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80% for the corned beef, 20% for me.
This was for the corned beef, but I "accidentally" drank it first.
Nitro Bottle
Very sour, puckeringly so. Tons of peach, with a kind of coconut aftertaste, which may have been an interaction with the floral flavors, but nothing tasted floral outright. A little too sour for me to love.
Sour enough that I think this bottle has turned. If it hasn't, it's unpleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Unexpectedly delicious. I was afraid the peppercorn would mean this was a lots-of-spice saison, but it was mellow, lightly estery, with nice toasted barley flavors. Peppercorn is distinct, perfectly balanced. Light, exotic and warming at the same time. Yum!
Quite tart, very fruity. Slight salt in the aftertaste. Pretty good but also like a lot of other beers out there.
Dry berry flavor counters the hoppy, base IPA. It's a good balance. But nothing will overcome my natural distaste for boysenberries.
Holy cat this was against expectations. There's quite a lot of hoppy character built into this, like a strong CDA with a little more roast and thickness. Somehow still good (I don't usually enjoy this style) but definitely a surprise.
A smooth, thick stout with the most disturbingly accurate strawberry ice cream flavor I've ever encountered in a beer. All three of the Neapolitan components are definitely here, but this is somehow coherently a beer too. I'm glad it's not colored accurately, though!
Interesting beer - Yetis have always been a little overwhelming for me, but on nitro it was very much toned down (as was the beer itself, I suppose, at only 5% ABV). Not being a sweet beer helped a lot, resisting the sickly-sweet nitro effect, leaving a kind of very smooth, woody chocolate flavor.
Nitro Draft
A concentrated hop juice IPA, plenty of resin and a lot of pine. Relatively smooth finish for such an intense beer, which puts it a step above most hop bombs. Thanks to Nate for bringing this!
Growler at Odin Lounge
A little less overtly enjoyable than I remember; maybe because the growler wasn't fresh? It was still good though.
Growler at Odin Lounge
Solid as always. Company made it better.
A great palate cleanser after the stout. Better than I remember, clearly hoppy but also sweet and cereal, finishing cleanly and without overt bitterness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Pours dark and thick, super umami and tacky-sour. The comment was made that this tastes like Vegemite. The residue in the throat lasts much longer than is reasonably necessary. At any rate, it wasn't pleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Light coconut, dark chocolate roast, tending toward the bitter rather than sweet. Thin body. Just ever-so-slightly sour on the finish. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I did think this was yummy.
Slightly smoky porter, with the dominant flavor being a roastiness that is on the edge of being too bitter. Finishes mild and clean, which rescues this thing and actually puts it on the side of light.
Fruity, caramel, metallic, bready, poky alcohol. Thesaurus me, bro.
An unusual but delicious saison. Spicy from the rye, with a slight, vinous tartness, white pepper, and a rich cereal finish. Yummmmm!
I would swear this had coconut in it but I know it doesn't. Best coconut beer that contains no coconut ever, I say. I feel like I never got this impression before, but everything else was consistent with previous tastings.
Thin body and on the bitter side. Somewhat cloudy in appearance and flavor. A decent lager that isn't boring, but maybe isn't the most refined either.
Possibly my favorite in a flight that was uniformly excellent. Light wood smoke opens, with a not-at-all-sour, subtly-chocolate porter finish. Chuckanut definitely seems to be expert at getting clean finishes in all of their beers, and this is one of the cleanest. Bought a squealer for work.
Notwithstanding "Chuckanut Schwarzbier" being the most suggestive phrase I've read in a while, this is a light, dark lager with forward coffee notes and a mellow, lactic finish. No tackiness from that, just cream (ugh, that sounds dirty again). A fantastic schwarzbier.
Doppel the bock in this flight! Nearly identical to the 2017, as one might expect, although it does have a sharper edge to it.
Molasses / gingerbread dark yeast flavors, light, cola like body and a luscious, smooth finish. Nothing pokes out in any way. It's not as profound or as fruity as something like an Aventinus, but it's definitely delicous.
Much cleaner flavor profile than the Honey lager, with no wet hay character and a rich cereal body. Light, very clean finish. Matched my snapper sandwich perfectly - the food here was excellent too!
This was mostly a cider, flavor wise. It's dry and slightly funkier than most ciders, probably from the quince, but with a very pleasant flavor. Beer comes through ever so faintly at the end, with some sweet cereal. Interesting!
Lightly fruity pale, with tropical-passionfruit hop flavors. Perfectly drinkable.
A very dessert-like beer, of a type that usually annoys me. Here it mostly works. Pecan pie, caramel sweetness, no roast or bitterness to speak of early on. Ends with a rooty, yeast funk, which is the main ding.
Light wet hay sweetness, finishes with honey, caramel, cereal. Enough tang to add character but not enough to be cloying. Pretty enjoyable after a long, long drive.
