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Fresh hop smell and clean peppy taste. Just enough cereal flavor to carry things along.
Found cans at Humble Pie and couldn't pass up a new local coconut beer. After trying one, it's a cereal-y porter. Coconut maybe somewhere? I mean, not bad, but maybe I was expecting more? Maybe I drink too many IPAs so porters are boring?
Mellow, caramel, a touch of barrel or smoke. Finishes yeast-bitter and grassy. A little too bitter for me to love but it’s not boring.
Very fresh, piney, hopeBut balanced but a hint over on the alcohol flavor.
Bottle at Home
Firestone Walker Sour Opal (Batch No. 3, Bottled 05/08/17)
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Good over vanilla ice cream...
Bottle at Home
Generic, light, lager with hints of apple and a sweet but clean finish. Good for a ballgame though.
Thanks Roy! This was a nice farmy monky-almost ale. A nice way to spend a quarantine Friday.
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Fruity with all the bitterness.
Bottle at Home
This tastes skunky, so I don't know if it's a fair review. It's a fairly clear taste underneath the nastiness at least?
Can at Home
Dry bitter IPA that nevertheless has some of the flavor notes of a juicy IPA.
Can at Home
I second this post but read in your best pretentious theater voice: “Served in a taster at a Flanders Red tasting event. The impressive front-runner, easily going toe-to-toe with Grand Cru and Charactre Rouge. Pours a gorgeous ruby-amber with a respectable head. The nose is the strong balsalmic vinegar of Duchesse, but more balanced with dark fruits and sharp acidity. The palate, similarly, hits the high notes of Duchesse (vinegar galore), but adds further nuance with cherry and other dark fruit notes (akin actually, to Alexander). Med mouthfeel. An incredible beer. Not one I had heard of before the tasting event, and one I was exceedingly excited to try. Stands up to the best of the Flanders Red scene.“
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Still very good.
Bottle at Home
Can smell vanilla but don’t taste it. Quite sour and slightly musty, smooth tart cherry finish. Like it!
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Could be a little more IPA-like. Unexpectedly light and sweet. Good. I may be underrating it.
Bottle at Home
Think this is the only kolsch I’ve liked. Light, pleasant, cereal and a little funk.
Bottle at Home
Chili and peanut are the primary flavors here. Disappointed by the complete absence of Sichuan pepper as far as I can tell, but otherwise it's not too far off from the Mexican chocolate stout flavor profile. Let it warm up a little before drinking. Shows every bit of its 11% ABV.
Can at Home
Smooth and mellow. "Rich and malty," said the Wife, "with a dark roast coffee ending." I was going to say that too. Would easily buy this again.
Crystal clear, with rich cereal flavor, but quite bitter. A brackish, hard-water quality to the mouthfeel doesn't help a whole lot.
A little too sweet, more than I remember from last time, a thin, insipid kind of sweetness. Thoroughly underwhelmed.
Can at Home
Tasty. A little bitter but that’s rye for ya.
Draft at Rincon Beer Company, Rincon
It’s this or Medalla. Which means, pass the Ron del Barrilito, por favor!
Bottle at El Jibarito, San Juan
Sweet. Also I’m like 4 Ron del Barrilito 3 stars in so maybe rating system not entirely reliable.
Draft at La Taberna Lúpulo
A super-resinous hop-bomb of a hazy IPA, the kind of beer I intensely dislike, but the coconut really mellows everything out. I couldn't tell if it ever became a harmonious experience or if my brain kept switching between "yuck" and "yum" but I guess it averaged out to decent.
The oddness of this beer paired very well with a sublime bowl of Hakata ramen at Betsutenjin.
This... wasn't bitter at all? It tasted awesome. I don't know if my taste buds were burnt after two strong beers, but this just tasted light, sweet, and unexpectedly refreshing.
Pretty good, hazy grapefruit-citrus. Spicy rye on top and a somewhat bitter finish. I liked it, but it wasn't as good as the beer that came before it or the one that came after.
