Hapa's Brewing Company

460 Lincoln Ave

Suite 90

San Jose, CA, United States of America

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Logs for this venue

Too fruity, too malty, IMO.
Sweet, chocolate cake-like, but a thinner mouthfeel than most beers with this flavor profile. Still bitter ont he end, but th eone beer here that I can't classify as dry.
Light roasty porter with lots of coffee and hints of cacao. Hop fragrance pokes through just a little, and that clashed a bit with the mocha character.
Profoundly opaque, grapefruit/pineapple tropical flavors. Some sap-like dryness but finishes relatively clean.
A little oily. Not sure I like the initial flavor, which is danker, skunkier than expected, which combines with a brackish texture to not seem all that quaffable Right finish though.