Breakside Sunripened

Breakside Brewery
Portland, OR, United States of America

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From the brewer

A lightly tart, bright and fruity golden ale wood-aged in California chardonnay barrels for 6 months before further conditioning on freshly harvested white nectarines and delicate chamomile flowers.

Average Scores

Overall: 81 (logged 3 times)
Bottle: 81 (logged 3 times)

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unknown release
Not sure if the flavor changed with age but this was light, lightly fruity, definitely strong nectarine flavors but for me the chamomile was almost overwhelming. Doesn't match at all with previous logs so this was either the beer changing in the bottle or my taste buds were killed by the gone-bad crowler I previously had.
Bottle at Home
unknown release
Bottle at Odin Lounge
unknown release
It's not a sour, it's a fruited golden ale, strong nectarine flavor, very strong wood character, little bit of funk from the wine. Brandy-like. Chamomile is a mellow, herbal hint. It's super yummy.