Black Raven Coco Jones Coconut Porter

Black Raven Brewing Company
Redmond, WA, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Type: Porter
Release: Limited Rotating
ABV: 5.6%
Bitterness: 38 IBU

From the brewer

Our Tamerlane Brown Porter, with it's subtle nut and coffee tones takes a delicious turn when infused with freshly toasted coconuts.

Average Scores

Overall: 80 (logged 29 times)
Draft: 79 (logged 18 times)
Bottle: 81 (logged 11 times)

Who's been drinking this

Draft at Work
Draft at Work
Draft at Work
Subtle sweetness, balanced malt body.
Far less opaque than my memory? Still very good, though.
Not as dry as the draft version. An excellent porter all around. Coconut flavors are still very very faint.
A great dry and roasty porter overall. The coconut smells and flavors were really faint. I was expecting them to be more present.
Good on draft! What's up with the recent bottles? Has the flavor one's looking for in this beer.
Sweet syrup smell. Drier taste from the bottle, a bit less body, more acidic finish. Noticeably lighter than on draft. Still good.
Pretty sure this was getting stale.
Bottle at Home
Coconut smell. Smooth coconut middle and finish. Acidic body with a nice dark-sweet cereal presence, but tangy finish.
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Black Coconutty 12th Man!!!!
Bottle at Karthik's
Bottle at A Friend's
Marvelously coco-nutty this time around on the smell and finish. My last bottle though. :(
Yummy sweet cereal body and crisp acidic tail. Good coconut presence.
Bottle at Home
Coconut cereal smell. Thin cereal profile with some moderate acidity at the end. Finishes with a mild pleasant coconut sheen. No tackiness. This is a beer that great barrel-aged beers comes from.
Beautiful, rich toasted coconut aroma which translates intact to the flavor. Dry, super clean finish. Aaaand, now I'm feeling really wistful for Possum Claus.