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Francis is a member of Odin DBRD.
Francis has logged 483 beers a total of 533 times.
Francis's favorite beer so far seems to be Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee: 100 (logged 3 times)
Francis's most often logged beer so far is Black Raven Pour Les Oiseaux Barrel-Aged Saison Ale: 72 (logged 5 times)
Francis's favorite type of beer seems to be Stout.

Francis's Log

A little on the weird side but still somehow smooth.
Dry sweet strong molasses burnt flavors.
Some nice round fruity flavors.
Very woody and smooth.
Reuben's BBIS (unknown release)
Nice coffee flavors.
Very smooth for a sour. Not too powerful. Nice mustard flavors.
Really like the vanilla flavors. Might be a little bit sweet.
The coconut flavor is really nice!
Nice coffee flavors but a little bit bland after the others I just had.
A little too sweet, strong cinamon flavors. Some coconut as well?
Avery Tweak (2013)
A little too sweet.
The flavors are too strong. Too much peppermint and cinnamon. 2015 Release.
Good sweet with nice coffee flavors. I'm also getting lyche flavors.
Good bourbon and coffee flavors. Very well balanced.
Strong resinous flavors with mild bitterness. A little sweet too.
Very smooth. Chocolate, caramel, roasted flavors.
Similar to the green maybe a little lighter. Cherry flavors are more prominent.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Almost as good as the white. Not too sweet somewhat more fruitier. Has a very faint sweetness.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Less buttery, sweeter. Ending is a little more flat? Raisins dark fruits.
Bottle at Xbeer One
More fruity and more oaky. Raisins, dark fruits.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Amazing and very smooth. Molasses, caramel, smooth bourbon, buttery, dark fruits.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very fruity and light. Very light bitterness for an ipa. Tropical fruits, pineapple, citrus.
Very fruity ipa. Citrus, mango, pineapple. Surprisingly not too bitter for an imperia ipa.
Dark chocolate, molasses, plum, dark fruits. Very good.
Very well made beer. Some nice caramel flavors. I'm also getting a very slight sourness.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Has an offensive smell but the hops flavors are nice and fresh.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Roasted flavors. A little shallow but enjoyable.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very smooth. Dark chocolate, molasses. The one year of aging really smooths out the booziness.
Simply delicious. Nice dark chocolate, bourbon and roasted flavors. Maybe a little bit too boozy.
Pretty much an IPA with nice citrusy resinous hops flavors with a mild bitterness.
Strong chai flavors. The vanilla ones are more subtle. Pretty enjoyable.
Caramel, molasses, dark fruit and boozy flavors.
A sour Belgian style milk stout.
Very sour, with some nice raspberry flavors. Has a little of a pickled flavor though.
Pungent sour smells. Very sour flavor with some hints of olive flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Tastes like fresh hops. Crisp floral and citrusy flavors with a pretty bitter ending.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very crisp with nice cereal flavors. Some fruity plum flavors in the end.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Good, spices are not too strong.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Pretty good, nice dry roasted flavors.
Nice bitter coffee flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Smells like caramel hard candies. Caramel and buttery flavors. Pretty good.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Enlightenment Bière Brut (unknown release)
Sour smells. Nice flavors with some yeast funkiness. Herbal flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Fruity, somewhat bitter, good yeast funkyness. Some of that tripel honey like sweetness.
Very smooth with strong and dry roasted coffee flavors.
Good barrel aged stout. Roasted, caramel, oak, molasses flavors. Has some kind a of weird bitter funkiness to it
I wouldn't call this a stout. It tastes more like a Amber with strong malt flavors. Has quite a hops bite. Metallic flavors. Some roastiness.
Mix is a little weird. The juniper and grapefruit flavors are quite strong but are smoothed out by the nitro conditioning.
Light smokiness, medium strong hops, roasted nuts.
Dark dried fruits flavors.
