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Malty, roasty strong stout with a rich-but-not-too-sweet chocolate flavor. It's a lot to balance but I think this is lovely.
Azacca for 2023. Sweet, candied orange perfume opening; does it quickly on the tongue; high bitter aftertaste.
Light, bubbly, I don’t know if The Goat wrecked my palate but this did seem a lot more funky on the finish than I remember. It’s still really nice though.
Dry, lightly tart, funky saison. A little more tart than the most interesting Brett beers in memory. But this is pretty good.
Like a really good ginger beer, except this is actually a beer! Slightly sweet, lots of ginger, dry lime tartness. Fair Isle continues to impress.
A lot going on in this one. It's good, but I'm hard pressed to actually describe the progression of flavors here. Definitely starts pale-ish though.
A really interesting beer. Tropical/grapefruit aroma but it’s not a sweet or juicy beer. It is nearly immediately dry, with a good amount of cereal and absolutely no birthed. I really, really liked this.
Sweet, caramel candy-like with a touch of cinammon. Churro? Sure, I can see it.
Bottle at Home
Still great but wow is it smoky. I may be misremembering but it seems a lot smokier than last time.
Lots of caramel, some cherry notes from the wood, booze. This is kind of what I would have expected a barrel aged scotch ale to taste like (but we all know that what that beer is here is something different).
Amber, malty, with smooth hop flavors, but if this is an IPA, all the rough edges seem to have been smoothed out by the barrel. There is a lot of evident booze, though.
Doesn't really yell IPA. The gin is subtle; there's a slight white grape / brett-like dry funk and some vanilla from the wood. Reminds me of my memory of Pour les Oiseaux from Black Raven - really, really delicious.
The least beer-like of the bunch, but it is drinkable. It has a kind of dilute sparkling wine crossed with light lager character about it; sweet-ish, fruit-ish, sparkly-ish.
Mixed opinion on this, as it very much does not feel like a Japanese lager, but it is an interesting beer. Sweet, murky, a little light, a little yeasty. I think there’s a little rice wine, 막걸리 in the flavor profile.
Brighter and clearer than the Two Hearted, more lemony and metallic in the backbone. It’s still very nice for an assertive IPA.
Really quite nice; maybe I’ve matured as a beer drinker. Dry, clean finish. Starts grapefruit-pine, a hint of cereal, pithy but not highly bit.
Just sour enough, clean fruit, very peachy. Finishes extremely cleanly.
Blonde ale first with a light berry flavor on top. Not tart at all.
Tastes like a liquid grapefruit rind, though not that bitter. Not my favorite style at all.
Just a really smooth coffee flavor first. Cold brew-like. You could probably convince me this wasn't a beer if you were really charismatic.
Classic American saison, just a little bit of wine-like funk and a dry finish.
Hits a lot of the same notes as the Unbearable Lightness, but a little more fruit forward. Cloudy all the way through. Not as crisp.
Light without being watery. Brackish, finishes clean. Nice balance between grassy and crisp.
Like a German Pilsner crossed with some heavy hopping - spicy, resinous, oily. Strong white pepper notes with a fragrance just on the edge of skunky. It's got a bright, likable flavor, but I had a literal headache by the end of the pint and I'm not sure it isn't because of the beer.
On nitro, really tastes like a whole lot of nothing. May have suffered from not being the first beer I tried tonight.
Unusually yeasty for a lager, with some peppery wit-like Belgian notes.
Bottle at COMO, Kirkland
Caramel, dry, very tasty. Did I burn out my taste buds? No idea. But I liked this. Very successful brewery visit!
Classic barrel aged ale, thin texture, spicy from the rye. More conformist than the Manumission but also more easily enjoyable IMO.
Light, immediately maltier than a standard Mexican lager. Light butterscotch notes, not super-boozy but you can tell something's going on in that direction. Caramel.
Tastes like a peated whisky. Not sweet, somewhat thin in body, but if you like Scotch, this is Scotchy. I like Scotch. (edit: Laphroaig!)
Roast, a bit of dried fruit tartness and rum, but the overall sense is one that's less sweet than you'd expect. Complex and boozy.
Sweet cereal, lightly fruity; grassy bitterness that OSS on the edge of bracing but feels good. My tastes buds may be affected after two other beers though.
A perfect match for the fried curds; grapefruit-citrus with a mellow, completely non-bitter finish.
Absolutely quintessential example of the style. Roast, caramel, light hops. Immediately filled with nostalgia and memories of fried foods.
