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Good robust coffee, a touch hoppier than usual for the style, but that’s normal here.
Not bad, lightly sour with a generic citrus flavor. Not getting distinct quinine or lactose notes other than a kind of weird minerality to the finish. It was a little off, but it was really the boringness that leaves me not wanting more.
Super-smooth black lager with a kind of buttery caramel undertone - not sweet, but velvety, I guess. Didn't have the kind of lactic tackiness that I remember from other dark lagers in my experience. Very tasty.
Sweet, thick, but not overwhelming or syrupy. Just enough roastiness to balance out the flavor. The opening is chocolate and there's recognizable hazelnut but the whisky is the thing that isn't obvious at first, except for the vaporous quality of the finish. That strength really sneaks up on you though, I was wrecked by the end of the can.
Medium-light stout/brown ale base, with clean but sharp rye whiskey notes reminding you this is an event beer. I don't think the flavor ever really melded harmoniously for me, which kind of keeps this from being in the top tier; maybe the beer didn't have the body to stand up to the barreling.
Deeply unpleasant, like when you accidentally buy the unsweetened blueberry juice at the supermarket. There's a tiny bit of a wine cooler note at the end but otherwise there is nothing beer-like about this at all. Do you have a UTI, or want to remember those good times? Maybe, and only then, this might be the beer for you.
Quite tasty, smooth porter with just a hint of smoke in the background.
Can at Home
Just a super solid porter. Roasty, medium bodied, nice, slightly acidic but smooth-finishing coffee on top.
Can at Home
Founders Backwoods Bastard (unknown release)
Bottle at Home
Canned October 2018. This beer smells amazing, smooth pina colada and maybe a hint of cola, but the flavor is quite dense, intensely roasty and umami in a way that ends up being off-putting very quickly. The pineapple and coconut counteract it fairly effectively but the beer still finishes very tacky in the throat.
Can at Home
Superlative Urn beverage consumed with gratitude to Eden.
Bottle at Super Bowl LV party with ourselves
There’s a good beer in there after it punches me. Thanks Eden!
Bottle at Home
Quite tart but clean, totally unsurprising from Cascade. Cute, small can that takes some of the bite off of their normal pricing structure. Floral and slightly tropical in flavor.
Can at Home
Oy plagiarized my donut comment. High octane maple glazed cinnamon bun. Very sweet. Instant drunk while trying to cook dinner. Dangerous.
Bottle at Home
It’s an apple donut! Delicious! Thanks Eden!
Bottle at Home
Normally I find Yeti overbearing, and there've been a lot of good peanut butter stouts, but friends, this one might be the best one yet. Definitely not on the sweet side, this is a roast dark peanut butter beer with just the right intensity of flavor. It's hella strong but doesn't taste that way. Loved it.
Can at Home
I mean, it's the same beer. Hit the spot better this time, I guess.
Can at Home
Chocolate milkshake
Bottle at Home
I don't know if the can makes it worse or if I'm more discerning in captivity, but I found the fakey strawberry jam flavor to be significantly off-putting. The rest of the beer is kind of an insipidly sweet stout, okay enough but sticky in the throat, and the jam puts it over the top into serious "meh" territory.
Can at Home
Rich dark chocolate flavor and an unsweet, pleasant coffee character. Almost savory, but not weird. Finish is lactic-dry, almost tacky, which builds up over time, but the overall stout is actually very nice.
Can at Home
Marshmallows and maple.
Bottle at Home
Opaque, hazy-juicy tropical flavor somewhere between pineapple and passionfruit. There's a bit of pot/herbal undertone to the flavor that gives it just a hint of acrid skunkiness and reduces the overall enjoyability of this beer.
Can at Home
I was remiss in logging this so I don't remember anymore. I do think it was tasty, remember it being light and shandy-like with a nice lime flavor.
Crowler at Home
Brown rather than black. Roasted, rooty/wet hay flavor, decent amounts of caramel. A Euro/UK take on a stout rather than what you'd find Stateside, I think. Pretty solid.
Bottle at Home
Starts pleasant, a sweet cereal hazy IPA with a sweet limeade flavor. Over time the limeade starts overwhelming the whole experience and starts fighting with the hop resin. It never gets annoying but it does certainly feel less pleasant to drink by the end of the glass.
