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Very rich, butter and cornflakes, yeast Tang and grass. Takes a little away from crispness, but it is tasty.
Superb pale, piney, touch of Mandarin orange and buttery diacetyls. Super mellow finish.
Loving this new style. Sharper than the Bellevue version but just as good, if not better. Vinous and bracingly bitter.
Sometimes you get a second pint.
This is kind of catching me in the back of the throat with some barrel aged caramel flavor. I'm not liking it.
Not bad, a little more malt than a true Czech pils. But clear tasting, somewhat bitter (though apparently I can't taste such things anymore)
Can at Work
This is very Very very very lime. I mean, man!
Bottle at Work
I dunno, sort of fruity tart, I dunno. Not like a real sour.
Can at Work
Slightly clearer than a hazy IPA but with similar characteristics. Slightly dry opening, a clear resin character throughout. Sweet cereal finish mellows it out. Very well-balanced.
A very interesting blonde, kind of a murky, rooty opening but with very nice honey / buttery notes featuring prominently. Reminds me of my mom's ginseng tea. Clean, thin body with a light cereal finish. Would be interesting to compare to Double D but that wasn't an option. Yum!
See notes on Slackwater, because this beer was very similar. This one had a bit more alpha, somewhat less resin, making this a little more one-note in flavor (bitter, sweet). Very similar finish. Good, but I did like Slackwater better.
I liked this -- a lot -- last time but it didn't work so well today. Maybe because it was last in the flight after stronger beers, which is unlucky. Light, almost watery, nice coffee notes, slightly musty.
Tart and fruity, almost a little watery as I recall. Wasn't complex and definitely not great, but I didn't tire of it by the end so hey. Of course, it was just a 5oz taster, heh.
Coffee is nicely integrated, and not harsh or overpowering. Some comments from drinkers here that it's not a lot of flavor for a stout, and that's true, but still a nice, easy drink.
Bottle at Home
Good Belgian style. Light and easy to drink, even at its fairly robust 9%
Bottle at Home
Amber in color, Amber . . . In . . . Flavor? I never know how to describe country lagers/ales. There's a certain commonality with two brother's Domaine Du Page. But this is lighter, and probably a bit less flavorful. Honestly, I like it best in a mix with Totally Naked.
Bottle at Home
Drinking a beer, Totally Naked, what's not to like! More seriously, light, refreshing, not a lot more to it. It's like a really really light (in bitterness) Czech pilsner. Honestly, better if you pour it between Two Women.
Bottle at Home
This actually tastes somewhat like an American pilsner, clean, not too bitter, with a beery efforvescence. After a while, I start to notice the yeasty flavors of a Belgian, +which I don't remember from previously) which them comes to completely dominate the flavor profile.
Bottle at Home
The server assured me this wouldn't be sour like the other P-51s. The server was wrong. I mean, it wasn't as bad as I remember, slightly sour, slightly burnt. Otherwise decent smores flavors on top, but still not great.
You know, this beer isn't particularly good but it was interesting for one reason: I've never tasted a wheat beer that simply _tasted_ this much like wheat. Fun, for a taster at least.
I didn't finish it. It has an interesting tart ish taste as a component, but there is nothing else good about this beer. Not nearly enough to enjoy drinking it.
Hoppy taste was okay ish, but still starts off bitter and astringent like most IPAs. Not the worst, but also not much reason to seek it out either...
I mean, it was okay. Probably drinkable at least on a normal day, but I didn't finish the taster. Didn't enjoy it much.
The Mandarin didn't feel particularly pronounced. The rest of the beer didn't feel solid enough for me to really enjoy this when the Mandarin doesn't feel truly featured.
Round hops, lots of caramel and a fair bit of toasted malt. Constant background of bitterness, but a nice, wintery kind of amber.
This is drinkable, light, but not very notable. Crisp. The description is right in that it is mellow and without bitterness, but it is also without much character. Would be easy to chug a 6 pack, if that's what you were going for.
Can at Matt's place
Easy, refreshing, but with a grapefruit rind bitterness.
I’m not into fruity beer but this seems drinkable.
Dry, grapefruit, smacking me in the face! Also, only with Jet would I walk into a tap room in 2018 and find "Kiss The Girl" and "Part of Your World" playing.
Strong gose character, undisclosed fruit. :-)
A hint of celery or cucumber kinda in a bad way.
It’s bad when the best tasting thing you’ve had at a brewery is the cheese plate.
