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Buttery honey golden ale, light and fizzy. Slight astringency and a touch of a ginsengy medicinal herbaceous flavor make this slightly unusual but I thought it was appealing.
One of the "juiciest" juicy IPAs I think I've ever had. Believably orange, more Sunny D or Orangina than regular OJ. Hops lend some dryness and touch of resin but the finish is mellow and not bitter in the least. Slightly fizzy. Good gravy the sun was hot though.
This one is legitimately good. Creamy burnt sugar notes. Nicely oaked. Smooth on nitro. Hint of coffee and chocolate.
Yup finally a good one. Either that or in finally drunk enough to loosen up the higher ratings
I dunno. Just nothing standing out here. Kinda bland.
A bit too middle of the road... Not creamy enough
Too fruity for me but I do like the lemon on a hot summer night
The aftertaste kills this... A bit like fake pound cake. To be fair I had significantly better stouts today - eight of them.
Main flavor is chocolate and molasses and vanilla is subtle but gives a candy like overtone. Chili is very subtle but adds some back end heat
Sweetest of the four but very balanced and smooth. A lot of the goodness of the coconut b-bomb but less boozy.
Intense compared to the others but still smooth. More malt more toffee rummy liquor brown sugar
Sooo smooth. Toasty, light coffee, caramel.? Clean not to sweet finish
Orange flavors with a very nice bitterness. I like it.
Boulevard Rye On Rye (unknown release)
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Lots of cereal and citrus. A bit of an odd IPA but not unpleasant even though I like more bitter varieties.
Bottle at Home
Like a Mounds. Quite sweet, bordering on fake, but sits very well on the light, cola-like porter base. Actually works because of its lack of heaviness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Berry is more of a hint, up front. Dry, clean sour, mild florality of pine and not a whole lot of gin that I could detect. Very, very nice!
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Starts out like a hoppy+malty amber, backbone is strongly caramel and mellow. There's definitely a florality here, but it kind of fades into the hops. More present is the toasty smoothness of tea on top.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Smooth start, smooth clean acidic finish. Not heavy. Roasted coffee flavor comes out after drinking along with oak flavor. The label and name had me concerned it was going to be gimmicky so unless this beer is using some food science trickery it's pretty legit. Also being from a can it lacks the metal twang of my last canned beer which is a nice bonus.
I remember really liking the Fall Apple Ale that is this beer's base, but I've gotta say, this beer is a punch of brandy in the face. Underneath that there's a dry floral hoppiness and beyond that it's very hard to get anything else clearly. A lot to take.
This was super-good, you guys. A sweetish light corn / cereal lager base but the flavor fades into a mellow, sweet, very light whiskey finish. A great combination that... is a little hard to figure out, but just works really well for me. I could drink a whole lot of this beer.
Other one was better. Also, portishead sucks. Thanks for ruining it, Oy!
Finally! BEER! So good. Tastes like not being a human incubator... and citrus.
This is basically a raspberry drinking vinegar. A lot much to take.
A floral, hoppy sheen on a very light, grassy lager. Walks the line on being almost watery but has enough going on to remain enjoyable.
Thick and red, fairly bitter but then you notice a strong malt flavor.
Way too sweet, and simplistically so; if this is pancake syrup, it's Mrs. Butterworth. There's a decent sweet coffee underneath it, and if you take a bigger gulp it almost counteracts the sweetness. Almost.
Light body, crisp acidic hops from start to finish. A solid beer.
A dry cherry sour that manages to be dry without getting funky at all, but also isn't sweet or too fruity -- or boring. Clean, medium-tart and tasty.
Quite hoppy, if you told me this was a CDA I would have believed you. Dry, roast with mellow, slightly chalky chocolate. I really didn't taste the Jameson at all but the White Chocolate could very well have burnt my taste buds.
This is for sure primarily a strong wheatwine. Hop-fruit, slightly tangy, with a ton of liquor on top. Not really sure I got chocolate or vanilla here, but it was surprisingly smooth given how much... everything... it was. Glass was certainly too big.
Grassy pilsner with a fairly aggressive hop profile. High and dry bitter finish. Think of Firestone Walker's Pivo but turned to 11.