Can at Home
Bready quad, lightly sweet but with a strong toasted flavor/bitterness always present. To my mind, although I haven't had the others in a while, not at all like the caramel-heavy, thicker quads put out by the European Trappist breweries. Makes me want to revisit them, though.
Bottle at Home
A sweet-ish, pleasant pilsner, laced with a bitter, brett-like complexity on top. Drinking a whole pint makes me think this was deceptively stronger than expected as well. I liked this one a whole lot.
Can at Home
'Ol reliable. Nothing over the top, nothing too syrupy, too sweet, too alcohol-y, too malty, too whatever. A great way to ring in the new year.
Really chocolatey and poured smooth. Maybe just a tad on the sweet side for me but solid.
Bottle at Home
Light, bright, sweet cereal, and a clear hop bitterness hinting at resin. A nice kind of pineapple juice fruitiness keeps it colorful. An easy-drinking IPA.
Bottle at Home
Normally I would never say this, but this could have been just a tad sweeter. I’m sure everyone else loves it, and I might also have loved it any other time, but for some reason I wanted something with just a tinge of sweet with the sour in cherry and this was just short of that. Also, thanks Roy and Sara!
Bottle at Home
Light smell for something that tastes so strong. Something soapy and distracting in body.
I gotta say, for something that is supposedly 17.5% ABV this was drinkable as hell.
Can at Home
Bracingly tart, bit of salt on the lips, nice cherry flavor. Finished slightly sweet and very clean.
Tastes exactly like a Butterfinger. At least for this flavor combination, more successful than a lot of other attempts (and I appreciate a candy bar that isn't yet another Almond Joy / Mounds thing).
Can at Home
Dark bitter smell, balsamic vinegar qualities. Smooth yet complex rich body. Good finish, nothing off lingering.
Pretty much an IPL. A malt-forward lager with some upfront resin drying out the flavor. Tacky on the tongue; nice hop flavors that seem to balance the malt rather well. Not sure I like this trend toward 11.2 oz cans though.
Can at Home
Intensely sweet, like a sweet apple wine or brandy, with a concentrated caramel flavor throughout. It's a nice flavor, but there's just a little too much of everything throughout - it was hard to drink more than a small sip at a time. Hopefully with age maybe this could become a lot more mellow. All that said, it was still way better than the Kentucky Fog.
Bottle at Home
Maybe I was starved, but I thought this worked really well. Transparent, effervescent and just slightly fruity/tangy, with a sweet and smooth cereal overtone. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for in a Kolsch.
Can at Home
This was the least successful of the three variants, surprisingly. The vanilla kind of overwhelmed the roast to the point where the whole thing just felt sickly sweet (without being syrupy). That kind of thing where the beer felt more like chocolate milk. I guess the added flavors in the variants served to balance out the base beer's imbalance.
Can at Home
"Sweet cherry" is usually a red flag but this one did it pretty well. Definitely on the sweet side but not syrupy, dominant flavor is cocoa with a hint of fruit. Couldn't make out coconut at all, which is usually not a place that beers fall down. The horchata was better, but this was still quite good.
Can at Home
Strongly roasty, medium sweet, pleasant -- and slightly buttery -- finish. I can't say how much it screams horchata to me but it certainly tastes good. I've never heard of Hi-Wire but they've done a series of these 10W-40 stouts, so expect more logging in the future.
Can at Home
A classic Evil Twin flavor, which means... eh. Hoppy and pungent, extremely roasty. Not what I really like in a stout, but there was no false advertising here.
Can at Home
Great Lakes Christmas Ale (unknown release)
Bottle at Home
I very much prefer this on CO2 but obviously still excellent
Nitro Draft at Eureka!, Seattle
This was really good - enough roast to counteract a well-balanced sweetness, usually maple beers are overwhelmingly sweet or syrupy. Not too boozy.
Bottle at Home
Chili is non-present, and not really bourbony, but this is a very good beer. Not too sweet, nicely dry, good coconut and very smooth. I don't remember how the base Cultivating Mass was, but I'm a fan of this one and would like to try some of the other variants.
Bottle at Home
This is barely disguised bourbon; I guess without the strongly sweet flavors in the Maple Mackinac Fudge this one is more naked. It does have a light pleasant roasted coffee flavor and a bit of fizz but make no mistake, this one is all about the booze.