Malty, sweet, high hops. Bubblegum and apricot overtones, finished with a lot of bitterness. But go Cubs!
Actually a very nice flavor here, a round cherry flavor that doesn’t lean into tartness or syrup. Clean, well-balanced between tart and sweet, and ends with a touch of cereal.
Very much a fruity beer, jammy, berry, banana, Belgian spice.
Super interesting, I think the primary flavor here is jasmine, but there’s some unidentifiable fruit overtone that’s in the lychee zone, maybe. Clean bitterness from the tea.
Dry and light, nutty but not sweet at all (except a hint from cereal). This is really nice.
Vanilla and chocolate. Lightly nutty. Sweet and smooth on nitro, maybe a tad too sweet given there’s no roast balancing it.
Fruity, estery opening, banana and maybe pineapple, light hints of coffee and sweet cereal. Ends cloudy.
Somewhat sweet and tacky. A little brackish, a little grassy, but would have liked this to be more crisp.
I was in a hurry, but I had to try a beer with this name. Wish I remembered more, but I liked it.
Light and sweet, very mellow on nitro. This could be the most orange creamsicle-like beer I've ever had, with a round citrus flavor that reminds me of the old Goose Island Orange Cream soda that I loved as a kid.
Sweet, with a very vegetal coffee bean flavor. Roast on the end.
Free sample. This was very good, a hazy with a clean, non-bitter finish. Pretty well-balanced.
Fruity, but not sour. Definitely a wheat ale with blueberry; pie-like. Bit of a citric dryness underneath. Maybe there’s lactose?
Mellow notes of watery coffee, creamy, lightly sweet but not overwhelming. The finish carries a bit of roast. Similar yeast profile to the Helles.
Grassy Helles, leads into a more interesting yeast profile - smoky, bitter.
Somewhere between an American Hefe and a Belgian IPA. It’s very dry but also has a bunch of banana. White pepper and some rooty flavors, but also edges a bit on rubber/smoke.
Fruity, heavier on orange and passion than guava, and sweet in a way I didn’t love. The curse of milkshake beers if you don't balance the lactose sugar.
Quite tart, pithy… tastes like a ruby red grapefruit sour with some sweet overtones… I’d guess a milkshake sour. (Edit: brewer says milkshake, but dragon/passion fruit… still, I stand by this making me think of grapefruit)
Bready, caramel, hoppy, toasty. Like a sweet, alcoholic pretzel, maybe? Clean finish, but bitter. Unusual to have an American doppelbock, appreciate the effort.
Can especially taste the orange and pineapple; the sourness is more like a concentrated, tart juice than anything complex. That said, this is pretty tasty with tasty flavors,
There’s a little bit of a candy overtone to this but it is not at all sweet. It is hops, alcohol, grapefruit rind, light resin, ending in a bit of cereal funk. It’s pretty interesting, good actually.
Bitter, grassy, brackish. Pretty good, reminds me stylistically of an Italian pilsner, with almost none of the cereal sweetness or body I’d expect from the German style.
Just right on the edge of being skunky but I think it ends up on the right side. Fragrant, slightly floral, gets through that initial acerbic flavor into a kind of pungent sweet cereal. Going into it cold might not be as successful but it’s a good second beer.
Sweet, a little smoky, lots of cinnamon straight up with a bit of an interesting twist that I think is the licorice. Finished a little tacky but it tastes thicker than it actually is. Definitely a dessert beer.
Ghost Town Dead Ripe (unknown release)
Quite tart, bracing, melon is more on the nose than in the flavor although you can get it once you've cut through the sour. I'd have wanted to taste a little more melon but as a sour beer this is pretty darned good.
Pine/cereal, bright hops. A hint of bubblegum sweetness. Not nearly as potent as most hazy IPAs, this actually ends up being quite nice.
This one is more typically flavored for a gose, despite an unusually high ABV. A longering tartness and some funk underneath.
Very interesting. More fruity than sour (although it's definitely tart). The cucumber and lime and mint are all very clear here and leave a highly unusual, fresh, impression.
After the other dark beers here, this one is surprisingly sweet. Not syrupy, but there are fairly clear banana notes, a bit of fudge, maybe marshmallow.
Nice, round, hoppy, black IPA. Mix of chocolatey roast with some licorice/rubber overtones... but avoids becoming acrid.
An excellent coffee stout. Not sweet like many milk stouts, just creamy. The coffee flavor is complex, chocolatey, and you can just feel the bean here.
