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Oy plagiarized my donut comment. High octane maple glazed cinnamon bun. Very sweet. Instant drunk while trying to cook dinner. Dangerous.
Bottle at Home
Far too malty for my taste. Not what I typically go for in an IPA.
Can at Home
Fruity with all the bitterness.
Bottle at Home
I second this post but read in your best pretentious theater voice: “Served in a taster at a Flanders Red tasting event. The impressive front-runner, easily going toe-to-toe with Grand Cru and Charactre Rouge. Pours a gorgeous ruby-amber with a respectable head. The nose is the strong balsalmic vinegar of Duchesse, but more balanced with dark fruits and sharp acidity. The palate, similarly, hits the high notes of Duchesse (vinegar galore), but adds further nuance with cherry and other dark fruit notes (akin actually, to Alexander). Med mouthfeel. An incredible beer. Not one I had heard of before the tasting event, and one I was exceedingly excited to try. Stands up to the best of the Flanders Red scene.“
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Still very good.
Bottle at Home
Can smell vanilla but don’t taste it. Quite sour and slightly musty, smooth tart cherry finish. Like it!
Bottle at Home
Could be a little more IPA-like. Unexpectedly light and sweet. Good. I may be underrating it.
Bottle at Home
Think this is the only kolsch I’ve liked. Light, pleasant, cereal and a little funk.
Bottle at Home
Still doesn’t taste like peach.
Can at Home
This is good. Not sure I’m picking up the peach. Also, peach body lotion is a sign of poor character.
Expected more bitterness for 102IBU. Heavy on the toasty/malt so I don’t really catch much citrus or pine. It is more floral. Not super interesting but it is a decent DIPA I suppose. Boozy. Oh... I feel the boozy.
Fruity sour IPA. Surprisingly good.
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Tastes like dark chocolate covered lamb.
Bottle at Home
Draft at Salt and Iron, Edmonds WA
Draft at Salt and Iron, Edmonds wa
Not bitter enough for a bitter. Whatever redeeming qualities it has are overshadowed by how week and watery this beer is.
Biscoff cookies, OJ and prunes. The JUICE for my Festivus Feats of Strength.
Bottle at Home
Vanilla-oak & perfume-resin/frankincense-y. This was quite good and I feel bad to be drinking Mike’s one bottle without Mike. I’ll see if I can replace this bottle next time I’m in Bham. Thank you!
Bottle at Home
Two Kraken short of a triple Kraken
Bottle at Home
I spy a glass of this left in the bottle for me. Woah. Boozy & Chocolate. I’m suddenly very sleepy...
Bottle at Home
Lots of cereal and citrus. A bit of an odd IPA but not unpleasant even though I like more bitter varieties.
Bottle at Home
Other one was better. Also, portishead sucks. Thanks for ruining it, Oy!
Finally! BEER! So good. Tastes like not being a human incubator... and citrus.
Bottle at Home
Not as cherry as other cherry red beers but good otherwise.
Bottle at Home
Loaded with mango and jasmine. Solid on the bitterness. Very good.
I entered this as “Great Trees” and it’s my 4th flight sample. I’m beyond rating beer after 2.5.
Clean, grapefruit, fresh... but compared to what they have here, it isn’t winning any awards tonight. Not the most interesting IPA on tap.
Citrus and bright herbs (lemon balm, oregano, mint-ish). Wheat. Clean. Pleasantly bitter. Probably the best of the night.
Less bitter this time. Still agree with the asprin and roasted squash. Agreeable.
Warm Beer, right. Reminds me of a malty beer version of roasted dandelion root tea.
Cask at Grayfriars Bobby, Edinburgh, Scotland
Better than any of the weird samples Roy is insisting on assaulting me with tonight.
This tastes like beer...mixed with the dried residue of McDonalds BBQ sauce.
Yuck. Cheap malty beer taste with molasses.
Probably my favorite beer among McMenamins current offerings. Which doesn’t say a lot for it, but a pleasant ESB. Fosho.
Solid but I expect better from Stone IPAs, so this is only decent.
Rye is more smoke than spice. The beer is still agreeable without the expected burn.
Gah! So spicy! TOO SPICY! Tastes exactly like Tims Cascade jalapeño chips. Hated this beer abomination.
So good I ordered two pints and nothing else. I’m too sloshed to fully articulate its greatness (two pints!). Roy hated it but the bartender AND the two rando-guys from Illinois at the other table agreed, this is the best.
I’ll just add what Mr T said here because he so rarely gives a description: “Mmmmmmm. Smells like something worn many, many times by a lady of the night.” “I can smell the arthropods.” “Are you trying to get me drunk?”
Bottle at Home
Very bitter, like chewing aspirin. So hoppy I think it stings. Grapefruit and something mellow like... roasted squash? Weird. I like it.
Woah. What is this... so good. Like I’ve been punched in the face with a bitter fistfull of jasmine flowers and... I like it. Again!
Whhhhheaaaatttyyyt. Not bad. Dunno. Maybe. I had a glass of Rye before this so I’m not entirely sure where I am. I do know it is PROM night though! Gonna get down and get funky. Mark’s plum sour is dance fuel. Mr T just commented that Maltlog is really just my “drunk log” and he would be correct. On this date, I was toasted. FIN.
Another go at the salty sour. Still overwhelmingly salty upfront but that evolves into a very pleasant toasty wheat once the grimace fades. Don’t love it, but it is gonna do the job tonight.
