Crucible Brewing

12826 NE 178th St Ste C

Woodinville, WA, United States of America

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This venue is affiliated with Crucible Brewing Company

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Thick, caramel, intensely sweet but with a chew that matches. Lightly tart on the finish with plum/apple. Did not detect peat at all.
I wish I'd taken more notes here, but I didn't. I think it was my second favorite of the flight though, after the Rule #5.
Light coffee and cream. On nitro but feels exceptionally flat even in that context. A faint bit tart, but otherwise the flavor's okay.
Nitro Draft
Fine, but suffers in comparison to the Rule #5. Doesn't help that it was kind of room temperature. Light body, light cereal and a bit of a bubblegum sweetness.
Very flat, with a flavor like murky tropical citrus juice... and there's a rubber-ish quality to the bitterness that is off-putting.
Sharply sour pineapple with an unexpected clear vanilla note on top. The flavors aren't inappropriate, but I really don't think this worked. Didn't finish the taster.
Cloudy, strong cereal flavors; what I'd expect from an assertive but typical American lager but with a light florality on top to keep it elegant.