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Commercial Brewery | Redmond, WA, United States of America

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Postdoc Brewing (Redmond, WA, United States of America)


Overall average: 68 (logged 134 times)
Kilty MacCraig Scotch Ale: 83 (logged 1 time)
Scotch Ale
Postdoc "Moscow Mule" Blondilocks with Ginger & Lime: 58 (logged 1 time)
American Blonde Ale
Postdoc A1 Hop Sauce Hazy IPA: 58 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Alma Mater Amber
Amber / Red Ale
Postdoc Alpha Factor IPA: 83 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Andromeda IPA: 75 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Antichromatic White Stout: 72 (logged 3 times)
Postdoc Bantha Blood: 75 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Barrel Admixture: 79 (logged 2 times)
Wild Ale
Postdoc Binary Barleywine: 50 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Bootleg Boulardii: 67 (logged 1 time)
Wild Ale
Postdoc Boysenberry Gose: 50 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Brett Barrel Alpha Factor IPA: 67 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Cheat Day: 50 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Cram Session Coffee Porter: 71 (logged 6 times)
Postdoc Cream Ale: 67 (logged 1 time)
Cream Ale
Postdoc Dead Wolf Unicorn: 79 (logged 2 times)
Postdoc Demon Star Imperial Stout: 71 (logged 2 times)
Postdoc Dissertation Double IPA: 63 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Donnrua Brown Ale: 75 (logged 1 time)
Brown Ale
Postdoc Easy A Session IPA: 67 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Equifinality: 58 (logged 1 time)
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Postdoc Evans Kriek: 67 (logged 2 times)
Flanders Red Ale / Oud Red
Postdoc Fractal Pattern: 70 (logged 3 times)
Japanese Rice Lager
Postdoc Freshious: 71 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Ghost Reaper Pumpkin Porter: 79 (logged 2 times)
Postdoc Going, Going, Gose: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Golden Flowers Dry-Hopped Blonde: 67 (logged 1 time)
American Blonde Ale
Postdoc Goldilocks Belgian Blonde: 72 (logged 3 times)
Belgian Pale Ale
Postdoc Grapefruit Kolsch: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Guess and Check Experimental Beer: 50 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Lager
Postdoc Herbert's Legendary Ale: 75 (logged 1 time)
English Pale Ale / Bitter
Postdoc Hogus Maximus Barriclus
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Hogus Maximus Extremis: 63 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Hogus Maximus Extremis with Coffee: 83 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Hogus Maximus Triple IPA: 39 (logged 3 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Homeroom Belgian Rye: 64 (logged 3 times)
Belgian Pale Ale
Postdoc Hydrogen Blonde: 63 (logged 6 times)
American Blonde Ale
Also known as: Postdoc Blondilocks
Postdoc Impish Delight Oatmeal Stout: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Irish Coffee Porter: 75 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Kilty By Association: 75 (logged 1 time)
Scotch Ale
Postdoc Kilty MacPumpkin Pumpkin Scottish Ale: 79 (logged 4 times)
Scotch Ale
Postdoc Kilty McSporran Scottish Ale: 65 (logged 5 times)
Scotch Ale
Postdoc Kölsch: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc L.A.B. Partner Blackcurrant: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc L.A.B. Partner Pineapple: 75 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc L.A.B. Partner Prickly Pear: 75 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Macropus Rufus: 31 (logged 3 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Malt & Vine IX Smoked Lager: 67 (logged 2 times)
American Pale Lager
Postdoc Media Blackout Oatmeal Stout: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Mexican Cake Demon Star: 83 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Midlakes Lager: 75 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Lager
Postdoc Mojito Incognito: 58 (logged 1 time)
Fruit Beer
Postdoc More Love IPA: 67 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Peach Quiz IPA: 67 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Pineapple Kolsch: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Pop Quiz A. Kollar
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Pop Quiz M. Chan: 75 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Porter: 64 (logged 3 times)
Postdoc Prereq Pale Ale: 58 (logged 3 times)
American Pale Ale
Postdoc Prostdoc: 50 (logged 1 time)
European-style Pale Lager
Postdoc Pumpdoc Postkin Porter: 42 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Pumpkin Peach Scottish Ale: 58 (logged 1 time)
Scotch Ale
Postdoc Scars Are Beautiful Hazy IPA: 50 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Seamus O'Brien Dry Irish Stout: 67 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Social Media Influencer IPA: 58 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Stokes' Law Pale Ale
American Pale Ale
Postdoc Studying Abroad Fruit Ale: 81 (logged 3 times)
Fruit Beer
Postdoc Tangerine Quiz Milkshake IPA: 64 (logged 3 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Postdoc Unseen Interaction: 50 (logged 1 time)
Wild Ale
Postdoc Weizen Shine Red German Wheat: 75 (logged 1 time)
Bavarian Hefeweizen
Postdoc Weizenfall: 75 (logged 1 time)
Postdoc Wheat Wine 101: 50 (logged 1 time)


Postdoc Blackberry Going, Going, Gose (collaboration): 67 (logged 1 time)

Logs for beers from this brewery

Not quite as rooty as the Star Wars version of this. A pleasant sour.
