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Matthew's favorite beer so far seems to be New Glarus Serendipity Happy Accident Fruit Ale: 100 (logged 2 times)
Matthew's most often logged beer so far is Two Brothers Engine No. 1: 77 (logged 9 times)
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It's okay, until a minute later, where there is this weird metallic aftertaste. And this beer is in a glass bottle.
Bottle at Work
This is interesting. There's an even caramel undertone that reminds me of Bourbon barrel aged beers, except that it's not offensive to me. There's some interesting spice and, you guessed it, sweet potato undertones as well. Pretty good.
Bottle at Home
Draft at Board and Barrel
Dark, semi bitter chocolate. Not bad.
Draft at Board and Barrel
Light, slightly bitter marzen. Not bad.
Bottle at Home
Very hoppy with a strong backbone of mango. Odd and interesting.
Bottle at Home
Kind of like a light, bitter, Belgian or Hefeweizen? I don't get any sour, nor very much lime. I dunno. Tastes like mediocre, bitter, brackish water that someone might have dropped a lime rind into.
Can at Home
Light, spicy-sour with watermelon flavor. This is actually quite tasty.
Can at Home
Ugh, awful. Buttery vanilla slathered on a red ale base like too much frosting on a crappy cake. I would like to never dunno this again.
Actually, this time it tastes like a dry hopped sour. Which is what it says on the bottle. So one out of three ain't bad.
Bottle at Home
It's like a very limey kolsch. It's fine and refreshing. I wouldn't really call it sour, so much as lime-flavored.
Can at Home
This is clear. But it is kind of weak sauce as far as bitterness.
Bottle at Work
A light, easy to drink beer
Bottle at Work
A light, spicy hefeweizen.
Bottle at Home
Tasty, sweet and spicy.
Bottle at Home
It just tastes like a normal Pinball with this hint of something like orange/cherry hard candy. I mean, it's fine. But I don't know if it's really interesting.
Can at Home
Tart dry sour with a counterpoint of bitterness. Rather tasty.
Can at Home
Seems like a brackish Pils.
Can at Home
Sour, very efforvescent. Dark cherries and funk.
Bottle at Home
Just seemed like a nice stout.
Bottle at Home
Rather dark and heavy for an Oktoberfest, with a nice hit of bitterness.
Draft at Mullen's Bar
Kind of a mediocre pilsner. Well, at least a mediocre Czech Pilsner. Do, oka
Slightly sour gose. I dunno it's fine. Unlike Sara's beer, which is totally just like Jet's beer even though his is the penultimate, and hers is the ultimate pint.
Like dry roasted Spanish peanuts in a chocolaty stout base. Fascinating and tasty!
Sweet, somewhat boozy stout. It's good for a sweet stout. There's hints of a fruity nut flavor. It's probably interesting for people who are stout lovers.
This is an interestingly bitter wheat. More dry than juicy hopped
It's fine, as a radler. I mean, it's not very beer like, and I would not order it again. Like of like brackish, grapefruit flavored water.
This is good. Sharp bitterness cut through with a sharp sweetness which I guess is the result of the cooking? In any case, really good!
Slightly harsh, noticably hoppy pale.
Refreshing with a pop off bitterness that reminds me of a Pils, except that it's well balanced by maltiness. It's like one of several macrobrews except that it's done right.
This tastes more like a cider than anything I'd expect to be called a cream ale.
Very malty, a little bit spicy-efforvescent. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. It would be better without all the sweet malt.
A very hoppy sort of bitter sour. It's pretty reasonable.
Fairly clear, bitter red. Not as dry as I really think a red ought to be. But pretty good.
A slightly tart Berliner weisse. It's nice.
Kind of watery, somewhat coffee flavored. Sort of like a European dark. I don't really like it.
A sharp sour with a bit of dry bitterness underneath. I like it.
Blech! It's like dirty water that has had a bit of peach flavoring added. Flavoring that might have already expired. That was terrible!
Sour, with a light, open, almost sweet taste. I really like this.
Nice, smooth, milk stout, with the sweetness perfectly balancing the bitterness. I feel like I've I could accidentally drink a lot of this.
Sweet, with some sort of vegetable flavor that I can't place. I don't really like it. There's also a lot of floral flavor, which had to be pointed out to me. I don't think I log well eight beers in.
This is very sweet, more like a shandy than a pilsner with a hint of lime. I think it's fine, so long as you're going in expecting a sweet pseudo-beer.
Open flavor, with a good balance between sweet and bitter. Probably sweeter than a purist would appreciate, but I really like this.
