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This is mediocre.
Draft at Empire Burgers and Brew, Naperville
Tasty refreshing kolsh
Can at Empire Burgers and Brew, Naperville
It's surprisingly fruity.
Draft at Empire Burgers and Brew, Naperville
Very slightly juicy hop overtones
Can at Home
Still a slightly sweet, cold, refreshing beer
Can at Home
This is interesting. I can smell the barrel on it, but it's fairly mild on the taste. It's a hard, slightly bitter sour with no fruit. I.e. a correct sour. Honestly it had a good, complex flavor profile
Sweet, fruity, but not really along the direction of a sour, or even really a beer. It was nice to drink, but not like a beer.
Really tasty, light, malty, easy to drink
Pretty much what it says on the tin. It's like a macrobrew, but it tastes good.
Can at Home
Strong juice and hops. Mild bitterness. It's very tasty though I can only take small sips at a time.
Can at Home
Light, lemony. Barely bitter at all. But at least it's not a shanty.
Bitter, little bit of orange. Not bad. Clearly an IPA
This was billed as a pilsner on the menu. My comment at the time: "Tasty. Light. Lemony. Not bitter. I'll admit it doesn't seem like a pils. Light, sweet, tasty. " Yeah, it's not a pils, it's a Fruit and Field beer. Not bad as a drink.
Bitter, somewhere between brackish German and clear Czech. Reasonably heavy and bitter. Reminds me of some Claim Jumper ale, maybe the red (though this was not at all red).
This is actually the best of the Bunch. Clean, effervescent, reasonably tasty. I'd have this again.
A bland, timid entry suitable perhaps for patients recovering from surgery.
It is a quad, which I like. But it is also barrel aged, which I don't. Those who like their barrels would enjoy this. I wish one of those folks were around to give my last can to.
Can at Home
This was simply delicious work some home made pizza.
Can at Home
Tasty. Dry, bitter like dark chocolate. Maybe hints of caramel, but there's no sweetness here.
Harsh, sort of body odor flavored. I don't really like it
Sweet and kind of fruity. I'm not sure why this is considered an IPA, but I like it.
Can at Home
This tastes skunky, so I don't know if it's a fair review. It's a fairly clear taste underneath the nastiness at least?
Can at Home
Dry bitter IPA that nevertheless has some of the flavor notes of a juicy IPA.
Can at Home
It's a nice, mild red. Not too bitter or brackish, but not super clear. Feels like it would appeal to the mass market.
Nice think hefe with banana notes.
This is nice. Though maybe I was influenced by reading about the pilsner malt. It was clean, both lightly bitter and lightly sweet. I didn't really think it tasted anything like gummy bears, which would have been a bad thing.
Can at Work
It's very bourbon barrel aged. Hard for me to drink. But I appreciate my friend for trying. :^)
Bottle at Home
I think this is a good middle of the road stout.
Not bad, but more like one of those European dark soda-like beer than a real beer beer. I don't expect a stout lover would love it.
More bitter and less flavor than the love of hops. But has a clear refreshing character that reminds me a bit of a good pils, except that there's some sweetness.
Draft at Paisans Pizzaria and Bar
Really tasty. Nice flavor balanced by hops.
Draft at Paisans Pizzaria and Bar
Actually, I'm really liking that. And that's despite it tasting a little skunked (this is not a great restaurant) It's a nice marzen flavor cut through with a sharp bitterness.
I think this would be way better work food. OTOH, beer feels necessary anyway.
Initially, I really liked it. The bottle tagline is "Rustic, Complex, Alluring". I'll give it at least the first two. Complex. Mineraly, pretty interesting.
Bottle at Home
It is indeed Amber. Actually had a nice hard bitterness as an Amber should.
Bottle at Home
Really good octoberfest.
Bottle at Home
It was pretty good. Not too sweet, somewhat bitter. I don't know, go drink it yourself.
This was very good. Balanced with notes of apricot and citrus.
It's okay. This time was sort of watery orange-flavored with very little of the hefeweizen spices.
Good. A mild juicy-type ipa. It's pretty good
Can at Front Street Cantina, Naperville
I immediately said "ooh, ow". So that's not a good sign. It's hard and bitter with little in the way of redeeming qualities. I'm guessing the hard core IPA folks would like this.
I don't know. It's pretty tart, but I'm not sure if I like it. Weird efforvescence, some wateriness, I don't know man.
Light, but kind of tastes fake, like the Raspberry flavor is from a packet. I'm guessing that's not true, but it's how it tastes.
It's like a brunch of Cherry skins have been steeping in some beer. I'm impressed how dark Cherry it tastes.
Honestly this isn't doing it for me. Maybe I don't really like Oktoberfest beers. Luckily for them, the marginal cost of the next 5 is in fact free . . .
Bottle at Home
Actually tastes a little barrel aged, which makes it interesting. But not too offensive to my taste.