Bottle at Home
Dry and hoppy but also nicely balanced with a kind of similarly dry hibiscus/pomegranate character. I appreciated the unusual florality and tang of this beer, and the can art is just incredible.
Can at Home
A little too dry for me to love, but otherwise pretty enjoyable
Can at Home
So I love Earl Grey and was super excited for this, but I’m really not feeling it here. The base beer overwhelms the subtlety of the teas and they end up turning into a weirdly herbal, perfumey and bitter aftertaste.
Reminds me a lot of the beers I had in London, roasty, just a little more dank (smell & flavor!) than I usually like. Assertively dry and bitter. Would love to try this on cask pour.
Normally this would be way too sweet for me but at least this beer came in advertising exactly what it was. This tastes like maple fudge, high, sweet, pretty darn alcoholic. Not thick, which comes from its KBS heritage and which I think helps in this case. Nice dessert beer.
Bottle at Home
Initially concerned that the Candy Cane flavoring would be a gimmick, and have an overwhelming amount of artificial flavoring. However, they seemed to have been able to achieve a subtle hint of peppermint but remain predominately a traditional milk stout.
Can at Home
This is very nice, and I appreciate it came in a small bottle. Caramel, vanilla, hint of raisin and slightly tart from the port. Very smooth. Just a bit tacky in the throat, which is the only thing holding it from perfection, but maybe with age it'll get better.
Bottle at Home
Much drier than I expected, which is really great. Like an Granny Smith or other tart apple pie... Nice to have another unsweet cider here. Only complaint is a kind of faint, soapy aftertaste.
The cinnamon and chili are immediately present in the nose. So much so that I expected it to overpower the palate, but surprisingly, it balanced it really well with the cocoa. Very good. Just short of perfection. Also happy birthday Mike. Thanks for the beer!
Bottle at Home
The original is best here, I guess! Just dry enough to balance out the juice of the apple; only lightly tart so that nothing lingers unpleasantly.
A believable watermelon juice flavor, not fake watermelon candy, which is nice. That said it kind of flattens out an already sweet cider to end up with something rather one-note.
Weird, but I liked it. Lemon is more of an essence; doesn’t add sourness but clearly identifiable. Dill is strongly present in scent and flavor, and it combines a bit with the sweetness to give an unusual but appealing flavor.
Interesting clove / plum flavor. Hint of smoke? Plum is quite clear and pleasant. I know this is supposed to be honey forward, but I did find myself wishing it were less sweet. A little flat.
Weak-ish blackberry flavor. Sage is unidentifiable if it’s there; somewhat sweeter than seems appropriate given the weakness of the other flavors.
Comparatively intense fruit flavor in this one; tart apricot. Sweet and sour, hint of something spicy on the lips? Not exactly fizzy, but it tingles nicely in a way the other flavors do not.
Strong smell of molasses, coffee, and cocoa. Strong fizzy forward. Acidic clean body. Was worried that it'd be too sweet but so far this is like a toasty pecan pie, sorta.
Tons of sediment, almost unpleasant-looking, but flavor wise this is pretty good. Juicy, mango is clearly at the front of the flavor. No tartness or bitterness, and the overall feeling here is plesasantly sweet. Light finish.
Can at Home
The basic flavors are good, but it's maybe a little too simple-sweet. These same flavors with some more complexity would be pretty killer, though.
Can at Home
Strong coffee like the breakfast stout with a little bit of maple sweetness and chocholate.
Bottle at Home
Starts off with a weird herbal taste, but gets better.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
The first swig of this is super weird, the fenugreek gives it a bitter, Chinese herbal medicine like quality. There's a really nice brown ale behind it and as your palate gets adjusted it ends up being quite pleasant. However, "it burned my taste buds until it was fine" is not really a ringing endorsement for a beer.
Bottle at Odin Lounge
Draft at Quigley's Irish Pub
Thick, syrupy, Almond Joy-type coconut stout, although it smells sweeter than it tastes, thankfully. Caramel and not much overt hazelnut; maybe in the overall smooth finish. Just a hint of smoke/roast but not as over the top as the usual Evil Twin stout story.
Bottle at Home
Reallly tasty, orange-citrus fruitiness and some juicy hop flavor. Just a touch of resin but otherwise not bitter at all.