Smells funky. Tastes like nothing with a hint of sour. Honestly, it's fine, if a bit strange.
It reminds me of walking into a Hello Kitty store.
Sweetish, old hard candy taste, like a barrel aged.
Smells kind of skunky. Tastes like a weak MGD. I mean, whatever.
This would taste better if the Cubs were winning.
Just a kind of clean, standard beer. Jet suggested zucchini/celery flavors.
An IPA that actually isn’t an outright assault on my taste buds! But still an IPA, so let’s not get too excited here.
Bitter, crackily dry. Scent has some malt though, which is weird.
A bit watery. Reminds me of a rose wine. In a bad way.
Really coffeeey and chocolateley. Also, engineers do more after midnight than most people do all day...
Smells like URLACHER. No, not really it is a little too sweet and chocolateley
Smells like a fruity red, tastes like a fruity red. Well, with stout caramel on top, which makes it taste a lot like prunes. Tacky sourness lingers in the throat. Maybe this'll get better with age, but ... meh for now.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Sweetish drip coffee but with an unpleasant vegetal flavor right up front. Not so convenient.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This was really tasty. Reminds me a little of some Brett IPAs I've had, though this doesn't seem to have Brett. Slightly grapey, fruity but very dry. It's got the crispness of a nice champagne but definitely some hop fragrance and bitterness as well. If this is the new trend, I'm looking forward to it.
Really nice a bit malty but balanced and just the right hoppy
This was... kind of nasty. Smells good, but you're hit by a really funky, sweaty-something flavor to open. It goes fairly quickly to a sour, decent peach flavor, but the very next sip starts 100% funky all over again. Unlike many sours, this doesn't get better the more you drink.
The Herbfarm's menu says this is a pale ale, not a lager, although the flavor sits in the middle. Hoppy IPL-like, resin and sweet cereal.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Caramel coffee with light hop/yeast character. Comes off as fairly sweet-tasting. Not super in love with this, although I've definitely had worse in this style.
Pungent wood-sap IPA. Good flavors but quite bitter.
Light, slightly apricoty flavor with a bit of corriander spice undertone.
Really bitter corriander. This is a bit strange.
Bitter, but bright citrus. On the juicy side, though not overwhelming.
Spicy with a little bit of cucumber water efforvescence. Not terrible, but not a lot of flavor or sourness.
Absolutely disgusting. Sickly sweet, smoke is like a tire fire, acrid and bitter.
Really interesting. Bracingly tart on open, with a hop-bitter-sourness (not at all salty). Finishes clean, and all fresh grape. Each sip was a flinch followed by pleasure. Basically unlike any other sour I've had.
Honestly, this tasted almost watery. Though I was going for something light, since I haven't slept more than four hours in the last five nights, and I really needed to get to bed
Huh, apparently I've had this before, though I was told it was a local beer. Honestly I thought it was pretty good. Maybe because it was chasing an IPA? But it seemed clear and slightly malty. Rather tasty.
Grapefruit-passion juicy IPA. Slightly more dry/bitter than others I've had, although like the best examples ends with the promise of bitterness rather than actual alpha.
As is usual with this beer, it was a bit much. Bit of caramel-soy and thick-sweet. What makes this beer solid though is its smooth, nutty, toffee finish.
Excellent lager; buttery cereal, slightly sweet, with a notably and unusally toasted-grain body. Very tasty.
A straight, crisp lager in the American style but with plenty of flavor. Grassy, clean bitterness. Very refreshing.
Slightly rooty sweetness, slightly herbal bitterness, but otherwise clean lager with some fruit notes. Really nice.
Tastes like a very dry Belgian pale; yeasty with esters that are stopped short by non-sweetness. It's a chewy-yet-light sort of beer. Not exactly refreshing, but pretty tasty.
Seems fine, for some random beer from #TheFirstMaggianos. Which is to say I wish they had popped for food here.
Okay, this is possible the perfect spicy sour. Wow.
Wonder what this would be like sipped through a straw out of a box...
This didn't taste like a beer at all. Unusual in that this was way more like a Moscato d'Asti or other sweet sparkling dessert wine more than other doesn't-taste-like-a-beer-beers. Sometimes I score highly even if a thing doesn't taste beer-like but I'm not feeling so generous today.
Wow. Smells like sweet chocolate milk, but tastes like dry bakers chocolate. Good.
