Maui Barefoot Brew

Maui Brewing Company
Kihei, HI, United States of America

Vital Statistics

ABV: 5.8%
Bitterness: 25 IBU

From the brewer

It doesn't get any more local than this beer! Locally brewed golden ale with a touch of honey crafted exclusively for the Hula Grill.

Average Scores

Overall: 71 (logged 2 times)
Draft: 71 (logged 2 times)

Who's been drinking this

House beer at the Hula Grill in Ka'anapali. Glad because I regretted not trying this one at the Maui Brewpub! An amber with mild hop expression that somehow manages to be sweet and dry at the same time, probably because of the honey. The sweetness is not so much tied to a malt flavor as it is a general, creaminess... If I were going to imagine an oatmeal amber, this is pretty much what it would be.