Public Coast Brewing Company

Commercial Brewery | Cannon Beach, OR, United States of America

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Public Coast Brewing Company (Cannon Beach, OR, United States of America)


Overall average: 66 (logged 12 times)
Public Coast ‘67 Blonde Ale: 81 (logged 3 times)
American Blonde Ale
Public Coast American Lager: 8 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Lager
Public Coast Coastal Haze Hazy IPA: 67 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Public Coast Coconut Brown Ale: 75 (logged 2 times)
Brown Ale
Public Coast NW Honey Red Ale: 58 (logged 1 time)
Amber / Red Ale
Public Coast Oswald IPA: 71 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Public Coast Spice Cranberry Seltzer: 58 (logged 1 time)
Hard Seltzer
Public Coast StackStock Candy Cap Stout: 67 (logged 1 time)

Logs for beers from this brewery

Seems to bear out the earlier reviews, which is that in the can this is more assertive than on draft, though still very tasty. The sweetness kind of fades into a raw alcohol flavor by the bottom fo the can, but overall it hit the spot.
Can at Home
This went well with Portillo’s. Cut through the greasy well.
Can at Home
A balanced malty/hoppy amber but on the sweeter side. Light roast. Seemed pretty generic.
My notes say "tastes more like a soda than a beer." Surprise! Found out after the fact that it was a hard seltzer. Sweet, fruity, not tart at all... like an Italian soda but slightly more watery.
Good coconut flavor, an almost bourbon-like caramel. Some strength of hop and roast that makes this a lot less smooth than most coconut beers and puts it maybe on the more idiosyncratic side than purely enjoyable. I did really like this last time so I wonder if this suffered in context.
Similar to the Oswald in flavor profile but with amped up juice and hop sweetness. Not nearly as well-balanced.
Piney IPA, a bright flavor with fruity grape/apple notes. Clean finish.
Slightly yeasty, clean, light hop notes and some sweet cereal. A really drinkable, refreshing blonde ale.
Almost a year old crowler, my fault. I just didn't feel good openeing 32 ounces of beer without anyone to share with. This had almost certainly gone bad, it was sour and thin.
Can at Home
Much lighter in body than expected but with a Pilsner-like bitterness. Chocolate and coconut add a light sweetness but this is a nice change - it tastes like a beer rather than a dessert.
A well balanced blonde, lightly fruity with assertive Pilsner notes to counter. Uric and noticeably bitter. I liked it.
Slightly tart stout. Maple/burnt sugar, vanilla, slightly fruity with hints of blackberry. Much lighter than you’d expect from the description.