a mellow, lightly bitter grassy fragrance that is tea-like and subtle. Very nice and light.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The bar didn't say "coffee" but this is the only cream ale I can find mention of from Gig Harbor. The flavor doesn't really make you think coffee in except the most abstract way, mostly it's a little insipid in flavor with a bit of dry tang.
Enjoyable, might have gotten a higher rating if my palate hadn't been blown out. A sweetish, buttery lager wtih bright citrus.
Not quite as rooty as the Star Wars version of this. A pleasant sour.
An excellent American lager, crisp but with a light cereal sweetness.
A lightly tangy gose, with a big hit of watermelon candy flavor. Not a huge fan when a watermelon beer basically turns into a Jolly Rancher over say, something more like fresh juice.
Really did not get any oatmeal cookie out of this, but it's a pretty solid brown ale. Malty with some roast.
Despite the description, this is not at all fruit-forward. It feels like a somewhat hoppy Belgian pale; spicy and dry, and if there is fruit it’s more perfumey and bitter.
Been a long time, and remarkably delicious. It has the basic Belgian flavors you'd expect but at least today there was a really bright and appropriately balanced fruit flavor in there too - apple maybe? I wish I'd taken notes but I do remember liking it.
Candied lemon, bright, sweet, buttery. Not unlike certain types of herbal lemon drops. Triumph, cryo hops, 6% 66 IBU
Dry and clean with a non-specific fruit tang, almost as sharp as a ginger beer. The habanero is quite forward and the heat lingers. I like this quite a bit.
There's a tinge of the sourness that usually afflicts these beers but for once it's just background noise and easily balanced by the chocolate and roast of the stout. It's still not something I'd go out of my way for, but maybe there's hope.
Not bad at all, somewhere between an American Hefe and a Kolsch, estery and buttery, with a big, bright hit of juicy pineapple. It’s on the edge of syrupy but not bad at all.
Really nice, cinnamon forward and slow build of heat from the chilies. It was nice and straightforward after the Foggy Noggins.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This one is not nearly as funky, but also maybe the most straightforwardly hoppy of the bunch. There's hints of sourness but the primary sense I got from this was hops and malt.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The most wildly complex of the three, and definitely the one that foamed the most. There's similarities to the 2018 but also a lot more funk: mushroomy, maybe? Or bleu cheese-like. Hard to say I loved it but it was interesting.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The most like a wild saison, and the driest of the three. No idea whether these have turned because my notes on 2020 last time did not give a hint of how wild and sour these were.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very similar to the bock without the funky finish. Plummy.
Bready, lightly estery. A little weaker in flavor up front than I expected but does finish with the right assertiveness.
Lemon-pine but also quite bitter and resinous. Gets more dank as time goes by.
Thick, extremely sweet and rum-like, with a candy-like coconut character. It was way over the top, I thought.
This was really good. I wish I could remember more details, but I do recall it was very red wine-like with some tannic dryness, but delicious.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
It's a Guinness!
Nitro Can at Odin Lounge
Maltier, more biscuity than is usual for the style. Still, if you’re in the mood for it on a beautiful day, it works very nicely.
A little simplistically on the malty-sweet side. Alcohol pokes through. Does taste like honey though.
Medium-tart, quite funky, nice florality mixing with hop bitterness up top. The bitterness lingers for quite a while.
Fruity but cleanly tart, sweet cereal but not otherwise sweet or syrupy. Delicious.
Pleasant enough; coriander-forward with hints of orange. Finishes a bit alcoholic?
I don’t have it to compare but this tastes suspiciously like the Moment of Zen from earlier today.
Extremely fragrant, floral. A funky cereal finish that is lightly sweet but also a little musty.
Mellow and light dark lager, lightly caramel, not too sweet. Pleasant.
Malty, roast amber or porter with quite a strong wood smoke permeating the flavor. Does remind me of Aecht Schlenkerla but it's a bit over the top.
Coffee, cereal, sweet, very clean. Nice to have this kind of beer without added vanilla or lactose to muddy the flavor.
Delicious! Bright, citron, cereal sweetness & funk. So clean.
Lime and pith, hoppier than I expected. Some brackishness on the finish that I can only assume is coming from the sodium.
Funky and dry, lightly tart and vinous. Very tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Sweet, caramel, a hint of cinnamon. Thinner than I remember Dragon’s Milk being, but it’s been a long while. Tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A quite unsweet lemon-ginger tonic mixed with a pleasant lager, which does provide a touch of cereal sweetness. While this tastes almost medicinal at first I grew to enjoy it.
Bitter and woody; lightly fruity, thin.
Prickly and bitter but very crisp.
