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2014-10-08: Redhook Pilsner
2014-07-12: Stiegl Radler

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Pretty restrained for Skookum, which still means it's hella robust. It does manage not to be completely over the top. Medium-thick, roasty, decently sweet without being syrupy, caramel bourbon notes.
Can at Home
I don't remember it very well, other than I thought it was tasty.
Might be my last time here, so I started with a nostalgia play. Light, sweet, creamy, chocolately. Wasn't even ruined by the nitro. Good memories.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
Slightly tangy opening gave me flashbacks to the bad crowler from Public Coast, but this ended up being really light and refreshing.
Breakside Sunripened (unknown release)
Not sure if the flavor changed with age but this was light, lightly fruity, definitely strong nectarine flavors but for me the chamomile was almost overwhelming. Doesn't match at all with previous logs so this was either the beer changing in the bottle or my taste buds were killed by the gone-bad crowler I previously had.
Bottle at Home
Almost a year old crowler, my fault. I just didn't feel good openeing 32 ounces of beer without anyone to share with. This had almost certainly gone bad, it was sour and thin.
Can at Home
This was really delicious; a strong, forward, almost metallic bitterness that creates a stiff backbone against which the rest of the flavors (caramel, hop) sparkle. A lot of the flavors I recognize from cask bitters in the UK but more focused; less pungent; worked in its favor.
Bottle at Home
Not sure which release this is; the website only goes up to fifth edition right now (but those are bottles). Definitely on the dry, funky, horsey side, but in a pleasant, understated way. Definitely some estery Belgian flavors involed. Worked really well with what I can only call a sophisticated meal.
Smells smoothly sweet but highly alcoholic. Pours with a thick, dark brown head. A profoundly roasty stout, true to the Yeti name, but smoothed out with buttery coconut and lactose. Slightly smoky. Gives you a bit of that burnt sugar headache but never quite crosses the line into too sweet.
Can at Home
I've liked this beer before but I wasn't feeling this at all today. Tasted a bit bubblegummy and overly hoppy, more like an IPL.
Nice flavors but just a bit over the top sour to be truly enjoyable. Clean and fizzy, bit salty on the lips, maybe a hint of apricot but otherwise ambiguous. Finish is slightly buttery but quite outbalanced by the lingering tartness.
Sweet initial taste but disappears perfectly away and doesn't over stay it's welcome. Unmistakeable pineapple smell and taste, maybe that's what I really like. Whatever this is this is a perfect summer beer.
Pleasant, sweetish helles, notably brackish finish.
I had my doubts but I actually quite enjoyed this. The lemon is just bitter enough, just tart enough, to offset a clearly sweet vanilla/lactose finish. Out of balance this could have been horrible but instead is about as good a gimmick beer (in this case, highly accurate to the name) tends to get.
Keg blew on this one. Seemed a little overly thick and still a bit over the top but I'm never going to complain about getting one of these for a dollar.
Bit of an oily beginning, a sweet bubblegum sheen that wasn't my favorite. Brackish finish but otherwise fairly clean - the end was the best, with a grassy, mellow grain flavor.
Can at Home
Grape-like. Medium thick, but not resinous at all. Doesn't hit you in the face like an "imperial," this is very drinkable.
Least favorite of the bunch. Mildly tart with hints of cocoa, but mostly just kind of blandly "creamy." Like most golden stouts, sits in kind of an uncanny valley.
Really have to squint to tell its strong, faintly fruity, but more like a fizzy liqueur but ends with a sweet corn syrup type of smoothness.