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Not too peachy not too sour. The way I like it.
Bottle at Addo, Seattle
Draft at Mcmenamins Pub & Tavern, Mill Creek
Starts with a hit of fragrant hops but transitions weirdly into like a cherry dessert bar. Oats and sweet cherry and a hint of cinnamon. It's a nice flavor but it really feels like two separate drinks smashed together.
I don't have the non-fresh hop version to compare this with, but this seems more bitter and less fruity than I remember. Touch of dry resin. After some food this did taste smoother though.
It's yum+. Because it's better than the Fourth Wave. But not awesome level. It's like butter pecan ice cream in a beer. With coffee. And alcohol. How can you go wrong.
I dunno. Tasted like an IPA...
Just not really into the raspberries...
Meh. Could be penalizing for being late in the tasting but not impressed.
Good flavor, dry, fragrant. Doesn't necessarily taste like the strong fruit of a typical hazy ale, and definitely a little more bitter than I like.
Surprisingly palatable IPA. Apparently I don't hate "hazy" IPAs... as much. Or something.
My favorite beer from today.
Standard annoying too bitter too hoppy IPA...
Just enough of the grapefruit and orange to keep it interesting.
Goes well with the blue cheese and bacon waffle fries...
Really long malty finish. If you're into that this is awesome. I'm not sure I am though....
Sweet coffee, light and caramel. Fairly bourbon-y.
Yeasty a bit.... But clean and crisp as you'd expect a pilsner to be.
Starts tame and then kicks in a bit before finishing nice and easy. Just a hint of malt? Grassy too but in a good way.
Round bright raspberry flavor followed by a very mellow almost candy finish. Just a touch of wood. Clean and delicious.
Nice sour but with caramel darkness making it a bit unusual. Almost gritty?
This was amazingly smooth and unbitter for an IPA.
Bottle at Home
This would have been a lot better if the Bears had won.
Can at Home
Extremely bitter and a lot more resin than I expect in a fresh hop IPA. I guess there's more than one way of doing this and this is the way I don't like.
Bracingly tart, but clean; emphasis on dank pineapple flavors with some sweet wheat funk right at the end.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Surprise offering at Boardwalk. Very smooth, caramel, slightly fruity. Got boozier as the glass went on and by the end I was pretty wrecked. Felt it all night too.
Kind of like a low sugar pineapple milkshake. But it's actually good. Not bitter or hoppy, despite the type.
Can at Work
Sparkly on the tongue. More spice than fruit/banana. There's actually a nice but of bitterness contrasting the hefe flavor. Nice
Not bad. Fairly mild, a little brackish but with hints of sharp juice.
Very IPA juicy on the nose. But the flavor is mold, juicy, and not that bitter.
Bitter, slightly brackish. Not much there.
Bitter and brackish. Also feels like it's a headache waiting to happen. I mean, it's not like I'd turn down free beer or anything . . . But I might regret it later.
Bottle at Home
Quite a bit more bitter than I expected. This place makes good beer, but they do like the bitter.
This was really, really good. Not bitter at all, dry, grapey flavor very like a brut IPA but with a much more intense fragrance. Different from most wet hop beers I've tried, and really fantastic.
Growler at Odin Lounge
Very pleasant, mild, fragrant fresh hop IPA. About exactly what you'd expect from a prime example of this genre.
The orange in this beer is just slightly over the edge into perfumey, though not nearly to the extent that similar beers from Bellevue Brewing go. Otherwise there's a very orange soda quality to the flavor. Finishes like a good kolsch/cream ale, but oy, that opening.
"Wow, this tastes so fresh, and complex, and... green. What is that flavor? It's right on the tip of my *burp* Oh. Cucumber. It's totally cucumber."
Is this a diabeetus joke? Bad taste aside, this is not nearly as sweet as you'd expect given the description, though it is fairly sweet. Balanced pretty well with a bit of dark chocolate bitterness. Medium-thick. I didn't love it, but it was still decent.
Thick texture, somewhat thin flavor, but sickly sweet. Smells odd, though not quite pizza in my mind. I don't know how different this is from before, but this time it was just really gross.