Sour, but with hints of bitterness and funk. And something like rhubarb? This is exceptionally interesting, butt I'm not sure I could drink a lot of it.
Sweet and sour, like a prune. This is very tasty.
Light, slightly spicy, very refreshing.
A fruity but dry stout. Tastes kind of like pure Baker's chocolate.
I actually kind of like it. I agree with the words I used before.
It's like floral with pumpkin, pumpkin spice and cinnamon. This is so weird.
A nice, fairly thick feeling hefe.
More fruity than sour. There is some vinegar taste, but I don't call that "sour".
Sort of like a light Belgian tripel flavor. As I drink a bit more, it gets this somewhat floral flavor.
This smells wonderful, cherry and fruit. The taste is good, though clearly it's a fruit-juice-added bet rather than one that put together a taste the cool way by managing the microflora.
Tasty marzen. Sweet, slightly bitter, perhaps a little bit watery. But not bad.
Interesting. It does have a strong sourdough note mixed with something like a spicy hefeweizen.
Tastes like a wine mixed beer. Efforvescent and slightly sour.
Not bad, slightly spicy or something? I dunno.
Weird. My immediate reaction was that it smells like a jolly rancher. The flavor is like a green apple and melon rind hard candy.
A light beer with a hint of pineapple and coconut. It seems refreshing, but I'm not sure the taste would appeal for a whole glass.
Dark sour, tart and almost prune flavor. Roy says it's a coffee sour, but I couldn't taste it.
Yup, tastes like an IPA. Edit: actually, on further drinking, there are some oddly sweet undertones to the flavor. I don't know what it is.
Bottle at Home
Light and fairly kolsch-ish, but slightly spicy like a wit.
Bottle at Home
It's more like a sweet, slightly cidery drink than a beer.
Bottle at Home
Definitely still spicy rather than sour.
Bottle at Home
It's a pretty boring lager, at a rate guaranteed to break the bank.
Slightly sweet, slightly bitter. Can certainly taste the mango, but it's well balanced.
This is fine. Wheat, slight bitterness, some watermelon, which doesn't seem bad or fake. I don't mind it. Pretty good for a -230 prediction . . .
Mild, dry spice. Hint of brackish. Not really bitter or sweet. It's fine, but not exciting
A lot of head, coming out of this can. But we've had a lot of turbulence. Kind of a plant-y funky bitterness. A little like slightly rotting rutebega roots. It's okay not great, not terrible. I'd be hesitant to actually pay for it though
Can at Flying over the Atlantic.
Honestly this feels somewhat sweet at this point I'm my trip, like a lager/marzen. It's very tasty, clean, refreshing, whatever.
Fresh and light in scent, like a decent prairie sprinkled with fresh lemons. Taste is similar, strong notes of lemon rinds and cold fresh water. I like this a lot as a Summer beer. No out of place fruit additive, just a refreshing beer.
A very smooth red ale. Somewhat dry, neither particularly bitter not malty.
Somewhat bitter for your average Oktoberfest/Marzen, but otherwise has the standard slightly sweet taste.
A darkly bitter roast, like very old coffee beans. There's a hint of make under that, with a tone that reminds me a little off a soft drink
Gold, white headed Pilsner. Upon drinking it I was hot immediately with a bit of a headache. It's moderately clear tasting, but not very bitter, actually almost sweet.
I like it this time. I've been drinking pilsners all week, so this was a nice change of pace. There's still a sweet note, but it certainly doesn't bother me.
A lovely Midwestern end to my Seattle trip.
Bottle at Family
As Gene said, it's like sparkling raspberry water that's gone off. I just feel it's like fake raspberry and water. Bleh.
Caramel and Copper. And I am not referring to the color. This is actually like a marzen except that it is metallic and bitter. Odd. It's not quite awful, but I'd rather have a legitimate marzen.
Tastes more like a light American pale. And I don't note anything of the beet in the flavor
Wow, juicy! Like red grapefruit, with just a hint of bitterness.
Light, somewhat lemony with a strong bitter backbone.
Think mouth feel, but really rather dry and bitter. I don't really get chocolate, but I do taste the Walnut.
Clear, fairly bitter dark. Good as a drink, not super exciting as far as a tasting.
Sharp and bitter, almost like a Pils. Hm, look at that, Pilsner malt. There you go. Still a little brackish, but now clear than most German style pilsners. Really rather tasty.
Okay, I get the Coriander white peppercorn thing that Mike mentions, but I don't believe went fruit or tart. So, it's more like a wheat, except that I get some sweet matrix that reminds me of a marzen.
