Central District Brewing

417 Red River St

Austin, TX, United States of America

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Not exactly a robust stout, but very pleasant. Thin-ish, creamy coffee with sweet-ish caramel notes. Has the same lingering sweetness as the other beers. Not syrupy.
Strong grapefruit-pine hop juice. Sweet sheen, but not very much body underneath to counteract it. My least favorite of the flight.
Definitely the same lineage as the wit; just as bright, lightly fruity, but instead of the Belgian flavors you have a strong cereal body. There's a bit of a noxious sweetness that I think is a characteristic of the yeast and has built up - after two tasters it's a bit strong.
Light, fruity, bright, clear banana notes with subtle clove and ginger on top. Very drinkable, super refreshing.