A juicy pale; grapefruity-opaque beer with just a touch less fruit and much less thick than the Skookums and Wally's of the world. Slightly dry, slightly bitter. I didn't love it, but I didn't dislike it either.
This is very like the juicy sort of IPAs, just a little lighter. Actually I think it's pretty good.
Carmel, sweet and coconut. It's not bad but I really couldn't drink more than a little of this.
It's actually like a light cider. There are hints of sour, but there is nothing of a pale ale in it. Which honestly might have been a bit better.
Looks like a porter, but tastes like a slightly thin Stout. Not what I expected from a "Belgian Dark".
Amber, with the caramel hard candy notes that I associate with barrel aged beers
Light, not very bitter but the bitter does overwhelm what I presume is notes of spice. I dunno. It's not bad I guess.
Stouty in a good way. Though a little bitter on the finish.
Looks like grapefruit. Tastes like it a bit too, mixed with sherry. It's odd, but pretty good. Edit - Okay, Mike identified the apricot flavor. I was having trouble.
Crisp, clean saison with an effervescent, slightly tart, white winey curl on top, in the vein of a Saison Brett or what I remember the Pour les Oiseaux being. Excellent pick for this style.
Didn't taste at all like my last review. Acrid, alpha bitterness over everything else, kind of like sucking on an alcoholic tire.
A light doppelbock; not too spicy but with a dry yeast profile. Thinner than most and less characterful than other examples of this style, but loads more interesting than a standard Moretti.
Amber/caremel. Good, but I don't know what else to say.
Very bitter, alpha pale. This could easily be classified as an IPA by other, less over-the-top breweries, but for Three Floyds this seems about right. Fragrant and oily.
The most normal of the beers. Somewhat thinner than most breakfast stouts, tasting like a cream coffee porter. Slightly sweet and more than average roast.
I wish I'd taken better notes. I do remember this being very tasty, and a little unusual; possibly wit-like? I'll have to try again to be sure.
A little bitter for my taste but serviceable.
Draft at Hilton Amsterdam Hotel Schiphol, Schiphol
Bottle at Pasta Chef Monti, Roma
Draft at Doppio Malto, Roma
Not gonna lie, the beer was good but this pizza was the real star. This was the house beer, a sweetish blonde with a touch of fruitiness on top, very easy to drink.
Bottle at Trieste, Roma
Lots of head but still a touch flat. Good Märzen flavor, slightly sweet on the back end, but solid. This bar has really good burgers, by the way.
Draft at Open Baladin, Roma
They called this an "Egyptian style" - not very beer like, more like a plummy ginger tonic. Cask-like flatness and a lightly maltt finish. Pleasant but bland.
Draft at Open Baladin, Roma
Like a less yeasty version of the Moretti Grand Cru. A maibock to that here's weizenbock, is the best comparative way to put it.
Draft at L'antica Birreria Peroni, Roma
Not too bold, easy drinking summer brew.
Bottle at Cafe Flora, Seattle
Very light cereal lager beer, goes down very easily. An Italian Miller Lite.
Bottle at Boutique Hotel Nerva, Roma
Slight fragrance of candied citrus peel. Mellow, sweet cereal lager. Way more interesting than a regular Moretti.
Bottle at Ristorante Il Biondo, Siena
This imposing 750mL bottle was less than €4. Estery like a weizenbock, slight raisin, very slightly spiced. I enjoyed this a lot.
Bottle at Canto degli Scali, Firenze
Bottle at Terazza Cafeteria Bartolini Galleria Degli Uffizi, Firenze
Bottle at Ristorante Buca Mario, Firenze
Decently drinkable. For something "non filtrada" this was remarkably clear. Tasted somewhere between an American wheat and a lager.
Bottle at Giardino, JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Venezia
In America we'd call this an IPL. Fairly hoppy. Surprise -- didn't love it.
Bottle at Sagra, JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Venezia
Boulevard Saison Brett (unknown release)
It's okay. Pale wheat flavor with Pineapple. I'm not sure I like the bitterness with the other flavors.
Well, they're not lying. This is sour, and it tastes like cucumber and lemongrass. It's only mildly sour, but since the other flavors are not sweet at all, it'll pucker you a little bit. It at least will not make you think of savory Vietnamese food. It's not bad at all.
A profound stout. Starts thick and malty, a combination that very often turns to overwhelming sweetness (see: Skookum). This one, though, turns a bit bitter, almost savory. A very nice way to finish. Yum!
Bottle at Odin Lounge

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