Rich wood smoke combined with a light, sweet wheat beer with more than a little unusual florality (as in flower, not hop). The overall effect is both pungent and light, like a chrysanthemum tea. I really found this compelling.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Interesting hop profile, very clean and clear (as opposed to the hot trend towards hazy IPAs). Hints of apple and guava in the flavor. Bitterness built up a little by the end of the glass.
Caramel, smooth, dark lager. Very drinkable.
Disgusting, I thought. Very sweet lemonade and cold coffee. That combo wouldn't work for me, even before bringing beer into the equation.
If the peasant king was like a Squirt, this was like an Orangina. Bitter citron. Definitely a double IPA in terms of intensity. Pretty good, though!
Flavor is in the same ballpark as the Peasant King, although less intense in every way.
Very New England. Thick, juicy, opaque, like a beer version of a Squirt.
Fresh tasting and intense, pithy. Undoubtedly this is a legendary beer, but it's not my ideal IPA.
Light, non-descript, caramel-hop amber.
Tea I didn't really get at all from this, but a very tasty wee heavy in all respects.
Delicious and super-drinkable, slightly fruity-hop with slightly buttery, smooth, cereal finish.
Smells sweet and candy-like, but counteracted nicely by a dark-bread, slightly bitter opening. Follow through isn't there - I'd have liked more bready body. But this wasn't bad.
Nutty-funky and slightly rooty, like a less weird version of their Vienna lager and its successors. Nice caramel but the funk lingers tackily in the throat.
It's like they took the slightly tangy yeast of an American hefe and mixed it into a sweet helles lager. Not estery or spicy, and the dry hops come across as a kind of round, lightly grape-y flavor. Very refreshing light, but bright and tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Breakside Cultivating Mass (unknown release)
Smelled like any number of blunt whiskey stouts, but this was a hugely pleasant surprise. Clear whiskey notes that immediately smooth out into a clean, vanilla-caramel finish. No tackiness, sourness, or even moderate roast. Delicious!
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A standout, a light dark lager with light, rich wood smoke melting into a smooth caramel finish. Ghost of a peaty scotch in the finish. Really, really tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Tastes a lot like an English or Scottish lager, grassy, wet-hay. Light finish. Pretty good but not especially remarkable.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very tart, slightly salty on the lips. Clearly recognizable as strawberry.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
All the things I don't like in IPAs, together at last in one beer.
Smelled unpromising, like any number of spiced holiday stouts, but this is how you integrate spice into beer. Just enough cinnamon, ginger, whatever, to deliver the impression but the main attraction is a solid, smooth, light porter.
Coconut blends in with the nitro blandness a little too well, and the rest is just... burnt-tasting. It takes a lot for me to dis a coconut beer, and this one's got a lot.
Nitro Draft at Thirsty Hop, Kirkland
Interesting, smooth and light. Guava-ish.
Nice, white-wine kind of fruity funk in this saison. Just hints of spice, maybe a bit too much yeast bitterness.
Very, very hazelnutty. Only issue with this beer is that the base brown ale is very thin, would have liked more creaminess to add some backbone to the pleasant nut flavor. My memory of the Rogue puts it a couple notches above this.
Okay, I liked this? Sweet-ish, light Mexican lager. But I absolutely got no hint of habanero, which, if you're gonna list it on the can, you really need to back up. Right?
Smells like eggnog. Tastes like an eggnog candle. Next.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A funky, dry apricot sour, buttery with recognizable fruit. I can't tell if the up-front bitterness is from the funk or from a stronger-than-usual hop presence - my palate was a bit muddy. Loved the first half of the glass but near the end the funk got to be a bit much.
Yup. Confirmed. I'm really liking this.
Can at Home
Tastes like gingerbread. Slightly spicy, definitely smooth. I don't exactly remember what Sam Adams' similar beer tasted like, but I think I enjoyed this about as much, which was plenty.
Thick-ish stout, effervescent. Cola-like opening, chocolate and smooth.
This I barely remember. It seemed solid enough.
Straight, sweet bourbon finish on a thick, strong porter. Not refined, although tasty enough. Bit of cherry wood.
I get the trick now; this doesn't actually taste like a stout other than it is devoid of the more fragrant notes you'd expect from a golden beer. Very smooth, and more chocolate than roast (as you'd predict). More sparkly than most nitro beers. I liked this.
Nitro Draft at Thirsty Hop, Kirkland
Fragrant, light, effervescent IPA. Good, but honestly, like a hundred others.
Okay, after waiting an hour for food it's time to complain. This beer was free, though. Unremarkable but perfectly good light-caramel brown ale. Tasted less strong than its ABV.
Old keg on special for $2 a pint, at which point, you don't complain. Quite a decent Oktoberfest, previous review still stands.
