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Easy-drinking dark ale; a good roastiness giving way to notes of dark chocolate. Thin body.
Strong example of a German pilsner, clean hop bitterness, cereal, some uric tang on the finish.
A very dry saison with lots of Belgian spice, particularly clove. Not the most harmonious blend.
I had wanted Reuben's Hazy IPA, but they were out. This was advertised as juicy, but it was more of a standard Northwest IPA flavor. Excellent IPA, though, clear and fragrant, fruit and pine. Clean cereal finish, no oily bitterness. Unsurprisingly good, given the brewery.
Robust. Medium thick. Profound bittersweet chocolate flavor.
Delicious - light wood-smoke, caramel, dissipating into an incredibly clean finish.
This had turned, I think. Smelled like a scotch ale, but tasted like sour celery.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Much less wine than I remember; this tasted more like a straight up dubbel or quad. Lots of caramel, some boozy notes. I did like it better the old way.
Hoppy and juicy; I'd call this more of a wheat IPA than the name implies.
Fairly tart, yeasty saison. Unidentifiably fruity with some phantom spice notes. Dry, clean finish. I didn't love it, but Firestone Walker set the bar really high for this weekend.
Firestone Walker Feral One (unknown release)
Just as good as I remember, light,tart, vinous, clean. Doesn't stick around in the throat, and I appreciate that it wasn't an ABV bomb too. Cause on a day like this... Anyway, see my previous entry for this.
Such tart. Many raspberry. Seriously, though, this was so sour that I think it gave me a headache. I'm reading my previous description of this beer and it doesn't even sound like it's from the same universe.
This is the first time I've had this beer on draft, and it seems... different. In the bottle it's got very honey-like, mellow buttery notes. This was a little more like straighter butterscotch flavors on top of a strong, good barleywine. It was still very good but it wasn't sublime. Out of the bottle it was sublime.
I mean, this is a very good beer but after two Parabolas it's going to lose. Sorry not sorry. Lighter, a little sharper. Definitely less intense in every direction.
Yeah, this was delicious. Still thick and intense, but with the wonderful complexity of Parabola smoothed out by coffee. Absolutely delicious, and you could almost say this goes down easy after the Scotch!
I mean, this is just a whole heck of a lot. This is smoky, peaty, and also a lot less sweet than what gets transmitted to the regular Parabola from its barrels. It tastes like Scotch, basically, and that character is dominant. Parabola is here, thick and rich, but smoke is king. Something to chew on more than adore, this needs to be sipped in small increments.
Thick, sweet, fake cherry. Cloying finish, like cough syrup. I mean, yuck.
Dessert-like, not syrupy but still a little too sweet for me to love. This is a hard balance to hit, I think. It's the cinnamon trap! At least it didn't taste like potpourri, and it was way better than the Dragon's Milk.
Belgian pale with a very light yeast flavor, very refreshing. Medium-dry. Good cereal finish. Another great beer from Holy Mountain.
A middling quad with a little more clove than I loved. But not bad.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Boring IPA. Also it was past midnight, so.
Bottle at Work
Puzzles! Easy to drink and tasty. It's a Mexican lager, not much else to say.
Bottle at Work
The worst thing about this is the name. Flavor-wise, this is quite tasty, a caramel brown with some hop bite and a clean finish.
Orange potpourri. And on top of a tripel! What were they thinking???
They keep making these POG beers, and very few of them taste anything like POG. This continues the trend. The fruit flavors are oily and bitter, and the whole thing ends in a foamy, pithy mess.
Not so crisp. Candy like apple.
Another opaque, juicy, NE-style beer from Skookum. This one I liked the most of those I've tried, though -- maybe it's the mellow finish from being a less strong beer, but the pale citrus, hops and cereal seemed to be perfectly in balance here. Nice buttery transition into the finish too.
Absolutely delicious. Very dry brett bitterness, a vinous, fruity grape middle and clean cereal to finish. This was like a better, much cleaner Pour les Oiseaux, which was a beer I used to love very much.
Draft at Odin Lounge
A hoppy, malty, amber barleywine. I mean, it was beer, and it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't exactly the most memorable thing. And it was priced like it should be memorable.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The utter flatness of the beer is strange at first, but it passes by quickly. Very solid stout, and omg, this tastes like a Manhattan. Sweet and lightly woody, fruit and caramel. This'll knock you out quick, but you'll have a great time while it happens.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This was a lot better than it sounded, but it wasn't great. A lot of resin in this IPA, smoothed out quite a bit with what does seem very much like marshmallow. The sweetness is both weird and appealing, and I can't tell which side wins.
