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Tart and fruity, almost a little watery as I recall. Wasn't complex and definitely not great, but I didn't tire of it by the end so hey. Of course, it was just a 5oz taster, heh.
Coffee is nicely integrated, and not harsh or overpowering. Some comments from drinkers here that it's not a lot of flavor for a stout, and that's true, but still a nice, easy drink.
Bottle at Home
Good Belgian style. Light and easy to drink, even at its fairly robust 9%
Bottle at Home
You know, this beer isn't particularly good but it was interesting for one reason: I've never tasted a wheat beer that simply _tasted_ this much like wheat. Fun, for a taster at least.
I didn't finish it. It has an interesting tart ish taste as a component, but there is nothing else good about this beer. Not nearly enough to enjoy drinking it.
Hoppy taste was okay ish, but still starts off bitter and astringent like most IPAs. Not the worst, but also not much reason to seek it out either...
I mean, it was okay. Probably drinkable at least on a normal day, but I didn't finish the taster. Didn't enjoy it much.
The Mandarin didn't feel particularly pronounced. The rest of the beer didn't feel solid enough for me to really enjoy this when the Mandarin doesn't feel truly featured.
This is drinkable, light, but not very notable. Crisp. The description is right in that it is mellow and without bitterness, but it is also without much character. Would be easy to chug a 6 pack, if that's what you were going for.
Can at Matt's place
A potpourri of flavors that blends and shift in your mouth as you let it sit, but it works. It's like a messy but great in bed lover to the Coco's more cohesive (even if eclectic) approach.
Nice coco-y nose, but the initial taste is jarringly different. Nevertheless it's quite nice, a little sour, with espresso flavor... I like it.
My first Flemish sour... yum. Tart and just a little sweet, and very smooth. I liked it enough I had two!
Draft at Oak, Seattle
It's been like a year and a half or more, so I don't remember much except... Very drinkable, and I don't remember it feeling heavy for a dark beer.
Super easy to drink, I remember it tasting better from draft back in the US but it's still a good standby here in Jordan in a bottle!
Awesome bottle, and especially great free beer when you're buying a guitar strap lock ;)
Bottle at Home
Much less good than Guinness Draught... not a fan
Bottle at Picnicking in Amman ;), Murphy's Pub (Amman)
Surprisingly I never really tried this ever in the US, and I don't know if my standards have dropped (almost certainly) but i had it out here in Jordan and it's not bad at all! Especially compared to the primary swill out here (Amstel... Corona... Heineken... or *shudder* local beers)
Very pleasant, dry light beer... fantastic with dinner.
Bottle at Home