Hellbent Brewing Company

Commercial Brewery | Seattle, WA, United States of America

Vital Statistics


Overall average: 56 (logged 13 times)
Hellbent Amarillo Fresh Hop Pale Ale: 58 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Ale
Hellbent Big Island Toasted Coconut Stout: 58 (logged 2 times)
Hellbent Dang! Citra IPA: 54 (logged 2 times)
American India Pale Ale / IPA
Hellbent Jasmine Wheat: 71 (logged 2 times)
American Pale Wheat Ale
Hellbent Lemongrass Lime Saison: 50 (logged 1 time)
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Hellbent Northwest Pilsner: 67 (logged 1 time)
American Pale Lager
Hellbent Saison Nocturne: 83 (logged 1 time)
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Hellbent Strata Fresh Hop IPA: 75 (logged 1 time)
American India Pale Ale / IPA (Wet Hop)
Hellbent Warm Fuzzies Peach Cobbler: 17 (logged 2 times)
Winter Warmer

Logs for beers from this brewery

Lime, clove, hops, funk. It's lightly tart. Something about the whole thing just doesn't come together; I didn't feel any enthusiasm about finishing this glass.
Chocolatey roast opens this black saison; an underlying, faint pruney/plummy tartness sits underneath, accompanied by pleasant spice notes. Very good!
Coconut blends in with the nitro blandness a little too well, and the rest is just... burnt-tasting. It takes a lot for me to dis a coconut beer, and this one's got a lot.
Nitro Draft at Thirsty Hop, Kirkland
Jibes with what I wrote last time, although perhaps not as strongly pronounced in any direction.
Memories of this beer have fled, but I do remember it was pleasant. Having lunch with Sukie made it much better.
Dryish, mineral pilsner. Sheen of northwest hop at the opening, although it doesn't dominate the overall flavor.
Like canned peach juice. Too sweet. Doesn't taste like beer.
Sweet, but weird, one note persistent sweet. It blends into the alcohol but more in a wine cooler kind of way. I never did like wine coolers. Kind of gross.
Strange, candy-like perfume fragrance that is floral, but not explicitly identifiable as jasmine (I thought). Nice, neutral tasting sweet wheat-funk Hefe, with just a bit of candy / bubblegum on top with that florality in addition. I thought this was really pleasant.