S27 Alehouse & Brewery

461 Perrymont Ave

San Jose, CA, United States of America

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There's a bit of forward tartness but it doesn't carry through, maybe because it runs up against the same drying bitterness of the other beers here. That works in its favor, as the opening flavors gave me flashbacks to some recent definitely-gone-bad barrel aged beers, and this isn't that - it's pure barleywine, caramel, fairly pungent.
I think this was the most complex beer in the flight and it could have been a winner if I hadn't reached the limit of what I could reasonably enjoy today. Dry like the other beers, but a little smoky, a little grassy, slightly herbaceous. Not a ton of body but it's the one I keep thinking about afterward.
Much, much too sweet. It's not exactly a creamy beer but despite that there's a bit of cocoa quality to the sweetness, on top of an otherwise strong Baltic porter base.
Another lemon pine pale, although this goes curiously dry very quickly. Almost seems Brett, and there is definitely a very faint but hard to refute, funky, blue-cheese-like quality to the smell and aftertaste.