Super-smoothed out by nitro, all that remains is a kind of roasted chocolate dryness. Pretty much what a nitro stout should be.
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
Very syrupy. Astringent, heavy on ginger notes. A hint of sweet umami means this ends up tasting oddly not unlike the filing of a Shanghai pork dumpling. At the very least, it was disturbing. It didn't taste like this the other day?
Fruity, apple-y, berry-ish, in fact a lot like a cider, but cleaner and without funk. I'm not exactly sure how this technically counts as a beer, but it's pretty damned tasty.
Very grapefruit-citrus forward hazy IPA. Pretty smooth, but maybe a little too smooth; there's really nothing to counteract the bland-ish fruitiness. Pretty okay, but nothing too special.
Prickly and clean; a pilsner with just a bit of hoppy pungency on top. Net effect is a bit floral.
Bottle at Work
Not bad, for a party beer.
Bottle at Work
Quite tart and citrusy. I think lychee and pear come through more as a clean flavor to the fruit than they do as themselves. Uncomplicated, but very clean.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Smells 100% like floral perfume, off-putting at first. Flavor is light, like a rice lager but with lightly tart fruit and lemongrass florality. Over several sips the fruit came through stronger, and this ended up really quite pleasurable.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The opposite beer - pungent and sour, hints of dark vinegar and more than a little whiskey to top it off.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Quite delicious. Light tartness, slightly herbal, slightly smoky, which I imagine comes from the oolong tea. Not sure how much cognac I got in between the other flavors, but this was very, very nice.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I've forgotten the details of this beer after the more interesting beers that followed, but I do remember it quite a good hazy IPA.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very light and surprising hints of Belgian yeast right at the front of this beer, although it's followed by a kind of murky, watery sweetness. Strictly mediocre, and not that far off of a Bud Light kind of flavor.
Smells of fizzy, bright peaches although the fruit is not really prominent in the flavor. I wouldn't say this tasted like an IPA at all - maybe at most kind of a Kolsch with peach. I've got a vague feeling that it's possible this beer was misidentified as well.
Light, malty, honestly it's tasty if uninspiring.
Bottle at Family
Really quite a good stout, light, creamy coffee-noted, with just a hint of effervescent cola-like flavors right as the beer starts going down the throat. One of the better beers I've ever had here.
Fast cereal middle and lingering spicy hops.
Opened with a spew of slow foam that kept going for minutes. Definitely the most sour-sour of the lot with a very funky, caramel, oud-bruin-like base and some bitter bite on top from the hops. Complex and intriguing, but more importantly just tastes good.
Bottle at Work
Next to all the sour flavors, this came out almost bracingly acrid. Settled down over time but I definitely didn't enjoy this near as much as usual.
Can at Work
Noticeably more sour than the Star Party, with just a touch of funk and a lot of dry lime. A bit of buttery sweetness evens it out. Salty on the lips afterwards. Good flavors.
Bottle at Work
Lemon and lavender are the "stars" here; it tastes a bit like someone made a squash with lavender lemonade, noticeably tart, floral, but then finishes like a beer though not especially brut). You could be fooled into thinking this was a Berliner Weisse.
Bottle at Work
Light (on the edge of watery but not quite there), citrus-pine session IPA, fizzy, with a sweet cereal finish.
Normal red. Little malty, a little almost fruity
Let clear than I would expect. Honestly tastes like a mixture of a red and a brown.
Funky-yeasted caramel lager with the cloudy opacity to match. Pretty much what I expect from the style when it's not a Sam Adams.
Mellow sweet wheat, grapefruit-apricot finish that rings clear and dry as a bell. Not bitter at all. A huge improvement from the 2.0 release.
Fruity and estery like an Belgian amber with a brown sugary backbone. It was okay, but I didn't love it.
Another really impressive Strange Fellows beer. Dry sour pine-hop flavor, slightly grapey. The middle transition is just a tiny bit watery, but transitions nicely to a similar sweet what finish to the Jongleur. Yum!
Creamy dry roasty stout. The light carbonation on the drafts here really smooths out the flavor. Not too sweet, mellow dark chocolate notes.