Pours clear, tastes of mellow caramel and bourbon. Lightly sweet and finishes clean, not a hint of bitterness. Very yummy.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Always good. Not top tier, but quite tasty. On the roasty side, with a slight build up of ash, maybe. Noticeable but not overbearing whiskey flavors. One to nurse for a while but worth the whole glass.
It's a nice, mild red. Not too bitter or brackish, but not super clear. Feels like it would appeal to the mass market.
Nice think hefe with banana notes.
Still doesn’t taste like peach.
Can at Home
Sweet and vegetal, about where you start asking the question: “how hazy is too hazy?” At least it’s not bitter.
Like drinking a spruce tree. Very bitter finish.
Quite good, wish I had my wits about me.
Ends like the Misguided Youth but the start is more bitter.
Starts the same as the summer IPA but gets resinous fast.
Light and cake-like, with agreeable raspberry flavors (I usually hate raspberry!). Cordial-like. Easy and mellow.
Sweet, light, nutty, pretty well balanced
Much more chocolate than orange, but maybe I got canceled out by the blood orange Millie, still super balanced in sweet vs roast
Sharp tart clean nice cereal at the end
Sweet, on the verge of syrupy, pine resin IPA with a strong hit of alcohol. Not bitter but that’s not quite enough to make me like it.
Creamy, sweet (but not too sweet) stout. Strong milk chocolate all the way through. Slight weirdness on the finish, chalky and burnt.
Mellow tripel with some cherry-apricot notes, maybe from the barrel. Whiskey sheen on top.
Was worried about it being high IBU/too bitter, but it has a nice refreshing flavor.
Smooth. Burnt bitterness. I think this one is now clearly on the side of over-aged - it's definitely missing a lot of the complexity and there's nothing to buffer the finish.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Molasses, smooth florality from the lavender. Just on the edge of a fruitiness. If Botan Rice Candy were a beer this would be it.
Smooth, unsurprising lager flavors. Sweetness from honey and alcohol combine nicely.
Creamy, slightly sweet, dry, just on the border of over-roasted. Maybe just a hint of coffee but there’s no way that “tiramisu” is the primary flavor effect for me.
This is nice. Though maybe I was influenced by reading about the pilsner malt. It was clean, both lightly bitter and lightly sweet. I didn't really think it tasted anything like gummy bears, which would have been a bad thing.
Can at Work
This is good. Not sure I’m picking up the peach. Also, peach body lotion is a sign of poor character.
Expected more bitterness for 102IBU. Heavy on the toasty/malt so I don’t really catch much citrus or pine. It is more floral. Not super interesting but it is a decent DIPA I suppose. Boozy. Oh... I feel the boozy.
Best of the bunch, just slightly better than the Reuben's. But I mean, this is a barrel aged dark beer, so it had an unfair advantage.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
This is... not much like the regular Crikey! at all. Super hazy, thick and juicy. Smells super dank but the flavor is much more balanced - I think the resin is there but it's just balanced out enough by the tang and citrus. Liked this one a lot.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Slightly better than the Bruery, but not by much. Strong vanilla, strong clove, A little too sweet. Not great.
Fake cherry syrup and chocolate flavor. Sticks in the back of your throat. I've been pretty disappointed with this whole series so far, and from a brewery that's usually quite strong.
I really thought I liked the Ol' Greg, but this one took the same basic flavor profile and knocked it out of the park. More subtle up front and brighter all around.
Quite a good IPA, piney and bright.
I still do not enjoy nitro.
Nitro Draft
Pours almost-opaque chartreuse, like cleaning a paintbrush. Flavor is quite intensely matcha - grassy and almost creamy-sweet. The IPA part is there too - intensely hoppy and floral. That bitterness builds up, leaves the tongue feeling quite dry, and gets quite hard to take.
Bottle at Home
More immediately enjoyable than the Hazelnut Vanilla Latte variant. There's a rich chocolate scent and flavor that really meets the expectations of the name.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Quite tart, dominating blueberry flavor. I've enjoyed the berry flavors from Cascade maybe less than their other sours, but it was still pretty good.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
It's very bourbon barrel aged. Hard for me to drink. But I appreciate my friend for trying. :^)
Bottle at Home
Thin and cola-like, down to the flavor, which is effervescent and tangier than I expected. Hints of nutmeg or cinnamon and maybe cardamom. At no point during this glass did I come close to thinking "baklava."
