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Ooh. Aptly named. Very smooth and dangerous.
Bottle at My sister's, Flower Mound
The lighter, more watery offering from the pirates.
Bottle at Casa Miglis, Havana
First drink in Cuba! Are you surprised it was not a Cuba Libre? Also, finally a el presidente I can agree with!
Bottle at Some outdoor cafe on the Malecón, Havana
Cervezas para dia caliente. I use up all my Spanish!
Bottle at Porto Habana, Havana
I didn't even want to log this because apparently I've already logged it. Boo.
I dunno it's okay but it doesn't take me to Belgium
I think i only like this because it's on the nitro
Just not quite as complex as the cold smoke but smooth enough to drink on a nice summer night
a nicely balanced scotch ale that isn't Smokey at all because they named it after a kind of snow, not for its actually smokiness... Who's to know?
nice Berliner weisse which im not allowed to call sour. But this is what i wanted tonight yeah
Um there is this chalky malty overtone that i can't get over. Ugh
A quite serviceable porter. Nice hint of coffee
not as sour as i was expecting which is a good thing. Just a really nice refreshing tasty tart drink after 10 hours on the road
Surprisingly nice on this hot summer night
Really nicely balanced hops. A fragrant almost lavender hint on the finish. Great summer brew.
Watery. And now that matt and gene mention, fake fruity.
Matt pointed out a metallic aftertaste that once noticed, Cabot be ignored. Alas.
A little less character than I'd like but maybe i shoulda had this before the sour
Really nicely balanced. Just sour enough, not too bitter.
Just sweet enough that is tasty. Malty. Balanced.
This is good but I'm getting kinda tasted out.
I kinda like this dryness, but then again it's kinda plain.
I wanted to like this but it's the things that aren't ginger that Ms alle this kinda bleh.
So I was really looking forward to this but it just tastes weird. Too sweet? Something. I dunno.
The label says this is the perfect complement to summer fun but, well, it's not summer despite the nice weather, and watching the cubs lose is not fun. But the drinking is good.
Bottle at Home
look after a hard days climbing i'd drink pbr and call it fine. this was considerably better. that said, disappointingly, they no longer serve the lobster mac n cheese. booooooo
I bought this because I thought there is no way a beer could taste like a gin. But I dare say, this is like drinking a a G&T in beer form. Weird to be sure, but weirdly appealing.
Bottle at My hotel in Squamish
Not so vanilla-y that is distracts from the scotch aleness, which is a good thing. Nice variety on the standard offering.
Good choice for a nippy autumn evening.
Crisp, slight fruity taste, a bit of bitter but not bad.
Draft at Lou Malnati's, Chicago
Ok so once i got over the musty sock taste, it was actually really good. But it took a while to get over that bit.
Just sour enough, but really nice balance. Refreshing.
Summery crisp beer, the only complaint is the hops are a tad forward for my taste but i could see others really enjoying that.
Yes,a bit strange and bitter but still refreshing and light on a summer afternoon. Err morning. Right.
Nice easy summer beer. Complex enough on the palate though to keep you on your toes.
Nice chocolatey with hints of oak. Dark but not brooding.
Lavender was surprisingly subtle. Which is the key.
Smooth. Nutty. Balanced. Excellent on the nitro
Yah. The smoke. It overpowers. I mean seriously. I like Smokey drinks. And this is just too much.
Pretty sour. But also dark chocolate cherry cake. Works for me.
Decent stout,a little caramel and syrup, but pretty mild. Easy drinking.
I'm sure everything I've written about this beer is wrong. Even this part about it being a fine beverage to enjoy whilst one patiently awaits their friends at a bar, wondering who among the people here are the people you're supposed to know but don't....
Really smooth and easy drinking. Very light for a stout, which I'm not sure is a good thing but it's summer so not a bad thing either I suppose.
Refreshing, just a bit on the malty side but not too overpowering. Solid, almost citrus, grainy.
I'm just not particularly impressed by this porter... It's not bad, but it's nothing special.
Yummy. Almost coffee stouty. Smooth, creamy.
Excellent balance. Nutty, smooth, caramel. Easy drinking.
Very complex, a perfect balance of the thick molasses and the lingering oak finish. So easy drinking it's dangerous.
Bottle at Home
It doesn't taste very good, but it does sport a healthy 8%abv. Which works wonders on an empty stomach after climbing ice all day.
Can at Reynolds Hotel, Lillooet
Well today this didn't blow my socks off but it's still tasty.
Bottle at Karthik's
Today i liked this better than the serendipity but any given day they could go either way
Bottle at Karthik's
A little too sour for me
Bottle at Karthik's
A little syrupy today for my taste but I'm kinda all over the place today
Bottle at Karthik's
My least favorite of the fruity sours from ng... Still
Bottle at Karthik's
Creamy smoothness belies the 14%abv haha
Bottle at Karthik's
As good as last time.
Bottle at Karthik's
And a very Guinness inspired stout, that is to say, middle of the road, inoffensive, and kinda plain.
