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Eugene has logged 44 beers a total of 43 times.
Eugene's favorite beer so far seems to be Cascade Midnight Diesel: 92 (logged 1 time)
Eugene's favorite type of beer seems to be English Pale Ale / Bitter.

Eugene's Log

I have been to the mountain. And I do believe.
All the goodness of a winter warmer cut to a lighter feel thanks to the sour.
Beer clearly made by someone that knows jack shit about wine. What sort of idiot has noticeable oak on something that's ostensibly styled like Beaujolais Nouveau?
Eugene in Eugene, what are the odds? Also, very much a NW bitter - bitter flavor profile with the hops dialed up and served crisp. Enjoyable.
Pretty subtle hibiscus. Probably good summer patio sipping with some tacos.
Every time I buy beer in Oz my wallet cries.
Bottle at Potts Point, NSW, Australia
Sprig & Fern Harvest Pilsner (unknown release)
Draft at The Sprig & Fern Tavern, Nelson, New Zealand
Smoky As! Laphroaig fans will be at home here
Draft at McCashin's Brewery, Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand
"Enjoy it quick before someone makes fun illegal again."
Bottle at Home
Probably would taste better if it wasn't a post-screw up beer.
Bottle at Home
Sweeter side with a little bit of mustiness. Pleasant drinking but not a lot of tart.
Bottle at Home
A nice lighter beer for an afternoon in the beer garden
Touch more sour than I was expecting
What do winery folk do after work? BEER.
Tart for sure. Reminds me of a Basque sidra.
I know this sucks, but it's damn good to have it at the end of a long day @work.
Clean with some character on the palate; would help if it was a bit warmer outside.
Mmmm... warm hoppy beer.
Yay beer?
Can at Home
The way IPA's should be - light and not overbearingly hoppy
The Bruery Saison Rue (unknown release)
Bottle at Casa de Mitch
I made this! And I didn't screw it up bottling! Widmer Pitch Black clone.
Bottle at Home
Charity beer made 1/yr; released 5/14
Nice easy drinking ale; seasonal brew made from nearly extinct Columbia hop.