Thick but not as sweet as I think I've come to expect from Speedway. A lovely, roasty coffee stout.
Malty but somehow pretty dry and a touch boozy. I mean, it wasn't bad... This tasted like a grown-up beer, but it wasn't as purely enjoyable as some of Chuckanut's other beers.
Smooth, caramel, surprisingly mellow. Whiskey notes and a bit of a bite on the finish. Really very tasty.
This is concentrated hop juice, pine and dank greenery. Despite that the finish is very light, not bitter at all. Not boozy - this was very strong-flavored, but not because of the alcohol. I was very pleasantly surprised.
Juicy as you'd expect, but this tasted more like juice than beer. A bit of malt but otherwise a bit like grapefruit juice with a touch of roundness from pomegranate. I thought it was worse for the wear.
It takes a lot to make me think I should've ordered the Blue Moon. The aftertaste is actually pretty pleasant (if metallic), but everything leading up to it is kind of gross. Uric and flat, watery and mildewy.
The bottle label of this beer implies this is the base of Perennial's other big stouts, and it shows. Almost candy sweet, thick; somehow not crazy overdone but still something that can only be had in small doses. Lots of vanilla.
Toasty, buttery coconut. Immediately sweet but balanced very quickly with a good (but not overdone) amount of roast. If I had to compare it would be like Maui's Imperial Coconut. Very, very tasty.
Very fragrant, tasty hops. Solidly bitter on the end, high-alpha without being too pithy. Might as well have been an IPA though, can't detect anything that screams lager here.
Dry and yeast-bitter, somewhat flat. That said, this had a very interesting, green-wood flavor to it, and I think overall it was good. I wish it had been more easily drunk.
Bottle at Andaz Maui, Kihei
Somehow less resin than the Talk Story but without the interesting grain flavor. Definitely Hop centric but not bad.
Sweet-roast, creamy and mellow. Really easy to drink although there's something a bit... hollow about the finish? Thin enough that I'd call this a porter.
A noted step down from the regular pilsner; this isn't bad, per se, but the pineapple-juice quality of the fruit erodes the crispness just enough to subvert the flavor. Not fake or weird, just a touch out of balance.
A new brewery, charmingly inserted into the old Maui Brewing space in Lahaina. This is a light, tasty German/American pilsner with a hit of tropical fruit on the front of the flavor. Really strong offering.
Decided to try the new Maui brewery's offering. Some pungent resin to open, very IPA-like, but proceeds to a toasty, exotic grain flavor... Grains of paradise come to mind? Bitter and complex.
Unremarkable malty, mild, red ale. Slightly sweet, slightly hoppy.
Lightly tart, peachy, with lots of sweet wheat cereal to finish. Fragrant and refreshing. The server mentioned a bourbon barrel, but I didn't really taste that. A really delicious beer from The Bruery.
I don't know what exactly makes this a "German IPA" but the server didn't either. It was a really solid IPA though. I mean, I guess it was maltier than commonly found, but not super-unusually so.
Perfectly pleasant but not particularly memorable. Fruity, tart saison.
I had ordered a Mac Nut Brown, but they were out and I got this instead. This was something I'd had before, but still a decent beer; caramel, nutty, mild. The new brewery / restaurant is beautiful!
Lightly tart, good sweet wheaty cereal. Lots of pear and not much bergamot, I think, but really tasty!
At first I thought this was the best one, although with some more distance between the beers the tequila is a little wooly here. Wooly in a good way for sure! But some moods might prefer the straightforwardness of the Scotch version.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Directly after the brandy version this was a bit dry and a lot bitter, but with more separation this really grew on me. I think this may have been the best one in the end.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Fruity, sweet and very smooth. Really, really tasty. It may not have ended up at the top of the flight, but there's no way to really fault this beer.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A strong banana lager. That's basically my takeaway here. Untappd called this a maibock, which does seem appropriate. Beeradvocate says German Pilsner, which... well, this would be a bad one. Another generic beer from the Costco Advent Calendar box.
Golden and clear, this tasted like... a really smooth, peanut butter milk stout. I gotta say, this really messed with my head, but also it was delicious!