Smells nice, like a complex saison. That first sip, though, it's like an herb salad that kind of overpowers every other flavor that might be involved. Just a little too weird to get over.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This was really delicious, a sour hazy IPA! Combination I've never seen before. Grapefruit opening, a dry sour close, dissipating into an immaculate, clean finish. Loved it.
Light pumpkin spice, caramel amber. Thin body but quite pleasant.
Unusually hazy/yeasty for an Oktoberfest. Flavors are decent, but muddy. Suffers greatly in direct comparison to the Black Raven from last night.
Scent is sweet, apparently peach. I really don't like this either
Can at Work
Weird floral flavor. Yuck.
Can at Work
I mean, if you want an orange creamsicle milkshake beer, this is really good.
Can at Work
UGH I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN NOTES. This was very delicious though.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Smooth, creamy, sweet Porter on nitro. Finishes noticeably hoppy and bitter. Incongruous.
High alpha hop bomb. Nice flavors and not too pungent but it hits you in the face and not very pleasantly.
Chocolate roast Amber with a significant hop presence. Finish goes from Irish red style caramel to quite bitter in a hurry.
Clean, straight sour. Passion and orange are obvious, guava not so much. Cereal finish, Berliner Weisse-like
Belgian pepper and clove, mild yeast tang, sweet cereal finish
Not too sweet, lots of spirit flavor. This seems much, much stronger than this beer used to be, and the numbers seem to back it up (server said this was 11+%!).
Sweet helles funk. Sharp hop bitterness and plenty of resin. The smell gets more strongly funky over time.
Light IPA with cucumber and melon notes. Very mild.
Lightly sour gose. Sweet finish. Faint, but present watermelon.
The freshness. Is so fresh.
Bottle at 雞家莊, Taipei
They started making this stuff under the Japanese occupation, just as my grandparents were born under the occupation, so it seemed appropriate to drink this while my uncles reminisced about their long and interesting lives under a free Taiwan.
Bottle at 雞家莊, Taipei
Cold refreshing with this of fruity malt flavor that I can't identify.
Draft at Vai's Italian Inspired Kitchen Bar
Draft at Vai's Italian Inspired Kitchen Bar
Pineapple spritzer mixed with cream ale. I'll take it.
Probably the least good brut IPA I've had yet. Why? I can't remember, but noting for the future.
I thought this was the brut on the menu and it turns out it was a hazy. So I wasn't really looking for this style; that said, it was perfectly fine.
Draft at Bottle and Bull, Kirkland, WA
A pleasant surprise, sweet-ish, honey cereal opening, just enough vanilla to balance out. Smooth, milky finish. This is pretty much like drinking cereal milk as a beer.
Worked with the meal, but this isn't much more characterful than a Budweiser. Thinnish, slightly sweet, some uric flavors.
Bottle at Soi, Seattle
Draft at Bottle and Bull, Kirkland, WA
Round, cleanly tart and fruity up front. Definitely reminiscent of "dragonfruit flavor" rather than dragonfruit itself. Some berry. Light, pale ale finish. It's tasty and drinkable, but I think the character is more like a radler than a beer beer, you know?
Best beer of the flight, but still topping out at a "Decent." Mellow, thin stout. Bit of roast, a sesame-ish unguent character on the tongue. Not too sweet. Smooth and drinkable.
Sweetish grapefruit IPA. Not super-remarkable, but pretty pleasant.
Fruity but not tart. Peach is subtle; main flavors here are coriander-clove Belgian spice. I don't normally gravitate to that flavor profile, but this was quite decent.
Disappointingly mediocre offering from this brewery.
Unusually cloudy for a Pils. Mild forward bitterness, coriander-ish funk. Finish is a bit cereal, a bit bitter.
Draft at Bottle and Bull, Kirkland, WA
Did I hear chuggable stout? The chocolate notes on this beer are on point, but the rest is a disappointment.
Bottle at Home
Bitter, slightly tart, little more like a barleywine than a sour.