Cinnamon stands out, but the coffee is very subtle. Oaky, bourbony. Good.
Bottle at Home
The Bruery Tart of Darkness (unknown release)
This is very tart, which normally would be bad, but you happened to catch me in a transitional period. So like Sam Jackson, I'm gonna go easy on this.
Um this really needs some cream and sugar or something
So I'm not normally into light hoppy beers, but this one has a nice mouth feel and the hoops are nice and pine needley and grassy. Comes together well.
Ok so the problem here is that i want a stout to be smooth and dark and roasty and woody. Brooding if you will. The addition of fruit while innovative just seems too different, it changes the character, the whole point, of a stout.
I'm in a fruity mood tonight and this is nice and fruity. Not too over the top, maybe the nitro smooths it out.
Extremely tasty. Nice fruitiness and sourness.
Bottle at My parents house
A fine dark lager. Nice winter drink goes down easy.
Bottle at My parents house
"I was wondering if you have anything in the way of a dessert burrito?"
Wait two naked women? Oh wait I'm getting beer names mashed up...
Probably should have tasted this before the coffee stout, oh well. Still seemed solid.
It's not a cider. It's a beer. But tastes like apples. Which creates a cognitive dissonance that may be worth it just for that. But I'm not sure exactly how I'd feel about this on a second tasting...
I mean yeah i guess i can see why it's their most popular beer but it just seems kinda middle of the road nothing special to me. I'd have been annoyed if I'd driven three hours just for this. Fortunately there are other beers here.
Usually these coffee stouts are too coffeeey but this one balances the coffee and the stout well.
Now that is a Viking drink, err ship
Um. I dunno about this ice cream and beer mix. Yah.... No
A little sweet to me, but decent
Better than i remember apparently
I probably shouldn't have had this after the bourbon barrel stout, but oh well
Beer. Ice. Yes.
Draft at Bozeman Ice Festival
I see that others have also paired this beer with soup.
Bottle at Pho Bac, Seattle
Tasty. So tasty it'd be worth walking a block over to a friend's place to drink.
Bottle at Karthik's
Molasses. Thick, heavy molasses. Like the time Boston was covered in molasses.
Bottle at Karthik's
Smoother than i expected. Nice nutty flavor.
Can at Home
So this is the proper level of sweet in a beer.
The lemon and honey are nice but it just seems a bit lacking in the beer department if that makes any sense.
Gotta have some gumbo with this. I swear it makes the world slow down to bayou time.
Draft at Manning's, Nola
Doesn't stand out as much as i expect Belgian ales to, but not terrible...
Draft at Park Public House, Seattle
They were out of everything that i wanted to try, so i just went with this.
Draft at Sully's Snowgoose Saloon, Seattle
Like a less sour, more heavy bottom chocolate roundness version of one of my favorites, the framboise boon...
Great nose, but the first taste kind of hits you with a left hook of salty sourness. The thing is, maybe tonight i am in the mood to be pummeled by salt and sour...
Not much of note... It's not bad, but nothing stands out as good either.
The problem is you don't get any of this cucumber on the nose so you think you're just drinking a Belgian beer, but then you taste it and whoa! Someone spilled cucumber water into my beer!
The hint of toasted barley on the finish is nice.
Pretty good for a sour... I'm starting to get this whole sour thing, darn you all, especially you, Matt.
Kind of middle of road as far as scotch ales go...
Well i was thinking this would be a good choice on a hot summer night but I'm just not into fruity beer... Or at least non-sour fruity beer. Or maybe i just didn't like this one.
Not very bloody orange. Not terribly great...
Bottle at Sunshine's
The only positive thing is that the label has a depiction of Smith Rock... But the beer was kinda not super.
Bottle at Sunshine's
Very floral but really perfect for a hot summer evening
A little weird on the nitro, but pretty refreshing if a tad on the bitter side for me.
good hearty stout, nice and thick and woody
a bit too chocolatey but if you're into the sweet thing i get it
I actually get hints of oak and if course for me this is great.
I'm just logging this because Mike told me i have to log my Wednesday night beers.
Good roasty flavor, a tad bitter. Medium finish. Kinda middle of the road porter.
Sour but not pucker sour. Just complex and balanced enough to make it work for me... Oh yeah and the next great drinking game will be pronouncing the name of this brewery while drunk..,
I just like milk stouts and this one is pretty representative of the category but I was promised rye and that I find missing so...
A little musty as how I'd expect beer from monks... I have to be in the right mood but this works for me
Just enough fruit sweetness to balance out the slight sourness. It works for me.
What Eden said. Basically I'm disappointed because I thought the cherry would be tart and it's just not there.
Probably my favorite non stout/dark/porter whatever beer so far. The nose was slightly sweet and floral, and the smooth way it goes down is sublime. Maybe the only shortcoming is the finish doesn't linger long.
Grassy, not too much hop and not bitter.
A nice refreshing beverage for a nice day.
I liked this more than the smoked but still not stoppin' the show...