A light pale ale with plenty of biscuit and strong hints of grassy, floral, citrus. Basically, this was exactly the beer it claimed to be.
Southern Tier Pumking (unknown release)
Always good. Maybe a little funkier than I remember?
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Excellent, mild, creamy milk stout with very light coffee and pronounced coconut flavors. Mildly sweet, not too thick. None of the metallic aftertaste that Belching Beaver's other stouts can have. This was delicious.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
80% for the corned beef, 20% for me.
Bottle at Home
This was for the corned beef, but I "accidentally" drank it first.
Nitro Bottle at Home
Very sour, puckeringly so. Tons of peach, with a kind of coconut aftertaste, which may have been an interaction with the floral flavors, but nothing tasted floral outright. A little too sour for me to love.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Light, fragrant, fruity-hoppy pale ale. Next to the Solid Gold it is a bit thin, but it's still pretty good.
Opaque, juicy, grapefruit-passion New England-style pale. Not bitter at all.
Unrelentingly sour, with the most intense peach flavor. A lot to deal with.
Sour enough that I think this bottle has turned. If it hasn't, it's unpleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Just an excellent lager, rich cereal flavor, slightly sweet, slightly buttery. Delicious.
Pruney, smooth, caramel Belgian dark. Prune is not always my favorite flavor in a beer, but the overall effect here is very, very nice.
Sour. I didn't much like the original Brunch Weasel, but I'm absolutely sure I like this one less.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Unexpectedly delicious. I was afraid the peppercorn would mean this was a lots-of-spice saison, but it was mellow, lightly estery, with nice toasted barley flavors. Peppercorn is distinct, perfectly balanced. Light, exotic and warming at the same time. Yum!
Quite tart, very fruity. Slight salt in the aftertaste. Pretty good but also like a lot of other beers out there.
Dry berry flavor counters the hoppy, base IPA. It's a good balance. But nothing will overcome my natural distaste for boysenberries.
Holy cat this was against expectations. There's quite a lot of hoppy character built into this, like a strong CDA with a little more roast and thickness. Somehow still good (I don't usually enjoy this style) but definitely a surprise.
A smooth, thick stout with the most disturbingly accurate strawberry ice cream flavor I've ever encountered in a beer. All three of the Neapolitan components are definitely here, but this is somehow coherently a beer too. I'm glad it's not colored accurately, though!
Interesting beer - Yetis have always been a little overwhelming for me, but on nitro it was very much toned down (as was the beer itself, I suppose, at only 5% ABV). Not being a sweet beer helped a lot, resisting the sickly-sweet nitro effect, leaving a kind of very smooth, woody chocolate flavor.
Nitro Draft
A concentrated hop juice IPA, plenty of resin and a lot of pine. Relatively smooth finish for such an intense beer, which puts it a step above most hop bombs. Thanks to Nate for bringing this!
Growler at Odin Lounge
A little less overtly enjoyable than I remember; maybe because the growler wasn't fresh? It was still good though.
Growler at Odin Lounge
Solid as always. Company made it better.
A great palate cleanser after the stout. Better than I remember, clearly hoppy but also sweet and cereal, finishing cleanly and without overt bitterness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Pours dark and thick, super umami and tacky-sour. The comment was made that this tastes like Vegemite. The residue in the throat lasts much longer than is reasonably necessary. At any rate, it wasn't pleasant.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Light coconut, dark chocolate roast, tending toward the bitter rather than sweet. Thin body. Just ever-so-slightly sour on the finish. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I did think this was yummy.
Slightly smoky porter, with the dominant flavor being a roastiness that is on the edge of being too bitter. Finishes mild and clean, which rescues this thing and actually puts it on the side of light.
Fruity, caramel, metallic, bready, poky alcohol. Thesaurus me, bro.
An unusual but delicious saison. Spicy from the rye, with a slight, vinous tartness, white pepper, and a rich cereal finish. Yummmmm!
I would swear this had coconut in it but I know it doesn't. Best coconut beer that contains no coconut ever, I say. I feel like I never got this impression before, but everything else was consistent with previous tastings.
Thin body and on the bitter side. Somewhat cloudy in appearance and flavor. A decent lager that isn't boring, but maybe isn't the most refined either.
Possibly my favorite in a flight that was uniformly excellent. Light wood smoke opens, with a not-at-all-sour, subtly-chocolate porter finish. Chuckanut definitely seems to be expert at getting clean finishes in all of their beers, and this is one of the cleanest. Bought a squealer for work.