Very light, the kind of lightness that you might want to avoid after a strong flight, because you won't be able to taste anything.
Creamy, caramel, light stout. A little roasty. Very nice.
Is it tripel-like? It's been so long I can't even tell. Relatively thick mouthfeel, cereal-honey, but with a dry, clean finish. Belgian yeast flavors lurk underneath and emerge in the aftertaste.
Banana, sweet, light, cookie.
Lightly hoppy. Dark amber ale with some malt and a kind of gingery, spicy, candy quality. The heat builds up but I'm not sure I caught a lot of smoke.
Can at Air France
Assertively grassy/bitter pils, a bit of a surprise after the somewhat safe Emil. But character is nice.
Safe but very drinkable. Hard to know what to characterize this as, since it seemed more like an American Hefe - yeasty but not particularly spiced.
Dry, almost vinous, bitter, but really well-balanced. An interesting beer to go with a very interesting meal.
Bottle at Tamara, Paris
A pretty unremarkable wit with just a hint of apricot.
Funky-hoppy-Belgian-spicy saison, and it’s pretty assertive in all categories. There’s sweet overtone that resolves into a bracing metallic flavor. This is good, but definitely a challenging beer.
I had just a taste .Not bad, per se, but a little insipid on the lime and the basil manages to lend a dishwater quality. Didn’t quite work for me.
Creamy, malty, frothy stout. Haven’t had one like this in a while. Big roasty backbone and just a touch sour. Pretty good.
Malty beer with rounded hops, caramel, clear mellow, floral tea flavors and definite bergamot. Interesting, challenging, but you know I’m a sucker for tea beers. Super friendly proprietor at the brewery storefront too!
Pretty light flavors for an IPA and on the juicy side, but there’s a perfumey character to the lemon that mixes with the hop oils to finish in an oily/bitter flavor that made me have to take this slow.
Clean, but just a bit too tart for me to enjoy! Very puckery.
This is surprisingly similar to the À L’Ouest, but no trace of white pepper and (obviously) a bit more caramel. Which adds something, for sure.
A mellow pale wheat, moderate hops, just a bit tart, faint Belgian flavors (white pepper?). Reminds me of the Zytha from yesterday a bit.
A surprisingly dry pale, some of that alpha hop that at higher concentrations could get rubbery or acidic but is fine here.
A chocolatey, sweet stout, aptly named. Reminiscent of a milk stout but doesn’t have that lactose tackiness at the end, instead a touch of hops.
Cloudy, citrus and medicinal notes. The menu listed this as a “lager with grains of paradise” which as far as I can tell is wholly inaccurate. Refreshing on a warm day in Nice but hardly crisp. The label says made with chickpeas?
Bottle at Le 3e, Nice
A robustly flavored lager, lightly sweet, rich cereal, grassy, brackish finish. Very tasty.
Starts extremely light, and you’d be fooled into thinking this was going to go like a water macro light but it resolves into a nice, grassy, brackish, crisp finish.
Thin but roasty, got some prickly hop character. Caramel, burnt sugar. Might have been too much by itself but after the two other beers it’s almost a relief.
Definitely not a sour, and tastes more like a hazy IPA than any kind of blonde. Possibly a wrong pour?
Mellow stonefruit hazy… a little bit of oily buildup that you have to pause to dissipate but overall it’s decent.
Extraordiarily drinkable... a dry fruity haze with a pleasant woody, botanical gin flavor that builds up over time but never gets boozy. Really loved this.
Light, refreshing, somewhere between a pretzel-like toasty flavor and sweet-ish cereal. Another high-quality lager from Chuckanut.
Quite tasty. A light fruity ale that's lime forward with some berry. On top there's a hint of sweet pastry that gives an impression of pie.
A vinous, grapey wild saison with a tannic, dry, lightly hop-bitter finish. Nice, tangy, funky. As the flavor settles a bit of smoky, peppery Belgian yeast character pops through.
Light, watery, sweet. Reminds me of an American light beer, which is probably not great. Insipid is the word that comes to mind.
Fruity, grassy, light, a delightful Kolsch.
Has an unfortunate dishwater smell but once you get past that this is a nice, bright fruity sour, not salty or puckery. Tastes like lychees and wheat and maybe some kind of berry.
Disturbingly pale in color but tastes believably brown, if on the fruitier/hopper side. A little bit of funk and roast.
Dry, piney, a little bit dank, a little cereal funk, makes me think of a west coast pale crossed with an English pale. Pretty tasty.
