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Ecliptic Filament Winter IPA (unknown release)
Draft at Tipsy Cow, Woodinville
Nitro Draft at Tipsy Cow, Woodinville
Vanilla + Potpourri. It tastes a ton like a mulled cider without the fruit flavor. Sweet, and definitely much less body than the regular scotch ale. But it's so perfumey that it's hard to like.
Very light, with that kind of cereal milk creaminess you'd expect from this style. The honey gives it a nice, rich sheen. One of the better beers I've had from this brewery.
Despite having plenty of concentrated hop juice, this worked really well. The additional flavors (mint, mango, chili) come through as a brightness and a non-alpha bitterness that round out and balance the flavors very well. No detectable spice, though.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
A very nice German pilsner, a definite step up from the previous two beers.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Day 4. This had a really strange flavor at the front, that didn't connect to the main flavor of the beer, which was like a light Belgian pale base. The extra flavor was ... sweet hay?
Day 3 of the Advent calendar. Some really nice foreflavors; a gingerbread/banana bread hybrid. Finishes pretty dry; it certainly felt like it should have been a little sweeter.
Day 2. Pours a rich amber. Caramel festbier, lightly sweet. Not much toastiness or cereal. Pretty boring Festbier.
Day 1 of the Advent calendar! A golden lager with wet hay sweetness leading to a firm bitterness which balanced the opening nicely. Not crisp at all.
Very solid, first time on draft. Slightly sour, dry, smooth. Exactly what you'd expect from an English stout.
Smooth bourbon stout, not too syrupy or thick. Plenty of maple sweetness, although it does feel a bit slippery, extraneous to the flavor rather than a smooth transition. Not sticky, but it lingers. Maybe with age it will meld more.
Rye is more smoke than spice. The beer is still agreeable without the expected burn.
Very light, pleasant blonde ale. Easy to drink. The mango flavor is light but definitely there, enough to twang the tongue but not enough to feel out of place.
Just a taste of this, but enough to know I didn't like it. Citrus. Fennel. Rubber.
Lots of lime, sweet cereal finish. The lime flavor is somewhat cloying, almost like candy. Kind of an oily finish.
A very weird, bright, hop perfume meets an orange essential oil slick. Less like a Kolsch (not much cereal, not much yeast) and more like a dry hopping experiment gone wrong.
Yeasty/buttery, light Belgian spice. Golden and sweet.
Really unhappy smell, like rubber tubing. If you get past that it’s more or less a Blue Moon underneath.
Somewhat flat, starts hoppy and bitter, lightly tangy yeast and finishes with a buttery cereal mellowness.
At once richly malty, like a holiday-spiced dark banana bread, and also very yeasty-dry. This beer feels like it wants to be sweet but doesn't quite get there. Finishes tacky. I liked the flavors but it stuck in the throat.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Clean, light saison that sits definitely on the fruity, vinous end of the scale (as opposed to spicy or sour). Not too funky, although there is a whiff of horse blanket around the edges if you're really paying attention. A very tasty saison.
Just slightly off but enough to take it into the uncanny valley (gold). Sweet helles, medium bitterness. But the sweetness lasts a little too long and a bit too sticky.
Smooth, light-bodied but mellow, a solid, slightly nutty coffee flavor. Decent roast. Ever so slight lactic sweetness on the finish.
Had a bigger taste of this. There really isn't any detectable smoke in the flavor of this beer. It has a light touch, more like a soft German chocolate cake; lots of caramel sweetness and some smooth cocoa on top. It's not super-compelling, but it's decently tasty.
A chalky-roasty stout, but made even drier with the wine. So dry. Flavors were there, and I wanted to like it, but it was hard to really enjoy the whole glass. The concept would probably have worked better with a slightly sweeter stout.
Better than I remember from past releases. Still not much of the barrel spirit present, if at all, but a fine roast stout with coffee notes, enough to counteract the nitro blandness and produce some solid flavor.