Can at Home
Starts smooth and very tasty for a new vintage of BBIS, surprisingly so, but kind of loses its lustre through the course of a glass. The alcohol is very pokey and is quite dominant over time. Might need some aging.
Still delicious, and maybe a touch smoother on draft.
Fragrant, and fruity, almost juicy, without any of the offensive edges of a more profound IPA. Very crowd-pleasing. In bigger news, this place has very good loco moco, maybe a new local favorite.
Light wood-smoke, not overwhelming, with a caramel/malty Vienna lager character about it. I'd love to compare it to other Aecht Schlenkerla rauchbiers but it's been a very long while since I've tried one.
Can at Home
Cereal/malty, just a hint of esters, brackish finish, not too boozy (which can be a danger with Maibocks). This was pretty much what I was looking for.
Held up well in the recapped bottle, even after four days.
Bottle at Home
Draft at At Luna Blu in Tiburon, CA
The Cherry was just on the edge of cough syrup but was nicely countered with some dark chocolate bitterness. It’s still fairly sweet so probably best delivered in a desert context and in small quantities.
Bottle at Home
Cola-like, lightly-sweet, nutmeg-forward. Sticks a little in the throat, but overall not a bad pumpkin ale at all. Also: super cheap.
Bottle at Home
Purchased at SF Ferry Terminal Farmers Market
Can at Home
Delicious, as usual. I wish I'd taken more notes at the time, though.
Far too malty for my taste. Not what I typically go for in an IPA.
Can at Home
Picked this one up at the farmers market at the Ferry Building
Can at Home
Espresso chocolate smell. Sweet burbony body omg so good.
Toffee, malt, hints of raisin. Sticks in the throat a bit, but overall quite tasty.
Can at Home
More cereal funk than I expected. Lightly bitter, background pine. Slightly brackish on the tongue, but finishes clean.
Delicious, caramel, sweet, lightly fruity. I liked this a lot better than what I remember of the Brew 3000, but the difference may be because it was on draft.
Bought at the SF Ferry Building farmers market.
Can at Home
Lightly sweet, juicy, very, very pleasant cider.
Bottle at Home
This was simply delicious work some home made pizza.
Can at Home
The CO2 gives this a bite that makes it work very well.
Chocolate milk sweet, fairly strong. Pretty one note, except the can art, which was distressing enough that it probably affected my enjoyment.
Can at Home
Way too sweet, notes of cherry and wood. Syrupy. I couldn't finish it.
A very weird beer, medium-sour with a biscuity-mellow finish that tastes a bit rooty or medicinal. I couldn't tell if that was the base sour or if it had to do with the nitro finish. Pretty good, though!
Nitro Draft at Malt & Vine, Redmond
This beer is almost savory, roasted, a little too thick in the Evil Twin fashion. I thought I tasted barrel but it's not in the description. Not bad, but didn't love it.
I think this beer might have been skunked, or it certainly skirted the edge. I think there was a pretty good, flavorful Kolsch here, once.
A light, piney IPA with a kind of acrid sweetness, like marshmallow layered on top of bitter grass. Kind of a retro east coast IPA flavor from the days before haze took over. Finishes clean, but the bitterness kind of lingers behind the scenes.
Has the aspect of a sour, sparkly merlot more than a beer - grape, tannins, caramel, prune, wood. Refreshing, it was not.
Better than my memory of it (eight years old!) but I've gotta tell you, the pickings at Suncadia are very, very slim.
Tasty. Dry, bitter like dark chocolate. Maybe hints of caramel, but there's no sweetness here.
Harsh, sort of body odor flavored. I don't really like it
Apparently I had this seven years ago. The beer is the same, but the world has changed.
Can at Home
Sweet and kind of fruity. I'm not sure why this is considered an IPA, but I like it.
Can at Home
Much lighter in body than expected but with a Pilsner-like bitterness. Chocolate and coconut add a light sweetness but this is a nice change - it tastes like a beer rather than a dessert.
A well balanced blonde, lightly fruity with assertive Pilsner notes to counter. Uric and noticeably bitter. I liked it.
Slightly tart stout. Maple/burnt sugar, vanilla, slightly fruity with hints of blackberry. Much lighter than you’d expect from the description.
