Black Raven Great Grandfather Raven Bourbon Imperial Stout

Black Raven Brewing Company
Redmond, WA, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Release: Limited Rotating (vintaged)
ABV: 11.7%
Bitterness: 60 IBU

From the brewer

In the creator role, and in the Raven's role as the totem and ancestor, the Raven is often addressed as Grandfather Raven. With this stately sense of pomp and tradition we would be bringing you our Imperial Stout, Grandfather Raven. However, this is an older, grander bird that had spent over a year honing itself in a 20 year old bourbon barrel. Since then it has been maturing on stainless steel. This robust black ale is full with rich dark caramel, unsweetened chocolate, with hints of coffee all mellowed with smooth oak and top shelf bourbon notes. Stately indeed, but at 11.7% ABV, perhaps it is just a vain attempt to encourage the trickster spirit to act respectably. RARE BIRD!

Average Scores

Overall: 89 (logged 13 times)
Draft: 90 (logged 12 times)
Bottle: 83 (logged 1 time)

Who's been drinking this

2022 release
It's easy to take this one for granted, but I'm glad I tried it. Just super, super good.
2020 release
Always good. Not top tier, but quite tasty. On the roasty side, with a slight build up of ash, maybe. Noticeable but not overbearing whiskey flavors. One to nurse for a while but worth the whole glass.
2015 release
Still as excellent!
2015 release
Today this beer felt a lot stronger on the bourbon, but I may have been burned out on strong beer. It was still really tasty but a little less remarkable.
2015 release
Reeeeealllly good! Good roastiness, not too boozy for the abv. Really, really good. Thankfully not as woody as the random barrell I was lucky to taste a few months ago. Had two of them :3 Can't believe the bottles were all gone in a few hours.
2015 release
Dry, dark chocolate with subdued wood and a good amount of bourbon. This was more balanced than I remember - just absolutely delicious. I may have had more than I should have, but I was on the rebound from having missed the bottles (which sold out in an hour!).
2015 release
Do they blend the barrel and add it to the beer once they're done? It felt just like drinking a piece of wood. At some point I was worried it would trigger my pollen allergies. Nonetheless it's a pretty good beer with very strong barrel aged traits, vanilla flavors. It's also quite boozy.
unknown release
2011 release
Thick and raw, this may have been aged three years but still has the fire of a young barrel-aged stout. Lots of bourbon, and some dry woodiness as well. (6 oz goblet)