Black Raven Kitty Kat Blues Infused Pale Ale

Black Raven Brewing Company
Redmond, WA, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Release: Limited Rotating
ABV: 5.8%
Bitterness: 35 IBU

From the brewer

Would a took an unassuming pale ale and turned the screws a bit with additions of dried blueberries, vanilla bean and organic mountain-grown catnip. The result is an easy drinking pale ale that finishes like this morning's blueberry muffin. Be sure to hide the cats, they might take a shine to this one.

Average Scores

Overall: 74 (logged 24 times)
Draft: 73 (logged 10 times)
Can: 50 (logged 1 time)
Bottle: 80 (logged 7 times)
Nitro Draft: 74 (logged 6 times)

Who's been drinking this

In no way does this blueberry taste real, but it tastes enjoyable. Continues to be compelling in an unexplainable way.
Can at Work
Draft at Work
Pretty good stuff. Maybe now I know why Tolstoy drools all over those catnip bananas I buy him.
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Stronger bitter finish, bottle was sweetly bland by comparison.
I'm convinced that this batch is better on draft than in the bottle. The herbal bitterness I remembered was fully in presence, and offset the sweet berry very well.
This shouldn't work but it does. Delicate hints of blueberry and vanilla with a delightful smooth finish. Almost like a blueberry muffin.
Still good, but not as crisp and fresh as in draft.
Bottle tasting
A little sweeter, and less herbal bitterness than I remember on draft. Just a tiny step down.
Still very enjoyable with its blueberry muffin flavors and herbal bitterness.
Not sure if it was nitro vs CO2 or just the flavor in general, but this was very different than my memory from two years ago. Blueberry is just a hint, with a kind of pie crust malt sweetness taking the spotlight. The finish is a moderate herbal bitterness which I think is new, and actually quite appealing. This beer is a legitimate winner now, rather than an enjoyable curiosity.
Blueberry flavor reminds a lot of blueberry muffins. Hard to identify herbal taste, probably the catnip. End with a pleasing bitterness
Not as nice this time. I think my food didn't mesh well, or it was too cold when I got it -- less blueberry, more accentuated bitter finish.
This shouldn't work at all -- the hyper-real blueberry flavor, the bubblegum overtones, hint of melon -- but it's a smooth, sweet-but-not-too clear ale that just feels right on a Summer day... and oh so good on nitro.
Blueberries, and the good kind, not the artificial "blue" kind. The blueberry/melon taste finishes very well. Nice to just smell.