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“Pineapple” and “beer” do not mix. Or so I thought, prior to having this beer. I was utterly surprised at how well this worked. Just enough of the sweetness and tartness of the pineapple but not overwhelming. A true balance act.
Can at Home
I dunno… seems kinda normal and standard. Not in a bad way, just not in a creative and inspiring way either…
Bottle at Home
It’s not as complex as I expected this. But I do feel like a god.
I think someone gave this to me over the summer and I’ve only just gotten around to trying it in November. And I feel like this would have been even better on a sultry lazy summer evening… but even on a crisp cool night it’s pretty good. Definitely get the grassy, hoppy thing.
Can at Home
Well, I think it’s starting to go bad because if it’s supposed to taste like this, then yucky
Crowler at Home
A complexity that’s takes a few drops to come though. A tad on the sweet side for my liking but
Bottle at Home
A bit malty and cereal-y for me…
Bottle at Home
This has the unfortunate misfortune of following one of the best stouts I’ve had… but it is nice enough.
Truly a privilege to have had this beer. The balance, the sweet and the dry, the char and the smooth molasses. Sublime really.
Bottle at Roy’s
It’s like someone poured OJ into my beer.
A bit plain but fine.
Can at Friend’s house, Seattle
Refreshing and cool on a hot day. Surprisingly complex.
Very Smokey. Almost peaty. Like drinking an Islay but in Beer form. That’s probably sacrilegious to say. Oh well.
Bottle at Smaller
Maybe it was because it was on draft, maybe because it was fresher, maybe because it didn’t cross an ocean before being drunk, maybe it was just refreshing after walking three miles in 85 degree heat… maybe it was sipping a beer on the banks of the Tiber…
It’s so hot one can only drink lager. But this one is fine. You can taste the multi cultural history of Sicily in every drop. Or maybe that’s the sweat from my forehead. It’s hot.
I didn’t know dark lager was a thing. I wouldn’t quite say this is life changing, but I’ll certainly be seeking out more!
Draft at Farmstrong Taproom, Mt. Vernon
This is an excellent sour. Which coming from me is high praise. The fruit is just enough.
Draft at Blast 825 Brewery, Santa Maria
Single hop which actually agreed with me!
Draft at Blast 825 brewery, Santa Maria
Cinnamon actually goes really well in this stout. And nitro of course. Yum.
Nitro Draft at Blast 825 Brewery, Santa Maria
This went well with Portillo’s. Cut through the greasy well.
Can at Home
So. I’m trying not to let the earlier IPA color this but a little fatigue is setting in. Dark and brooding, the way this sort of thing should be.
Bottle at Home
So complex… one of the early rum aged stouts right? There’s something strange about rum aging, where you’d expect a sweetness but i actually find it brings out the wood more than whiskey barrel aging.
Bottle at Home
Molasses is the forward thing here. Thick heavy and stout.
Bottle at Home
I just didn’t really like something about this… it’s hard to place but almost reminiscent of old laundry… a dank mustiness that did not appeal.
Yeah this is nice. The coconut is not too overwhelming, it’s quite drinkable. Not too heavy.
You know there’s this weird subtle under taste here that doesn’t sit well with me. Otherwise it’s fine.
This is a very nice wheat beer. Crisp.
Nicely paired with the Cuban sandwich. A hearty, tad sweet stout that warmed on a cold rainy day.
I was waiting for the right occasion to open this beer that Gene brought us over the summer, and I’m happy to say that I shared it with Mike during his visit (first since lockdown) and that the beer is wonderful, a really pleasant sour that is complex and woody and fresh at once.
Bottle at Home
Like Apple-y beer.
Bottle at Chez Kim
After 11 years it was flat but still quite good. Not too sweet which is the way to do this… a little bit of molasses for me. Spice. Dark but not brooding.
Bottle at Chez Kim
I’m reminded of Homer Simpson asking Apu, “what do you have in the way of a dessert burrito?”
