The Hop and Hound

18116 101st Ave NE

Bothell, WA, United States of America

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I found any crispness here to be absolutely overwhelmed by the oiliness of the hop juice. Borderline skunky on the nose, although that can happen quickly on a day as sunny as today. I could see how this could be somebody’s thing, but it isn’t my thing.
I just had a sip of this. Pleasant, smooth saison (vanilla?) with medium tartness at the finish. Definitely enough funk to give this a bit of a cheesy overtone. A. Would horse blanket again.
Just a sip. Note to self: try this again.
I don't know if there was a lot of "Mexican" in this, but everything else is exactly as advertised. Lots of smooth chocolate and peanut butter, with the lightly lactic finish typical of this line of beers. Maybe a little less metallic than the bottled versions, and possibly slightly less thick?
Like dry roasted Spanish peanuts in a chocolaty stout base. Fascinating and tasty!
delicious fresh Simcoe hops