Nick H.

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Nick isn't a member of any clubs.
Nick has logged 30 beers a total of 29 times.
Nick's favorite beer so far seems to be Yuengling Traditional Lager: 92 (logged 1 time)
Nick's favorite type of beer seems to be American Amber Lager.

Nick's Log

Nothing like a hearty porter for a rainy day.
Darkest lager I've ever had.
Bottle at Chez Tik
Can be a little foamy, as evidenced by the puddle around the base of my glass... @Amanda.
Great example of a German Lager.
Estery. A little too much banana.
Tried this because I wanted a wheat and this was the only choice. The man law still rings true: don't fruit your beer.
A great German-style beer, hopped with local flowers.
The 22oz bottle had some sediment on the bottom. Floral nose, with an appealing balance of hops.