Slightly flat, sweet but rooty and herbal. Less cereal than a typical marzen, more like a yeast-forward amber ale. Fairly flat, to boot.
This was a remarkably good beer, despite having a lot of characteristics I normally don't super-enjoy. Coriander, just a hint of ginger, a citrusy-yeasty dryness and finishing with sweet wheat. Everything in just the right balance to make this feel great.
Gave off a skunky smell while pouring, but it wasn't evident in the taste. Belgian pale with light spice notes, white pepper, but with a dry, grapey, vinous tartness.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Pure hop resin, extremely front-loaded bitterness. A bit like burnt rubber. Did not finish this beer, probably not making a good personal elegy for the brewery.
Tart, lime, shortbread cookies, very buttery.
Not sure this tasted at all Kolschey to me. Instead, it just seemed like a sweet IPA which added a weird, additional sweetness (lactic?) onto the finish instead of the typical balancing things a normal IPA does.
Sweetish, wheat-funky. I didn't taste the coconut at first but it became more and more obvious over time, especially after trying other beers. Never quite melded into a harmonic whole, but still pretty decent.
This beer seems almost too light at first, which in a more boring beer would feel watery. However, the remaining flavors are grassy, fresh, and slightly fruity, making more of an impression than expected.
This beer did not at all taste like a stout, and it never quite stopped being weird. I don't remember the details too well, but I do remember liking it in spite of all that.
Halfway between a pale and a Vienna lager. Fruity, malty and cereal.
A potato IPA! You know I had to try this. Not sure I tasted anything that said potato, but the resultant beer was insanely clean, with just the right amount of piney-fruity hops. Best IPA I've had at this brewery in a long time.
It's fine to drink.
Bottle at Work
A dry, tart saison with a very clean finish, understated but present funk, and a moderate, vinous fruitiness. Very, very nice.
Starts with a guava-passion fruit opening, some wheat funk, and then a kind of acrid bitter finish that was off-putting at first. After a few sips I think that part of my tongue got burned out and then the rest of the glass was actually quite pleasant. Wish that first part hadn't happened, though.
First-class representation of the Brut style - dry, white wine grape opening, crisp hoppiness. Finishes quite clean. Excellent all around.
This is actually really good, and I don't like IPAs. Of course, it's not super bitter, and trends towards what I think of "juicy IPA". I'm sure it's just mild and mass market, so a true IPA aficionado wouldn't like it.
I don't like raspberry very much in general, but I think the dry tartness of the fruit made the best match for the lactic sweetness of the base beer, resulting in the best beer of the batch.
After the mango, this was almost annoyingly sweet. Realistic peach pokes through the sugar but otherwise the first few sips were not great. After I got used to it it was better, but still outclassed by the other two flavors.
Mildly tart mango flavor to start, followed by a rather sweet and hoppy IPA. The fruit does seem a little tacked on here, and the rest too sweet. But I like mango, and this was okay if you take it for a novelty beer.
On draft again, this was definitely much better than in a can.
Next to the Holy Mountain, this was super-clean and clear-tasting. Light black coffee notes with just a touch of cola/fruit to start. Transparent finish.
Good medium-bodied stout, a bit oily and "dirty" tasting. Mental image is of a few coffee grounds making it into the glass. The dirty seems reflected in the thick lattice pattern left by the head.
Very light, smooth from nitro, but a pleasant, light flavor. Like other nitro cream ales (think Hale's) but with a touch more caramel.
Nitro Draft at Thirsty Hop, Kirkland
Extraordinarily sweet, cutting any sense of hoppiness or dankness from this beer. After that fades you're left with a strong alcohol finish. Only took a couple sips to develop a buzz with this. Didn't much get a strong sense of bourbon. Closest beer to this I've had is the Dogfish 120 Minute IPA, but this one seems to lack the IPA-ness of that one.
A roasty-burnt cream stout type of beer. I liked it just fine, but it really hearkened back to my early beer days and I think my enjoyment may have been more nostalgia than love.