Tasty at first, citrus IPA on the slightly sweet, clear, juicy side. By the end of the tall it though I was just tasting booze and I just chose to stop drinking it. Which is never a great sign.
Fruity, estery Belgian pale, slightly tart, strongly reminiscent of apricot. Finishes with caramel and wine/grape notes. Definitely wears its high ABV on its sleeve, but quite pleasant.
Growler at Home
I was trepidacious about this upon reading the label, but I’m pleased to report that the flavors are subtle. Almost too subtle. Like several sips in, the pepper finally starts accumulating enough to register. Otherwise, I have to admit I don’t really get the peanut here, even though it’s the third ingredient listed behind water and barley. Hmmm.
Can at Home Again, Home Again
Mild coriander-flavored saison, with a fair amount of bitterness that sneaks up on you after a while. The server said this was modeled after Boulevard's Tank 7.
Mellow, slightly vinous Belgian; not spicy, or tart but with the plum / prune hints you sometimes get in Belgian darks. No real funk, very pleasant.
Puckeringly tart, clear red wine notes in the fragrance. Not identifiably cherry-like in my mind, the sourness kind of overwhelms everything else. Not bad but a bit of a chore to get through the whole bottle.
Bottle at Home
Yes, I can taste the peaches. It also says something about Mango on the can. But really all of this is overshadowed by the fact that it is an IPA... with all that bitterness and general non-goodness.
Can at Home
Sits somewhere between rounded strawberry and lemon-pine. Bright, clear flavor with maybe just a little too much alcohol poking through. Finishes clean if slightly bitter, but always seems to be almost at the edge of crossing over into something less pleasant.
There's a syrupy quality to this beer that seems pleasant at first but becomes highly disturbing. Take the malt from a normal Vienna lager and dial it up past 11 until you're at 18 or so and you might be in the ballpark.
An unusual flavor, dark roasted sesame with a bit of funk. Like the other beers here there's a bit of sourness on the end and a somewhat oily texture, but it finishes clean. Not bad.
The best of the flight. Sour cherry / grapefruit flavor but not bracingly tart. Cloudy funk on the finish; a pleasant cereal that builds up without any sweet overtones.
Like the Rye Pale, this is quite dry. Not resinous at all and the hops are not as assertive as you'd expect from a DIPA, but there is a rooty bitterness and just a hint of skunk. Bit of an oily sheen.
Pastry fragrance. Dry, mellow, spicy. A bitter, slightly sour finish. I like the aftertaste, which had an unusual "curl" to it, can't really describe it better.
Honestly it just tastes like any other IPA to me... which is to say, not something I’d go out of my way for. I read the label just now and it claims “notes of lemon and mango.” But uh, no, I don’t think so.
Can at Home
So if I’d wanted lime in my beer, I’d cut one up and squeeze it in myself. And not have started with an IPA. So... yeah.
Can at Home
First impression was a bit of a shock because I didn’t read the label, but after a few more sips, it started to really come together. I mean, this is pretty much eating a Mounds bar in liquid, alcoholic form. They should add some almonds to it and make it even better. Also, this is totally silly but I like the *feel* of the matte finish on the can. Yeah, I said that. It matters.
Can at Home
Very nice on a warm summer day. Good grainy flavor but smooth as you’d expect from a lager.
Can at Home
Fresh hop smell and clean peppy taste. Just enough cereal flavor to carry things along.
Found cans at Humble Pie and couldn't pass up a new local coconut beer. After trying one, it's a cereal-y porter. Coconut maybe somewhere? I mean, not bad, but maybe I was expecting more? Maybe I drink too many IPAs so porters are boring?
Mellow, caramel, a touch of barrel or smoke. Finishes yeast-bitter and grassy. A little too bitter for me to love but it’s not boring.
Very fresh, piney, hoppy but balanced, but just a touch overwhelming on the alcohol flavor.
Bottle at Home
Firestone Walker Sour Opal (Batch No. 3, Bottled 05/08/17)
Bottle at Home
Bottle at Home
Good over vanilla ice cream...
Bottle at Home
Generic, light, lager with hints of apple and a sweet but clean finish. Good for a ballgame though.
Thanks Roy! This was a nice farmy monky-almost ale. A nice way to spend a quarantine Friday.
Bottle at Home

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