Bottle at Chez Kim
So the thing about Stella is this: it will always remind me of this dish that Gene made back when we were down-the-hall neighbors at the Sevi in Queen Anne. He might not even remember this, but I do, and will, forever. Because it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. And it had a bit of Stella in it. So Stella’s always gonna be alright in my book.
Bottle at The Teplitskys
Having enjoyed the Hell Quöllfrisch, I figured I’d try another beer from the same brewery, and they delivered! This one is much less musty, while maintaining a cereal base upon which some sweeter, almost fruit almost wildflower overtones mix. It’s nice.
Can at My Airbnb, Zermatt
Ugh. You cannot name something “Matterhorn” and be this dull. This is super unfortunate because I had even gone down to their brand new tasting room where I met the owner and talked him up and everything… only to find out that I was four months early… they were still working on opening it up to the public. So I did what I could and bought a bottle at the grocery store next door. At least I didn’t have to hide my disappointment in front of him…
Bottle at My Airbnb, Zermatt
Honestly i expected a little more complexity but it goes fine with my pulled pork sandwich.
I bought this beer to cook with, and had a little leftover, so I felt compelled to drink it. I think that is pretty much all that needs to be said.
Bottle at My Airbnb, Zermatt
A little musty, which isn’t really what I’m looking for in a lager, but somehow it worked fine. There was a wheaty malty body to it that really didn’t speak lager to me, so once I got over the dissonance from the label, and just savored a nice beer from the other side of the world while finally actually going there again… what more can one ask? Oh I forgot to mention that I chose this beer because it’s from Appenzell, which also makes some pretty yummy cheese.
Bottle at LX39 SFO-ZRH
I have no idea if i categorized this correctly but whatever. It’s good. Like I’m hanging out with people for the first time in over a year good.
Can at Home
Making Eden jealous.
Can at Home
Just a lingering bitterness that doesn’t quite sit with me
Can at Matt’s Place
Just a nice hint of the sweet malt but maintains the crisp lightness of a lager
Can at Matt’s Place
Normally not a fan of hoops forward beers but this one is fine.
Can at Matt’s Place
It’s just too weak and the thing about things that are flavored like piña coladas that aren’t piña colada’s is they are basically like drinking sunscreen
Funny thing is earlier tonight i passed up the piña colada for dark Cherry ice cream. And it’s the same with beer.
A beer poured by someone else on a perfect Midwest evening with friends and family outdoors? Maybe this skewed the results, but i don’t care.
There is an instant of really pleasant surprised confusion as the tea flavors hit (I had not read the label or prepared myself in any way to know what this beer was supposed to be about)… but then the just overwhelming sweetness and viscosity come through…. and it doesn’t work. Tea, even Earl Grey, is not supposed to be *thick*. It can be broody, heavy, moody, dark… many things. But not *thick* and basically that kinda ruins it. I’m pretty sure tea will never go with a thick beer like stout for me…
Bottle at Day 613958295 Isolationville
Superlative Urn beverage consumed with gratitude to Eden.
Bottle at Super Bowl LV party with ourselves
Really chocolatey and poured smooth. Maybe just a tad on the sweet side for me but solid.
Bottle at Home
Normally I would never say this, but this could have been just a tad sweeter. I’m sure everyone else loves it, and I might also have loved it any other time, but for some reason I wanted something with just a tinge of sweet with the sour in cherry and this was just short of that. Also, thanks Roy and Sara!
Bottle at Home
The cinnamon and chili are immediately present in the nose. So much so that I expected it to overpower the palate, but surprisingly, it balanced it really well with the cocoa. Very good. Just short of perfection. Also happy birthday Mike. Thanks for the beer!
Bottle at Home
Apparently I had this seven years ago. The beer is the same, but the world has changed.
Can at Home
I was trepidacious about this upon reading the label, but I’m pleased to report that the flavors are subtle. Almost too subtle. Like several sips in, the pepper finally starts accumulating enough to register. Otherwise, I have to admit I don’t really get the peanut here, even though it’s the third ingredient listed behind water and barley. Hmmm.