Sweet and spiced, honestly I think the beer base might be really good, but I don't really like the perfumed spice on top of it.
Sour and Limey!
Can at Home
So, this tasted like a very normal marzen that had been skunked. However the server (who notably was terrible at his job) made a sotto voce comment about it being tapped yesterday. So, it's possible it's just a very bad beer.
Draft at Arrowhead Golf Club
This was very tasty, the sour flavor was forward but had a nice base in the IPA bitterness.
Draft at Arrowhead Golf Club
It's a rather harsh sour, that the sweet undertone does little to mitigate.
Can at Home
As usual, if you want something stupidly sour, Destihl delivers. Pickeringly sour, though I've had worse from them.
Can at Home
It's like a good version of Budweiser.
A little orangey.
Draft at Boston Logan International Airport
The pineapple sweetness completely cancels out any APA bitterness. It's actually a little weird drinking it on its own. With food, the sweetness comes out a bit more making it easier to drink.
The sort of red which is dark bitter and brackish.
Banana and sweet, but with an odd aftertaste.
Harsh and bitter. Which is where I started.
Bottle at Home
Maybe it just gets better the older it gets.
Bottle at Home
Nice. It's a little more malty than is expect from a Bohemian Pils. But it's pretty clear, and fairly bitter.
Can at Family's
Delicious, sour, and beautiful.
Refreshing, slightly tart, though with the dry flat bitterness at the back.
Nice mild, flavorful pale. It's like an IPA that I enjoy drinking. :-)
Tasty, almost like a hefewiezen.
Can at Home
Nice balance between hops and spicy/tart.
Can at Home
A little bit more like a kolsch than a pils. It's clear, but only slightly bitter.
Wet like river water. Slightly sour.
Fresh, slightly grapefruit flavor. A really nice wit.
Can at Home
This is good. Slight hints of dark prunes.
Can at Home
Sweet, medium bodied. Not thin, not soda-like, but not heavy beer either. I've had stouts of this body, but they were more like baker's chocolate. This is sweet. It's okay.
Can at Home
It's a tasty pils. Good with pizza.
Can at Home
Not overly sweet, with more of a vegetable flavor (I'm assuming from the carrot). Like Mike says, it's not very "beery", but I enjoyed it.
Bottle at Home
I still very much like this cider.
Can at Home
I don't know man, it's sort of bitter, sort of brackish.
Bottle at Home
Orange flavors with a very nice bitterness. I like it.
Thick and red, fairly bitter but then you notice a strong malt flavor.
Light, malty, honestly it's tasty if uninspiring.
Bottle at Family
Normal red. Little malty, a little almost fruity
Let clear than I would expect. Honestly tastes like a mixture of a red and a brown.
It's fine to drink.
Bottle at Work
This is actually really good, and I don't like IPAs. Of course, it's not super bitter, and trends towards what I think of "juicy IPA". I'm sure it's just mild and mass market, so a true IPA aficionado wouldn't like it.
This was stunningly good. Fine stout with some sweetness and barrel-aged notes. And I'll note, I tend to hate barrel-aged beers. But this was really good.
Light and malty for an Irish red. It's okay, if that's what you want.
This is weird. It looks dark with a stout head. But the flavor is like a solid red ale. It is very confusing to me. But I did like it.
This is really just a very normal stout. Good, nowhere near great. Just the sort of thing you drink but don't rate.
Smokey in smell and taste, backed with a sour/bitter flavor. Not really appealing to me.
Clear, near-sour rather than a full sour.
Sour with mango, like it says on the can.
Light, carbonated, soda-like. Little bitter, little tart.
A little too puckeringly sour, actually.
Bottle at Home
Dark, cherry? Sweet, tasty.
Bottle at Home
Dark, plum, reminds me of a Lagunitas Dark Swan, except less fruity.
Bottle at Home
Mild, slightly malty Amber
It hurts me with chest-seizing fake sweetness.
Juicy mouthfeel, almost like melon
No smell, bitter, slight flavor of apricot.
Smells like a brown, but it tastes of medicinal cherry.
Off-cabbage scent. Not bad, I feel like it could be meatier in flavor.
Off-putting off-sour taste.
This is a porter, dark and bitter, but it also reminds me of the Continental dark beers which are thin and almost soda-like. It's not as roasty and thick as I feel it should be (though that might be my limitations, rather than any other)
It's not bad, and has good Red hints, but instead of dry, clear, and bitter or is slightly malty with an almost fruit backing
Malty, somewhat bitter, almost dry. It's a good Red Ale in my opinion.
Bottle at Hyatt Place Phoenix North
This is really weird. Wheat, strawberry, and this weird hint of Basil. I mean, it's not like it's false advertising. But why would anyone buy this???
Can at Home
Tasty, slightly sweet and almost tart on the tongue.
Draft at Fire it Up
Light, effervescent, very slightly tart.
