Sumerian Brewing Company

15510 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE #E110

Woodinville, WA, United States of America

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Logs for this venue

Light, very roasty, coffee. Not sweet at all. Bitterness lingers.
As lagers go, much more interesting than the Aslan. Bright, uric lager flavor that ends with a buttery, toasted cornflake flavor. Very nice.
Whiskey is a sweet and noticeable overtone, but the main focus of the flavor is on dry woodiness. Touch of sourness on the back end, like the porter. No profound depths of flavor here, but very solidly enjoyable.
Nitro, so very smoothed out, but still flavorful enough to retain some distinct character. Medium roasty notes and a bit of a milky cocoa sheen before turning to a somewhat typical sourish nitro finish.
Nitro Draft
Back towards resin with this one, but with a more profound finish than the pale ale. Tangy wood-sap flavors.
Starts off like the pale, but with a lot of fragrant pine thrown in. Less bitter, and ends with pronounced notes of sweet cereal malt. Very nicely balanced, and my favorite by far of the pales.
Woody, dry resin is the major flavor here. Mildly bitter finish, with a slight nutty quality.
Got this as a bonus pour with my $5 (!) flight. She said this was an aging experiment that turned sour. Pilsner bitterness and tangy wine flavor which doesn't follow through to true sourness but has a very nice, fruity flavor. Cereal malt shows through very clearly. Ends bitter again.