Can at Work
Very smooth, decent if uncomplicated.
Nitro Can at Work
Apparently better than the last time I tried this. Cloudy-tasting with a bit of sweet funk.
Can at Work
An old-school west coast hop bomb - high, clean, equal parts cereal and lemon-pine. Clean and extremely bitter at the same time.
Sweet and hoppy with a vegetal background. It’s too challenging; don’t love it.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the specifics of the flavor of this beer but I do remember thinking this compared favorably with the Anchorage Hazy I had at Thirsty Hop earlier that week.
I thought this tasted very unusual for a schwarzbier but I can't remember the specifics anymore, just that it really appealed to me.
Light, sweet, citrus. Like an Orangina with the barest amount of hop resin. Does build up in bitterness on the finish, but this is very drinkable.
Impressions from last time still hold, except I’m not sure it grew on me this time.
Bitter chocolate, caramel, just a hint of tartness as bitterness subsides. Brackish finish.
At once candy-bar sweet and profoundly complicated in the usual manner of The Abyss, which is an aspect I don't usually enjoy. In particular the woody, inky, tobacco-like finish is not very harmonized with the opening sweetness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I've been told the apple makes this feel "less special," but I do like that the musty tart-sweet of the apple neutralizes any of the hints of syrup that a beer like the Belgian Red had. Both of these were Glarus-typical barely-beers, but quite pleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely avoids the cough syrup-ness of the last tasting, although it does very much skirt the edge. Nicely tart up front; there's just a hint of too-sweet on the aftertaste.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely on the sweet side, but I'd forgotten just how solidly tasty this is. Smooth and thin.
Cloudy-tasting blonde, nice cereal and grassiness. Only had a couple sips before realizing they’d sent me the wrong beer.
A little thinner, a little fruitier. Less immediately appealing than the blonde but does settle nicely into its own, especially as the light roast starts to come through.
Very perfumey; orange, melon, sweet and thin. A little fakey.
True to Postdoc’s modus operandi, this is nice-forward, clean, with a slightly funky cereal finish. Pineapple is writ clear on its shoulder. Very pleasant.
Smooth, caramel, dry and mellow.
Better than my memory of this. Still a little prickly and bitter, but a smooth chocolate roast evens it out. Most of it was going to go into the corned beef anyway.
Bottle at Home
A malty, fruity, floral IPA. Very much on the pungent, resinous side, it became hard to keep drinking after a while.
I don’t know if this turned, which would be surprising after 2+ years, but this wasn’t great. Murky, caramel, astringent. Lots of sediment which was unpleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Smells more tart than actually comes through in the flavor, which is a very pleasant grape/peach. Ends with some funk and is maybe too sweet, but is nice.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This went bad, very bad. This was basically rubbing alcohol with a fungal aftertaste.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Extremely light, nominally sweet, refreshing rice lager. Not crisp, but mellow.
Extremely sweet; so sweet that I thought I had gotten some other beer by mistake.
Caramel, faint spice, brandy. Tastes a bit like a boozy, less-sweet ginger-molasses cookie. It's fairly mellow. The flavor doesn't totally resolve into something unified but it is tasty overall.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I mean, this is almost like drinking strawberry preserves fresh from the jar. It's so, so jammy. It's not cloying, though, I think the rhubarb halts the sweetness right at the very end into something a tiny bit funky and tart.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Clean, lemon-pine IPA, moderately bitter, just south of perfumey.
Again, need to take away points for this not at all tasting like kimchi. But if you're in the mood for a tart but effervescent ginger drink with a hit of heat, this might fit your needs.
Tastes like a sweetish pale with a bitter brett funk that is pleasant, but comes off a bit like leather perfume.
A funky beginning, kind of like musty peach, but resolves to a clean, tart plum flavor. Ends unsophisticated but enjoyable.
Subdued cereal and wet grass and very, very brackish. The overall effect is pretty balanced, if not totally refreshing.
Slightly sour, not sweet, but very mellow and smooth. Cola-like but not at all fruity. I think this is pretty great, actually.
Resolves with sweet cereal, although there are more up-front flavors than I expected: a little fruity, hops, yeasty funk. Altogether I felt this could have been cleaner.
Easy drinking and not at all the bitter-fest that my previous log seems to indicate. Dominant flavors seem to be black coffee and burnt sugar.
Delicious, lightly sweet, cereal, crisp.
A really nice counterpoint to the House of Pancakes. Smells strongly of peanut butter; the beer itself is thinnish and only mildly sweet, which is nice and kind of lets a base flavor of beer poke through. More peanut butter cereal milk than it is a brownie, but I liked it.