This is like a very clean kolsh, with this strong core of "buttery" cream and hints of honey. Like that lovely flavor with some sort of huge cream soup that you shouldn't easy because it will give you an instant heart attack.
Wow. It is like nuts. Like those red nuts you get at fairs and carnivals. Dry Spanish peanuts. Actually this is really pretty good.
I rather like this, though it is the sort of sour that makes your stomach hurt. Like that Illinois beer set that I bought a few months back. From Destihl. The Synchopathic Sour, actually.
Fresh, sweet scent. Flavor is spicy sweet. Like nutmeg and coriander combined.
Murky, with a long term funky aftertaste like rotting leaves. It really catches me in the back of the throat and doesn't make me want to keep drinking.
Light, clear, really more like a cider than a beer.
I kind of like this it reminds me of a Summer shandy. With a very watery bitter lemon juice flavor running through the center.
Smells sweet, but it tastes almost like an astringent sour. Fascinating.
Mild not quite tart cranberry. It's fine
LIght, almost fruity. Not bananas, maybe more like a very mild orange. It's actually quite good.
Bottle at Home
Very light hazy yellow color, a lot of white head. Hint of bitter flower on the nose. Mild, bitter lemon rind taste. This would be a wonderful replacement for a mass market light beer. But not otherwise all that interesting.
Bottle at Home
Decent. I guess I said "solid".
Bottle at Home
Scent of Baker's chocolate. Taste is like bitter chocolate, which is actually rather well done. Don't expect roast or coffee here, but if you want an interesting, well done stout, this is it.
Bottle at Home
It's not particularly wild. Efforvescent, slightly spicy, like a wheat, or perhaps a field of slightly bitter prairie grass :^). It's decent for the type, I just wouldn't call the type a sour. More of a weisse.
Bottle at Home
It is sweet. But it also is a beer. So I don't feel bad liking this.
Bottle at Home
Somewhat sweet stout. Bitter, a little bit of that European dark unpleasantness flavor. The one their soda-like beers have. So not the best. On the other hand, I may be thousands of milliliters in, so you can't necessarily trust my judgement.
Bottle at Home
Pretty good pils. Bitter and fairly clear, with only a hint of the brackishness that I don't like.
Pretty good hefe, feels like it has a bit of pine bitterness, but that might be psychosomatic based on the brewery.
A fairly bitter, rather peach sour.
Oooh, Hop-Juicy. A little hint of sweetness in the end. It's actually very interesting.
Bottle at A Friend's
Ruby red. brackish sour smell. Sour, funky, almost enough to make my stomach ache.
Bottle at A Friend's
Firestone Walker Krieky Bones (9/26/16 Batch 003)
A deep red color, with an effervescent sour scent. A lovely drying sweet/sour flavor.
Bottle at A Friend's
Sour and tasty
Bottle at A Friend's
Murky yellow color, not much scent. Bitter, very slightly sour taste.
Bottle at A Friend's
Unibroue La Résolution (unknown release)
Dark, kind of like fake candy. It's not bad, but doesn't have the best flavor profile.
It's good for an IPA.
Dark with a sort of prune taste.
Cascade Cranberry (unknown release)
Fruity slightly tart sour.
Dark with just a hint of plum. Smooth and even flavor, but it doesn't really have any other notes.
Billed as a "honey ale". Just tastes like a pale. Meh.
Light effervescent to the point of soft bubbles. Strong peach flavor, not a lot of beer or alcohol flavor.
Definitely blueberries with an undertone of coffee. Fairly nicely balanced unless you're looking for a roasty bean flavor from your stout. This is more like wet beans and blueberry skins. I'm not sure if I'm selling this or not.
It's an IPA. Whatever.
Very mild, smooth stout of the dark chocolate variety, but without any stand out flavor.
A very tasty stout. Mostly Baker's chocolate rather than some complex flavor profile, but very nice to drink.
Like coffee-grounds soaked apricots. And about as tasty as that sounds.
There's some puckering, some sour, some overwhelming alcohol. It's like overwhelmingly alcoholic plums.
Tastes like fake fruit flavoring, never something that works for me.
I still like this. Like a kolsh, cold, refreshing, slightly spicy, slightly sweet
Rough and bitter, sort of like a very thick pils.
Draft at Red Robin
Tasty witbier. I could drink this all night long, except that I expect it would break the bank. :^)
I can definitely taste the berry. But as I continue, it starts to taste like fake flavoring. I don't know, I'm increasingly unimpressed.