A citrus-grapefruit hazy beer, with a very mild, nice opening flavor. Almost watery in its follow-through - no tart or hoppy bite. Finishes with buttery diacetyl notes that ... are kind of weird in this style. A little off in multiple ways.
Started off nice as usual but seemed to go skunky fast in the sunlight of the patio.
Draft at Three B's Burgers, Redmond
Very nice at first, plummy/pruney with a sharp but brief sourness and fading into quite a funky finish. The funk built up in bitterness through the glass, though; I'd say two-thirds of the goblet was great and the last bit ... took a while.
God, this party is awkward. Decent enough Sam Adams-type caramel lager. More hop presence and a bit of a metallic presence make it more interesting than a supermarket macro, but I don't love it.
Bottle at Work
Pours very dark brown; porter-like. Very roasty but also with a round, prickly hop presence. I know I said "smooth" last time but that doesn't seem accurate anymore.
Bottle at Work
Significantly worse from a can. A lot more of a tacky feeling in the throat afterwards that I don't remember from Thirsty Hop.
Roasty light porter with coconut; not sweet but the coconut is toasty and mellow. Liked this a lot.
This was stunningly good. Fine stout with some sweetness and barrel-aged notes. And I'll note, I tend to hate barrel-aged beers. But this was really good.
Light and malty for an Irish red. It's okay, if that's what you want.
This is weird. It looks dark with a stout head. But the flavor is like a solid red ale. It is very confusing to me. But I did like it.
This is really just a very normal stout. Good, nowhere near great. Just the sort of thing you drink but don't rate.
Smokey in smell and taste, backed with a sour/bitter flavor. Not really appealing to me.
Clear, near-sour rather than a full sour.
Sour with mango, like it says on the can.
Light, carbonated, soda-like. Little bitter, little tart.
Possibly one of the best hazy IPAs I've ever had. Clean citrus/grapefruit/pine flavors with a clean, mellow, completely non-bitter finish.
Way better than I thought it would be. Goes perfectly with pork!
Unnaturally clear, like water with yellow food coloring. Tastes like corn syrup soda.
Smells of sweet coconut, but the actual beer is not sweet at all. If anything, it's a touch smoky, with some roast. Definite coconut which barely balances the roast rather than sweetening it. Decent, but not among my favorite coconut beers. (At least it's not hoppy!)
Another barrel-aged beer from Bellevue that doesn't fit the usual mold. This had the extreme smoothness you'd expect from an oatmeal stout, continuing into a sweetness. Finishes with an almost wine-like tannic barrel character. Cabernet comes to mind. Strongly alcoholic.
A medium-bodied, smoky porter with a bit of sourness. Lots of roast and coffee, and a buildingly bitter finish.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A little too puckeringly sour, actually.
Bottle at Home
Dark, cherry? Sweet, tasty.
Bottle at Home
Very sweet, boozy, young tasting. But in a charming way, if that makes any sense? It's not thick, it's got a bit of rye bite. A little too raw to truly love, but it was fun. Maybe in a couple years it could even be great (but it seems like it would still be a little too sweet).
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Cider-like, with a bright, gingery opening. Gets dry pretty quickly, but not very sour, in a way that is pretty pomegranatey. I liked the ginger, not so much the finish.
An excellent saison with complex herbal notes but which doesn't scream strongly in any particular herbal direction. Sage wasn't what came to mind when I tasted this. The lemongrass, a little more. Light and very drinkable.
Dark, plum, reminds me of a Lagunitas Dark Swan, except less fruity.
Bottle at Home
A deep, frothy, fruity stout, plums or dates in abundance. It's been a while since I had a beer that tasted like this, and I'm having a hard time remembering which one it reminds me of. Maybe one of the old Ovila barrel-aged dark quads?
Fantastic sour! Smells like fresh, ripe, real strawberries, which is a rare enough thing. Flavor is not sweet, but rather a complex, dry sour with not too much bite. A very nice beer.
Juicy mouthfeel, almost like melon
No smell, bitter, slight flavor of apricot.
Smells like a brown, but it tastes of medicinal cherry.
Off-cabbage scent. Not bad, I feel like it could be meatier in flavor.

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