Up front a little watery, a little sour. High, grassy bitterness, with a strong alcohol presence. A challenging beer, but not sure I want a challenge in a rice lager?
Very roasty, sweet, medium mouthfeel. The bitterness builds up pretty fast but there’s a lot to like here. It is in no way smooth though.
Kind of the platonic ideal of what I would like a double IPA to be. Forward hops, stonefruit, alpha bitterness, but it dissipates very fast and leaves you with a clean finish.
Buttery, light, and I’m assured that it tastes like lime even without the lime slice that was on my glass.
Very hoppy, lots of alpha bitterness, grassy, buttery diacetyls. Leaves the mouth feeling very dry. It's a whole lot.
Thin, with a fruitier/caramel flavor but a bit watery.
Clean, pine-resin IPA although it is quite oily and bitter on the finish.
Pine citrus, clear but bitter, maybe a little sweet in its oily intensity.
Classic citrus-hazy profile, very mellow follow-through. Not at all oily or unpleasant.
Combo breaker. Murky, a little rooty. Otherwise, it's another piney citrus beer, but definitely not anything like your average hazy.
A streak of solid ratings. Never going to say no to a new Fremont stout that I've never seen before. Light textured stout with a lot of roast. Coffee. Creamy finish. Now that I read the description, though, can't say I really tasted any of that.
Light piney pale ale with a dry, bitter backbone. Faint resin aftertaste but largely clean.
The nitro soapiness actually works in this beer's favor, which has a flavor closer to a dry American pilsner than most Kolsches. Grassy. Bitter.
A little more on the clove-end of the spice scale than I prefer, but pretty good.
A little of the peach from the Julio Haze, grapefruit, a little oilier and bitter on the finish. The overall sensation of these two beers is sweet and fruity. Still pretty good.
Juicy, lightly sweet, fizzy, and… peachy? Peach leading into hops. Unusual and tasty.
Very hoppy for the style, tastes more like a west coast pale. Not what I wanted. Then again, what was I expecting from a Costco beer?
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely tart but not puckeringly so; clean, tannic, passion and pineapple, fruity.
Manages to be bright and earthy at the same time, has that blackberry murk up front cut by fizzy lemon notes.
Mellow caramel, lightly fruity, tannic dryness. Reminds me of a caramel apple, without being syrupy.
Robust, mildly sweet and smooth. Hints of coffee and cacao. Beertender said this was the first time in a while this wasn’t whiskey-barreled, and I’m liking it.
Brackish texture, clean, crisp flavor, a finish that has both surprising body and even a slightly toasted flavor.
When at the lounge, partake of its beer.
Was excited to try this on nitro. I remember thinking the Hiwa was quite roasty but this was nice, light dark chocolate notes. But my first sip had a big blob of mucousy slime that was wildly unpleasant?? Out of fairness not rating it.
Weirdly bodiless? Tastes like roast but there’s no real malt followup. Just kind of dissipates.
Light caramel brown, light nutty roast overtones. Refreshing.
A lot going on in this beer. Cinnamon, vanilla, and lactose stick out; reminds me of a big sweet Mexican chocolate stout like the Abraxas? Not sure the other ingredients computed for me (but admittedly, I have no idea what breadfruit tastes like).
Very sour, actually, and much more of a hop juice character than expected. Tastes more like a soured tropical IPA. A bit of a uric aftertaste.
Light, sweet, floral actually. Ends with a buttery cereal note. Really quite delicious.
Piney hazy IPA with a surprisingly light flavor. Best beer of the bunch.
Big, juicy IPA. Less alpha but higher on the hop oiliness than the Hop Lei.
Non-funky saison, somewhere between a Belgian single and a wit.
Seems like a very classic wit flavor, maybe a little watery. Sweet, cereal.
Liked it a lot. Previous review holds.
Fairly ideal black lager, a bit on the roastier side, but also with a strong cream-coffee sweetness.
Pretty sweet, light, but not watery in the way that beers like this can get. Would maybe have wished for a little character to poke out past the sweetness. First Lukr pour I've consciously had, can't say I noticed anything different about it.
Tropical/pine hazy. The bitterness is a little more on the dank, herbal side but fades away quickly.
Opening flavor is pure strawberry, followed by blackberry and cherry. Juicy but only medium tart. Definitely fits the description of a "smoothie sour."
You can see how this is a more extreme Omakase, but I'm afraid it messes with what I thought was a really nice balance. This is still somehow not bitter, but the intense hop perfume and alcohol are a bit much to take.
