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2014-10-08: Redhook Pilsner
2014-07-12: Stiegl Radler

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Pours golden. Very nice, sour and dry, a bit salty on the lips but with a nice authentic guava flavor.
Round, malty, redolent of unspecified spice. Bitter finish. Tastes like a fruit beer without the fruit.
Pretty strongly bitter, and I hate to say “in a rubbery way” because it’s actually really quite good. Light lemon, some cloudy cereal funk, but all very dry in a way that leads really naturally into the bitterness.
Robust but creamy, mocha notes, high roast, malty as all get out. I enjoyed it!
Blandly sweet nitro red.
Nitro Draft
Looks like they changed the name. First taste seems great - a deeply hoppy, woody flavor that is offset by some cereal funk. It's nice, but on the fruit front there's a lingering citrus oiliness that outlasts the flavor and leaves the mouth dry, just a tad off-putting.
Holds up in character through the nitro, chocolatey, roasty, mellow.
Each new release of this beer seems a little less whiskey and a little more Scotch ale. Fairly thin, but mellow. Barrel is mostly wood and background. A fine beer for my birthday.
Almost nitro-flat but contributes to a very smooth opening. Finishes with a somewhat rounded hop (or rye?) bite at the end that reduced my enjoyment a smidge.
Seemed extremely overhopped for a blonde. I see previous notes like this, maybe it's always been this way?
Whereas I thought the Aloha Death was thin and fake-tasting, this was just the right amount of the right flavors. Otherwise, it's a light-ish stout-ish beer like the other Irish Death variants, and just as enjoyable.
Very tasty, fresh, Deschutes-like IPA. Not too piney.
Sweet, bitter, definitely a bock, but almost maibock-like in strength and sweetness. Almost skirts the edge of syrupy-sweet but doesn't get there, thankfully. Pretty enjoyable.
Lightly tart, champagne-grape notes with sweet cereal. Dry and clean, refreshing, very tasty.
Pretty far away from what I expected in a wit. Musty and vegetal, thin and a bit tart. Reminds me more than a little bit of a ginger or ginseng tea. Did not clock cranberry in this.
Forward-sweet, fragrant and hoppy. Slightly herbaceous. Dries pretty fast into a typically brackish Italian Pilsner finish but manages to stay sweet all the way through to the finish. Quite refreshing.
A decent if unremarkable malty amber. Bit of caramel, muted hops, not much of what I would call a rye bite. It certainly accompanied the food.
I quite liked this. Not sure I got more than a hint of pineapple, the overall impression is of a bitter orange, a nice pucker, but dry and clean. I've never had the cocktail and I gather grapefruit is involved? That's believable. But it tasted more orange to me.
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