Has quite a boozy smell. Sweet and a little sour. Weird mix of flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Peculiar grape juice smell? Very peculiar taste. Some kind of weird grape sourness maybe? Maybe some ashes flavors?
Bottle at Xbeer One
Strong pumpkin pie smell. The pumpkin spice are nicely done.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Much more bitter with some woody flavors. I'm also getting some hints of marijuana in the smell?
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very citrusy and fresh. Not very bitter. Floral.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very fruity, dark fruits, a little bit syrupy.
Roasted pickled pepper flavors. It's actually enjoyable in a weird way. The acidity is a little bit low for a gose.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Sweet with nice very dry and roasted coffee flavors.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The tequila is really well done in this one! Not overly in your face and mixes well wit the stout flavors.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Delicious roasted coffee flavors. Nice sweetness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Fruity and refreshing with some Belgian yeast flavors.
Still one of my favorites! Smooth, buttery, dark fruits, molasses, caramel, dark chocolate.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Pretty good oatmeal stout. A little light though. Boozy, fruity, very slight carbonation.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Fruity hoppy, citrusy, bright, grapefruit.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Really good! The white wine flavored are really good and enjoyable!
Bottle at Xbeer One
That label... Nutty with some malt flavors. Light saltines
Huh that's a strange one. Too bitter but it does have an interesting carrot cake underlying flavor.
Smell like a banana bread with a lot of molasses. Tastes like drinking one too with some added caramelized flavors.
A bit of a skunked smell. Not as present in the taste though. Some interesting caramel and toasted flavors.
Wonderful coconut, vanilla smell. Similar flavors with some additional bitter flavors. I get some kind of rice pudding flavors?!?
Very dry chocolate flavors mixed with sour dark cherry flavors.
Reminds me of boiled vegetables. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower? Weird, but not terrible.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Quite lovely! Lots of bright fruity flavors. Grapefruit, orange, flowers. Low bitterness.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Tastes dry and bitter after the brew 1000. Still pretty good
Very smooth, sweet, buttery, dark fruit flavors. Boozy.
Quite sweet AND bitter. Raspberry flavors are quite strong but don't really mix well with the bitterness. Gets better once your mouth is used to the bitterness.
Bottle at Home
Actually like this pumpkin one. The spices are actually pleasant.
Pretty good with some interesting vegetal flavors. No traces of the Christmas spices I despise so much in pumpkin beers.
Water with very faint beer flavors.
Quite good. The green chili flavors are clearly present but almost without any spiciness.
Wonderful smell with some marshmallow aromas. Very smooth oak and molasses flavors.
Very crisp and refreshing.
Very sweet, has nice roasted nuts flavors. Reminds me a little of some waffle cookies.
Light for a saison. Still had some tang to it. Some yeast bitterness as well.
Super fresh hops aromas and flavors. Very tame bitterness for an ipa. An amazing IPA.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Weird fruity aroma, reminds me a little of sweet corn. Strong candied fruit sweetness. Way too sweet to be enjoyable.. almost like drinking cheap candies.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Weirdly neutral smell with maybe a slight tartness. I don't know what to think of this one. Some fruity flavors, but they feel like artificial candy fruit flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Smooth, lightly fruity aromas. Has a nice tart fruit flavor which is very interesting with the porter flavors. Finishes with light roasted flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Pure burnt coffee grind aroma (as well as some radish daikon ones?) Heavily burnt coffee and wood flavors. Maybe a little too strong tasting. Great in small amounts.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very smooth. Nice dark fruit flavors, molasses, chocolate flavors. Quite sweet maybe a little bit too much. Great in small quantities.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very enjoyable and refreshing. Seawheeze release.
Can at Xbeer One
Surprising, an octoberfest that I actually like.
Strong roasted flavors with just the tricky amount of sweetness.
Advertised as an aggressively hopped barleywine. Nice set barley wine flavors with some grapefruit flsvors from the hops. Interesting endin
Funky smell. Typical powerful tartness. Some hints of cinnamon flavors in the end. Enjoyable but I've had better gose before.