An excellent American lager, crisp but with a light cereal sweetness.
Dry and clean with a non-specific fruit tang, almost as sharp as a ginger beer. The habanero is quite forward and the heat lingers. I like this quite a bit.
True to Postdoc’s modus operandi, this is nice-forward, clean, with a slightly funky cereal finish. Pineapple is writ clear on its shoulder. Very pleasant.
Keg blew on this. Quite a bit of bubblegum-like oily hop sweetness, on top of a thinnish Pilsner base. Can’t say I loved it.
Bitter, sweet blonde. Very effervescent. Decidedly doesn’t taste like a “whole lot of nothing,” so I guess the mantra is don’t get this in nitro.
Surprisingly strong but in a good way for sure. The finish goes on and on
So I didn’t like this because it’s watery. But then it paired well with food. But then I realized it’s just watery. So. Whatever.
On nitro, really tastes like a whole lot of nothing. May have suffered from not being the first beer I tried tonight.
Quite tasty. A light fruity ale that's lime forward with some berry. On top there's a hint of sweet pastry that gives an impression of pie.
Up front a little watery, a little sour. High, grassy bitterness, with a strong alcohol presence. A challenging beer, but not sure I want a challenge in a rice lager?
Quite sweet, but tempered by the coffee in a way that winds up being pretty appealing. Some of the hop pungency pokes through at the end.
I noted the almost-burnt roastiness of the Media Blackout previously and this certainly seems related. Thin, slightly tart, high, rounded bitterness. Caramel, notes of pecan.
A complexity that’s takes a few drops to come though. A tad on the sweet side for my liking but
Bottle at Home
Sweet and syrupy stout. The barrel age is not forward.
Bottle at Jet's house
It’s like someone poured OJ into my beer.
It's like an orange creamsicle. Or maybe cream soda. Mike Lee is correct as he insists it's more tangerine than orange.
This is... a bit much. Maybe it's because it was at the tail end of a lot of beers, but this was over the top malty, over the top hoppy. One could say this is by design for barleywines, but I've had many that were a lot more enjoyable than this.
Not as good as I remember. Pumpkin spice and cream dominate and the base beer is a little lost, but it's pleasant enough.
Also weirdly sweet. Like a watery chocolate milk stout, a bit tart/metallic on the finish.
Quite firmly in the IPL category, but I think I may be tasting the hops more because a lager isn't going to stand up so well after a strong barrel-aged stout.
Dry, smooth without being thick. A bit more surprisingly bitter at the end than I expected but otherwise very good. I should have written notes down on the day.
I gave this a decent before but I think we can safely say this was probably because it was nitro. This was superb, not syrupy, dry, cocoa, liquor.
Nice flavors but just a bit over the top sour to be truly enjoyable. Clean and fizzy, bit salty on the lips, maybe a hint of apricot but otherwise ambiguous. Finish is slightly buttery but quite outbalanced by the lingering tartness.
Smells dank. Up front oily bitterness, sweet, herbaceous. Quickly translates to a mild, slightly buttery follow-through. Bitterness collects in the back of the throat but otherwise clean.
Bracingly tart, yellow, apricot. Drying finish that is remarkably clean compared to the opening. Seems like a completely different formulation from the 2018 in looks and flavor profile.
Dry and spicy, smooth without being thick. The bourbon is there as a hint, caramel and vanilla and toffee and wood, but the overall aspect of the beer is balanced and not too sweet. Love it!
Puckeringly tart, clear red wine notes in the fragrance. Not identifiably cherry-like in my mind, the sourness kind of overwhelms everything else. Not bad but a bit of a chore to get through the whole bottle.
Bottle at Home
This is fruit that tastes like feet.
Completely flat, letting the full brunt of the flavor. Creamy chocolate, light plum, a little salty on the finish to balance.
Postdoc Freshious (unknown release)
Mellow hazy IPA with a lightly pithy finish. Little bit grapefruit, little bit apple.
Okay, this was the first milkshake IPA I've had that made me think of a milkshake. Sweet lactose, like almost Orange Julius levels to my mind, and a less sweet peach juice flavor finish into a dry, super hazy IPA. Each flavor stage was less sweet than the previous one. Weird, but interesting.
A tasty sour, minimally funky, with an unidentifiable sourness that I can only call "brown" -- a kind of molassessy cola-like sourness that feels bright all the way through and finishes totally clean.