Can at Home Again, Home Again
Yes, I can taste the peaches. It also says something about Mango on the can. But really all of this is overshadowed by the fact that it is an IPA... with all that bitterness and general non-goodness.
Can at Home
Honestly it just tastes like any other IPA to me... which is to say, not something I’d go out of my way for. I read the label just now and it claims “notes of lemon and mango.” But uh, no, I don’t think so.
Can at Home
So if I’d wanted lime in my beer, I’d cut one up and squeeze it in myself. And not have started with an IPA. So... yeah.
Can at Home
First impression was a bit of a shock because I didn’t read the label, but after a few more sips, it started to really come together. I mean, this is pretty much eating a Mounds bar in liquid, alcoholic form. They should add some almonds to it and make it even better. Also, this is totally silly but I like the *feel* of the matte finish on the can. Yeah, I said that. It matters.
Can at Home
Very nice on a warm summer day. Good grainy flavor but smooth as you’d expect from a lager.
Can at Home
Thanks Roy! This was a nice farmy monky-almost ale. A nice way to spend a quarantine Friday.
Bottle at Home
Tasty. A little bitter but that’s rye for ya.
Draft at Rincon Beer Company, Rincon
It’s this or Medalla. Which means, pass the Ron del Barrilito, por favor!
Bottle at El Jibarito, San Juan
Sweet. Also I’m like 4 Ron del Barrilito 3 stars in so maybe rating system not entirely reliable.
Draft at La Taberna Lúpulo
Good cherry, a little sour, a little musty.
So I kept expecting sour and it just wasn’t there. Which in my younger days I might have thought was good, but this is just too fruity and sweet without that sour to balance.
The more I drink this the more complex it becomes. The port-barrel is niiice.
The coriander doesn’t hit you too hard which is a good thing.
Nice balance between the sweet and the not sweet
Draft at MacKenzie River Pizza, Bozeman
Nice and creamy smooth. Not too strong.
Another collaboration with Other Half and another winner
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
This was the best beer on the trip. A collaboration with Other Half, and the balance is excellent. Nice complex taste and lingering finish.
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
So this was presented as a dessert Stout and it's a bit wacky
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
The best of the porters here other than the collaboration. And it has the added sex appeal of üüümmmmlääüüts
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
This is their flagship porter,and it's solid.
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
Finally getting to some dark (real) beers... Alas this one was a little watery
Draft at Põhjala Taproom, Tallinn
The real birch leaves are awesome!
Draft at Pudel Baar, Tallinn
Doesn't seem very Kolshy but what do I know, I'm some sort of... buckaroo...
Draft at Žuvinė, Vilnius
Most lagers down here don't react too well to bullets...
Draft at Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square, Vilnius
Nice lager, reminds me a bit of a fuller Czech pilsner.
Draft at Muusu, Riga
Surprisingly agreeable given the hoppy description. It works though, the hops don't overwhelm. Nicely balanced and refreshing on a summer Baltic night.
Draft at Pudel Baar, Tallinn
Really unhoppy. Which, surprisingly, makes it taste kinda wrong.
Bottle at Lendav Taldrik, Tallinn
This is the best beer I've ever had... In Finland.
Draft at Stones, Helsinki
Bought this beer because it had the fewest number of words I could decipher. Turns out this is not a terrible way to choose beer after all!
Can at Lapland Hotel Bulevardi, Helsinki
I was expecting less bitter/hoppy...
Can at Home
Surprisingly oakey. Hinted at a stout almost. Or I was projecting my desires onto it...
Can at Home
It tastes better with the special moon landing labels.
Bottle at Home
Pleasant and fruity while also being a gose. Not my usual thing, but it was nice on a hot summer afternoon.
Bottle at Home
Having this midday was probably a mistake. It’s thick. Like molasses. That said, it was still a tasty meal.
Bottle at Home
You can taste the monastic idyll.