Interesting flavors of bitterness, a resiny almost sweetness, and something like too-much-roasted pine nuts.
Kind of like a malty pale ale. It's fine.
Tastes more like a weisse than a sour, mixed with some fake fruit flavoring. I honestly wouldn't recommend it.
An interesting combination of cider and coffee. I actually rather like this balance.
Kind of bitter-tart it's not terrible or anything.
Sweet, almost soda-y. A little bit of old hard candy taste. I'm not a fan.
More of a roasty stout, with very good flavor.
Smooth, slightly sweet with a building flavor of coffee.
Decent, sort of fruity mouth feel without much fruity taste. Hints coriander and spice.
Sweet with a spiced undertone. Still kind of like it
Bottle at Home
Fine, though a little brackish. Bitter, but not as much as the best pils.
Bottle at Work
Light, kind of mild for a pale ale. I think it's a fine beer for drinking, but I'm not a huge fan of pale ales.
Bottle at Work
This was a nice Pale Ale with some extra hoppy juiciness added in somehow. So, like a cross between the IPAs I like best and a Pale Ale.
The bartender said that few people like this, but I still do. Spicy with a hint of sour and an undertone of funk.
Smooth, slightly malty. Nice
Bottle at Family
RTFL. It's like a combination of an IPA and a Larger.
Bottle at Family
Light, effervescent, with nice notes of sour and spice.
Can at Home
This is a tasty sour, mild, not fruity. Well balanced between sour, the slightest hint of funk and salt.
Can at Home
Tart, raspberry, with a slight sweet undertone.
Can at Home
Sour but very funky. Enough so to make me slightly sick to my stomach.
Can at Home
Apparently this is really just ebles weisse. I still like it better.
Mild for a sour.
This is tasty sour. Cherry, sour, honestly really good.
Floral Belgian, dry, slightly spicy - maybe coriander, but not overwhelming.
Sweet and clear and very tasty.
Scent is stout with "something". Taste is like a dry stout, which isn't something I'm used to. It's not bad, but it's not something that screams or to me to have more.
Tasty quadruple, with hints of cherry.
Sweet, slightly sour, with an almost smokey bitterness. Has a cherry flavor that reminds me of barrel aging.
A rather clear, dry pilsner. I like it.
Lovely light cherry flavor, more like a European dark than a stout. Really, don't expect a stout, because it doesn't taste like one.
Sweet cider well balanced by the jalapeno notes. I could absolutely drink this all day long.
Light, slightly sweet mango. Nice bitter undertone.
Wow, this just kicks me in the face. So much so that I can't even characterize the flavor.
Very sweet stout, not much roasted flavor, hints of vanilla.
Spicy, thin bitter. Slightly brackish. Meh.
The accent is odd, like air out of a metal tank, maybe helium. The taste is similar, with hints of bitter greens.
Light, strong, and spicy.
Out of a can, this seems more bitter and less refreshing. Tastes like a pale ale, but something seems slightly off . . .
Can at Home
Good, middle of the road. Could drink this all day long.
It's a lager, but there's something is about the taste. Not the normal sweetness, and not the normal watery refreshment. It's weird, like sharkskin or something. I just don't know.
This is good, like a dry but refreshing kolsh.
This one actually smells like a stout. It has kind of a sharp sweetness, rather than the creamy sweetness as billed. A little more like the cherry you get from a barrel aged stout, but not as overwhelming and nauseating. Still not really my sort of thing, but not actively offensive this time.
Bottle at A Friend's
Tasty, nicely sour. Doesn't seem quite as natural as some of the best sours, but it still has a nice flavor profile.
Draft at A Friend's
I'm not really a fan. Bitter with some herbal notes which just add up to bitter herbs. The nose is also bitter greens. As I get further into the bottle, there's a note of coriander, which really isn't helping.
Bottle at Home
Fruity, almost like a screwdriver.
Bottle at A Friend's
Kind of bitter with a taste like rotting leaves .
Bottle at A Friend's
Good sour with a hint of bitterness.
Bottle at A Friend's
Avery Expletus (unknown release)
That is an excellent sour! But it better be at that price.
Bottle at A Friend's
Dark and boozy. Not really much else there for me .
That is a lot of peach flavor in an otherwise watery, bitter liquid. I don't know if this is a win.
Founders Harvest Ale (unknown release)
Rather drying for a "juicy" IPA. That said, this has a well balanced flavor profile that I kind of like.
As you'd expect from Solemn Oath, this is more bitter than the standard beer of the type. But it has a strong clarity and a good backbone of malt.

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