Boozy amber with some ipa flavors and bitterness.
Very hoppy, some fruity notes. Got slightly lost during the hike but at least we had an adequatly named beer.
Can at Not Mount Sawyer
Good toasted cereal flavors. Ends with a quite bitter burnt caramel flavor. Very similar to a scotch ale.
Just wow! Very fresh and fruity. Pineapple, grapefruit, orange and tropical fruits flavors. One of the best IPA I can remember drinking.
Can at Xbeer One
Good, but not mind blowing. It's a good thing the maple flavors are not too strong.
Can at Xbeer One
Nice and refreshing, but feels a little bit flat overall.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Wow, much more coffee bitterness than what I remembered.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Very enjoyable for an IPA. On the sweet side with honey and tea flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Quite refreshing, nice toastiness. Very drinkable.
Black Raven La Petite Mort (unknown release)
Very strong yeasty herbal flavors. Strong yeast bitterness. Good booziness.
Strong spiced flavors. Still not a fan of these kind of beers. Nice textures though.
Has a nice smooth texture. Nice hops flavors without being too bitter.
Very sweet with lot of apple pie spices.
Bottle at Home
Too sweet for me. Very pronounced safrole flavor, but you can tell there is some booze in there.
Surprisingly dry, flat and enjoyable.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Tastes just like a gingerbread cookies. Goes really well with the apple flavors.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Almost skunked smell. Nice cereal aromas. Quite pleasing taste with some sweetness. Quite refreshing.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Smells and tastes of granny smith apples. Hint of citrus flavors. Light bitterness and funkiness. Honey flavors.
Bottle at Home
Very nutty and quite bitter. Offensive smell though.
Bottle at Home
Skunked a little bit.
Feels a little flat overall. Has a weird sourness that covers most of the flavors. Good roasted flavor.
Had to try that Trader Joe's beer from my hometown! Clean with a lot of fruity and spicy yeast flavors. Light yeast bitterness.
Bottle at Home
Bottle. Sweet roasted caramel, chocolate and dried raisins flavors. Light body flavor.
Bottle at Home
Randall infused with strawberry, coconut and vanilla beans.
Nice roasted nuts flavors, sweet, bitter, caramel
Bottle at Xbeer One
Not too hoppy nice zing, roasted nuts smells, slightly boozy undertone
Bottle at Xbeer One
Strong yeast bitterness that mellows of after a few sips.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Not too syrupy, strong on ginger, nice carbonation.
Bottle at Xbeer One
Cleaner profile similar resinous hopiness pretty good
Well rounded resinous hopiness. Nice pepper flavor without any spiciness. Obvious cardamoms flavors. Leaves a pretty strong herbal flavor in the mouth.
Apple flavors yeast fruitoness, weirdness, very slight yeast bitterness
Light yeast bitterness and funkiness. Fruity yeast flavors. Prunes?
Strong yeast bitterness for a wit. Some wheat flavors.
Very strong roasted malt taste, even a little bit burnt. Slight cereal flavor, but other feels a little bit too clean.
Very nice. Tastes a little bit stronger than what I remembered. A little bit more bitter also. Otherwise it's a great barley wine with nice roasted caramel flavors.
Good stout nice roasyiness weird booziness
Very fresh and clean. Good hop and grain flavors
Lots of similarity with sticky monkey. Dark sweet fruit flavors buttery smell, very rich, the booziness is well hidden.
Nice caramel taste with light smokiness.
Bottle tasting
Reeeeealllly good! Good roastiness, not too boozy for the abv. Really, really good. Thankfully not as woody as the random barrell I was lucky to taste a few months ago. Had two of them :3 Can't believe the bottles were all gone in a few hours.
Exactly the kind of pleasing fruity tartness I enjoy. Nice subdued raspberry flavors.
Very nice, mild pumpkin pin spice flavors. Nice sweetness. Good thick round texture.

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