Not as juicy as the actual beers I had in the Northeast, but a similar grapefruit / tropical opening. Finish is decidedly cereal, and quite a tasty experience overall.
This was... definitely a double IPA.
Smells deliciously of coconut, no doubt the dominant flavor. This is an unabashedly sweet beer, very dessert-like. Light coffee slightly counteracts it, but it's still very intense. This is a hair less balanced than the basically-perfect coconut B-Bomb, but it's definitely delicious.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Smoother than the Doctor, although there is a subtle bitterness that gets stronger over time. Likewise the chili flavor, which is subtler than in other beers, but was quite warm and lingery by the end.
Delicious, smooth stout with a fragrance of... sesame? That toasted, unique nutty flavor made this a delight to drink. Yummmm.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Semi-flat from an intercontinental trip in a... plastic soda "growler?" Still, very decent flavors, a light citrus-pine-hop opening and a pilsner-like bitter finish. You can definitely see the lager side here, which is more than many IPLs can claim.
Growler at Odin Lounge
Sweet citrus IPA. On the edge of too fake, although there was something candy-like and appealing about the flavor. Lemonheads. This beer tasted like Lemonheads.
An excellent coffee porter, nutty and just on the edge of savory. Appreciated that this wasn't on the sweet side. Smooth and balanced.
I thought the smell was a bit odd. Flavor is more chocolate than cinnamon, medium-thick, fairly smooth and milky. A bit more dry sourness than I was expecting, and a nice roasted / subtly smoky finish. Aftertaste is tacky, unfortunately -- from the lactose?
Surprisingly flavorful, with a slight sake-like tang on top of a rich lager flavor. I have a whole can of this stuff at home so I'll be giving it a deeper look soon.
Definitely smells like cocoa. Flavor is much too sour, like they took a peach lemonade and mixed it with a chocolate stout without everything coming together coherently. Undrinkable, really.
Insipidly sweet. Not offensive, but nitro isn't doing this beer any favors. It's like watery cereal milk.
There's probably a decent pale ale here underneath but the whole thing is overwhelmed by an oil slick quality to the dry hoppping. Finishes bitter, unpleasant not because of its level but because of its resemblance to spraying perfume directly on my tongue.
Woody, strong stout, Slightly sour and boozy, the latter quality not coming through more as pure alcohol than whiskey. Otherwise it was drinkable, but nothing's going to distinguish this beer in a strong field.
Kind of sits somwhere between a bitter and a scotch ale. Tons of caramel is the dominant flavor. I can't quite remember but my impression of the finish was a lightly dank hoppiness. Not something I'm likely to come back to.
A very good IPA, bright orange notes, lightly buttery cereal middle and a finish that is recognizably bitter but feels perfectly balanced in context. My only wish is that it hadn't come with floating ice crystals from an overchilled mug.
Okay, this won the flight, if only because the cherry and caramel of the whiskey melded into and overcame the finish that wrecked the other two beers. Not a subtle or complicated barrel aged beer, but quite enjoyable.
Similar burnt plastic sweet finish as the coconut. Peanut butter is just a hint and might as well have been nonexistent for all it was overwhelmed by the finish.
The smell of coconut is quite strong, and the flavor that opens it is buttery and pleasant. The finish was more off-putting, an oddly sweet, burnt plastic kind of thing. Given my previous review, seems like this was a step down.
Very smooth, thick, dark stout. Light taste of wood and caramel, no overt liquor. The most impressive aspect of this beer was just how smooth it was.
Very pleasant Czech dark lager. Light and slightly chocolatey.
Light, smooth, nitro stout. The cherry is bright, almost like what you'd get in a cherry cola, but without feeling tacked-on. It basically tastes exactly as advertised.
Nitro Draft at Stout, Seattle
Roasted, dark; I wouldn't say the peanut butter is an overt flavor but it's there. It comes across more in the impression of jam if you squint after a sip. So: porter first, PB second. It's still really tasty.
Has a lot of the grapefruit+pine flavor of other NE IPAs from this trip, although this was much less cloudy. I've gotten acclimated and now I can't tell what is or isn't specifically a NE IPA... Help! Too much resin in this beer though.
Can at Milton, MA
Another fragrant pine-grapefruit IPA, although this one has a resin pungency that keeps building over the course of the pint. By the end it was pretty unpleasant.
Bottle at Milton, MA
Light banana, white pepper, and a lot of yeasty bitterness. That last is strong enough to be unpleasant, with a slightly acrid quality about it. It was... okay. I had hoped for more from the first American Trappist brewery.
Bottle at Milton, MA
Not nearly as opaque as some of the other NEIPAs I've had recently, although the flavor profile matches up. Grapefruit / Citrus / Hop Juice; moderately sweet body. This had maybe a little more hop resin pungency than other beers, but finished very smoothly.
