Stoup Brewing

6704 NE 181st St

Kenmore, WA, United States of America

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Maybe this is because it was the end of my flight, but this was a very pleasant surprise. Remarkably clean and easy drinking while still being fairly tart. Effervescent, grapey, dry in a kind of brut champagne way but finishes super-clean. Well balanced with a bit of hop florality.
Sweet, medium thick, quite a lot of whiskey character. The sweetness comes from the whiskey rather than any kind of inherent or syrupy flavoring and there is a medium bitterness that follows on from a combination of roast and light hops. It's been a while but this seems more in the mold of a Big Bad Baptist or a Lagunitas Willettized than, say, a Parabola.
Smells sweet. Buttery, toffee, coffee, although at its center it is not sweet at all, and in fact a bit dry. Roasty finish. Really nice.
Light and caramel, but backed by a strong grassy bitterness. A little bit roasty. Anyway, I appreciated the assertiveness of this beer, took it up to enjoyment.