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2014-10-08: Redhook Pilsner
2014-07-12: Stiegl Radler

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… and an even straighter stout. It’s not as sweet as the Kali Ma, but it is on the sweet (cocoa? butter?) side. I had somewhat hoped for at least one beer today to be firmly in the humorless roasty category but looks like I didn’t choose well for that.
Hits the notes that Hubbard’s Cave missed. Sweet coffee with a light bodied stout, no weird, extraneous flavors. Still a bit on the sweet side and no roast to balance it, but positively normal after the past two outliers. Firmly in what I would consider breakfast stout territory.
Undrinkable! Intensely flavored, almost like dry cola syrup. Forward sweet, tacky, more unpleasant than the Hubbard’s Cave, which is saying something.
Lack of checking maltlog bit me here. Not good. Vegetal, weirdly smoky, super sweet. At least it’s not sour to boot, but more on that in a sec.
Thickish as you’d expect from Parabola. Strong mocha, fainter coconut… something of a stronger bitterness than expected to finish.
Slightly smoky, deep roast, medium thick mouthfeel that has a creamier and more caramel smoothness than you’d expect from the opening. Clearly very strong.
Wet - Grassy - Cereal - Sweet - Candied lime rind - dry - perfume
Dry roasted biscuit, yeasty bitterness, leaves throat fairly dry. Caramel.
Refreshing, tart, but clean sour raspberry. Only the tiniest hint of funk, this really doesn’t resemble a beer. Only knock is that off all the berry flavors, raspberry is my least favorite.
Clean, tasty. Fantastic sour profile.
Bottle at Mox
Only had a sip, it was pleasant, a bit funky, but I didn’t have a chance to make a real impression.