Medium tart, musty flavor. Hint of bit cucumber. Okay sour but not something that stands out.
You know, it's pretty fine for a CDA. I'm just reminded that I don't really enjoy the style.
Flat and pithy, with a distinct kind of chemical, Lemon Pledge flavor.
Grassy and bitter, with pretty high alpha and an unpleasant, raw cabbage-like edge to the flavor. Did not scream fresh to me at all.
Clean, slightly sweet Brut IPA, less funky and bitter than previous ones and more of a clean pilsner character. Super refreshing.
This was about as good as you could expect of a non-barrel aged stout; creamy, sweet, slightly boozy and roasty. I still don't know what I had back in Chicago, but it could have been this. Who knows?
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Watery caramel scotch ale. Bit of wet hay.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Main flavor here is hazelnut, creamy and nutty. It really manages to overcome the sweet umami heaviness that usually characterizes this family of beers. Only real complaint here is that the chili was pretty much a non-entity here. I didn't taste it at all.
Draft at The Keg, Lynnwood, WA
Watery lager. Doesn't taste premium at all. Might beat a Coors Light, but not much more than that.
Green Jalapeño flesh, dry and bitter. Slight cereal and fruit to finish, but primarily chili. Not spicy, just a hint of building warmth.
Draft at Heritage Restaurant & Bar, Woodinville
Flavor is somewhere between a hazy and a brut. Grapefruit, and grape; fairly bitter finish. I mean, this was perfectly fine? But compared to the previous two bruts I've tried, this was definitely the weakest.
Well it has character. The label says "lager" but coulda fooled me.
Bottle at Home
Slightly funky, slightly tart peach to open, mellows into a light lager very quickly. An unusual combination of flavors, but pretty good. And anytime you get peach that doesn't taste like canning syrup, you have to count that as a win.
Well it seemed good when I first started but then the Blandness just takes over and in the end it's just meh
Can at Home
Draft at OLO Restaurant, Victoria, BC
Fruity but not fake. Like a strawberry pie. Not tart, just a round, bright flavor.
Just hints of spice, primarily caramel. Super mellow, less booze, more barrel.
Pure resin. I'm sure a lot of folks I know would love this beer, but me not so much.
Very similar to the pale, but with a fair bit more high bitterness at the end.
A mellow pale with a medium resin-on-the-tongue hop presence. Really drinkable and fairly tasty.
Really sweet, candy lemon flavor. Like a Lemonhead, I think. All hop character is basically overcome by the sweetness. I really didn't like this, but the folks with sweet tooths seemed to take to it better.
High alpha, very hoppy IPA. Didn't finish the glass, but I think more due to its strength than dislike of the flavor.
Caramel, slightly fruity (in a round, cola-esque way), still very drinkable.
Very rich, butter and cornflakes, yeast Tang and grass. Takes a little away from crispness, but it is tasty.
Superb pale, piney, touch of Mandarin orange and buttery diacetyls. Super mellow finish.
Loving this new style. Sharper than the Bellevue version but just as good, if not better. Vinous and bracingly bitter.
Sometimes you get a second pint.
This is kind of catching me in the back of the throat with some barrel aged caramel flavor. I'm not liking it.
Not bad, a little more malt than a true Czech pils. But clear tasting, somewhat bitter (though apparently I can't taste such things anymore)
Can at Work
This is very Very very very lime. I mean, man!
Bottle at Work
I dunno, sort of fruity tart, I dunno. Not like a real sour.
Can at Work
Slightly clearer than a hazy IPA but with similar characteristics. Slightly dry opening, a clear resin character throughout. Sweet cereal finish mellows it out. Very well-balanced.
A very interesting blonde, kind of a murky, rooty opening but with very nice honey / buttery notes featuring prominently. Reminds me of my mom's ginseng tea. Clean, thin body with a light cereal finish. Would be interesting to compare to Double D but that wasn't an option. Yum!
See notes on Slackwater, because this beer was very similar. This one had a bit more alpha, somewhat less resin, making this a little more one-note in flavor (bitter, sweet). Very similar finish. Good, but I did like Slackwater better.

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