Yeah this just doesn't move me like I expect a hearty porter to. I have pretty high standards for stouts and porters, especially smoked stuff...
Hate to say but apparently ya need gluten to make something properly "stout..."
Gluten free Trappist monks! Or something...
Bellevue CDA (2015)
Nice floral character on the hops. Better than I expected.
Normally not a fan of the sour but this one is quite good. Complex. Takes a few sips to really get the gist.
Ok this is EXACTLY like drinking a Lagavulin 16 in beer form. Which is a good thing. Just short of awesome.
A little too subtle for me.
Not to barrel ageing forward if that means anything to you... Tasty
A great coffee nose and a good lingering finish, sweet but not overly so. Nice balance.
Yeah I was drawn in by the promise of toffee and it delivered.
Pretty smooth,a nice hardy complement to a heavy burger.
My second Innis & Gunn and a total winner. Tasty. Smooth. Light oak prefect for a cold Chicago night with friends
Roy thinks I should rate this higher but I am not that drunk yet
There are dancing bears on the wall. Oh the beer... Is a bit bitter for me but I want to like it. I just kind of don't
Floral and happy but with a slight tinge of bitter
Kind of middle of the road... Nothing stands out but it's quite pleasant to drink.
Tastes like xmas
Bottle at Aunt Linda's
Musty. It tastes like it came from hundred year old monastic tradition.
Uh. You know those Glade Plug ins with the potpourri scent? Drink that.
Scaldis Noël (unknown release)
Too sweet. Too much alcohol too. Normally this is not a bad thing but...
Just too sweet for me tonight. Maybe they used Knob Creek bourbon barrels because I think that's too sweet too...
On the nose it was very cinnamon or gingerbread which was cause for concern, but on the palate it was a proper hearty stout.
Well here's the thing, the first thing I thought of was pineapple juice... Yeah. Weird. But. Strangely good. Definitely very different.
A bit wheaty or malty to me... I dunno. Just not terribly memorable.
Tough to be first on a flight but I was not hugely impressed. Hard to get the port out of it.
How can you go wrong with mesquite! Smoke em if you got enough!
Quite good though apparently mesquite smoking does wonders for this.
It's been far too long since I picked beers solely on their climbing related names or descriptions.
Can at Home
More bitter than I typically desire. And yeah tasted stronger than advertised...
Man why did you tell me this reminds you of soy sauce? No but seriously this particular pint was particularly soy saucey...
Nitro Draft at Lucky Strike, Bellevue
I mean this isn't like the first Stella I've ever had... But it's the first Stella I've logged on Mike's birthday!
Glad I didn't read Eden's review before I tasted this because yeah looking back it looks ugly but it does taste quite good.
I've actually had this beer a bunch of times so I was surprised that I hadn't logged it but it's pretty much a middle of the road stout to me... Nothing to special but not all bad either.
Bottle at Seahawks stadium or whatever they've sold it out to be called now
Definitely smooth. I mean I hate to draw Guinness into it but in my mind this is basically a lighter smoother Guinness for when the mood doesn't call for the dark brooding... Reticence of the stout.
Nitro Draft at O'Donnell's, Seattle
This was terrible. I was warned. Twice. And then I ordered it anyway. Bad. Idea. I mean it was basically rotted carbonated raspberry flavored water. Ugh.
This is the driest cider I've ever had. Not sure that's a good thing yet.
This is probably blasphemy but I swear it's better than some Champagnes I've had.
Strawberry fields forever...
I don't always drink sour. But when I do, I make it Woo Tang.
Um. Very disturbing. But it happened to catch me in a transitional phase so I'll just say that it's the tyranny of evil men and I'm a 9mm.
I felt like I needed the bell bottoms.
As the evening draws you in, the dark malty goodness envelops you.
Refreshing and cold. All I care about after a day in the mountains.
Smooth. A bit... Non descript... But sort if in a good way.
Nitro Draft at Bar del Corso, Seattle
Bit bitter for me
Bottle at Home
The esoteric appeal is worth the beatings.
Bottle at Home
I expected more woodiness.
Draft at Oak, Seattle
A fine lager. Nice way to close out the weekend in Squamish. Went well with the Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese - far far and away the best item on their menu.
I found this more scotch ale-like than their scotch ale, go figure. This was the best beer I had there all weekend. Well balanced, and refreshing.
This was really just not that good. Even as the first beer I had after climbing ten pitches that day. Dude, I mean, even PBR was more refreshing after a long climbing day. Seriously, if you can't satisfy me after climbing, you gotta be baaaad.
A little light for my tastes when it comes to stout, almost a bit too sweet and smooth.
They say it has six varieties of malt and five varieties of hops and a bunch of other things and when it all comes together in your mouth... well, it is definitely a bit of a jumble. But a pretty tasty jumble. Tasty and thick jumble.
This was the least scotch ale-like scotch ale I've ever had. In a not so good way...
A refreshing beverage for the outdoors.
Growler at Panorama Point Campground, Baker Lake, WA
Takes a moment for the flavor to kick in. But not really worth waiting for...

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