Dry IPA, a bit on the brut side, but with assertive resin notes.
Intense compared to the others but still smooth. More malt more toffee rummy liquor brown sugar
Extraordinarily sweet, cutting any sense of hoppiness or dankness from this beer. After that fades you're left with a strong alcohol finish. Only took a couple sips to develop a buzz with this. Didn't much get a strong sense of bourbon. Closest beer to this I've had is the Dogfish 120 Minute IPA, but this one seems to lack the IPA-ness of that one.
A roasty-burnt cream stout type of beer. I liked it just fine, but it really hearkened back to my early beer days and I think my enjoyment may have been more nostalgia than love.
A citrus-grapefruit hazy beer, with a very mild, nice opening flavor. Almost watery in its follow-through - no tart or hoppy bite. Finishes with buttery diacetyl notes that ... are kind of weird in this style. A little off in multiple ways.
Cloudy brown ale with a savory flavor not unlike saltine crackers or pretzel. Not a common kind of beer, and one which I really like.
It's not exactly a beer. It's like a pomegranate juice cocktail, maybe some apple or peach. Just a hint of cereal to remind you is a beer. Sometimes this is a ding on the rating. Today I'm feeling kind.
I get the trick now; this doesn't actually taste like a stout other than it is devoid of the more fragrant notes you'd expect from a golden beer. Very smooth, and more chocolate than roast (as you'd predict). More sparkly than most nitro beers. I liked this.
Nitro Draft at Thirsty Hop, Kirkland
I like this, it is well balanced, smooth and interesting. Maybe really like it. However, after 3.5 hours of sleep and 30 some odd hours of work in two days, I’m anything but smooth and interesting. I’ve got poutine in my lap and I’m earning “you’re scary” comments from Mr. T.
Medium sour but clears to a sweet shortcake finish. Pie cherry, effervescent, drinking vinegar-like flavor.
Yeasty funk, toasted barley flavor. Finishes a bit tacky on the tongue.
Smooth and cake-like flavor; like a caramel brownie. Salt is subtle if there at all, and the coffee seems to have been subdued into nothingness.
Lime forward cask beer, middle flavor of ginger; aftertaste is buttery cereal. A little gimmicky, but I don't hate it.
So I was really looking forward to this but it just tastes weird. Too sweet? Something. I dunno.
Dry medium-tart sour. I don't get a lot of salt, and (like the blackberry gose I've had here) the fruit flavor is not very fresh-fruit, more like a juice box. Also there was a disturbing tinge of baby diaper in the smell for me.
Blondilocks is a beer I really enjoy, and this keeps most of the qualities of that beer - a yeasty, sweet-cereal beer with plenty of body and moderate funk. Added on top of that is a mildly spicy, fruit dry hop opening, which is nice, and a somewhat flat cask character, which brings out some hop dankness and soapy notes, which I liked less.
Tasty pumpkin porter, some cinnamon notes that put it slightly in the candy-like territory of Hi-Fi's Amigo Warmer, but not quite as cloying. Medium spice, which is less than you'd expect from the combination of chilies in the name, but a pretty good balance.
Hoppy wheat wine. Honestly, this was probably good but suffered a lot by being next to universally superior beers. Just not very memorable and a flavor profile that's not my favorite.
Decent, mildly sour wheat with a sweet cereal finish. Saisony.
Enjoyed it enough that I got a growler for a party that night!
Kolsch/Lager-like blonde ale with a cloudy, mildly yeasty opening but a sweet cereal finish. Really enjoyable, not unlike the Denali Agave Gold ale that I enjoyed here last time. This one gets a growler too.
Oh man. This was much harder to drink than I remembered. Kind of like drinking a hickory campfire with a bit of lagery sweetness at the end that confused more than pleased.
Pretty nice. Clearly a woodsy IPA to start with, although all traces of bitterness seem to have been lost in the brett barrel. What's left is kind of a resin essence, some nice fragrance, a touch of high alcohol, and the brett. When cold it was more of a hint of barrel at the beginning, but as it warmed up the finish gained a lot of buttery complexity.
The fruit kolsches from this brewery always taste more like radler-esque blends than integrated beers, and this is no exception. Super-bubbly, like pineapple soda mixed with a kolsch, although the flavors here are very bright and refreshing. Very fresh, bright pineapple flavor. Lots of sweet cereal malt finish up.
Lightly salty, lots of berry flavor. Medium tart. The flavors were... well, decent, although the glass was bigger than my enjoyment of it.
Strong campfire smoke flavor. Maybe a little too much? But it may have worked too. There's a pretty good lager in the back end.
Definitely a radler - very soda-like grapefruit sweetness, with a bit of a yeasty, funky beer mixed in (but very subdued). Light and summery, but not necessarily what I would reach for if I were in the mood for a summer beer.
