Cascade Contemporary Fashion

Cascade Brewing Company (OR)
Portland, OR, United States of America

Vital Statistics

Type: Wild Ale
ABV: 12.2%

From the brewer

Contemporary Fashion features sour quad ale aged in Bourbon barrels for up to two years with orange peel, then infused with aromatic bitters made by our friends at Portland Bitters Project. A tribute to the Old Fashioned cocktail, this sour beer interpretation captures notes of bourbon and fresh orange peel with a complex botanical bouquet and soft malt sweetness.

Average Scores

Overall: 75 (logged 1 time)
Can: 75 (logged 1 time)

Who's been drinking this

Decently tart, with a bit of funk. Clear stone fruit and orange fruit flavors, with hints of ginger and anise. Not hard to imagine a Long Island iced tea here. And it's definitely quite strong, this little can just about did me in.
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