This is nice. Lemon-pine with a musty (maybe coriander-tinged?) cereal funk. Maybe a little perfumey?
Ugh, did not really like this. Extremely reminiscent of shave ice syrup, and I never did like li hing so you could say buyer did not beware.
The reason I came. Bready, almost pretzel-like, paired with a believable taro-like earthy sweetness. Nice finish.
Malty light Belgian with just a bit of overt tartness from the hibiscus, I admit this could have been a disaster but is actually really nice.
Maybe like the 6th but maybe less pointed in flavor? Otherwise, all previous comments apply.
Similar to the Aumoe. Less roast, and more of a bready hefeweizen estery flavor on top that gives it a decidedly fruity cast. Still pretty hoppy.
Sweet, maybe watery, citrus lime and a bit more bitter on the end than I expected.
Feels more like a stout first, hops second. Roasty, creamy, like a Dragonstooth with some round hops to finish. Hops-wise, tastes light after the Eee Pah.
Classic pine-resin IPA, pretty bitter on the back end.
Really tasty; peach-like fruit, pine, hovers on the edge of herbal without going over. Clean finish. Tastes like the best kind of double in flavor intensity without the strength.
Mild, tropical hazy, lightly sweet and POG-like. Not bitter at all with a clean finish. I liked this a lot.
After the Sir Isaac this tasted like a moderately-but-not-too-sweet Almond Joy-esque candy bar. After the Hoppin' Honey this somehow didn't taste very alcoholic despite being stronger. Weird day, but I really loved this one.
Tastes like a sweeter Bourbon County, which is maybe a bit much? But you definitely get that raisin/fig molasses caramel on top. Not sure I really got Graham Cracker in here (other than, well, sweet).
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Hazy, tropical, smooth. Quite nice.
Smells strong. Tastes strong. Sweet and boozy, reminds me of the Helldorado, I think? Pretty raw.
Super bright, clean sour. I’d say the primary flavor is dry cherry with raspberry being least detectable (very much appreciate this). Fizzy and not too sweet, hint of cereal underneath.
Buttery-sweet citrus IPA. Not perfumey or bitter but the aftertaste is a bit saccharine.
Subdued caramel/vanilla dark lager, just a touch of dryness to keep it real but nowhere near some of the souring I’ve seen in other Bellevue barrel aged beers. Would have liked it better not on nitro, I think, but this was good.
Delightful. Glad after a few disappointments that at least this one seems to have stayed the same as my memory. Caramel notes along with a ton of red wine flavor.
Quite tart, a tiny bit salty on the lips. The interesting part of this is more in the fragrance, which is complex and citrus, than the flavor... which is probably appropriate given that this is Buddha's Hand. Rooty sourness leading to clean lemon notes and finishing with cloudy cereal.
Can at Home
Nice initial flavor but while it's tart, it’s also a bit watery and metallic.
Thin, lightly sweet, uric finish… it’s overall a pleasant flavor but the thinness of the body is a bit overwhelmed by the finish.
Okay, this is legitimately weird. I thought this was going to be a stout at first and when it poured bright violet I was surprised. Thick, almost sludgy, the smell is intense peanut butter. First sip is very berry jam, which is a weird transition, and then it goes peanut butter again. I've never really had a beer like this before, but it actually did satisfy my desire for a stout.
It certainly tastes like black currant, which is nice and unusual, but like most of these New Glarus fruit beers, is way more juice than beer. I usually have a hard time drinking intensely fruity berry juices, and this had more or less the same effect on me.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Really a tasty lager. Starts very Bohemian but finishes with a bit of hay and cereal, brackish finish. Nicely balanced. Not sweet like a Helles, but has a good body.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very good. I wish I could remember more.
Not thick, but still way too sweet. Boozy.
Bottle at Home
Fruit candy-forward flavor, reminds me of a honey cough drop. Medium tart, wheat funk, soda-like. Pretty good.
Same vintage as last time but there was a sour tinge to this that built up over time, kid of like that infected-barrel quality that Big Block beers tend to have. By the end of the glass I was not enjoying it anymore.
A pale festbier. Malty, crisp apple, a little bitter, grassy. Maybe a little sweeter than I love her but pretty good.
Looks like I had this on nitro last time. This was CO2 this time and I think maybe I’m missing the touch of sweetness nitro might have added (though I’m not getting the soapy bit). The tartness takes over somewhat, even though it’s not that pronounced. Still interesting though.

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