Mac & Jack's Brewing Company

Commercial Brewery | Redmond, WA, United States of America

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Mac & Jack's Brewery (Redmond, WA, United States of America)
Mac & Jack's Brewery (Redmond, WA, United States of America)


Overall average: 66 (logged 42 times)
Mac & Jack's African Amber: 67 (logged 20 times)
Amber / Red Ale
Mac & Jack's Blackcat Porter: 70 (logged 6 times)
Mac & Jack's Bourbon Barrel Aged CDA: 82 (logged 5 times)
Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale / American Black Ale (Aged in Barrels, Oak, Bourbon)
Mac & Jack's CDA
Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale / American Black Ale
Mac & Jack's Dirty Blonde: 50 (logged 1 time)
American Blonde Ale
Mac & Jack's IBIS IPA: 63 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Mac & Jack's Imperial Rye IPA: 25 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Mac & Jack's Log Boom Pale Ale: 67 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Ale
Mac & Jack's Maxx Stout: 67 (logged 1 time)
Mac & Jack's One & Done Grisette
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Mac & Jack's POG Boom Pale Ale: 50 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Ale
Mac & Jack's Sammamish Light Lager: 50 (logged 1 time)
Light Lager
Mac & Jack's Serengeti Wheat: 50 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Wheat Ale
Mac & Jack's Summer Pants Wheat Ale: 58 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Wheat Ale
Mac & Jack's Tangelo Sammamish Light Lager: 67 (logged 1 time)
Light Lager
Mac & Jack's Two Tun IPA
American India Pale Ale / IPA

Logs for beers from this brewery

A little weak, a little sour, this is a non-assertive roast. Reminds me a lot of what I don't love about nitro stouts without actually being on nitro.
Not as successful as the Log Boom as this one has a sweetness that kind of goes on too long.
Definitely the Log Boom and definitely a sweet, almost candy-like but realistic POG flavor that frankly overwhelms the finish. Not sure it ever resolves into a single flavor, which is the biggest problem.
High and sweet hop opening fades quickly. This is a piney, light pale ale, with a finish that hints at a dry champagne. Not bad.
Mostly just a taste, to compare with the tangelo. Without the fruit, this just tastes watery.
So light... Compared this with the regular Sammamish and this is definitely fruitier, although still a very kind of dilute experience.
Can at Poulsbo Beach House
Can at Arlington Boys & Girls Club Havana Nights
It's been a long time since I had one of these.
Can at Home
Smooth, light, creamy porter. Still quite good. But omg, the real story is Blade Runner 2049. So good.
Decent oatmeal stout with some pretty believable blackberry flavors. It wasn't something I'll remember forever, but it was a pleasant enough glass.
Very well-balanced toffee and bourbon notes on top of a base which is subdued in flavor but still clearly identifiable as a CDA. I appreciated the clear hop notes which didn't go overboard on resin or florality. Yum!
A nice malt and bitter hop balance with a bourbon smoothness on the finish
Bottle tasting at Office
Had this a lot before, a nice hop presence with a good maltiness behind. Refreshing although very flavorful.
A taster at the brewery. Dry IPA with a strongly boozy flavor and a strong, pithy bitter finish. Not sure the rye had a chance against all that.
A taster at the brewery. Tastes like hop juice without the bitter finish. Drinkable, but not really my cup of tea - I want my blondes with more grain expression.
Musty with tangy-sweet yeast character. Slight touch of smoke or wood, maybe and a more-bitter-than-expected finish. All that makes this sound more interesting than it was. None of it really came together in an interesting way.
Odd, almost appley fruit esters. Not very bitter.
A clean, dry ale with a fruity-but-not-citrus character throughout. Not especially IPA-like, in my mind.
Kind of featureless, save the assertive hoppy finish. Needed some meat to balance it out. NO THAT IS NOT A EUPHEMISM.
Draft at Work
Yeah, I can still go out all night immediately after getting off of a transatlantic flight... as long as I take the next three days off.
Still thin, no doubt, but for a super-drinkable light coffee porter that won't fill you up, this nails the mark.
Draft at Work
Thin porter with a strong but tasty coffee character. No sour or burnt notes here. Slightly lingering finish in the throat.
Draft at Work
Solid amber - a bit of hops round it out and there's a slight sweetness. Easy to drink.