Stone World Bistro & Gardens - Liberty Station

2816 Historic Decatur Rd #116

San Diego, CA, United States of America

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This venue is affiliated with Stone Brewing Company

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Rich coffe with the caramel taste of bourbon ageing. I liked it!
A dry saison with the same roast-tart yeast tang as the other beers on the night. Very nice acid from the blood orange sits on top of the saison funk to create a nice little beer.
A typical, caramel forward Scotch ale, stronger than usual (11%!) and tempered a bit by a roasty-tangy yeast finish. This seems to be a common factor with all of these Liberty Station brews. I did like this.
Roasty, medium bodied stout with the typical Irish stout tartness blending into berry fruit tartness to finish. It's a subtle effect, and the difference is in how the finish lingers. That is; the fruit was recognizable fruity, but didn't say "raspberry" very clearly to me. Overall, this was pretty okay, but suffered after the Storm Brain.
Went with a quartet of Liberty Station-brewed beers. This was a light-bodied stout with medium roast. Definite bourbon but toned down from the normal blunt approach a lot of dabblers take; that is, there was a very good balance here despite a lack of complexity in the flavors. A very promising start to the flight.