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Light, sweet, another beer that really evokes the memory of Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch cereal milk. That's a flavor you'll never hear me complain about, sooooo....
Bottle at Odin Lounge
I think this is a good middle of the road stout.
Not bad, but more like one of those European dark soda-like beer than a real beer beer. I don't expect a stout lover would love it.
Decent hazy IPA. Can't remember enough about it to say more.
Clean and fruity, medium tart. In no way would I ever describe this as an IPA. The finish maybe lightly fragrant of hops, and maybe the hint of sweetness is lactose sugar, but there's no cloudiness or dankness as I'd expect from a "Shake IPA." Really unexpected, and quite good.
Sticker Alt (2019)
Surprisingly light for as dark as it is, almost too light. Still good cereals and nothing overbearing.
Pine and sweet cereal, an IPA flavor profile I like. However, there’s a bit of rubber-tree bitterness that intrudes more and more over time.
Caramel-butterscotch and whiskey, fairly smooth. Some fire to keep it interesting. This is a very fine strong barrel aged beer.
Found at Whole Foods today! Smooth, sweet chocolate; light apple flavors and sweet brandy. Caramel. Definitely on the sweet side but not overwhelming.
Milkshake-thick stout, intensely sweet, very much like an Abraxas with some real whiskey flavors added. The habanero lends significantly more heat, and it lingers, warmly. This beer is a lot, but in glad I tried it.
Wanted to try a house beer. Coffee, vanilla, thick, only lightly sweet, but with a heck of a lot of roast bitterness that builds and builds and makes it hard to enjoy more than a taste of this beer.
A little refresher during intermission at HARRY POTTER AND THE TERFED CHILD PART ONE. Quite bitter.
Draft at Schlafly Beer Bar & Grill, St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Really tasty hazy IPA - completely mellow, no hint of resin. Pleasant apricot-citrus fruitiness, good texture, clean. Much better than the disappointing restaurant I had it at.
More bitter and less flavor than the love of hops. But has a clear refreshing character that reminds me a bit of a good pils, except that there's some sweetness.
Draft at Paisans Pizzaria and Bar
Really tasty. Nice flavor balanced by hops.
Draft at Paisans Pizzaria and Bar
Garden Path The Dry Hopped Streams Well (2nd Edition, packaged 1/9/19)
Bottle at Home
Definitely more yeasty than the Boon, but the flavor comes through as not much more complex. A tart, slightly medicinal cherry with a noticeable yeasty, dry bitterness.
Good cherry, a little sour, a little musty.
It’s fine. More like a wine cooler or cider; uncomplex, fruity, clean. Juice-like.
So I kept expecting sour and it just wasn’t there. Which in my younger days I might have thought was good, but this is just too fruity and sweet without that sour to balance.
Super complex after the Boon. Flavor is almost tomatoey or persimmon. Finishes with an appealing and unusual buttery quality.
The more I drink this the more complex it becomes. The port-barrel is niiice.
Smells like bubble gum and it’s hard to get past the candy-like flavor. Flavor profile is more cranberry juice cocktail than beer and certainly not as complex as I’d expect for a kriek.
The coriander doesn’t hit you too hard which is a good thing.
Light, subtle barrel notes. Dry character, with Stoup’s customary on-the-edge-of-burnt flavor is nicely tempered by the wood. Barely sour, with a slight uric finish.
Actually, I'm really liking that. And that's despite it tasting a little skunked (this is not a great restaurant) It's a nice marzen flavor cut through with a sharp bitterness.
Musty, funky, with a yeasty soreness and medium high bitterness.
Very hoppy, dry red with some caramel. Unpleasant.
Nice balance between the sweet and the not sweet
Draft at MacKenzie River Pizza, Bozeman

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