Goose Island Bourbon County Kentucky Fog Stout

Goose Island Beer Company
Chicago, IL, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Type: Stout
Bitterness: 60 IBU

From the brewer

We’re excited to debut our first-ever tea-inspired variant. Brewer Paul Cade brought this idea to life, inspired by his girlfriend, Martha, who prefers tea over coffee. Our Bourbon County Kentucky Fog Stout is a take on the London Fog tea drink. With that flavor profile in mind, we added Earl Grey Tea and Black Tea from Kilogram Tea, as well as clover honey from The Honey House, to make a Bourbon County Stout variant with a complexity like none before. Trust us, you’ll just have to try it.

Average Scores

Overall: 54 (logged 2 times)
Bottle: 54 (logged 2 times)

Who's been drinking this

2020 release
There is an instant of really pleasant surprised confusion as the tea flavors hit (I had not read the label or prepared myself in any way to know what this beer was supposed to be about)… but then the just overwhelming sweetness and viscosity come through…. and it doesn’t work. Tea, even Earl Grey, is not supposed to be *thick*. It can be broody, heavy, moody, dark… many things. But not *thick* and basically that kinda ruins it. I’m pretty sure tea will never go with a thick beer like stout for me…
Bottle at Day 613958295 Isolationville
2020 release
So I love Earl Grey and was super excited for this, but I’m really not feeling it here. The base beer overwhelms the subtlety of the teas and they end up turning into a weirdly herbal, perfumey and bitter aftertaste.