Smoke. Lots of smoke. Which I like.
Aged a bit but just short of perfection today...
Bottle at Casa de Calvin, Bothell
So perfectly balanced... Fruit is perfectly balanced by the sour and just that hint of mustiness.
Bottle at Casa de Calvin, Bothell
Light. Smells like POG. Which is kinda disturbingly good.
Bottle at Casa de Calvin, Bothell
This one is legitimately good. Creamy burnt sugar notes. Nicely oaked. Smooth on nitro. Hint of coffee and chocolate.
Yup finally a good one. Either that or in finally drunk enough to loosen up the higher ratings
I dunno. Just nothing standing out here. Kinda bland.
A bit too middle of the road... Not creamy enough
Too fruity for me but I do like the lemon on a hot summer night
A bit disappointingly watery...
Way better than I thought it would be. Goes perfectly with pork!
This was not as pineappley as I thought it was going to be. It was really good. Also, it was free because they had to tap a new keg and the server decided that ten minutes was a long time for me to be lounging by the pool without a drink.
Did I have this one at the brewery? I forget. If I did, I must have liked it enough to bring home a bottle. Which I then left in Mike’s car. Fortunately, he gave it back and now I have a nice little tasty, albeit fleeting, souvenir, from that trip.
Bottle at Home
So it was a bit old and I was afraid it was like skunked but it came into its own and was great.
Bottle at Beeeeves, Redmond
Right. Thick. But not quite sold on the coconut.
Bottle at Beeeeves, Redmond
So having spicy Thai is generally not good for beer tasting...
Just enough maltiness to make it interesting
I dunno. Maybe it’s me, but anything heavier than a lager doesn’t seem to go with Chinese food for me... which is a shame because this beer was pretty good. Just didn’t go well with dinner.
Nitro Draft at DTF, Seattle
Not too peachy not too sour. The way I like it.
Bottle at Addo, Seattle
It's yum+. Because it's better than the Fourth Wave. But not awesome level. It's like butter pecan ice cream in a beer. With coffee. And alcohol. How can you go wrong.
I dunno. Tasted like an IPA...
I just didn't like the funk
Just not really into the raspberries...
Meh. Could be penalizing for being late in the tasting but not impressed.
Surprisingly palatable IPA. Apparently I don't hate "hazy" IPAs... as much. Or something.
My favorite beer from today.
Standard annoying too bitter too hoppy IPA...
Just enough of the grapefruit and orange to keep it interesting.
Goes well with the blue cheese and bacon waffle fries...
Really long malty finish. If you're into that this is awesome. I'm not sure I am though....
Yeasty a bit.... But clean and crisp as you'd expect a pilsner to be.
Starts tame and then kicks in a bit before finishing nice and easy. Just a hint of malt? Grassy too but in a good way.
This was amazingly smooth and unbitter for an IPA.
Bottle at Home
This would have been a lot better if the Bears had won.
Can at Home
The freshness. Is so fresh.
Bottle at 雞家莊, Taipei
They started making this stuff under the Japanese occupation, just as my grandparents were born under the occupation, so it seemed appropriate to drink this while my uncles reminisced about their long and interesting lives under a free Taiwan.
Bottle at 雞家莊, Taipei
Well it has character. The label says "lager" but coulda fooled me.
Bottle at Home
Well it seemed good when I first started but then the Blandness just takes over and in the end it's just meh
Can at Home
I’m not into fruity beer but this seems drinkable.
A hint of celery or cucumber kinda in a bad way.
It’s bad when the best tasting thing you’ve had at a brewery is the cheese plate.
It reminds me of walking into a Hello Kitty store.
This would taste better if the Cubs were winning.
An IPA that actually isn’t an outright assault on my taste buds! But still an IPA, so let’s not get too excited here.
A bit watery. Reminds me of a rose wine. In a bad way.
Really coffeeey and chocolateley. Also, engineers do more after midnight than most people do all day...
