Fremont Summer Ale

Fremont Brewing Company
Seattle, WA, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Release: Summer Seasonal
ABV: 5.2%
Bitterness: 45 IBU

From the brewer

Summer Ale tastes like tangerine flowers in a glass, endless days brewed into nectar of barley and hops. Four-hundred twenty reasons to enjoy this beer. Our answer to bigger is better, Summer Ale is as simple as craft beer gets. One grain, one hop. Simplicity...yet, so much more.

Average Scores

Overall: 67 (logged 16 times)
Draft: 70 (logged 9 times)
Can: 67 (logged 2 times)
Bottle: 62 (logged 5 times)

Who's been drinking this

Can at Redmond, WA
Hoppy foretaste, with lots of fruit and fragrant oils, with sweet malt but not too rich on the cereal. Finishes light. I imagine this is dry-hopped? Nice but not as good as my memory of last time.
Great pale ale. Sweet notes on the top and a nice subtle hop finish.
Can at Home
Bottle at Home
Fruity (orange, citrus) and a bit bitter but not much. Very drinkable.
Lovely beer to have found in a kegerator at work! Crisp, refreshing, malty ale. I forgot to log it back then - wish I could remember more other than how much I liked it.
Draft at Xbeer One
Amarillo hops added a pleasant spiciness.
Nice in its simplicity but lacks a bit of complexity to balance the level of hops it has.
Bottle at Home