Public Coast Coconut Brown Ale

Public Coast Brewing Company
Cannon Beach, OR, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Type: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Bitterness: 27.6 IBU

From the brewer

"Dear Winter Ales: In the words of singles guru/gal pal Carrie Bradshaw, we are so over you, they’ll have to invent a new word for “over.” We’re seeing Coconut Brown Ale now. Sure, it could just be a rebound beverage, with its whiff of tropical notes like chocolatey cocoa butter, palm trees, and cabana service. We do not care. Because, Winter Ales, you and me? We are d-o-n-e. "

Average Scores

Overall: 75 (logged 2 times)
Draft: 67 (logged 1 time)
Can: 83 (logged 1 time)

Who's been drinking this

Good coconut flavor, an almost bourbon-like caramel. Some strength of hop and roast that makes this a lot less smooth than most coconut beers and puts it maybe on the more idiosyncratic side than purely enjoyable. I did really like this last time so I wonder if this suffered in context.
Much lighter in body than expected but with a Pilsner-like bitterness. Chocolate and coconut add a light sweetness but this is a nice change - it tastes like a beer rather than a dessert.