Elliott Bay Pizza Company

800 164th St SE

Suite L

Mill Creek, WA, United States of America

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Loaded with mango and jasmine. Solid on the bitterness. Very good.
This place looks like a hole in the wall but I bet it's hopping at night. This beer was opaque orange, very yeasty, lots of banana and apricot. Some dank hop juice in there as well? Dry, clean finish. Not my favorite style, but enjoyable.
At 9.7%, I was expecting something with more of a pure alcohol bite to it. Nope. It was a solid IPA that did not have that heavy over-alcoholed flavor.
Rarely do I encounter a beer that I cannot finish. Granted it was my fourth beer of the night, but it was so intensely over the top that I could only make it through about 12 of the 16 ounces.