Undoubtedly weird. More campfire than bacon but you can squint and taste it, but the weird thing about this is that it's quite sour. Tart citrus, like someone took lemon juice to the cast-iron after finishing the bacon? It's an interesting smoky sour, but what I don't get at all between all of it is maple or pancakes.
I think if there was an ideal West Coast IPA this would be pretty close to it. Lager-like in opening, with clean cereal notes, which transitions to measured piney hops. Finishes with a strong but not pithy bitterness.
I don't know if this is the same as the old Nut Brown so I'm logging it separately for now. This is a very solid brown, with a toasty, dry cracker character.
Less toasty than the brown, slightly fruity on the nose. Finishes bitter. This is hoppy for a Scotch ale.
Briefly tastes like a pilsner but gets very hoppy very quickly. I'd say this ventures clearly into IPA territory. It's especially bitter on the back end, but I guess I do taste honey?
Prickly and acrid. I guess you have to go somewhere if the Boss was already where an IPA usually is.
Once again, this was quite sour, Flanders-like, but with a brightness that is IMO off-putting. Bears no resemblance at all to the Brown Ale in this flight, which is what I'd hoped for. I don't know why I keep taking chances with the barrel aged beers here; they've all been like this.
Very interesting in this actually gives more of an impression as a coconut sour than a pineapple sour, although it certainly communicates the idea of a piña colada very deftly. Decently tart, enough that it’s a sipper.
Impressions from my last log of this beer stand.
Thinner-mouthfeel stout, tasty if actually pretty spicy for the style. Also I can’t help but admit I was expecting coconut based on the name, but if there was any it was not evident.
Delicious and sweet; light. If uncomplicated.
Jammy, oversweet blueberry is a lot to take. Not much soy backbone to balance this. That said, it is exactly what you might expect.
Sweet cereal backbone but really over the top on bitterness. Light florality.
About as close as you can get to drinking a Cadbury caramel chocolate bar. It is thick, yes. It is sweet, yes. It is boozy, yes. It still hit me in a good place.
Chocolate, mellow, sweet notes of rum. Slightest hint of coconut. Smooth caramel finish.
The spicier one of the two, with a slightly more cola-like character to the flavor, but still really good.
A smooth dark lager with lots of caramel. Lightly sweet. Just enough roast to balance.
Lots of citrus, lots of banana. It's really easy to see where the hybrid bits meet here, plus it's tasty!
Lemon-pine, cereal-sweet. This has a dessert bar appeal without being over the top.
Coffee, light caramel. This was really good (and seemingly better than last time). This is an exemplary flight overall.
Sweet and mellow blonde, like drinking liquid cornbread, maybe. I’m a sucker for this kind of beer.
Chocolatey, medium thick, but just enough roast to give this a savory complexity. I wouldn’t say it went overly smoky but you can squint and see it.
It’s strong and hoppy, a little woody. Finishes bitter. It would be a lot but has a purity after the other beers of the day.
This certainly tastes like carrot cake. Sweet, hints of spice (Belgian?), a kind of a pineapple nectar juice quality running through it.
Wow, it’s a typical Northwest IPA flavor profile with a strong hit of evergreen scratch ‘n sniff thrown on top. Highly bitter on the finish. Give it points for effect.
Cereal; fruity; feels a little flat. Flavor is good though.
Highly bitter and brackish, typical of the style, but with a caramel fruitiness on top of it. Probably would have been better as a first beer rather than a third.
Holy Mountain Kiln & Cone (unknown release)
Spicier and slightly more bitter than the Happy Hops. This is probably better balanced but suffers from being after.
Exceedingly pleasant, lemon-pine IPA. On the sweet and resinous side but avoids being unpleasant. Just enough cereal to balance. Clean finish.
Sharp citrus on the nose compared to the Pizza Pals, more lime. On top of a cereal IPA base with some lager-like dryness. I found this very enjoyable.
Sweet, citrus, recalls childhood memories of Five Alive.Slight bitterness, but very drinkable and accessible.
Sweet, cinnamon, thin texture but candy-like. Gets a little sticky in the throat. Pleasant but not more than ok.
Dry up front, fizzy. Tinge of bubblegum sweetness in the background, a bit rubbery on the finish.
So much cereal in this, right up my alley—not yeasty as some Kolsches get. Love it.
Light and non sweet with an overtone of molasses and spice. Perfect for what I needed. Cookie-like.