A strong release, I think. Very much bourbon, with a solid, malty, caramel Scotch ale base. Did not think this was thin at all. Back to an awesome rating, and drunk fresh at that!
This tasted so strongly, pungently of dried peaches. Which is not a flavor I've ever had in a straight IPA? They say this is a new recipe. They should probably go back.
Very tart and juice-like; very strong mango flavor. Clean, fizzy finish. Not very beer-like! But I enjoyed it.
Can at Home
Yuck. Thin beer, cola-like smell, taste is kind of insipid-sweet with a very cinnamon perfume quality. This is more like a cinnamon soda than anything else. Did not like.
Bottle at Home
Should have tasted better than it did given the description. Thin, yeasty stout, with a smell and flavor that borders on mushroomy.
Tastes Belgian. Clove, white pepper. Rooty hops at the end but this has more in common with the hefe than the pale.
Fragrant pale. Rooty flavor, rooty, bitter finish. Bit of sourness, that yeast again, though it doesn't dominate.
Pepper clove banana hefe. Same sourness as the pils but you expect yeast in a hefe.
Good opening, not really cream, strange yeasty sourness.
Fizzy and yeasty. Somewhere between a fragrant American pale and an estery Belgian pale. I mean, it's hard to complain when you're eating THE BEST STEAK EVER - SERIOUSLY.
Gah! So spicy! TOO SPICY! Tastes exactly like Tims Cascade jalapeño chips. Hated this beer abomination.
So good I ordered two pints and nothing else. I’m too sloshed to fully articulate its greatness (two pints!). Roy hated it but the bartender AND the two rando-guys from Illinois at the other table agreed, this is the best.
Sweet, smooth, lots of caramel. Nitro blandness countered strongly with alcohol, hops and some bitterness.
Nitro Draft at Tavern Hall, Bellevue
Light, buttery-honey sweet and cereal. Slight tang and a kiss of bitterness on the way to a clean finish. Yum!
I mean, it's still good. But I tasted a lot on the soy sauce side today.
Can at Home
I’ll just add what Mr T said here because he so rarely gives a description: “Mmmmmmm. Smells like something worn many, many times by a lady of the night.” “I can smell the arthropods.” “Are you trying to get me drunk?”
Bottle at Home
Light, slightly bitter marzen. Not bad.
Bottle at Home
Very hoppy with a strong backbone of mango. Odd and interesting.
Bottle at Home
Similar flavor to Pumking, custard and pastry. Maybe slightly more fruit and a darker, more caramel flavor. Slightly bitter finish.
Fragrant, pleasantly sweet, buttery. Very light bitterness and finishes with an appealing, aftertaste.
Super, super sour. Almost a savory pineapple. Dries out your mouth almost instantly, although that moment a minute after your sip where all the saliva suddenly comes back is... pretty neat.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Quite good, but directly after Inferos the body seems a shade hollow in comparison.
Fragrant and super-flavorful. Decent amount of cereal body. For something with the words "imperial" and "rye" in the name, this was actually refreshingly light and smooth. Then again, I thought the same thing about Fortem and then was totally disappointed the second time. WE'LL SEE.
Very bitter, like chewing aspirin. So hoppy I think it stings. Grapefruit and something mellow like... roasted squash? Weird. I like it.
Mounds? Mounds. Rather less sophisticated than I would have expected from this brewery, but... Mounds.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Very tasty. Vienna lager? Or like a good helles lager with more caramel. Quite light.
This was so good, you guys. Like cold-press young apple cider mixed with a sweet cereal beer. I COULD DRINK FOREVER.
Lots and lots of blackberry. Tastes almost more juice than beer, but definitely less IPA than you'd expect.
