Tavern Hall

505 Bellevue Square

Bellevue, WA, United States of America

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Logs for this venue

Almost nitro-flat but contributes to a very smooth opening. Finishes with a somewhat rounded hop (or rye?) bite at the end that reduced my enjoyment a smidge.
First-class representation of the Brut style - dry, white wine grape opening, crisp hoppiness. Finishes quite clean. Excellent all around.
Sweet, smooth, lots of caramel. Nitro blandness countered strongly with alcohol, hops and some bitterness.
Nitro Draft
Light, buttery-honey sweet and cereal. Slight tang and a kiss of bitterness on the way to a clean finish. Yum!
Very nice pilsner. I wish I could describe this more interestingly, but I was very happy to drink it (and it went well with my shrimp & grits!).