Side Hustle Local Brewery Co-Op

15 Lake St

Suite 201

Kirkland, WA, United States of America

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Logs for this venue

Light, lightly tangy, got that watery corn syrup flavor but otherwise crisp. I don't know how this compares to Bellevue's own Vacuna but wouldn't be surprised if it's very similar.
Opens pretty strongly fruity, tangerine-like, sweet, before transitioning to a high-alpha bitterness. The perfume from the opening lingers, so does the bitterness.
Pours blonde, opens a little musty, a little fruity, but resolves to cereal sweetness rather quickly. Brackish finish. Can't tell if there's a lime overtone to this? I just ate pho.
Light but dry, transitions directly into a dark, cloudy, roasted malt flavor. Definitely a lager, but not sweet at all. Brewed by Bellevue Brewing.
Clean, lightly floral, hints of corn. Light, or watery? I think in this case it might be the former.
Brewed by Bellevue Brewing under the house label here. Lots of caramel, grassy, rounded hops, medium bitter finish. Strong. The caramel lingers in a sweet aftertaste. Would be interesting to compare this directly with Bellevue's Scotch ale.