Yasssss... Super-smooth dark chocolate cake opening. Creamy texture, biscuity sweetness. Habanero's hard to taste at first, just a bit of fruity tingle on the front of the tongue, but builds up into a pleasant warmth after a couple ounces. Pretty darned tasty.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Rounded orange flavor, like a Satsuma Mandarin, leading into a very front-of-tongue bitter hop-resin flavor. Finishes clean. It was ok.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Woah. What is this... so good. Like I’ve been punched in the face with a bitter fistfull of jasmine flowers and... I like it. Again!
Smooth, light, creamy porter. Still quite good. But omg, the real story is Blade Runner 2049. So good.
So I had this after a sweeter lager last time, and I'll have to note this is actually sweeter than I took it to be last time, and less bitter. Still very pleasant to drink. This was served too cold, definite ice crystals.
Maple scotch ale? Color me intrigued! Bad sign when the bottle pours like there's cottage cheese in the bottom. Like, we're talking a ton of sediment. Flavor's okay, caramel but very dry. Chunks disturbing though.
Bottle at Home
Kind of like a light, bitter, Belgian or Hefeweizen? I don't get any sour, nor very much lime. I dunno. Tastes like mediocre, bitter, brackish water that someone might have dropped a lime rind into.
Can at Home
Light, spicy-sour with watermelon flavor. This is actually quite tasty.
Can at Home
Biscuity, mellow, lots of caramel. Hops on the grassy side and significant, but not unpleasant. Another really good beer from Chuckanut, who apparently can do no wrong?
Firestone Walker Sour Opal (Batch No. 3, Bottled 05/08/17)
Bottle at Home
I mean... Does it even have to be good with this name? But it was. Oh, yes it was.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Yeah, this tastes fresh all right, but also very bitter for a pale. Piney rather than fruity. Alcohol pokes through in a way I didn't quite like.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Ummm. Almost exactly like drinking a watermelon jolly rancher. It was okay, but startlingly artificial-tasting.
Light, roasty dark beer with a bit of a lactic finish. Honestly, I have no idea what makes this different than the schwarzbier. May have to try them side by side someday, but it's probably not worth it.
Medium tart but with a very dry quality and a ton of funk, almost cheesy, on the back end. A while lot of raspberry and some cake like cereal sweetness. Somewhat of a chore to drink.
A double IPA? No way! This is super flavorful, with a ton of hop flavor, but also very smooth and slightly sweet; it finishes really mildly. This shared a lot of positive qualities with Stillwater Extra Dry, another sake-based beer, although this went in a different direction. Just as enjoyable and dangerously drinkable.
Interesting to get a raspberry beer that is decidedly not sour, but still has that mild, funk-salt finish on the lips.
An amber IPA, very fragrant, sweet and resinous. For me, this wasn't a good start, folks. But this beer really pulled it out in the end, with a smooth, sweet cereal finish with no bitterness at all. Very pleasant finish. If you're going to make a gateway beer to Lagunitas-style hop bombs, this is probably it.
Can at Home
Thick, syrupy, candy-like, like a liquid Ferrero-Rocher candy. Chocolate, nut-butter, a lot of sweetness. This wouldn't ever hit my top tier as a beer, but as a dessert, it's quite lovely.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Whhhhheaaaatttyyyt. Not bad. Dunno. Maybe. I had a glass of Rye before this so I’m not entirely sure where I am. I do know it is PROM night though! Gonna get down and get funky. Mark’s plum sour is dance fuel. Mr T just commented that Maltlog is really just my “drunk log” and he would be correct. On this date, I was toasted. FIN.
Really strange. Like, this is definitely an IPA, with lots of fragrance and hops, but with a very tropical turn into coconut and pineapple. Manages to stay light instead of nectary. I liked this, weird as it was.
Light, fruity, hop-fragrant IPA opening but kind of dissipates into a light, almost watery, lager-like finish. Still, a pleasant Friday lunch beer.