Think it was good. Dunno? They said it went well with salmon eggs or something. I’m dying so there probably isn’t any point to logging. Ughhhhhh.
Bottle at Altura, Seattle
It’s all right. The prunes and burnt tire rubber go together so well, like the elderly and the fast and the furious.
Bottle at Home
Pretty good stuff. Maybe now I know why Tolstoy drools all over those catnip bananas I buy him.
Bottle at Home
I like this, it is well balanced, smooth and interesting. Maybe really like it. However, after 3.5 hours of sleep and 30 some odd hours of work in two days, I’m anything but smooth and interesting. I’ve got poutine in my lap and I’m earning “you’re scary” comments from Mr. T.
Roy would call this one of those "cat litter flavored beers." At least I think so, as all he said after trying it was "ellllchhhh." Lots of pine and hoppy bitterness here. Light citrus. Think I like it.
Leather & Pine. Very Malty. Roy disagrees about the leather, which may be due to never having actually "eaten leather." I told him we'll see and what happens in Canada stays in Canada.
Draft at OLO, Victoria
Not sure I'd ID this as passionfruit but it isn't bad, in a salty sour kinda way. Either that or Roy's interpretation of "season generously with salt" when cooking dinner is having some influence here.
Bottle at Home
Not feeling how chunky this is. It is like super pulp-a-riffic orange juice and it isn't orange juice, it is blueberry and thus a pulpy abomination.
Bottle at Home
Can't recall anything about it, one glass had me hammered. I think I liked it? It seemed very dark??? I don't remember most of yesterday evening now.
Bottle at Home
The Ex-husband left me two bottles of his favorite pumpkin beer as a gift a few weeks ago. Roy thinks it tastes like metal and could be poisoned but I know I'm still worth more alive than dead, so this heavily spiced pumpkin ale just tastes a bit like non-poisonous metal.
Bottle at Home
Can't log, Distracted by Matt talking about skulls and absinthe. Also, NPR's Cliff Mass and aggressive toast-buttering assault. Very timid American pale ale, acceptable but not memorable.
Came to blows fighting over the differences between a glass from the end of the keg and a glass from a fresh keg. There is a lot I could say about the beer, but all that matters is I am right and Matt and Jet are wrong. Okay, apparently I'm totally wrong about the kegs but still don't care. I'm totes right about it being watery. Also, who drinks pink unicorn juice? Wrong people, that's who. Beer tastes like evil koolaid.
Three beers in, I really can't judge. Mango & mineral. Sad Matt didn't win the "window Stalin." :(((
BINGO!!!! Bar bingo livin' large tonight, baby! I win you some free corn fritters! I got chu! You know, this doesn't taste of rye at all.
Odd IPA for 121 IBU, not bitter. Slight Tutti-frutti aroma, burnt bitter chocolate and a malty finish. I'm not in love with it. Roy seems enthralled by how weird it is.
Strong toffee & roasted nut. Very bitter but also pleasantly smooth.
Midori, green apple and LOADS of bubblegum. Wild.
It's beer. It's an IPA. I drank it. Drunkenly asking about who wins a two brothers arm wrestling contest on a taphouse tour. Jason apparently would win. I have my doubts though, I think Jim has deep rage beneath that quiet exterior. I think he's mad about the cheese curds too.
"Ooooooooooooooooooh. Wah? It isn't soapy! Shut yo mouth, Roy."
Bit lighter than expected. Vanilla and spice, not sure where the "strong" description comes into play here.
Honey, woody tobacco, light nut brown ale
Honey and bubblegum belgian, slightly creamy
Neither pine nor citrus, rye-like spice with a mellow finish.
Offensive on first sip, but growing on me a little... a very little. Bold. Hop and citrus spiked with several dissolved ibuprofen.
Meh. Sour. Citric acid and no character. Split the bottle and quarter of it is still in the fridge. Nuff said.
Bottle at Home
Hoppy with hint of orange and...cream? Wanted something bitter, but didn't really get that.
No. I may juice a real hipster to rinse my mouth. NO. NOT DIRTY, ROY.
Burnt toast and citrus, bitter finish.
Very smooth, grapefruit. Not much character for an IPA.
Not a very bitter IPA (actually tolerated by Roy). Standard resin and citrus but with a woody slightly dry cocoa finish. Odd but not unpleasant.
Floral, orange, wheat and wine-like, dry and minerally similar to a gruner veltliner. Really like this one, excellent pairing with a light summer dinner.
Bottle at Home
Tastes like danger. If danger was a wet boiled peanut wearing an Alex Trebek wig. Weaksauce!
Are you gonna' log that? Are you gonna' log that? Are you gonna' log that? Yea! I AM! Ooh more gingery than the last two ginger beers I had--the rye helps.
Ipa mixed with the milk leftover from a bowl of frosted flakes, only better because it is almond milk and it hasn't been sitting out for more than an hour or two.
Sour lemonade infused with socks and Roy's sour-eww-face tears. No hint of ginger.
Introduced Roy to Skunk cabbage in the woods today. This beer tastes like that. Which either makes it interesting or unpleasant. Edit: decided I think like it. Reminds me of the swamp in a good way.
Citrus and woody. Sweet. Not a very aggressive IPA. Still, it results in Roy making a face like he is drinking Dawn soap, so I approve of it.
Citrus and a whiff of mold. Meh.
Slightly watery but better than other similar beers I had. Thirst quencher after dragging Roy through the woods.
"Beer flavored water. Still better than water!"