Bottle at Home
This is a really good sour. The IPA is very much in the background.
Can at Work
Bitter but not brackish. Some sweet notes like some weird fruit that I can't identify. I dunno, it's not bad.
Bottle at Work
Very fruity, like orange juice. But then there is this powerful bitterness underlying everything.
Sweet, but some weird fruit like flavors.
It's fine, sorry if pilsner-like.
Kind of like a low sugar pineapple milkshake. But it's actually good. Not bitter or hoppy, despite the type.
Can at Work
Sparkly on the tongue. More spice than fruit/banana. There's actually a nice but of bitterness contrasting the hefe flavor. Nice
Not bad. Fairly mild, a little brackish but with hints of sharp juice.
Very IPA juicy on the nose. But the flavor is mold, juicy, and not that bitter.
Bitter, slightly brackish. Not much there.
Bitter and brackish. Also feels like it's a headache waiting to happen. I mean, it's not like I'd turn down free beer or anything . . . But I might regret it later.
Bottle at Home
Scent is sweet, apparently peach. I really don't like this either
Can at Work
Weird floral flavor. Yuck.
Can at Work
I mean, if you want an orange creamsicle milkshake beer, this is really good.
Can at Work
Cold refreshing with this of fruity malt flavor that I can't identify.
Bitter, slightly tart, little more like a barleywine than a sour.
Tis a very beery beer.
This is kind of catching me in the back of the throat with some barrel aged caramel flavor. I'm not liking it.
Not bad, a little more malt than a true Czech pils. But clear tasting, somewhat bitter (though apparently I can't taste such things anymore)
Can at Work
This is very Very very very lime. I mean, man!
Bottle at Work
I dunno, sort of fruity tart, I dunno. Not like a real sour.
Can at Work
Amber in color, Amber . . . In . . . Flavor? I never know how to describe country lagers/ales. There's a certain commonality with two brother's Domaine Du Page. But this is lighter, and probably a bit less flavorful. Honestly, I like it best in a mix with Totally Naked.
Bottle at Home
Drinking a beer, Totally Naked, what's not to like! More seriously, light, refreshing, not a lot more to it. It's like a really really light (in bitterness) Czech pilsner. Honestly, better if you pour it between Two Women.
Bottle at Home
This actually tastes somewhat like an American pilsner, clean, not too bitter, with a beery efforvescence. After a while, I start to notice the yeasty flavors of a Belgian, +which I don't remember from previously) which them comes to completely dominate the flavor profile.
Bottle at Home
Easy, refreshing, but with a grapefruit rind bitterness.
Dry, grapefruit, smacking me in the face! Also, only with Jet would I walk into a tap room in 2018 and find "Kiss The Girl" and "Part of Your World" playing.
Strong gose character, undisclosed fruit. :-)
Smells funky. Tastes like nothing with a hint of sour. Honestly, it's fine, if a bit strange.
Still tastes like a fruit soda.
Sweetish, old hard candy taste, like a barrel aged.
Smells kind of skunky. Tastes like a weak MGD. I mean, whatever.
Just a kind of clean, standard beer. Jet suggested zucchini/celery flavors.
Bitter, crackily dry. Scent has some malt though, which is weird.
Light, slightly apricoty flavor with a bit of corriander spice undertone.
Really bitter corriander. This is a bit strange.
Bitter, but bright citrus. On the juicy side, though not overwhelming.
Spicy with a little bit of cucumber water efforvescence. Not terrible, but not a lot of flavor or sourness.
Honestly, this tasted almost watery. Though I was going for something light, since I haven't slept more than four hours in the last five nights, and I really needed to get to bed
Huh, apparently I've had this before, though I was told it was a local beer. Honestly I thought it was pretty good. Maybe because it was chasing an IPA? But it seemed clear and slightly malty. Rather tasty.
Seems fine, for some random beer from #TheFirstMaggianos. Which is to say I wish they had popped for food here.
Okay, this is possible the perfect spicy sour. Wow.
Wow. Smells like sweet chocolate milk, but tastes like dry bakers chocolate. Good.
This is very like the juicy sort of IPAs, just a little lighter. Actually I think it's pretty good.
Carmel, sweet and coconut. It's not bad but I really couldn't drink more than a little of this.
It's actually like a light cider. There are hints of sour, but there is nothing of a pale ale in it. Which honestly might have been a bit better.
Looks like a porter, but tastes like a slightly thin Stout. Not what I expected from a "Belgian Dark".
Amber, with the caramel hard candy notes that I associate with barrel aged beers
Light, not very bitter but the bitter does overwhelm what I presume is notes of spice. I dunno. It's not bad I guess.
Looks like grapefruit. Tastes like it a bit too, mixed with sherry. It's odd, but pretty good. Edit - Okay, Mike identified the apricot flavor. I was having trouble.
Amber/caremel. Good, but I don't know what else to say.

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