Pours rich, and thick, and this is BOURBON! above all, but what makes this beer work is that despite the BOURBON! and the clear, rich coconut flavor, this manages not to be cloyingly sweet, or even sweet as a first impression. That's a really delicate thing to accomplish. This was a really, really good beer, you guys.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Still not a pilsner. Pleasant tho.
Ugh, awful. Buttery vanilla slathered on a red ale base like too much frosting on a crappy cake. I would like to never dunno this again.
I might have changed my mind on pumpkin beers after this one. It's not sweet but has enough sweet pumpkin to give it character but remains generally dry and bubbly.
Very pleasant. Don't stop believing. We're number tree.
Bottle at Work
Lots of hops, lots of caramel. Previous review still holds.
Bottle at Work
It didn't exactly make me feel like I was in Hawai'i.
Bottle at Work
The Small Lebowski is in it to win it! Oh, the beer? It's tastes like a moderately hopped Vienna lager? Lots of caramel, a bit of wet hay. I'd probably take it over a Sam Adams.
Bottle at Work
Jake brought in a beer! I really liked this. Pretty strong hop presence in the opening, with pungent pineapple notes, hints of grapefruit. Finishes with a malty cereal smoothness. It's been a while since I expored Full Sail's lineup, might be time again.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Definitely better than the Field to Ferment. Similar opening, slightly more round and grapey, but with a much smoother finish. Good malt and a bit of buttery funk.
Super fragrant, pungent hop-fruity opening. Finish is higher alpha than I wanted, so I couldn't love this. But luckily, this wasn't the only beer I had.
First fresh hop beer of the season! Super fresh-tasting. You guys, this was so, so bitter. But I actually think I liked it, in spite of. Because, you know, fresh. Also Reuben's. I write good.
Another go at the salty sour. Still overwhelmingly salty upfront but that evolves into a very pleasant toasty wheat once the grimace fades. Don’t love it, but it is gonna do the job tonight.
Actually, this time it tastes like a dry hopped sour. Which is what it says on the bottle. So one out of three ain't bad.
Bottle at Home
Much less sweet than expected; a savory banana cake of a beer, super smooth finish. Just a bit of yeasty tang sticks in the throat. Very nice from this brewery, as usual.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Sweet banana bread and a lot of yeasty tang to cut through the sweetness at the end.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This was still good, but almost a bit too rich after two very good beers. And since it had a pretty similar profile to the Matchless, this one gets knocked down a peg.
I'd call this a stout more than a porter, based solely on thickness, but who cares? It was delicious. Creamy, roasty dark ale, with light hints of sweet, bitter, coffee, and umami. Nothing pokes out; everything is super well-balanced.
So, Pumking is great, but if you were looking for something to cut the sweet, pie custard quality of that beer, this is probably exactly what the doctor ordered. A fairly roasty coffee flavor counteracts a very Pumking opening and makes for a different ending. Drama, not comedy, if you're in that mood!
It's like a very limey kolsch. It's fine and refreshing. I wouldn't really call it sour, so much as lime-flavored.
Can at Home
If you're gonna have a Rainier, I'd suggest not chasing bad tequila with it.
Just right. The coconut and rum are just right and let the milk stout through at the end before a not-too-boozy rum ending.
Can at Home
Think it was good. Dunno? They said it went well with salmon eggs or something. I’m dying so there probably isn’t any point to logging. Ughhhhhh.
Bottle at Altura, Seattle
Light, sweet wheat flavor with banana and a very clean taste. Tangy on the backend. They put a lemon slice in the glass here, which is a tradition that needs to die.
A lightly spicy Belgian saison with more than a little sour funk. Fruity, with a light, clean finish.
It’s all right. The prunes and burnt tire rubber go together so well, like the elderly and the fast and the furious.
Bottle at Home
This is clear. But it is kind of weak sauce as far as bitterness.
Bottle at Work
A light, easy to drink beer
Bottle at Work
Pretty good stuff. Maybe now I know why Tolstoy drools all over those catnip bananas I buy him.
Bottle at Home

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