This one fizzed out the bottle and kept going for a long time, which made me fear something a little over-yeasted, but it was fine. Hints of pepper and spice on top of a roasty, medium thick stout. Not sure I tasted much bourbon, but the Tweak may have changed my palate.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Avery Tweak (unknown release)
Couldn't find a batch number on the bottle. Delicious, roast coffee and smooth booze, certainly not oversweet and not raw either.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely not drunk fresh, but this was still really good - fizzy and drying up front with a caramel sweetness, kind of like a Vienna lager crossed with a pale.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Pretty exemplary straight-up stout. Roasty, creamy, notes of coffee and very light cocoa with just enough of a prickly bite to give it a character.
Sweet malty IPA, bit of a bubblegum overtone when cold but has a nice cereal backbone. Quite pungent with hop resin but it’s not overwhelming in the flavor, Ends bitter.
Plummy and dry, plenty boozy. It's quite good if in-your-face. Somehow they poured me a pint rather than 9 ounces!
Quite tart and I’m not sure I detect any cinnamon, and this is a sipping beer, but it’s quite good.
This year is on the dry side, with a lot of wood but less booze. There's some sourness that makes this sophisticated but maybe not as immediately delicious. Still, I'm not not going to order it.
Lots of caramel, but if there was apple in here I couldn't detect it. Tough beat for the palate going third though.
Aslan 4 Deep (12/15/21)
Smells more tart than it tastes, and it tastes very wine-like, like a bubbly dry champagne with some berry notes and some deifnite funk. I liked it a lot.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
An assertive but clean Pilsner… high and bitter but brackish with sweet cereal on the finish.
They brought me the wrong beer. Eh, it was okay, but not at all what I wanted. Estery, a bit tangy, light.
Smooth, citrus, juicy. Lightly sweet. A hint of pith on the aftertaste but it fades without bitterness.
This is definitely on the dessert side, but any raw edges are mellowed out by smooth, buttery caramel. Yes, please.
Fragrant and light.. a fruity pale.
The peach is quite strong here - it's not fake, but it's also not bright and juicy. It's more like the skin, fuzzy and earthy. The rest of the beer is hazy, yeasty, a bit bitter. It's interesting more than it is purely drinkable.
A really nice antidote to the Pilzbery.
Extremely pungent with hop oil, even if it wasn't especially bitter. The flavor would have been pleasant in a less assertive beer.
Sour, a little funky, vinous and buttery on the finish. Slightly better than the Firestone Walker. (Bottled 9/17/21)
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The taste of sweet, good coffee.
Firestone The Seventh Nail (No.001, 12/29/20)
Quite sour with a buttery funk at the end. Good but also challenging.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Juicy but clean, the can is old so the hop presence is muted but it’s quite good.
Tart but clean, and packed with pleasing blueberry flavor. The acid is more like lemon juice than vinegar.
Nothing bad about the flavors here but I’m not sure they go together in the most natural way. Sour plum and cinnamon candy, with a finish of sweet cereal.
Came on a little strong for my mood today.
Quite tart, typical for Matchless, but with a bright, jammy, strawberry flavor. Cereal sweetness on the end.
Clove forward, a bit like a banana muffin although the yeasty tartness kind of cuts the esters.
Sweet, a bit syrupy. Cherry and an unusual spice profile… it made me think a little too much of sweet Italian sausage- fennel maybe?
Malty, clean, just a bit of toast.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Tasty but raw. Lots of booze, malt, caramel. Wears its strength on its sleeve.
Stylistically hard to pin down; lighter than most porters. Sweet, creamy, but ultimately there’s a backbone missing here. The coconut ends up feeling a bit perfumey before resolving into a slightly sour murk.
Somewhat savory-tasting stout; don't remember much about it but I did like it in spite of the fact that it didn't taste like what I expected.
Hoppy ale with notable caramel, but this screams IPA more than scotch ale. If I were really banking on the style I’d be disappointed.
Very much on the IPA side of the barleywine fence. Clean, woody, round hop flavors. English style?
Light, tart opening, very clean, resolves into a dry, biscuity sweetness. Doesn’t linger, really tasty.
I found this strangely subdued in flavor; not sure if it was the beer or if it was me. It still tasted very good - light molasses and plummy flavors fading into malt. And it's certainly been a while since I had a B-Bomb, but I just expected it to be more flamboyant, especially this young.
Ruby grapefruit, tangerine; lightly tart but with a very mellow finish. Extremely refreshing, I think - although getting a beer in a frosted glass sometimes messes with my flavor perception.
Hoppy, caramel, more than a little smoke/wood. Lots of bitterness in the finish.
Sweet, juicy orange-citrus IPA. Skirts with dankness but stays clean.
Lemon pine, less sweet than the Animal but extremely well-balanced. Even more so when considering it's a double.

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