Malty, semisweet Scotch ale with a touch of smoke. The strength shows as a fairly alcoholic in flavor over time, though it doesn't start that way. Still a good notch below traditional local Scotches like Black Raven and Bellevue.
Roasty, rich imperial stout with a thick brown head. I liked this straight version better than the whiskey barrel version from a couple weeks back.
Very different from the Demon Star, with a sweet, almost coconut aspect. Flattish from the cask.
Dry-ish with lots of banana and caramel but not too much sweetness, a bit of salty umami on the back end. Very nice flavor and clean for a strong beer.
More like a straight spiced porter than particularly pumpkiny. Weirdly sweet and the spices were basically tacked on, I thought. Suffered a lot next to the other two.
I'm imagining this cask was a little middle finger to Anheuser-Busch? Flat and Belgian-esque, with a musty coriander-like essence on top of the base pumpkin ale. Didn't particularly think peach, either.
Wow! This is maybe the most pumpkin pie-like beer I've ever had - at once vegetal, lightly spiced, and creamy cereal on the finish. Just a touch of cider-like fruitiness on top. It's like they took the best of Pumking and Pumpkick and threw some more pumpkin in there.
Tangy sour body, clean finish. Straightforward.
For an ESB, this certainly was full of Northwest hop character. In fact, it starts out very much on the same track as the Easy A, but has an appealing sour tang before it transitions to sweet cereal. Finish is moderately bitter.
Lots of fragrant pine in this IPA, with nearly no bitterness in the finish. I wouldn't say there was any real malt body here. Just a hop-centric session IPA.
Right after the coffee porter there was a weird quality the this beer's flavor, but it cleared up fairly quickly. I think it was the yeast poking through the previous palate color. A decent, if not memorable dry stout.
Smells like a loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread. Banana esters are there, but subdued in what is really not a sweet beer. Bready, tangy yeast finish. You have to squint to see the Hefeweizen in this, but it's very appealing!
Dry hopped with amarillo. Sweet apricot cereal smell, hint of fizzy orange. Well rounded taste of malt sweet, yeast character, and hop bitter. This is a really good cask beer.
Soapy hop start. Strong hop bitter finish.
Resinous finish, keeps getting stronger. Not a very interesting cereal body.
Like the pale ale, but even more resinous. Builds up bitterness too fast, not crispy enough.
Resin city hop bomb. I can imagine people who would like this, but it's absolutely not me.
Very resinous hops flavors coupled with a surprisingly sweet body. Intersting, but I'm not a fan of the mix.
A floral hop bomb like the Triple IPA but this also had a strong burnt toffee flavor on top of that. A hint of that combination is usually enough to turn me off completely (see: Brown Shugga), but this was a lot more than a hint. Nope. Nooooope.
Soft start. Drying slightly acidic finish.
Strong resinous and mild grapefruit hops flavors. Not too bitter if you compare it to an IPA., Not as crisp as I like my IPAs style beers though.
Resinous, fragrant and fruity hop flavor. I like more malt in my pales, and this doesn't have much at all. If it hadn't been written on the board, I would have said pretty confidently that this was a strong IPA.
Better body than the normal porter. Moderate coffee presence. Drying finish.
Powerfull coffee smells and flavors, has the same surprising sourness as the porter, but this time it's more of a coffee sourness. Tastes just like a cold espresso shot.
Smells very roasty. Opens surprisingly sour for a porter and ends on roastier notes. It's a little thin.
A sweet, deep coffee flavor cuts through the sourness of the base porter; for me, almost completely. The coffee was quite good, I thought, although the overall effect may have been a little too sweet. Still, I liked this one too.
Soapy start, thin body, dry finish. Weak body.
Dry porter in what I would call an Irish mold; there's a sourness that is probably more yeasty than it is bad coffee, and though that's usually not something I love, the overall flavor was pretty good. Fairly robust roastiness finishes.
Slightly sweet malt start, some acidity. Drying effect at end.
There's something weird about this one. It has a weird floral, lavenderish almost soapy flavor. Has a nice caramel bitterness though.
Caramelized flavor, bit of smoke. Similar to Bellevue's scotch ale, but a bit thinner. Tacky finish.
Light touch body. Very interesting edge-of-tongue effect, drying like. Sourish finish.
Marked rye flavors, mild sourness in the beginning and the end. Yeastier then the Goldilocks.
Darker and yeastier than the Goldilocks. More tang, less fruit, less lightness. The aftertaste is also a touch tacky, which may just be a feature of the yeast here. Overall a step down.
Very light body, slight acidity. Tiny bit banana at end.
Very light and fruity. Full of orange and banana flavors. Has a hint of spice on the very end.
Rounded banana flavor, with a light kiss of spice, Smooth, dry finish with good cereal. V. light and refreshing, and a great start to the flight.