Smells like URLACHER. No, not really it is a little too sweet and chocolateley
Really nice a bit malty but balanced and just the right hoppy
Wonder what this would be like sipped through a straw out of a box...
Stouty in a good way. Though a little bitter on the finish.
A little bitter for my taste but serviceable.
Not too bold, easy drinking summer brew.
This would be really good if I could get over the slight medicinal taste... unfortunately it gets more noticeable as you go not less.
Nice summer beer
Can at Home
I think they do these every once in a while but still felt special because we got the insider connection. I've never seen it anywhere else, anyway.
So I’m eating kinaa spicy food with this prolly not the best for partiality... also mike you’re missing the party get over here
I know somebody who works for Elysian now so of course it’s good.
Nice with dinner
Draft at Oak, Seattle
better with dark chocolate for sure
Nitro Can at Home
Super drinking time. Also, how do you categorize a draft that went into a can?
Draft at Home
Ooh. Aptly named. Very smooth and dangerous.
Bottle at My sister's, Flower Mound
The lighter, more watery offering from the pirates.
Bottle at Casa Miglis, Havana
First drink in Cuba! Are you surprised it was not a Cuba Libre? Also, finally a el presidente I can agree with!
Bottle at Some outdoor cafe on the Malecón, Havana
Cervezas para dia caliente. I use up all my Spanish!
Bottle at Porto Habana, Havana
I didn't even want to log this because apparently I've already logged it. Boo.
I dunno it's okay but it doesn't take me to Belgium
I think i only like this because it's on the nitro
Just not quite as complex as the cold smoke but smooth enough to drink on a nice summer night
a nicely balanced scotch ale that isn't Smokey at all because they named it after a kind of snow, not for its actually smokiness... Who's to know?
nice Berliner weisse which im not allowed to call sour. But this is what i wanted tonight yeah
Um there is this chalky malty overtone that i can't get over. Ugh
A quite serviceable porter. Nice hint of coffee
not as sour as i was expecting which is a good thing. Just a really nice refreshing tasty tart drink after 10 hours on the road
Surprisingly nice on this hot summer night
Really nicely balanced hops. A fragrant almost lavender hint on the finish. Great summer brew.
Watery. And now that matt and gene mention, fake fruity.
Matt pointed out a metallic aftertaste that once noticed, Cabot be ignored. Alas.
A little less character than I'd like but maybe i shoulda had this before the sour
Really nicely balanced. Just sour enough, not too bitter.
Just sweet enough that is tasty. Malty. Balanced.
This is good but I'm getting kinda tasted out.
I kinda like this dryness, but then again it's kinda plain.
I wanted to like this but it's the things that aren't ginger that Ms alle this kinda bleh.
So I was really looking forward to this but it just tastes weird. Too sweet? Something. I dunno.
The label says this is the perfect complement to summer fun but, well, it's not summer despite the nice weather, and watching the cubs lose is not fun. But the drinking is good.
Bottle at Home
look after a hard days climbing i'd drink pbr and call it fine. this was considerably better. that said, disappointingly, they no longer serve the lobster mac n cheese. booooooo
I bought this because I thought there is no way a beer could taste like a gin. But I dare say, this is like drinking a a G&T in beer form. Weird to be sure, but weirdly appealing.
Bottle at My hotel in Squamish
Not so vanilla-y that is distracts from the scotch aleness, which is a good thing. Nice variety on the standard offering.
Good choice for a nippy autumn evening.
Crisp, slight fruity taste, a bit of bitter but not bad.
Draft at Lou Malnati's, Chicago
Ok so once i got over the musty sock taste, it was actually really good. But it took a while to get over that bit.
Just sour enough, but really nice balance. Refreshing.
Summery crisp beer, the only complaint is the hops are a tad forward for my taste but i could see others really enjoying that.
Yes,a bit strange and bitter but still refreshing and light on a summer afternoon. Err morning. Right.
Nice easy summer beer. Complex enough on the palate though to keep you on your toes.

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