Can at Milton, MA
Amberish beer with light caramel notes; understated hops and fruit. Very drinkable, without competing with a very eclectic set of flavors in the food here.
A really interesting beer. First of all, what else am I going to drink at the Tea Party Museum? But this was made with Lapsang Souchong, and it's really not subtle. Lots of smoke and earthiness; the porter underneath was on the thin and brown side, letting the tea shine through. I liked it!
I mean, it kind of tasted like a Miller Lite? I'm sure the ingredients were top quality, and it certainly tasted clean, but in the end it's also a thinnish, sweetish, light-tasting American lager. On the other hand, this can't help but get points since I'm drinking this with Shake Shack. You win this round, Big Elm.
Mellow, cereal-butter blonde beer. Very pleasant. Only had a couple sips before I realized they gave me the wrong flight.
A disaster, I thought, though to be fair, if you really liked licorice, you'd probably like this. It was very strong on the licorice. The stout underneath may have been good, it seemed like it could have been, but all I could taste was clear, building, black licorice. Ugh.
My favorite of the night; this didn't taste watered down like I'm used to with shandies, and it didn't even taste overtly lemonadey - it tasted like a good wheat beer with just enough overtone of fruit.
A solid pale ale, not too hoppy and with enough malt to make this a balanced pour. On the other hand, nothing really jumped out to me as exceptional.
It wasn't explicitly stated, but I'm going to guess this is one of them new-fangled "New England IPAs." Bitter and hoppy in front, with a grapefruit character. Finished fairly smooth. A little harsher than the really good Fremont offering from a couple weeks ago.
Had even less of this than the Golden. It was nice. Smooth, warm vanilla, not too roasty.
Came across better, apparently, than last time. I think it's because this time it wasn't very flat; instead, a medium-tart berry flavor pleasantly sweetens out to a cereal finish. Interestingly, this did come across as cranberry again, rather than blackberry.
Funky, not-tart saison. Decent amount of horse blanket, although the finish is crisply clean. I wasn't actually in the mood for a sais, but had to get in one last try after I heard the brewery closed.
Draft at The Lakehouse, Bellevue
Unpleasantly sour, like a dry export stout but with a more lasting, tacky finish. The real crime, however, is that this doesn't even pretend to taste like cookies. Or even chocolate.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
It was good? I remember that, but can't remember anything else. Waited too long to log it.
This was not going to compare well with everything else from tonight, let's be realistic.
Bottle at Raman's
Look, this was good. And I don't have a prayer of remembering anything about it. I think I said something about this being the much younger sibling of the 3 Fonteinen. I'm assuming I meant without all the weird funk.
Bottle at Raman's
3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze (Blend No. 8 - Season 16/17)
This was ... this was really weird, guys. And yet strangely compelling. I do not think I've ever tasted a funkier beer in my life. Apricot. Butter. Copper urinal? But somehow I kept on sipping.
Bottle at Raman's
Bottle at Raman's
Profoundly complex after a couple years of aging. The essence of currants, and a whole lotta wood, pronounced but not overwhelming tartness. This is shoe leather and antique furniture and crystal stemware. A monocle may be involved.
Bottle at Raman's
Okay, now this one was too sweet. I guess they couldn't keep it up forever.
Bottle at Raman's
Uhhhh, more like it. Lots of mellow nuttiness here - no joking around with the hazelnut. The savory nature of the nut cuts through the syrup of the stout very nicely. As for cinnamon, it's much more subdued than in the coffee version; in fact, I didn't taste it at all at first. But it's definitely there. Yummmmm.
Bottle at Raman's
The primary flavor in this beer is cinnamon, followed by a kind of smoky roastiness that ... was probably coffee? But it's not overt. Mixed with bourbon barrel, of course. Inky-black and thick. I liked it a lot, but there was just enough pokiness to keep it out of the highest tier.
Bottle at Raman's
Very sweet, but somehow... not annoying? There is a caramel, almost apple pie (I didn't realize this was pecan until afterwards, it certainly didn't seem nutty) flavor that carries through to the finish. I don't know how this didn't end up cloying, but it didn't.
Bottle at Raman's
Fairly roasty. Peppermint was subtle.
Listen, I wasn't looking forward to this and it blew my expectations out of the water. A superbly balanced, light IPA, with Bale Breaker's typically fragrant approach to hopping. The mango is not sweet or syrupy at all, just somehow a bright, fruity, realistic, essence-of-mango. I mean, drop the mic. This worked.
I had a less-witty description for this and I forgot that too. Let's just say this Costco box is not filling me with "the holiday cheer," okay?
I had a really witty description for this ready and sometime in the past two weeks I totally forgot it, sorry.
Still a superb beer. Not profound, I think its lightness prevents that, but so, so smoooooth.
Bottle at Odin Lounge

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