Notwithstanding "Chuckanut Schwarzbier" being the most suggestive phrase I've read in a while, this is a light, dark lager with forward coffee notes and a mellow, lactic finish. No tackiness from that, just cream (ugh, that sounds dirty again). A fantastic schwarzbier.
Doppel the bock in this flight! Nearly identical to the 2017, as one might expect, although it does have a sharper edge to it.
Molasses / gingerbread dark yeast flavors, light, cola like body and a luscious, smooth finish. Nothing pokes out in any way. It's not as profound or as fruity as something like an Aventinus, but it's definitely delicous.
Much cleaner flavor profile than the Honey lager, with no wet hay character and a rich cereal body. Light, very clean finish. Matched my snapper sandwich perfectly - the food here was excellent too!
This was mostly a cider, flavor wise. It's dry and slightly funkier than most ciders, probably from the quince, but with a very pleasant flavor. Beer comes through ever so faintly at the end, with some sweet cereal. Interesting!
Lightly fruity pale, with tropical-passionfruit hop flavors. Perfectly drinkable.
A very dessert-like beer, of a type that usually annoys me. Here it mostly works. Pecan pie, caramel sweetness, no roast or bitterness to speak of early on. Ends with a rooty, yeast funk, which is the main ding.
Light wet hay sweetness, finishes with honey, caramel, cereal. Enough tang to add character but not enough to be cloying. Pretty enjoyable after a long, long drive.
Rich wood smoke combined with a light, sweet wheat beer with more than a little unusual florality (as in flower, not hop). The overall effect is both pungent and light, like a chrysanthemum tea. I really found this compelling.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Interesting hop profile, very clean and clear (as opposed to the hot trend towards hazy IPAs). Hints of apple and guava in the flavor. Bitterness built up a little by the end of the glass.
Caramel, smooth, dark lager. Very drinkable.
Disgusting, I thought. Very sweet lemonade and cold coffee. That combo wouldn't work for me, even before bringing beer into the equation.
If the peasant king was like a Squirt, this was like an Orangina. Bitter citron. Definitely a double IPA in terms of intensity. Pretty good, though!
Flavor is in the same ballpark as the Peasant King, although less intense in every way.
Very New England. Thick, juicy, opaque, like a beer version of a Squirt.
Fresh tasting and intense, pithy. Undoubtedly this is a legendary beer, but it's not my ideal IPA.
Light, non-descript, caramel-hop amber.
Tea I didn't really get at all from this, but a very tasty wee heavy in all respects.
Delicious and super-drinkable, slightly fruity-hop with slightly buttery, smooth, cereal finish.
Smells sweet and candy-like, but counteracted nicely by a dark-bread, slightly bitter opening. Follow through isn't there - I'd have liked more bready body. But this wasn't bad.
Nutty-funky and slightly rooty, like a less weird version of their Vienna lager and its successors. Nice caramel but the funk lingers tackily in the throat.
It's like they took the slightly tangy yeast of an American hefe and mixed it into a sweet helles lager. Not estery or spicy, and the dry hops come across as a kind of round, lightly grape-y flavor. Very refreshing light, but bright and tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Breakside Cultivating Mass (unknown release)
Smelled like any number of blunt whiskey stouts, but this was a hugely pleasant surprise. Clear whiskey notes that immediately smooth out into a clean, vanilla-caramel finish. No tackiness, sourness, or even moderate roast. Delicious!
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A standout, a light dark lager with light, rich wood smoke melting into a smooth caramel finish. Ghost of a peaty scotch in the finish. Really, really tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Tastes a lot like an English or Scottish lager, grassy, wet-hay. Light finish. Pretty good but not especially remarkable.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very tart, slightly salty on the lips. Clearly recognizable as strawberry.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
All the things I don't like in IPAs, together at last in one beer.
Smelled unpromising, like any number of spiced holiday stouts, but this is how you integrate spice into beer. Just enough cinnamon, ginger, whatever, to deliver the impression but the main attraction is a solid, smooth, light porter.
Coconut blends in with the nitro blandness a little too well, and the rest is just... burnt-tasting. It takes a lot for me to dis a coconut beer, and this one's got a lot.
Nitro Draft at Thirsty Hop, Kirkland
Interesting, smooth and light. Guava-ish.

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